Slacker and Steve - No Waze 12/14

Thursday, December 14th


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Stay on the day. Hey don't you wanna talk about this review is your legs you know I think we should do on our show no I think we should have once a week. Like a technology feature OK you know this you why and why. Describing. Something. New in technology look this guy is soft about the way zap Brill clicks and I had this just like math class straight to seize that's. That right there everyone playwright Gelman listen carefully Steve just said it always is that like math question. So what I want everyone to soak that in victory here there's actually give your millennial you don't even know a map quest is that stroke that's right. But it to be honest and we talked about on the show we didn't try to do an intervention unseat we've pulled them aside and said. DSL abuse map quest and I guess what I used to do its bit student threats if you are armed. Have a damn Smart phone use your phone market once a map quest on my phone you're right I should just to a town that's what you should a reason why it's worked so fast it's the site is so fast is are you other resting you were on it is right now of course is definitely is why I got. Got a lot of traffic. Like way ease is way too this is a new map quest oh it's so what Griese is is this it's like Google Maps or like your apple maps or whatever -- but every user who's on it okay I can also report stops. And there'll be it's also tell if they're driving slow on X highway OK it's kind of recording that they're driving so salute but when you're on ways you can see. Oh my god it's like a real tracker report because there's real people in there and so we see this feature up they just go and hit speed trap and then you know there's a speed trap on X wrote on your way to work we're used to it knows how fast how slow I was driving assassins drugged yes. That might be a little bit over the map quests and in my America Scotia well that's right wicked deeds beyond witted but now it's doing such a good job that went. A highway or a major thoroughfare is. Congested or has an accident or something cut ways we'll tell you don't get on that road don't district history district just some. Problem is it's sending people through neighborhoods like. Cool little quaint suburban neighborhoods like your own and people like oh I don't always directing traffic through here. He kind of don't have which I see you don't yet it's a street its public. They're like all of a sudden there's more drivers on the streets and we don't like it it's like right you don't live in a gated communities so. If people are allowed to drive on your street and they're allowed to drive on the streets but it's our street it's not. There seems to put isn't did you buy this streak to know what we live on and so what are. They are just your not a responsible for the street so I'll do you. She hurt beats duke I would be if I was a homeowner I'd be so annoyed if I was a Family Guy or a parent with kids in my neighborhood which right. You know you can do about it it's everywhere street so this is that people are complaining about ways. Other mad it's a really great well there's a couple other little tiny drums we don't need to get into you know what I know I never hear anyone complaining about map quest doing mr. any rise nobody even says the words map quest together except chief. If you guys actually turned sour on paper welcome yeah how you gotta read it. The puck more here's the other couple drums of ways Seattle heroic ways still there's big wildfires like in California or somewhere I. Always is lights and you're like I gotta get out of my house in evacuate always is like. Nobody's even like this road is wide open nobody drive and so on this road and all so they jump on that road well the reason nobody's driving slow on the road is the road is on fire off. Shots are so anyways what's leading some people moaning into those guys who've fought because there was a will there's no traffic here and we know we can see no congestion dinners street. But I can't make sense though there's there's still work because they walk because yeah I have to tell you they're like always always a small. See map quest will never Killian bell members this huge. The math quiz. The fifth and the final and as they do it in in Brazil. This some of the street names are kind of the same and it's thank you wanna get on the it's so appalled to know its seats in Rio boulevard whenever you get on the street and what's it led some people into you the wrong part of Rio which is the winner from Salazar which is what good or bad part of it and they guy killed. That was blaze that killed him wasn't ways it was the poor people who kill them in ways let them. Until there's always stuff so Wacey bluesy imam after they visit meant to deliver leads you into your desk map Wesley you heard it here first truck it's it's that if you don't get where we're going to feel he's stuck in traffic she might let them fire. But map quests in Steve's technology recommendation. Movement.