Slacker and Steve - Oopsie 4/16

Monday, April 16th


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Staying on every wanna talk about. Who seek oops my bad I'm. I swear I'm not making light of the situation we want to know what the situation but something that you did your job something you did at home. The theory or personal content. Some it's a colossal mistake you know they all you can do is to try to make it oops should seek. To see him. Might as you don't blame me bring you do something so bad debt yes you have to dogs all you can users who just so. Barbara Bush is not doing well right. Com trying to make it much longer to she's she's had a lot of medical issues and she doesn't want any more treatment. And so that's not the CDC is somebody CBS you know it just. What people do all in these situations what news outlets doing is they send their reporters might get every great picture of her with her family which washes in the White House whenever. That's right her life story let's get you obituary ready start entering the studios yesterday and yet so those little do dad it was beautiful things. It's morbid as hell because they're doing it before she's dead but that's what they deal yeah. Somebody CBS. Published lose sight to the there are heartfelt goodbyes are bush was like sadly passed away today. Should speak they had a headline in it do not publish do not publish do not publish but somebody published it. Anyway it said she passed away peacefully in her home surrounded by loved ones this. Year. That's Euro match Serbs may juror television news. Online news outlet and you just oops typical. To take them. She then deployed to included an airplane movie night at the thing yeah yeah. There hasn't reversed at CBS. And have us. Department of these are Brodeur did apologize dog. Oh well I mean. Yeah I'd love. No it's that's it's the Internet yeah it moves to speed corners a flight that was her oops moment armed. Somebody else fat fingered something and it Samsung. Puts CPU boots they were it was a Korean stock trading arm and it's a whole bunch of flight numbers don't wanna get into but some of it somebody was trying to type in the dividend the people were gonna get. And they fat fingered it. And they gave out the dividend instead of being in a dollar per share something and it turned out be a thousand more. Was it was a tiny little oops see it costs Samsung a 140. Julianne. Got dollars Tuesday night. With the big fat fingers because I can tell. Did you not a 140 million dollar or should we wouldn't have. It's both and probably the last night here's this hotel. Stories that whole great and we nevertheless idea is you just need a diet. For your singers is they're just dividend that money right that's a huge you sat hurts Iran an excellent man took a 16100 we talked about this one happened. That's a huge groups say because he was wasted during crunch time what's the term the movers are middle of all it was it was so hard times surged what he also did was he was in another town. Hole and so we call strained Google earth and it was like and he wanted to do it's just taken back to his hotel. But he edit set for his house all for his whole only months. And the drivers is like she passed out in the background is and how do you also go a long way. Cole was almost 17100 dollar oops in two and a 16135. Dollars. In Hoover charger to shut and do normally would have been only what fifty bucks or since its what you just it's just stick to his hotel maybe six bucks it would it would definitely not a banned foreign students. Yes sir great democratic thanks to actually seventeen states away. Good good surge price in the I have to and that's the colossal losing that's fun do you see that I don't you see here remember where I sang the F word now it was a lot of funds oh yeah I do we have audio that we. Be great if we don't tell the underdog seemed to zero or you're on key you're quite welcome thank ice for restaurant electrons off we had a terrible break on the air and I was like I started singing the password because it was so bad not an Arroyo was. And the way don't the way you know you left the microphones on and done and who see in this building easier something like yes. Did you hear footsteps 68. They start to get louder and like well seems like a lot of people run towards this room look at what could possibly have. You look around and see the glowing red light of the mega ball player like. He just didn't feel because you know there's absolutely. Could you please. I say almost anywhere or I don't ask you you're done all I can you say get you know I say right now the that's why Rondo with food you know. Would that you know. I did say I say like four times attitude stick it was awesome with yourself your harbor not consistent since the system tracking and dog I find it. Must more jacked charge. Anyway we go out and who sees you up if you read a new seat we'd love to hear about it on Jen. EI goes you're seeing. I was reckon at a hotel downtown. And Vijay very kitchen what actually across the street. And it was an odd and Dave we had 300 ordered the chocolate covered strawberries. And that's I'm going to Nigeria back across the street and shot like what every bill got up this. Boom again are the land cracked the street all the available bid for the hotel and a whole entire rack go over. Those things are like gold all day I thought people would I top dollar for themselves. We have not melting out of chocolate everything again what are we had about fifteen people immediately jump on it to chart every getting orders because beads. Customers at the hotel had paid well 25 dollars are only the much strawberry each. Lot of divorces happen. It's my Singapore's straits you're right around Valentine's Day within the downtown area audition. It's my job which I thought I guess I let article there about three weeks after I. Yeah after tomorrow brushed the dirt off my leg room behind you know it's actually no those are not. I doubt that they want to solid BM blade everybody lives by what I expect the boat. So real and oh yeah. Chocolate covered strawberries and floods ever so romantic senator if you look at the homeless are delusional and doing their free. That is so then you glucose and who. Hey guys your name has been seizing any clearly and you are voice disguised what was there. Okay great arm and some are eager to go RD carry particular picture of might Boudreau men would contribute to my boyfriend. In my accurately predict my border. Lean toward LaGuardia extreme economic hard quote. Brother or mother. My brother a row OK so I'm trying to figure out which ones were I guess your. There's all met once this would grow up if you bigger problem improving you know what our crew who ignore good. There yeah you gotta do this thing we are just governor he swiped a ten year airplane mode you have to know its happening yeah he didn't know what's happening then. Yeah group does he look at you differently now since it. There essentially Dietrich and Caesar what is tough but you know. Okay so we're yeah we're from here you know it's an Arkansas that's what we'll do. Just a couple of thank you candy that's a bigger cities to that is that's homeless youth. Amelie. Yeah he's. I'm I don't need my heart where it turns out they truly become a higher non hybrid like some important how we got an email option. And I sent an email to one quake shot a million people and I spoke ST you are equally in the world. All know you're all grew even know them only one point five million people cite your spelling mistake about the most important person in their company. Only diet and ironically the company don't mile. Can a couple of probably because they thought you were satisfying some deal we requirements or. That's a lot of this 200 service tool in the shed we should I error that the they really got energy you still work there now don't. You not us Melvin seals lives with. I don't. I don't miss opening many are gone jets could. A couple of times and I just God's CIO yeah yeah CNN street initials after. We thank you know you're amazing. Dylan. Yeah I feel Lucy. Nadal and hated this story I was a construction jobs back. And I didn't wanna wait for someone who was certified to Google forklift though. He broke eighty broke a panel blast that was worth a hundred. And I'll hit I'll always please find minutes for anybody else I'd. Why. You're. Get where it nine guys well the minimum order for these panels you have ordered ten of them. Ability. She so they had to order a million dollars for the panel then. Yeah. 'cause this Jimoh couldn't wait five million men I personally knows how to drive a forklift. Do auto. Yes it's fired instantly right. Well he tried to hide and they found him. And he would include fired. We usually keep physically tried ha ha if my neck broken Charlotte. I suspect that the. He didn't work and and try to hide and it it courtroom and they ended up I'm. A cook it that's when you see the first natural rock. New PC is tied for.