Slacker and Steve - No Way 6/20

Monday, June 20th

Three woman have been photobombed by the same man in two different pictures, only the photos were taken two years apart! Some stories are so unbelievable that the only two words that come to mind are, "No Way!" What amazing story do you have that leave most almost speechless? 

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And anti his what you want from us this hour you want just you want to words I. That's all you want from no way but we're like yeah if there times and really using them and the. It is all right John thank you for the golf business experience yeah I mean you didn't do good but you didn't do and that's the title of what we're doing right now no way stories that are gonna. Like the back reds lost both mine book. For a I have I have a whole thing over here ladies on an exam was more fun to do is you media center goes bad. That beautiful little. Idea and I are all right so here's here's a first one is a great. So this Stanley and I guess everybody does this I don't did ST did you take SE but you never traveled not a coach if you did I think it's sort of who thought our. Does like. There's an I've seen other people do it make you take nets LC the airport like just before the plane takes we have full failure yet okay. You know all the daughter away Daryn. Is she. Take the picture okay on the sole. A woman was taking aside from the UK Spain. And she was looking at her pictures afterward. And on Manhattan's photo bombed them in the background death of their little preflight sultry and choose nights. I don't this give her this week. Com so she started going through all of her photos. And this guy photo bombed a stealthy. They take in two. Who years earlier. In that. This same airport on a trip to Spain yet seeing guy two years. Total lost city airport like same failed. He warts there no he's just a dude couldn't travel on the scene days and it has. April parents should teach core it's so little Bob Maine he's a don't hold me. The odds of getting photo bombed twice in two year period by the same guy. Who know Larry. She edgy she goes I know let's face it she went back to school and few other pictures other pictures and finally found the tune it's not. Let's yeah I know you have a story of coincidence mom that magnitude that you'll hear the words you wanna you know why. If if it's three words if we put that password into that but then so you're gonna did something no no and. We disarmament this when you've been so there's a guy. Kuhn died where he died he's dead in fact the fairly cremated to guys guys cremated big area I'm done the ashes spread yah this guys done. He's been dead for four years four years cremated and buried dead then. One day. Guns walking. Back into his village lost my key fits your thoughts. Tonight. We believe in the united error. Steris. It's really happy it was him he walks back into the Milledge I. Apparently side of the Stanley members went to the funeral home to identify the body and they thought it was him like this is when you know your family sucks and my indeed the you've got to roll. And so yes we got to do your body I don't wanna do Obama makes sure it's actually you know thank you. Yeah should Tim Burton's close enough to stand her. Just give them the birdies are full with the torch this season. The armed with that figure was back then did we spend thousands and thousands of dollars building this luxurious graveyard forum. All hand rails tones of dragons and Phoenix is into gold mine instead ain't so hoping he can live well in his after life there Woertz becomes one meg night out. Both. Come here he spent all my money on why this is why you ask why. Yes yeah wade torched him. I didn't hear the business. Live theater. From now on how we killed you nine times so somebody you think his dad comes bottom back in the village. What other words are you anything hole. Is no other words he. There's a woman who is. Out her dog her friend and dog are now walking around and the inane here like you. If she turns around to Maine G wolf it is it's a very hungry see an angry wolf that stalked them. And it kept stuck him for well that's twelve hours now of this story today Google's Internet forest is not pick the one that I had read focuses. Did she truly makes. After the fact she's trying to claim some of this was intentional I don't know that it's necessarily true but so they're trying to get away from a Manger wolf you know when her dog. Arm and eventually. But guess said the story I read said she led them towards a bear. Oh in this story no she's heard this rough just in the woods and shared big roars in the lagged a doping in whatever. Regardless she. Generals to her side she did so mama bear was there were third Cobb and of course took on the walls of the wolf was later injured in to golf run and so. This bear came out of nowhere to rescue these humans from a bulls so I heard no way Soria is. I was trying to walk my dog and a bear saved my life from wolf hello. That's very odd couple other ones we wanna will Pratt probably don't have time for headlines here. An armored truck plus 20000 dollars. Know you have moves when we imaginary driver down the road back doors slide open bags of cash fallout the car behind him drives over the bags of cash and it's just. She asks her to the ground probably could resume roughly twenty and have Graham who busted. I think you can you she gets I think to keep it did it's it's it's only a tiny I didn't see armored truck. If this. We fully Scotland Auburn I had zero that you can do whatever you want to. Now that's a no way story you know I am a mother here mother had a prime mountain lounge mountain lion's jaws offer five year old and pounced on her son and had her son's head. In the jaws so much better but a leader of tomorrow on her face she literally had a rich brown what. The jaws and hole opens sushi polar sun now. So she got caught up kids cut up we should be OK I would I would I wanna believe that I would do now and I know I would I would go win their but it's like I don't think ya. How do you how do you would grab your Bibi get in the run up their. He feature and you can write I'd run all the way home and that's if that's the Oscar. Yeah video clip I don't you won't let you be content. Under public ten times. You're gonna be okay with its way. Yeah I know no way or he's finally using your quick way to make money. Venus Chinese did. They use Evan abdominal pain and made. When inside and meant to figure out what was wrong. Just for kidneys for Tim the lesson I checked on the black market in about fifty K accuse someone and you can sell three of them all right guys we need one yeah. Nicely done in no way hey hey I didn't Fiat soul are no. Actually the all right so we need you to blow our minds now. Need to be coincidence accumulate. Mind blowing to be weird and gross we don't care you just at the end of the story you you're praying for two words no boy. And this. Now I yeah I know. No 80. I was adopted. And when and I was fifteen age girl that I went to go it I mean diet. And I went to her funeral. And I may. Found out when I met my biological mom at the age of 21 that I without the being penal as it. Lula who knows that's mass funerals. It's evil as the girl who died. The mother's best friend and says he was standing at the casket. With her when everybody was going right and I would literally. Within an arm's reach away from her. You review you know. No. Jet hot old crazy impress us and you met your mom later down the road you can be shared a swapped in funeral any differences the. We just kind of sharing starry evening you tell me about this intent perhaps and and it was a pretty tragic stats and there's no way that it would have been. Sent to be somebody else. And then. Huge and and I output by about. That I worked with my brother when and a great team and I asked my biological brother and I had a crush on him. Do you know days it's time and I. Oh look at these fuel yeah how are you had no clue. You know clear oh no clue iPad has crossed several times actually I used to bartender. I don't aux like a bar to you with a very old bar at our tennis there and it turned out that my grandmother went their frequently. It's the least Serbs. Your drink. It was like destiny kept you kept spinning you guys close to each without actually knowing it. I'm rekindle what's your broad that are under the you Ian says its. Own sons could they can protocol that's. I'm here Stephanie. Yeah yeah I know who would. Since. I bought my house about four and a half years ago and I'll coworker and I had a couple weeks they'll order. Talking Napoli had ever houses. Too big you're describing how how Matthew the builder and it's an email address and told her come to mind I actually bought her old house. And you can do you sort of working together after that. Yeah for an app here later I'm like for childhood homes. But not all we got a child read just how this you don't prior she's ever growth chart on the wall there are women past tense I'm almost out. It's. Been so I didn't you're angry about limiting the inherited so just the sense. Why do you what are the odds on my house is somebody you're gonna eventually in a working man yeah that's pretty weird. He's weird by hero returns. I didn't but I did get some sound coming out candidate tightly her maiden name on the job ran out I know it Turk in my hair pictured I'd like I did not junk mail my own. I. Thank you really gone so many that's pretty and it's up to the odds of that happening Cheryl. Yes there. No Lang yeah I think I. A little I had of you reconstructive hip surgeries and the track when they actually took my age skeletal pelvic out of my body wants. Please you know on the table next stage where they do to screw it back together and get it the bone actually grafted the whole your whole Tulsa south. Soviet leader and it's so they put me on an extra large cable and it may cut open the left side of my body. And kind of blew and it outfits that this had happened they would kind of sticking out so you exists. I have arthritis in my spine and it now from that I can't they get him without a drop the tables let me make it work got a better case. You're waiting you were laying next year old pelvis and you. Hey look so you're always listen let me yeah. Super glad that I would not only can I could imagine the pain. Hole you spend so well and then even seemed so lice. Well there's alerted to do we try to build a sensor ever somebody and take things Barbara regular yeah like some doctors like. These streets ever not your Disney digger don't ozone is is that I have no right we decided Al slot. And he's not a artist ensuring you know. I think tenets of the doctor's office and come outside play his stuff Teradata. They keep they've pulled. The house and let me do they have made the bone they were trying to take that they ever demonstrated and it didn't take pictures of me when they went back and they actually had to remove bone from the other side so there Al. So that they can put it on a broken inside let it could draft together but in order to do that they had actually pull out the lakers reached via the sky that. Your illness and backwards and your bucks forward and your butts behind know this is confusing yes or no coincidence a wild rice did the you talking look to when nevermind. You have front but for sure doesn't look good news with the com. That is how was your from my. (%expletive) that's. And take you share paratroopers share huh that's. You know. Yeah I know what the heck. And so my grandma. I've been having dreams about dole portray it and she haven't seen the kid. I. And it happened over a few months and show you and had to go visit her brother. She had mentioned it and he does I still have this torture downstairs in the basement and so they went to find it. And when they opened up her arm of the global fashion torture German open that they found adoption papers are both of them on the back of picture extreme. Was way she she was dreaming she didn't know those papers were there. You know had no idea but sometimes she's like she was dreaming about it he happened to have held onto it in the clue to who she was was on that picture. Yeah about what we're adopted and they had no clue until the you know. Who should we it was his dream coming from Cologne I have no idea. That's actually kind of mind blowing I'm I'm giving you want to know when you that's crazy what so what what did she do with that information. Tried did you find your bio Marat are probably not fast dual. She tissue into the AD when she found the papers and they cannot clear the place in Nebraska where arm her purchaser to get as much attention shall preached kind of really herself half sister that she Adams met her biological mom by about two years. We wait son Susan she just real literal salient gonna ditched out on you guys and a slice she steps if I blow these. She's eighty amateurs she's done is much talk he's out in America but this is generally yeah. Wow. That yeah green part of it is really freaking me out and they kept the portola term and tired. While they deeper decline and a you know where no that was not to about John UV you're. To deter Hezbollah. House. Yeah I know no way. Inevitably that I was a little bit for three months. But never looked pregnant. It way to man you're in the labor wants like like they cracks and it's kind of like. You. Know like actual labor I might happen and I'd like I all of sudden he emerged in the grass. So I turned aren't good tumor. In the abdomen that road eleven kilometers from the side of the grapefruit Eggleton artery. My body by I was tried net. So I would 90% has faced nine centimeters dilated. And my body the try to give birth to the tumor so I would having contractions. Every five minutes from August 3 in Chile surgery November 20. Did your body was fooled to think why. All. Right Jon and I'm like why. Did you not drink alcohol the whole yeah. Snow season. Could you remind hit let's just let me. That's like I disagree to get out the new Geneva that are there is is it's the. They didn't know I know this sort of looked legitimately and I had it to another bad day I'm like OK it's not that bad bet I would clearly the idea idol. Early every five minutes contraction in these schools. My god oh my god. So I mean those neighborhoods reliance. Twelve hours. You're in league streamline. Nothing to show for it. Nothing that's just what the couldn't do anything because the entire lovable and outside a way to November 27. Further surgery. Holiness here but she started out as Jason subtly colored Junco was ready. We heard her body became red he does how Amy come out little slack seedings you know Latin. It's. Don't have to land mine that they get. Just vote chamber no joke. She notably he's okay no way little you know what I mean yeah I'll let. Every garment try to put get out of this sort of ripping us. They're not merely slow bleed out who to. It would awful. Yeah that's not all right Lou thank you now see Sarah. Yeah I'd say no way do way. OK so my era or switched at birth and girl with a rope in my entire life. Real. Knack for some time now. I'm hurt at a pretty thick Eric death satellite Internet thing is it not for ego took quite well that peak. I'm not right I would wondered. I think we should content can terminate you know about paternity test done and shouldn't need to get. Sick it. Why do I. I didn't wait till is deathbed to check to see if his daughter was really is daughter. Can I get keep track that is why anxious laughter. Earlier. Also she way but it but it wasn't either their kids so she was full on switched at birth. After the hospital which kept trying to get these look like a little out in the small town where I'm anxious and I'm. There it only took to the board and a great kid who went public the Mexican lady. And can girl who went home with the white Italy. And how would you not noted that with no kids but. That's it's like wow like I'm trying to to see race OC. So I could see all. Hey you know our data OK I don't see collars up like Janet I NN com or who wouldn't really matter what are you know. So they did they extract on the Stanley and said hey I'm your daughter. He had so she found none of her birth mother who had a single mother I'm. You know rush with a married and and it is kind of renewed Spain. The relationship of Turks on the her camera what kind of church strike get Jewish Brooklyn College Atlanta Charlotte based works and other stapling to extol her out. To write national enquirer candlelight. I have passed. In the rotunda Rita Mac intern at the little actual thing that has. Like the future may turn their Christmas card a year like. Skirt sibling polar routes connect it to learn how much relationship which. Its sibling but she didn't apparent that he ex pat now. Wow police and mold that is so I'm. Irish American college today. Are your ballot protection can weren't told a friend at our school talking about it like you about that. You in my C hammering like but I know I'm okay yeah yes that's right is absolutely yeah C you don't even though this is a style. I'm in no way. My grandmother telling you to. What was what was your grandma so Americans. My grandmother trying to figure if. My grandmother passed so we lack here. Mentally you're all there are putted beautiful serve then everything went straight we links to be Greek sites and the pallbearers were putting her on beats that Tressel being. Are you so the lower them into the greens and collapse. You know clearly when crashing into the hole Tauziat and kill us such a ball to all bears which saw he can use she's already dented. Most tennis nothing nothing worse things happened and I had a point that's a good point.