Slacker and Steve - Not What It Looks Like 2/1

Thursday, February 1st


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Staying on the day. It's so it looks like yeah that's that's that's all we want it you've got a story. That somehow fits in that category we want it we wanted to argue I can't believe this dude dub I would tell us this is all I know remarkable. This guy is named Ed Williams. He's from New Zealand. And eat his girlfriend. Found another woman's underwear look. In there are bad junior so busted your dog and you have done it you the only shot you got easy to say. I dabbling cross dressing. Let's hear much your only shown did you realize you gotta be like oh my god they're mine and and you put Monica and I feel pretty. I mean that's your I see that that's your only out and this guy is like baby it's not what it looks like. I swim where I have no idea. How all. They got there and she's like I don't believe. They should be hard pressed it is so it looks can swear I've not slept with anybody does it's like oh it's so so new clean bill. So you woman's pig she's like doles are my paintings. How did they do it in our bench them. The guy is swearing up and down for days and days and days. That is now what it looks like and she's not totally believe in him. Until. A few days later they see their tax Aurora or not. Are you out so there rooster in their dogs telling their jet may bring in something now they saw their. Dragged a brought in and yes. They good news for those who would she she's like I told you this. And the cap was going and reading the neighbors laundry like for ever and just dual clutch this stuff just yes. And so the people they finally wouldn't sound neighbor and their light peak we've got your underwear did in my clone the please go when they're hurt out there now. I'm stealing my underwear rule and I don't know where it is so bad guys on. He was losing his relationship and the neighbor thought there's a turn in the neighborhood. Obama had. Obviously you had such cat is. Let's. Let's yeah. Xia our own so we will write your stories. Of when. Somebody. Saw something walked in on some things. There was a moment where you had to go. He's honestly it's not it's really known there was a couple things on Redick there was somebody that said on. Mike I don't remember if it was like. It was a director of the school or something walked into work classroom. And for the male students were over in the corner gallon. I would he's bigger no Mayo Woody's don't know you don't look at mine I got to dig is what do you hear are hard and everyone's like more what do you what do you do. Journey and I do a bullet. They were they were four year old boys comparing the size. Of woody. We Soria and then you come to a story on their underwear yeah not factual case but it yeah I look. It's not a lot of looks like she was within moments seem. Of losing your job here's another one and I lived this one pretty closely. This dude was helping his dad clean out his garage dads like he's taking game like a Pio substance into these tickets and and dumpster and get really can is the last better whenever. Guys like I'll get it done but I had to look at my my friend were lighting a supposed friend they end up getting pulled over come cop comes up to the car shines is flashlight. And Mike immediately goes on red alert it's gone out or whatever because in the backseat of the car. There is a pharmacy. Duct taped piece you wrote. And shovels. And their on their way to the mountain. At the excuse me sir. Do you remember your number one. What I was doing you have the same things in Britain I would join the big anyone would have people or whatever your linemen they're two I G I think John GCC and you should just starter Tim. The moral clown suit she's. Like I look at the person going. We were you checking out tonight. What are you should. Later when I with this. I. Love and then the last one was. They the attitude. Which. If I take would you do you know a farming. Oh from your idea. So your cigarette boat motor and you know that's exactly what my dad did that's not how you get protective cover your cuts no I didn't have a tip my brother did but it but I don't remember this one might think childhood memories my dad over my brother who's on the toilet and he's like burning it with a cigarette dynamite. This is not. This looks like it's evil Torre could have yes but it has useless these pliers and like doing it. Outer cover clockwise swirl action Steve I tell. Sing walked but there's a direction you politic others are correct way yes or no antics women oriented. Trying to look how they bore a little about. After hitting that's OK so anyway and I ate what is his friend was. Down on his knees with pliers. Trying to get a tech has Bob when his dad walk dance. It was like oh yeah. Since there are. And it's just still whatever it is for you. If something weird is happened and you had to screen the sentence it's not what it looks like we wanna hear the stories Elliott. It's. Not. Just so I think you can see that church so it's just great movie when he came out and it works are written really can't I can't go I didn't get them to calculates and and I put my answer at articulation and stood in between dusk tomorrow and I would hit me in the movie and I can do about it. At that my parents and I look at ever and the women next so cut her dot com. And so at that point I knew I'd like. No. Yeah. OK okay I circulation for alleged victims have been hop farm it did. What this issue with little or let's try so I just got to make it and can I thought it. No I I would I would break my job explaining an inspiring them it's not. When it are. Booming and indeed to this day thing sooner specifically. I wouldn't even touch much smoke look under your interest locally. And guns yeah you can consider this an almost any movie except not yeah now balance. I would simply say you really gone really hit are they still. Hi guys so I don't know. Well in college I had been out rock climbing and I had. Back sonic. Boom and you know not like Batman behind area just another area that is super duper. Also had a cactus and command my friend was in nursing school at the time the public can help you haven't gotten it but I do and so I was. In the dorm on you know without light shining and spread eagle on the bad and my eight. Roommate does what can live like. Is you got your legs up to be air. Oh god meal those flyers who. Hello slightest thought. A the drilling our Mary I think he's done also. That's where they acted a slow did you chase him down and try to explain energy is going to it's too long you been. Well I just didn't need to just can't expect it like I know. Oh well believe that as a bit. It's it is everything's yeah up real good Danbury schools. Yeah hi I keep our sharp eye out for kept tight. Sir good and with the sharks and sharpness on your honor I think you for the call Rachel. Have other. Teach a guy now science. Very much so my boyfriend and I were doing laundry at least he didn't have a camp sign up my account chore undoubtedly because I would have a lady issues. You and my dad mark and match and now we're having really you know well. OK okay. When you're making a boyfriend is standing area their answer and what there is that song best seats you say you're saying you guys Boynton in the larger round. Now you're in your room and that. I would literally pulling a laundry immediately no particular erase that. That okay. There's just no had jazz never gonna get no tax your way no dad no he never heard. No all know that. Earns the right yeah we've been very every year they still think that's why I cannot and I random or care about general agree a hundred. Every year it's zero. Yup. There are no I'm very honored cleaning it into a. Good exchanges peers in the bathroom roads that sort of somewhere in the closet. And it. I don't know I think your values those and I'm this is the first time we've ever done this job before I go I think is exactly. What it looked like if I thank you other time Nicole's. He I need so I honor and salute. I'm my. My boyfriend severed his Emeril artery see the police and paramedics came around the corner I was covered in blood with the money. Ha ha. Yeah yeah. I actually did not stop him I would actually saving replaced you with a knife. It solid hour and a pocketknife he dropped hunting down. Yeah as I declared like he dropped a dictatorship the cooler than you think he's still you was is a collect calls this. Only nine days earlier Atlanta not sudden at all John excellent murder assistant. Yeah.