Slacker and Steve - Office Party 12/8

Thursday, December 8th

According to a new study, 39% of people have made out with their co-worker at an office holiday party! What happened when your office party got out of control? 

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Staying on the day. Office parties highly crazy it just didn't have my side and I don't know yeah. The truth I. To go to your office party senate and win win they did so. Let's be honest it's one of those times have you ever give dining backed. Miss and I'd never have to really. I don't know why I always said decorum at these things you're single do you do it blew Bradenton to like put your vote on the copy years you all that stuff but see I don't salute them eventually though the married ladies connect. Gravitate towards me in my section of the parties. More yeah no harm makes it awkward for me. I just feel that my hair down I'm trying to figure in the last I knew we that's in my office parties where I then. Each in big trouble but I haven't done anything I consult with anybody milk. And you know I don't bring it up again since they would reduce this topic or bring up the same stories are not remember now up to now I don't. Chief. That we do have a few local order was the first year united showed the other it was actually my first Christmas party here how big party. The end. One of work nevermind she today your enemy yeah but that's if it's the people take around the middle owner Jack. I was just a little taken him back I don't do the little as they eat and on the united run back rice. And cheers. I'm trying to think of at least a week. We don't listen do's and don'ts for your office party the PC these are the things we don't want you to Dell's if you've done the things were about to save and we owing to caller who do you let your hair down. Don't let your guard down a little deficit an area we need to guard down there was once. Christmas party it was an office party. And I was at the company was so cheap they wouldn't they wouldn't throw a party so some of the employees took it upon themselves but hoped to throw a party at their house. I'm. Sort of house and there was one particular co worker. You guys. Don't even try to guess winning these people are especially yeah I think you know who they are just don't blurt anything out trying to do so we're we're one employee's house. And there's another employee who has a wife who's extremely. Promiscuous this all would include this. She she takes a grind at somebody every time we get together yeah. And there's a new or employee an arm in our midst and the parties ramped up rant or not. And said promiscuous wife begins to approach different people and everybody you mean no new owner new. So Brian Wright he knew what to do there is new coworker. And I took it upon myself and put him under my wing and I was like. Dude. You're new here you get fired tomorrow. Here's the thing. Drink how fun go epic hang off it chandeliers. Nobody cares CNET girl or. Is she walks within five feet of view you run ten feet the other way I don't want you anywhere near black trust just do just don't just the rest of the night don't. It was like three hours and he's doing great. Avoid late there's little concentric circles where you can see like who she got really close right here and he jumped over coffee table to avoid into the bow blah. Long story longer. Then there became the the backup at the bathroom no one could get in the main floor bathroom and and and we we we are light pattern on the door nobody is answering which you can hear the telltale signs on you since she she's miss something. So it it was up on me to walk through the entire crowd in do a head count can figure out who was missing you're like yeah. Oh and knew she was miss and I was iPhoto please please where is he sees no reason to be the person that I. Or and told him don't. Do this. Was the owner he was a hobby did it. How bright he slot a huge youths and nobody really appealed back to aren't like an. It's just terrorism. Multiple big domes Dell this all just party should name it all because you. Yes and I. And that was huge strong if Texas so far so we won't ignore our office party. Shenanigans gone wild if there's a couple we got us erratic arm. One person managed to set themselves on fire their first ever Christmas party schools they were doing a flaming. Guess in a word. It's. Claiming chest shots there you know when one of their managers and pulled away when the glass such majestic gold shares of your thing blows me away about office parties. Why why do you if you cut loose. Wish you war. Boss 364. Days out of the year. Why in God's name would you do with that and then people think of that date I can go ten times over the topic is normally yeah because I didn't the rest of the year I deserve you can't have your immediate just dilate they don't. One of the things is armed. Stick to it to drink maximum. Owed his walk around with one for show the resident later OK I have you ever done any mainly due to drink maximum. You know. Mean even now see that's I don't know that I can go to what if your office party tells him what I can only two drinks really boiling your gas. I another person trashed a Christmas party down the hall apparently. They were in some ball replaced some hotel and multiple Christmas party so socialist and this dude was like him and a friend were like let's go to Canada next day in attacks Christmas party if she thinks strapped Amanda Lynn on his back no idea why he walks Jozy and give some of my concerns doing some ramblings live DJ is like a Domenici to your behind you don't get out here. He didn't trust the ninja chicken and pull the Mandel enough is NASA slated to sole word that's an awesome actually I don't know if you call us right now that's stories. We look. Story Amanda Lynn he's. Got to the limit the suspect. Office party of stories for us right so it's synovus giving you all listings are for rent that we wanna know. We need your office party dip out of control if you've got a sore and we'll voices guys if you need him. What happened to your office party that need it how to controls I Jenny. Yeah yeah I artists party out of control that's what happens. So ROJ. If who just email not drink any way to expand may and that. Started off. Grinding with couples married couple. Met. She's winning she's got a three letter titled she's Agassi has voted no which he said. Yeah she'd like partial owner of the company as well. And she says kicking her Asian women mummy car. Should and making don't know I don't know her own parts I hope you don't do that the motor. The house. And then by the end of the nation is trying to retry in their teeny tiny dress. And ended up like based training on the Florida match upper hole basically Hubert bloody and what do you really did tell us exactly where your party wasn't it was a bit like it was it just your office was it a nice restaurant and hotel where did you guys do it. Hotel right ballroom they may have yeah. How many employees saw her do this stuff. By that time I want to shade. At least three quarters of the people are still there. We thought so then what is the next Monday life style nationalist humiliated. Deep dish she put out an apology email or do you do gul visited like. Don't Ask Don't Tell you just pretend it didn't happen. The political leverage and didn't happen and they mean it can be where they drink quite often so it's just. Whenever. If you motor pulled my wife I think I've got some sub sea about Nestle the this is yeah okay I got from the main he'll do it right Madonna let's see a phone or else why. You know quite awkward situation to be a great party notoriety decided next year stage U Jennings. To Andy's. Yeah yeah I artists party out of control in this. Other than diet are just party who definitely got a lot too much jinx. And you'll and I think you can talk Gary C I need to conclude our products all. And then eventually by the end of the night Jake so much that Eaton continued his. All and we. See out and then I met him. And that has the word out people started calling him a party confirm. Yeah an obsessed yeah. But he quit completely. All this all mean what are you did you hear you're the party drew you're not there yet you can't do I know I can live that down you don't get to. How many people sign him to and so also I mean was he was obvious it was everywhere. I I don't know how I lived on the top point diet it's. Now everybody you know attend some. You'll go a long time ago you can go and cook yourself a party and any would like maybe a few people would know now with social media. You're hurt you're that guy Perry who viral dude you never get a job anywhere. Its people its. Response. Yeah it's so do you still works in a company. And nobody's replace departed over everybody's into channel he has since then. That's that's a story that we can all be wired and now. Mostly the result be that guy yet I still do we tell everybody about LA games Nellie did is we do it there's a there's a person and that our producer of little. And his name is Ellie games and it's not somebody cheats you wanna hang out with for a little while. But you think he'll eventually put himself so he's I see this act you know your party to Brazilian like at don't take you Natalie yeah yeah yeah us. Yeah I can ROR up artist parties are out of control when avenue yours. You can't spell I am I worked I and rash I am one of the bartenders guy tutored on what sport the party thought a minute there's implement. Now I bride of fifty people back in my one bedroom apartment and if you did you sinister pile of fireball on my own and black out. She she saw the sixty people in your one bedroom apartment all or unconscious. Into it that the yeah. And you woke up was everything OK was your apartment intact or do they just go crazy in there. I'm there are a few spells I am I dead wake up four hours late for work the next day. As does that wasn't great but the party let that they can. There you go yeah would you know you miss the entire thing fireball they'll all just shoot from the. Yeah I mean it anytime you black out hot it got party suits were I hate to even call mentally. Judy. He. Eight are meant lurking here and we do and I just did so been reluctant to. Each Carter stricken country club and its its older gentleman you like moderate there one of the man richer Christmas party. And halfway through keep trying to get on a lot of speed channel on his desk there up underneath street different cable. She PGQ he's at a country club. Oh wow. You would dig those guys have the decorum. Is more to kick him out. How many things how did you you need to. Know he didn't. Know it scored his son mark Bennett and he remembered so we're not really liked that they. No members. Sadness you escorted out the guy who got punched in the things I see. Nothing no yeah accident and now they samples are put your. This is an editor at the. Maybe he actually didn't know that she get a car after the last time because for some Ricci kept going underneath the table. Religious leader again and I went over there at oak air play and it looked out and I like our. I think the future because two anti hi Tina. These are just party school is not what happened. How already know we're at a hockey game and that's your that's your party they just said we're and it's it's also asked to lie to him. Oh exactly I hope that they look like a small group or whatever action and coworkers they're listening and they definitely not let it go eat and it felt like about it all our jokes credence. It's because you're. Thanks so we are at a hockey team and we get a little bit appreciate mean I have like too light Beers and I got a little bit picking up that south. I mean everything to him like review did something I don't even now. And now and he's somebody you're a lightweight eighteen in for the you're irresponsible and had to be Andrew hits and all that too Q our. I've ever lied about not easily late may not that I get me out. I had a couple years. We got 1580 am I had a few with each shot became you know our team click golf. If flirting with a few co workers nipple on hand here a little bed and he's got going back towards eat and I didn't vomit it. A break all over his huge need all over that people in front of me lose. Is it to my in my act and yeah my press expand. I would certainly peaking and then everything that bathroom and then I didn't have any paint fine. Some. Lake spivey hot can't sign and then I was being wheeled out of that out of the. Orange soles and did did temple and enter stating they gave you a chance to get you out of there. Thank you who are part dining keep me. They get back to I think you can keep someone steady back to back mean you can't go that are all of your mind. Whole lease some donors and what's your married today co worker and you nibbled on embarks on a word as an. Powell and I just got kind of awkward after that I wrote everyone apology letters next because that's owned parent and that. Yeah I hit. Bottom up but my roommate but I didn't go to LL EX. Yeah duke. Earned its fifth through you know ten girl you are. And while no I'm getting dad's soccer stage you Tina Rihanna is. Yes I know I. Over the top of his party Concord. Hell I may actually a pretty prominent company. And we went to the company party that weekend and I think we got campaign alcohol look at it like eight hours should be Kirk. I got a room and grabbed that be heard and shot them in my shirt you're you know some tacky. And Marty and pulled chicken and out of my company beat up 00 yeah I don't think that even Lithia go ahead human just like. I. Oh who spoke hung. Yeah you sort of savor my company Munson money so the chief financial I don't what how did you get booted a mean. How are you you can shove seen careers and they're not toss suspicion let's start there but yeah. No I don't. Ever hobby yet but I'm not the man show but it doesn't obviously a full Eric. You could tell people could take them away from it until it took them all out and put them on the table and then I got my B or if I had to go weakling and I'm. And we ended up drinking can wait no we are that they are. So you're you're one of those boos sneakers we don't of those shows a dinner party still feel it's you it's now. I know it's me I I do a better than our co worker who put a 00 yeah see where bottle on his casts doubt his sock Shannon spaces. Oh yeah they'll play well let's just. I'm waiting had a feeling a bit jail yeah yeah you classy deeply Christmas party since you've become Rihanna and Chris. Yeah yeah I office parties over the top. Well Charles had a all this party why are designed to co workers and Nader are. Are there it is all season. Relations we can you pass this over the what are the genders are not that it matters spent. I was. Larry do you well then I mean a manager three C emails. Don't. Our apps. And my buddy that was and so coworker we need one of how much is girlfriend. The boy you know. Armed militias say that. Somebody ended up not working through accompanying minority they were not together. Home male manager god Osiris. No the interstate did working merit by about buddy yeah I quit working there and that India has gulf island. We're really doing this job where did you watch him on winning in and our sister remain a broom closet like the typical. They weren't attacked her very much as say I don't want it to the company name died they're popular for a beer wing doing sports. All of that. Yeah I thought. About that it's sort this guy got to respect is three girls okay. Yeah. I hope we got to go home and I had to go to a must see exactly euros somewhere I don't know it is anywhere but I know where I'm going to Iraqis. I. Office party out of control over the top. Are there. O'Leary up the party they get didn't already people getting by air. Off. OK okay what where why how why you shook her is drugs what. Yeah I don't really that mixture of actual wrath from one of our our newly promoted people wanna are really any year you are right there. Painted casino early early how word got completely trashed the port in he even got to get. You have an art. That's usually words sit and is three people got tired because of your party. I've and I look one at that though he had the newly added Rick and the way that we got that was our drink company equip our health paper it happened. Operate itself. And now they tenured trip and on the way Al. It's trying to get in an effort to admit my fiance Eddie you like your Bindra our blog now. I don't act like he aren't they said I happened to the rate they're like well well not. All three of us Bennett getting handover. Watch what I would ask you they stole if they still do Christmas parties every honey you don't know does your fire but if they do we MI does it yeah. Okay rocky we wanna go is still till more her stories about your out of control parties. And to slacker and Steve FaceBook page.