Slacker and Steve - OPP: 30 and Never Found Love 7/5

Wednesday, July 5th

Chad is 30 years old and has never had a serious relationship. He’s tried tinder, dating websites, the ‘bad boy’ act, volunteering and just being a genuine good guy and nothing seems to be working for him. What dating tips do you have that might help?


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Staying on every ounce schoolyard Hussein it's his name. Well man and a complete Sony Bryce Dallas I know PG and things are getting sympathetic here. And they get steam instead I go sorry I know what is your do you feel not right now guys you guys. I turn 32 months ago and I've never had a serious relationship. I bet on dates but things never seem to pan out. I thought maybe it was because I was being too nice so I started being more of the bad boy can I just. Ted just jumped in their shirt you can't do what. Do you always go from being warrant and almost sudden DV. Any meaning nice guy if you're out there and I don't know what camp I'm in a Swiss team the minute my my nicer might know I'm not really. Which you two will be little niece was in the nice camp of I'm just saying nest in CC I think you know me important I do you you're going to the casino that's the most effective. So. I was about to say you go trade champs okay you can acts yeah. If you're truly a nice person you you can't suddenly go and I are hardly jacked by Milwaukee mile club until night. Goes so hey DH. Yeah if you guys are. You can save that makes you bad ass but good or bad passer and I would Comas the bad ass but I would say I am. I'm salts closer to the bad boy stuff. What's your face you can be you can be bad boy enough when he needs to be the people. In order to close. You're good at being what you need to be to close. Very incensed. I likely your single little these shooting need to face liked what. What is your might now work other we outside of mud. I think I think you are two totally not even close about what I did you try to try to kind of be the bad guy makes no I don't know bad boy is ever like let's go to Sonoma and try Waugh I. Thanks it is not a true blood on how. Right now and they're you know there's no wait boy just before. No they're on duty did there's no way crap you want. You ordered a thorough one a law partly why third Jacqui I don't know I am motorcycle and tie on a B and Damon go to a club and pick up some just need a national is not gonna happen I don't think we get it makes about as good as you know it doesn't yeah that's a stereotypical. Bad boy my guess it is. Makes you a bad boy life is in a lot of instances you know if you're reading a girl for the first time you know the guy is like always just going along with. No still don't have no qualms throwing things back into her face which they are Currie Shiite and that's why they love. That I am not a nice to act like I'm not trying to be about but just I think I'm a great father and I think I did more in the nice camp. I mean for you to think they're like I don't think a bad boy somebody who wins but I think you can light. Sarmiento a wine. And still be somewhat of a bad boy the burden to the blue blue eyes. I would've. Florida yeah Jack. Oh Hoya so it's you have a bite your bad boy no no I think it's just didn't just history yet still do the persona that sits at EZ UNL yeah. I just stinks and so far off topic resolution. Tell us how well this is sorry aggressive how do you like Steve. Drives like a thirty year old Jeep right now Dow crappy we salute you how to bites so we're you a bad boy oh you're bad boy because you don't. Your Jordan never a good bike rider doesn't want me so bad boy who looks so bad way is right you don't you love them and leave them that's actually badly is. And you still drink a good one we also stringent. Drink it crappy beer. You're still a bad boy I'm a dichotomy. So I just think it did little d.s saying much but don't go to Sonoma automatically disqualified. Yeah. It's in Sonoma. Go to Sonoma but like watermelon. And I will punch you and advice yeah. How about how. So this couldn't think of it but we are always check yes creepy so anyway yes he says he sometimes switches between he he tried to switch. I tried to be the bad boy enough and I volunteer allowed tried fighting women through that nothing. I tried online in tender nothing. I just don't understand why nothing is working. I'm not being the media guide attacks all the time or expects a woman to take care of me and just a normal guy that wants to have someone to cook meals with them watch movies on a Friday night. Could someone please give me some solid dating tips to land a cool woman. Banks is of Chad. The Sonoma today. As raunchy it's your act with. If the tools that I. I must say I didn't. I either H here's the thing I like him. In I don't Chad did what we have to do he's a nice guys. She is a nice guy and that might be his biggest downfall. He's thirty aren't there like if I love he's ever been a love. Love love. How to we finally get Chad they're getting in a girl four love I know wouldn't go so we need women Ted. He's just too much of a doormat for you care about yet to be put enough in here for you to kind of get a clue on what the skies about. He's tees charm he's strong chomping at every pundits Parse possible. So is it time but if if even one of you calls and says this summer to be angry what. Just top spot came and it will anger and it's. I'm running Phil thank you and we didn't blink. Stop sticks. I would dude didn't you don't stop looking and usually see. Partially who has memory going to be thrown out some sort of charm. Yeah it's excellent yeah sim and maybe some will come back it's not for Chad though. It's big it's your original assessment was it's your name is her name is chapter Chad. I looked very dear friend named Chad Lowe says he's married to someone that you lust after or so until maybe you should is I don't why you guys sounds cool I. Doctor Diaz your phone number in your. Yes I would check your phone that's why just this check this out so bottom line is we need the women of soccer in state. And where you lumbered thirty by the we're going times a real low but there. Does it now I like a lot. So you have I mean. Love love like true deep pass. We're just I don't know. Arizona and Saito so what kind of world I think she hasn't even felt anything in the real solo dude he's a fertility doesn't really significantly dvd piecing this. He says he's never had a serious relationship means he still has his V current thirty Horry probably assume he's. Just yeah I really wouldn't matter that he's had one night stands she just needs a run a serious relationship he wants to feel something why you're doing it right right now and what do you need to relationship he's doing it right for you blob blob. He's not gonna write for him this Chardonnay is buttery. She's the hat not. Blah blah I don't sons of silencing love there's lottery players are this entire thing that I feel like yes there SOS guys are calling in life. And that runs and all right now aren't any yeah. If you. You can have colors and go to. A hook for. Effect do not know any chance we can get this together and call Chad. I'm just gonna. Yes Jack wants to find lost one good thing is he has thrown out the child he's looking for new places to throw chum but this is not nothing's come about so maybe that's a question is is it gonna have to Newman to Hershey store should he join some yoga classes or something but what can Chad do. If you're a woman in between. Twenty fives. And forty so I mean I don't know 'cause. Felix can probably date you know 56 years on either side and maybe go all the way after duties of cougars yeah. I was pool for each idea what what what what is it about Chad it could be off putting we let's just assume he's not hideous. Oca he's not being overbearing like according to him he's not been that guy he's not being needy he's not texting every force the only thing about the neat thing is is most needy people don't realize how needy me so they're not new but it looks looks. Let's take everything he says at face value. He's not a media guy he's not a bad boys kind of nice. Why can't he get you a cool woman he wants a cool woman wants a cool woman to cook Quist to watch movies on a Friday night. It's no more wanted to do a Friday or his all right. I think deep down I do want a they're done club and so if you are. Physically you can go either way it's cool. We talk Google's clones. All right so. Sorry to this year the barrage ad out we'd love until Victoria. Yeah yeah I don't know Chad took it. No I won't normally I love how well your I mean with the door you want to have relations with later. Aren't my car. Is his name Chad is what I like sucker cheesy bad boys Yahoo!'s U Babylon. Now he's a good guy he's a good guy and that's and that's and Honeycutt what I am thinking earlier Liz. This did Katrina good diet and about delay is all emotional availability. And bit tighter more emotionally available to Martin gives you Aaron is not in dealing and all that aired. Am I don't think I think that's why it's so hard for him to trying change and that's why would become into and you lead and spread. The company didn't say it was the kind of girl what do you bookstore and his near and I am I not that it kind of interesting BK JP GA. An open but I kings willing to take whoever crumble I just want something meaningful and I want to let you NL you know let me and cut in our o'clock. And how well at a separate question that the white and find one that he's totally open and sound right to. People in this situation when you drill down arm it's like politics fact I don't like the line and he likes it. Rooting exit you don't get to be. Paper yeah he and they're not yes. Yeah and I think that's really important and I also don't think it's really that creep me Adam just slid Blake. The number of single people an and in Blake the late twenty early 32 now own if there exponentially higher than ever let you know like I just found my first meaningful early last year aren't ready for X battle. I don't think that that. It's not it's not a big deal it's just. I don't know how he have to be more open Q possibilities that come along and doing their infected. And not always the way to the great design at different actually but not. Hypocrite yeah. Dinner Matt Millen and the could. Lose its. Wow on I do you think either Steve Breyer Babylon. I don't know I don't deeper obviously but it listening to you I would they either. Should definitely get. A really and we. What is emotionally available I'm all like I can't stop being in long term relations page so you realize you're proof I'll relax and be true. I never my. Why is Taylor a slacker and Stevens. Almighty god or the they don't call Victoria yeah seats you're right which they could emotionally and available just a bad person with nonstick. And you think. Oh yeah. He eat you look he did you aren't you are. Augur. You something Ryan I thought he did a story and I don't like he's ready for action and beauty company. Opera. And so the puppies like date yet you get a puppy. And then just pop he's worked in there there's no right yeah I mean there's just a study they came out recently that said they showed patient do women pictures of men analyst Stacy is nice and in the same dude likes 400 pictures later holding a party not bad guys hot. Boom does it it changes. So okay so puppy date then went what you're seeing just copyrights. Basket weaving or something and then shall be bear fish and other pools. I mean it seem like you do a little more than one election here try anything like you're already. To do something anytime I mean that puppy yacht are. You know I don't with a slow. Yeah just take your mouse walks and stuff so you you yeah you're running into different but how often if you then. Three blocks from your house announced Thursday at 7 o'clock states. Probably never right. But we have a poppy. You have to use enough for walks in that that girl suddenly your own public in people are available to you yes I'm pretty. So she women you're right now meals down and you it's like mother carries a breakthrough like your name city deer named Sadie engine both yelled you need to start. I think that's it's not dainty pretty nice it's not terrible advice but it's like I think she needs. But it worked and got his solution is that I think she wants something. More immediate. I like this she's target might join class and maybe six weeks in the learning more get a puppy in like me yeah. He was assistant he needs like something without being needy he's Canada. Yes and he needs advice so we could probably try it out like already this weekend asks yeah. Sorry he's from now how could be talking to a girl that might be the love of his life Matty. And guys who do you thanks didn't I it being that it is. I don't personally lenders so we're labelled it alternate diet I think deep exact opposite I use. You know when he played a guy who you know it was at NORAD which. Sleepy town Blake. Should I think that'd be nice. Stats that tiny guy is Justin I don't know that. Fashion tools yeah I know you don't want anti. So if you cannot wait I am gonna I'm a friend called Dublin and and he'll tell gates but he gloomy sky and then Liz asked their opinion that hysterical. That's a good point you know nobody is a nice person has to say Brody your actions to GA should should dictated but maybe he was just trying to. Save that tell us because some very. Just to give us a little perspective but where would they keep. Would you date a thirty year old guy and if you would where might you meet him find them. Until I get thirty years old parent training people crowded laureates construe meaning there. Ask. Better grocery store these user receives are there won't see why impressionable yeah. Yeah I guess you can go get involved in some of those lakes. You know every time I've ever gone to one of those festivals you know like in the hearing tacos and tequila or appearing more and dude whatever. It's 99% colorful this sort sites. It's weird to go. Out I think I feel bad news dude. It's like she's Latina skill set where to find women and now it's almost too late to learn it. He's over thirty in Mehdi brunt of a good point in your twenties or go to a club drink him and hook up skies getting too old for that so he's got to learn to third where does this guy's age group what are we wears a thirty year old he's yeah. Hey thank you for the call the Matty we appreciate it. Actually. Yeah I nine. What do you think. I don't think there he is wait see young to be concerned about ball already. Didn't you weren't a serious relationship. Actually obviously the night sky it'll ever found the girl that can. Really appreciate that I is good Gail good to eat bad and it wasn't until I realized that a nice guy is actually. Good genuine then I think he needs to be an all cash and he'll find a girl who appreciates him regularly and. Hookah do you think. So he just he just has to be patient and we tell what she's forty but until he took his legs I just. I. I know. I you know it is unfortunate ending and we talked about what books you know he didn't save I mean yeah. I mean she's. I would think if she wants all. If if there was something profoundly you do it unattractive she read these kids turn bared his soul in this letter to us wage. Whom. I did think of her very superficial. You know generation grade him so they think honestly. I think that I ain't personally would then not a relationship with. A picture cash and I. And I met Beth sky who wasn't by the waves 33 had ever and then there's serious relationship she and he is not what I would usually go for. So the night sky. Not attractive he's not set. He's not a track all his views and other key. It's okay they know you yeah you're you don't wanna sit at the bottom line chat asked him weed out all you women you gotta get. Hard enough time screw my all the deep bad. IRS looks through the nice guy and subtle rice and I. Ultra clean up older woman because I am older than my diet and and I appreciate that he is a genuine nice person and not. John Breaux with the models. Are you learning or don't. No not at all nationally. Want to. Has she she appreciates. Starting got a list are persistent. So you don't wait until there lol so somebody is so until all the deep bags had all their good years women have gone through the which is all just finally clocked you Chad so you you either have to sit shoulder or general do yourself Ashley's won't pay attention to huge an Intel tell they're Don yeah they got her pain intensity guys like me there it. Well. Our thanks Steve. As the eyes so you wanna sound money who's the bad boy in this studio or how to really genuinely help Chad. Find love as a newly minted thirty year old. We'd love to hear from you on the slacker and Steve FaceBook page.