Slacker and Steve - Nunchucks, Tasers, and Pepper Spray 3/21

Wednesday, March 21st


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Steam. I'm just haters to respect love it's we want you to call with stories of one of those two actually really brought little more if you if you had something to. Go south on new widgets some form of self defense yelling stars yeah. Ha. You know what I was gonna sing nobody at somebody's got a killer like a great story with still growing stars will take tablets. What is and adolescents and Star Trek nevermind well almost staff boasts that McNabb Bo staff OK Bo staff Forte OK here's the thing I think. We live in a world where people don't feel safe and and they get these. Items to protect themselves. And either through. Maybe experimentation to make sure that they're staying actually works the way they think it works or through an accidental. Or incompetence. Here. We people had a run in with slowly I bats pepper sprayed members to date when my wife when she got her peppers returned to receive this just got done. And it looks like to go well it looks like there's a flyer and it doesn't look like don't look like and I know it's like a big thing is our personal ads on the big chunky. It was really seriously looks like a player. Okay there's no safety you know and yeah and she wanted to ask him when our friend David to a since she was like one or just hold it in her hand she thought she had the safety on it was like them. Oh it's it's red so I need to go to go to the white showed that means safeties aren't they wouldn't read it and adjacent to a little. I'm serious she was not try she was just she is put it and I I would say three drops steam room Max. You can't brief while instant that I missed it's. I I can't describe what it should smell like. Is it is more like it smells it particularly. It's not even smells and Powell seeking. Pepper it does slow peppery sort of body it's not a hundred incidents now no law we cool those government. Me I can what you are dear to our minutes are new. She smelled mintier who. Since we know it's 88 this second pitcher knows. It's like it's like listen now has hooks and I can't describe a pilot light. Did she can shoot you would think if you're standing next to a tree did the pollen is not doing all. It can do have written you kinda get rid of it. Once this gets in your house it's. Didn't talk about the liquid I mean I just walked by the area while and it was you see these fewer culprits on TV just inspiration during hazard. They live on eats she like he's like somebody's messed up or an asset or something and they just keep coming in for a joint. Okay English talk because this kid. On an eight year old sound tainted pepper spray and brought it to school and sprayed it to see what it would do. But it wasn't like I mean he wasn't doing it on to be mean I do you just wanted to see what it would do. Relegated to be curious is I think I wanna note it's someone that's like what does this do push all twelve kids at your hospital. Knew didn't you when your brother do this yes so when I was fourteen years old my grandma passed away and my dad couldn't get a stood my mom says it to be their friend at the funeral and all that stuff. So they were my dad was like we're gonna have to put you on a Greyhound bus sweet and you're gonna have to go to Colorado Springs monogram. And so he was like dead set got me pepper spray my brother was eleven at the time to were 1411 putting us on a Greyhound with shoppers for a chairman and any ideas like I swear to god if you any if if this gets opened or sprayed anywhere and someone is not trying trying to abduct you. You're dad I'm willing to murder you know I didn't make sense enough. And took it seriously like RA in a problem so what do the entire trip didn't touch it didn't mess with that now we got home. We like. Well I mean technically we made the whole trip without. Hope it does it's so proud of what. So what did you do anything that our idea so we we read my bedroom I had the world's smallest bedroom here with Matty threw six feet by six beating Tim and I am not well. I'm not a field you fool or so we closed the door of the bedroom close the windows and nobody here assert CIS are trying to site. All bent or anywhere on the clock vision and automatically see you again yeah totally and so we sprayed the ball wasted and first. Like kidnapping came out with some force and so not only did hit the wall but it's splattered onto treating it as though the run is like covered and it. And slowly like start choking to death like it's what you were saying. Yeah it's in your throat it's in your nostrils it's I mean you hear I hear her drop everything turns it's everywhere it's horrifying yet and we basically died you couldn't go in my room for like three weeks you had to tackle oh yeah. And I tell it like upstairs with Ford bedroom doors closing was like what well. So it's a lot about pepper spray but we want stories of everything not just restrict I feel like. There's a lot of women who may be Caesars. Samurai sword. Sarah's her she's okay look at is very real the other bit of some lady who got mad genius. That's right she's got matter what are you playing video games and stabbed him with a cigarette a little camera while they're old long article here a zone defense weapon yet who moved to took his taser and the direction said try it out first try it on human flesh. So we tried it on themselves. On his own time he wants things like this anybody you just hit for a second homeless. Oh you can go out and it's just in shock and not Intel. He like basically had enough of the seizure at his leg smashing it out of his hands he woke up on the floor. Like his classes are broken over on the other side of the room key even he talks about resent it felt like Cole Hogan ran in the room. Are picked him up in the recliner and body slammed both of us on the carpet. I was Kucera every taser did peppers and I don't know I wanna read the taser could make you its own Brian exits no I don't get out of you're just doubled up I mean ads like police officers have to debt taser as part of they're. I think that's the ones of those shoot the call we'll shoot out imbedded new resulted I don't cattle prod to test I think it's how. How to add the the suit shoots out and sticks on news called something a stun gun. Sink so low so low can in the taser is one example they had held a published yet she just tell you got a ruling that I really you know your taser somebody and they grabbed using kicking isn't all good idea I don't know how it is with the eastern she didn't school where you would tell Joseph lightning ball in the and you zap somebody else or everybody's they're decent not let's try it. He knows our YouTube. No but as to boot digital songs are grounded when you tase and understanding if you more grounded and it wouldn't work OK so that doesn't you do as a viewer would want to be yes he's finally jump into seeding works bu oh my god yes little DS you can jump and hover in mid air I feel like to taser with a war whosoever actually Laura yes. I don't know. Could. So here's the deal I feel like we're gonna get much dear Joseph yeah it's cool. Weren't what I we want some women who try to if you it would probably a Republican who does some with a taser. Oh it's not sharks chasers and pepper spray or drawing star is samurai sword both staffs and those stats. If you've had a run in with some sort of self defense stuff we wanted to hear about it since let chief. Yeah and I would sooner you call and on odd bit outburst spray okay what happens. I'm I'm a police got there are so we are required to upper great. Socks. You are. Yeah it or not required to get into we are required to get pepper spray on me that's awful okay so why she's so he's somebody else has its you know what do you. Yes so we didn't learn to bite there so we actually have to fight through it and coo I get certified anything pepper spray. Milk neutralizes troopers friends this is truly a he's. Where do you melt guy you Don so but. Okay yeah. So don't take it wasn't neutralized so funny you guys that the police officer has sprayed me yes street backed with money. Yes well you can throw down your Cologne and lighter that you should perhaps talent of loose arm and with our. Or I'd take you out of your way ever try and I thought it was tomato juice but that's one stone that is you the white. When Sherrod. While I got sprayed and tied directly in the eye. Hi. We had to do a widget ad right dirt he stopped and then I would be able to get. The water. And now I Bernie for like 48. Satellite pay getting paid over getting at. Taser is better okay now we're back injuries are too I don't know come into these are camp. Oh I don't wanna. It. Elaine slain Al taser the strong and that I heard Millen neutralizes the user know does seem you don't jus like. Wise I didn't know what he's he's he's walking around them and Valero. No it's 'cause he thinks he's up to no good if he's going to try and Morgan had 2% to. Africa fathers don't really know enough. I don't sour cream on my back to the the productive future. Commodity futures and it was I didn't I just took a guy days there's none sharks and pepper spray but not necessarily. So not me but my boyfriend whit to him being climbed up and should treat. And ended up actually shooting and while initial ordered live hate hunting grade battle. Out of the tree. Anonymous couple from himself army that is that is that is not a nun chuck taser pepper spray both staffs are throwing stars threes no no no I don't Oslo yeah. So he'll Taylor wasn't arrow still you know. In there. In his shoulder for about twenty minutes and hope he's got the adrenaline rush not so quick that I do. Or snapping off to know I'm an honest to god I know what exactly what to do is milk OK a couple of huge. Did all the focus well let me idiot and you don't know. You put it on. So all these defensive I'm seriously can you hearing any anti self defense course and all we gotta is no. People do what you got the new. A big stick. And I know stories call porno or could have been in textile diapers rubio. My income my pepper spray and I'm an LA further if you don't hotel downtown. About four years ago and then about 50% of female she's either got those heady years. To defend them totally. Yeah I think you put on your hand you know those little. So it so we were working lunch event at the hotel. And one of the guys came up to me and ask you looked like tube like thing I was on the on the had to use and I did I would I would already Romans sticker quickly anti ice and I didn't really know. On and then and then the next thing that I know want to I got back up from pull in the next caller he had pepper. And so because he was bigger no Ole guy is all. It all over all I. Always everybody else does it's gonna smelling don't ever the rallies and do you know what an idiot now read his feet and Clark you're ever really my only other vowing he's no longer valid erratic. You weren't home that day and I don't know what happened from their. Let's actually listen for this. Thank you paid Dayton bronze. God he was ready and trucks whatever this. I gotta sort of let it long point it sort a couple of hang in my apartment Walter back in the day party low bit giddy little stated. And one of my buddies to draft one of those sort of off the wall you'd like. They can check this coming up I'm like hey be careful of that manner that could be dangerous we're pretty much stuck it out so. He like takes the tip of the sword he puts it near mouthpiece like sort slower. And lifting her handle up in the sky acts up and did a feeling and it hit the stricken feelings back. The yeah. Toward right true new song is the recipient so much blood. I think it neutralizes the blue. I. Okay and our pocket okay yeah URL Steve is not a typical milk also exits hypocritical. Of the he just didn't do so why is definitely well not all heard would you say it to. Amelie. I had a good no insurance users swords pepper spread when you got. Our I'm I am glad pepper sprayed hurry it up there may story. And ask I keep. I don't know because I'm never gonna pitch can't speak at restraint that it scraper toppled. No so we. Mean girl claimed they can't clear Michael Gunn Heidi just go to girl can't you and I and my friend are a lot plus I norm at stating I don't. Air meets annually it up campaign and she so freaked out. We end up sleeping in the car against each church Wright Ayers and or one point slander and somebody or over on the Aramaic and. Not in our slept well this stuff we don't. I. And also lead out of the car because that. Open action god only the arrow here and I am old I got it. You drive curry. Usually it's all new new item bear this.