Slacker and Steve - One-Night Stand 8/29

Tuesday, August 29th


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Staying there. I just wanna say I'm a little jealous of anybody can have one thing I know you're likely to like here you have estrogen and you you you feel that you can never have figured he estrogen or you think it's it's something else I think it's you you you keep you have to be units permanency you have to be in some sort of see full some sort of relationship. You you're not one state you're never one instant so whisper out. Has liked you know he's he it's all these people confessing and some of the things. It makes me happy that I have that permanent seat thing when I read some of the things go wrong with a one examine its sights you know just once I'd like nobody. You know you're the live vicariously through Texas yeah. How do you but I want to let army hero school waiting to reroute if it up and walk away yeah. Use these feelings and emotions out of you. There I don't really knew we you need to be emotionally tied to the person that you get physical with and there's nothing wrong with that. I really kind of do you do learn you know why is that I don't know some dude I feel like I could. I could go the other way I just I've never known you too. To just just randomly. I'd its nuclear aren't known but the plus side is I'd never. Woke up next to someone sobbing admitting that they were actually buried in felt terrible for cheating. And that was on the list for rap yeah that's tough. How do you think what is somebody got to get somebody do you when you do one night you know doing Europe I don't I'm always the visitor I go to their home turf. Or hotel. And Matsu which is better because I kind of nor Matt sometimes an occupational hazard one night stands as UH come ago. I don't know where I'm Hormats. What's really well there where do you find the woman seems a little bar yes sometimes. You know. The the hotels better it's closer. All right so here's the deal if you're one of those 119 people we weren't talked to someone makes him people. How bad it was hot and he's always does it always have to be the walk of shame. No I usually does the unbeaten do you agree I had a time then it's gonna be one extension for me that's hard I am terrible. At I guess what I'm bad act is ending things so it's like him I feel like he's thank you for the deletions. I wanna do you view more. Than I used so I don't know why it's just a gift site. I'm not a consumer I don't I don't I don't feel right just using. Asks you used each other. It certainly doesn't work their way with me oh yeah I thought if I'm jealous is that you know late so you there's no discussion editor and you decide to. Well. You kind of it's kind of Henri you know in Spokane moved rule or law but. Sometimes in the morning like automobile bug come our way out and pain Hubble prefaced her hey there's a single hey hey you normally known known you do. Say no way or do you live it depends. It feels like so another one on which Burris said my one night stand who had never met before asked me to join him and his parents for dinner that night CP I'm genuinely scared you went from one nights he had a meeting parexel saying I don't think. I think. I think cubs have to time one of the persons in the one nightstand. Doesn't know that it's a one night stand you outside I'm having relations really quickly with this person because I liked him a lot and I hope. To make this a relationship M. And the other person is you and your just site. I'm going to use you and I'm going to leave you. True but I thought that was mutual I thought we did you write one person usually is not on the same page does not that there's not cool it's not another person wrote something about arm. Had a one night stand in the morning she told me it was her first time. All hell really are all you can't one night stand your view cart would you. But what that person to tell you that you took there the car just keeping TI don't need to I would say no I don't wanna know I don't wanna know. I'm a much now we've already are one nighter on here. And these. Our Ali your disguise your one minute standard. I enormous hole I was actually kind of wondered you know some are dark and fraternity. And one of our got a bedroom that entire fraternity when you don't you can't call elite. All we're hearing and yeah. Does that go to red candy. And turn I want and I wouldn't really embarrassed by the European. We all know who decided it was a one nightstand was a one makes him for you because he was a frat boy or you were just site it was a just that bad to silica load times on the woman's side yeah it's eight she's thinking she wants it to be more. And then if he's he's terrible and bad day and she's like no that's of one and done yeah is that how it knows. And I think Hillary here and there I would not vote. Our protocol double particularly remember. Or you're just a drunk trawler spoke of got in Europe what is the thank you for the call. I'm so there's one more on this app thing that I really I I don't know fled believe it but this guy writes I woke up and went outside to call and Hoover home after hooking up with his girl. On turns out her dad. Is in Hoover driver. And guess who is his first custom. Look at the hands down the most awkward car bomb had a busy Marty just he's broke his girl's heart. I just assume every woman I sleepless it's like don't do a second time don't be heartbroken hoc let's chandeliers custom votes and so I knew that. You're assuming your brain dead moon. Dude trust me folks feel like I tell my. It's not a right you know it's writes I've never done drugs but you know with first immediate cocaine you wanna more but right. I've been nicknamed cocaine by more than I'll. It's am just saying quote I am dead series you're right JC why I've never had a one extent because you always want blue guess you always you feel like your you believe the lure I guess scan. More and more to mark the first time we ask who started it but I feel disappointed there's a lot of explaining to do it doesn't usually out and vocal critic of the I believe yeah fit so I mean here's the thing we all these other people who. Who taught there's there's couple wanna stands that are in three ways old warily. He knew oddly find that when it's from zero to sixty woke up between a young married couple I met at the bar tonight before and I spent the morning are quickly being shown their wedding photos from just three weeks prior Ole when it was time to politely jet I couldn't find my other sock at which point husband excitedly shouts. Sue and the sooner all well I think I. Hi to keep. Dat so little unsettled he I so if you're one nighter. Teach me a wise ones tell me the upside and the downside we want you one night stand stories. Leslie. And I are actually a DVR and you let's get rid of that and so I always disguise or my bad. Oscar for much better now unless you're one nightstand person. What happened. I had gotten out of a long term relationship parents started dating again a little bad. Without on the day after I try and have that but the woman at the bar we're talking about. Many relationship and her Prius I experienced steady. I'm when we got a call later and after we had its time we realized we and with a damage you just and the ban on balance I. Yeah how old song. And it's hardly Talal about it. You caught. This. You could erode that he gave me they're economy are catch it and it touched KLM the rugby Gator ex girlfriend I'm wearing. I think that's the cause of the home. I thought searches since he and it would we use dabbling on the girl's signers ads you can go back to enforce the word I hate that professional work. Okay good for you can't get that was fun how does he react right dabbling with his acts or is colonel I hit it. Actually one that ended any type your relationship let and then she turned out to just started dating and then he Arab purchase our former Hotspur. Now on time and she figured it out because. And we let our play on our service where and she rich but. You're talking about Joseph Kennedy didn't should be about. Oh. Oh that is awesome thing they do not doubt some golf on sheen's. Were you when I see used. Oh yeah what happened and after. So when I open a military occupation of Fort Bragg and every forty week you were done under Myrtle Beach. We heard a couple of the college girl until all double dip your head home in the morning and then the more to come around we don't we had to deploy. We step out like 5:6 o'clock kingdom ordered to do leave them since. Player you have been I love I got this isn't. Please don't honor roll. So. So plugs right our rhetoric you we really got to might bought down and we did it nearly wrecked two really important we can't remotely know we're leaving them but they'll. Should we must employee so there are just there are women are just just standing there waiting narrow iron you can yes in your wake of one night stands. Or mean they have till eleven to check out right but he complimentary breakfast. Good employee JISE. You're staying classy places and as icon on the right there is a gentleman. Flew off to thank you over the stories in the hunt Jordan's. Yeah yeah I picked one matters who do you do. Her and why. I have in my name is there what my friend who did you know you op where it ended up breaking your. You did a three way wanna stand. In all while good for you know she was your sorry it's hard duel one is doing your friend is an end. Literally. You know him what so they know the one nightstand is what made him breakup so. You have to that he didn't handle but we cannot at this that there violence that is there. Because you were so good and so more advanced say they were that there relate. I mean. Election meant literally in terms of half a. She took it to a live. Literally he eventually tapped out and was like you guys finish up and I'll just be over here. Idea I was currently listed. And the Canucks. While. Just and it's happened. You're free of all when they sins are kind of you know go downhill after that may be good but. Thank you for the call I viewed as I do not have that and I do I know I don't its way right in the next day everybody's decides. Figure we all have cost. Yeah this is not as if you've got a sneak out someone else do Carly. Yeah I had one night stands I guess. My one night stand is the only one makes and it never happened and it's gonna turn into a marriage. It's. So I didn't study abroad for four months in Japan and. There was this guy who kind of had a crush on me and asked me out and I said I'm not intrastate content and going back to the mayor paths. And done. We get to sleep the other ones and it wound up. Becoming this huge blown out of cash and where. I'm graduating college next semester and word. And I get married. Harley that's so she doesn't just like when it and that's open or. Yeah. I want you know it's not I'm really happy with the good. Where she really these guys so yeah everyone you met and of one mainstays. You lie about that. Apple actually met in school so. I don't technically have to look how many. You you just told us and we have several people listening with I think even the call Carly fan. That's needed density is you know and I buried. JB's. What's going on gun it was and are you one monitor. Source don't know what is. Known as ever what do we lost him. Joey ever called slugger broke and before I have X I I just called me to do you think so you're one night stand it. More like cities don't for Millar grounded out twice okay so there are a lot of not. They have a little bit about what. You do why did you do it through this drill using in leaving why do you do it. Self esteem issues. For real. So steamed. So you just enlisted you know look back at some of the one little guy unlike just chuckle to myself like oh my gosh I cannot believe she felt that I think the like her. Real conquests that I see is that what you do it Steve do it for the relations you want to physical side a. And it. Although it's fun but to me it was a holdup but not. While and the women are met you they don't stop do they don't find you they did it's a one and done. Well you know me too there's no way they're going to be stock and meet their polio the approach I was the one and don't. It's a. I'll hopefully you've really gone JB a serial one hitter and I hate him no you gotta come over the dark I don't excuse me there. Mary John Berman real trying this.