Slacker and Steve - OPP: 6-Month Proposal 5/16

Tuesday, May 16th

Today's OPP Brayden wants to propose to his girlfriend of 6 months. His friends and family say that he's still in the lust stage and he should wait. Brayden knows that they're perfect for each other and aren't just "in lust." What should he do?


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Stay right there. Were stabbed. Him today. Thank you and or at least we're gonna stop the wedding before it even gets to a proposal that embryo he died you guys. Propose my girlfriend but a lot of people told me not to you I'm not sure what to do we've been dating for about six months are both totally serious about it and were perfect for each other. We've had talks about her future plans together even picked out names we like for kids. Except all my friends and family are telling me that we're in the lust staged. And to wait. I think Larry know what saw Steve was could sit a while and OK but so what are you guys think when I get an unbiased opinion. This is from Braden OK well. Why are besides the food service. That's the end to send it to somebody else you can get unbiased you're. I'm gonna say he'd known her for six you don't insurer for six months you myriad doesn't work out no skin off your nose he didn't airborne troops then you're saying go ahead and get married and are meant. Is it puts everyone through it all is gonna happen Braden. Is six months down the rotor years and we are told you so fast that's all it's going to be told you so. I think you should do it while because your the romance and you think everyone should be made. If we would just commit sooner snatched it does and that's you know we do we're disposable society. By the time. We. Know that we. We did something. We use it for what it's worth we're consumer and then we toss and us that's what consumers do price we think that but if we would just commit the way our parents committed my. My parents still have drugs in their house like you it's weird I'm gonna get off topic for no good flight. Might want it seems to think that might have brilliance it's been thrown your know or whatever so that's like that's a paper plate. And then we're gonna just did another one of our every six months or so yeah. I'm Eric I. Know you weren't the only you wipe your feet on in front of my parents' house is the rug I wiped my feet on when I was. All from riding my bike when I was five years old yet I followed that means our blood is as old loser would be mayor no nothing but. It's sand from completing your new rug they should dispose of that road but this there are people who know how to commit to something they know what they want and they go data and then they make they make a decision and you not gonna like this that they make the decision. The ducks a person than what's been the rest of their life with. And they do it in some days it sucks and some days it doesn't but you for me. I've known the people on shall suspend the lives my my life with I'd I'd known my just talking females and when I know somebody supposed to be. A part of my life I've known. Right away you meet somebody new like there's a thing going on and Steve you wanna hear this but you're one about a thing Nivins we will. So long ago before I ever did the show and we just instantly started hanging now and it was like. We did we would steal the radio station at night and we would just Jewish show we know we weren't invited to exactly that's true the reserve saying we have thing. Yeah we're still together and now that is true. So why can't why Kim Brady and ask this morning she's they didn't get a six months YT she say. This is it what what. We before. Which it will what does anybody bleak for. Cool with bush still vulnerable moved through what you always there you will and then you work so it is your married noticed was to expand. Yeah. Yeah. I. I know it sounds crazy kids of my daughter or my son were Braden coming to me don't know six months to add to you know I feel like you why. Actually let. You believe and I wish it would have put I think the reason they've put ages and years I've probably be taken a more to task though young they are don't I just it feels like it. I don't know why maybe not on little. I knew probably within two weeks of meeting my wife that she is going to be the one that doesn't I was gonna marry. Didn't you mean yeah I have you really do would no question I mean it was like. It was biased yeah I mean it's set initial lie agent I guess honeymoon phase in the beginning of relationship play. I knew Blake. There was no explaining my actions with her there was no I didn't have to apologize for it was just like all the sudden we met we clicked and right away I was like. She's the one it's our. But Steve he was very young I want us you were very very you know so would you take him to task as it turns out he's ranks and got three kids with there yeah I would take every young and to task how to take it will lead us sale is why you're supposed to sleep with more people of our I would say to them to the same thing I say to everyone it is you haven't done anything given anywhere you haven't done squat and also knew Jesus in your backyard you find this is the long as I'm not not to do little T shirt or why not put. That's more of I agree with you if you. If you know you know bush but okay so you knew about her here at this point in time but who's to say that you got a job over in this area over here you met these people in your Roman these people all they they're you can you can -- -- -- let it sounded different ones either you go which people what's wrong with taken the first one and getting started on my sooner could you you said she was the right -- not just a one you knew that to you could spend the rest of your life keep looking and you would have sounder you don't always have to climb to the top of the tree to get the right to strip. And you know what's I don't know I just came to me and I thought it works actually have to go through all the others below her to get it like it because we're there yet he's just like and so she's leaving this next. Yeah. Hello hey yeah. Oh yeah so I think I brought it sure. I she was right there you know she would these. Yeah I mean it was great. I gotta stop talking or making him more and know what I mean hey I no longer really good. You don't always have to struggle throw he's wrapping her relationships have a good one sometimes he does have a good one right. Let's start OK let's say they go through this with his wedding and it doesn't turn out. What's the downside for them as silver you hear back to being disposable it's like we tried and we failed. I believe more people I don't really get to stay in a bad marriage adult. I think more people should try. Longer harder stronger than they do because we live in a world now where. If something goes even slightly wrong we jettison it no matter what it is oh my phone's cracked I'll give new life. Oh 46060. Song or each resume not. We tried or are always looking to trade up yeah just six what you have try to fix you at somebody listening. We don't conjure right now I'm decides it drives me nuts how quickly everybody throws crap away and that I'm talking about. Material things humans everything it's just so we had to go. And it got pissed me off and I'm never gonna talk to again. And news on the planet is worse attack than me I do that all the time oh scorched earth you are on me I'm done forever. I'm a song or just some good lecturing Braden and I'm lecturing myself. And I distinct. Why not you think OK go porn then just divorce or doesn't work right. Pin it down there is no downside. Because then now he's got at least one marriage under result in future women like that to see that you think I did which he was attached to some other woman yes other women should. Yup so we just it's creepy in a certain age if you haven't at least dip your toe in the water Steele I. Given very good budget high but you have it wasn't illegal but it was still the same stuff you've had one long took too long term relationships total to know that I don't want long term relationship. It took me less than six months to realize that this kid this guy. In less than six months he'd. Little taste it's the one. Okay but go for a good will do good is like a sense knows she her her parents are paying for the wedding so it's no skin off his and so just again I'm not trying to be the devil's advocate I'm just saying. I'm all it I'm with will be I think you should go. If this were my child I would for Bennett with every exactly strength and I happened the last time he stepped on a car laden but the first car that was certain rate at the end of the line. Almost every time because Andy Murray's referring to there. It's not always parked and that's. It's a Hawkeye and I know exactly or is I've looked into Google satellite window and I know which street to turn enough so you're saying that Braden did his research he is six months of researching you know so I know Brandon is gonna marry the first woman he had relations are safe here and that's it that's all a possibility you could be out insists opening piece streams of back could be that orange order or she probably thinks that I can't do any better and no one else is you're proposed to be cut it's one of those if they're 29 and that's the way it is they're probably right. Singing and given so I wish we see it all right I'm okay I'm ready Miller really fast and see if you'll give me good luck guys are looking at gulf between ages NB swelled right not it's totally cool. Braden with the girl for like six months things they talked about kids' names. Can we all do that went to sobriety here in the mushy fees he wants to propose his friends are known dude it's way too soon. He's actually asking you guys what you would do on Kristen. Yeah hi we are what do you think. On the wall in my I am I young the married like I'm not to get married and on. My thing is less about the time I'm more the experience like my fiance and I have been together for eighteen years. And we've experienced a whole lot of junk a lot of beings I think it's important to feel like how they handle stress you know how they handle getting angry and it's. Six months you see every single I don't. You're comfortable I would say yes but if you're like I don't know what that spread like get this situation. I'd say wait. I like that Christa you need to see only hit a crisis like period is that a lot of nice tree fell in the Miller houses and Ramirez is going to be it's going to be mostly out. Yeah if it's if it is all lost both sides and great dinners and perfect vacations. Your New York you're right you're not prepared for you the realism of an already here you go. So you feel like you've seen him and his horse and you can handle it. Oh yeah well an apartment just flooded last week. A deal legacy can add that in them like the hot inside the all the other junk so the. Kristin you've had enough time to decide if he's going to be a good father or not correct. Are you denigrate other OK okay. It's really something yet she's huge among a huge opponent that's that's so and you're you're he's already asked you when your sag you're going. Oh yeah we're married and you remind me again. Well good for you guys is that really where you're the only couple that's ever gonna be able to pull that also did you know did you know it's six months. Do you think. You know. Beyond the six month I was questioning that we had and we are going to a lot at that point though. So you're getting the information you are still gathering in so many talents excellence. Good for you look Chris and congratulations while opium a lovely lovely day through trio. Debt relief. I mean I what do you think should be proposed or not after six months at Tampa. OK I think age is a huge factor because I got married unmarried seventeen and I been married almost 35 years. So I would never recommend that anyone. Do you have believe law it's another 28 so that's one good factor but we don't know how much life experience in between because there's. There's Tony eight year old who have more life experience I mean there's Tony knows you have less life experience in my tenure siren. All due soon to see you were never with another guy he was the only one. Yep. And I did not have to get married when I'm pregnant or anything you did it because that's who it was expected of me for my. Family and you still Mary thank you Greg regret. Home I regret getting married young yeah yeah oh you still love you love your husband you glad you got married you started failing just not that young. Arnold wanted to Obama day. Oh yes that's your right your right. Why I mean your coolest car radio show and senior not you're not down list means. Okay he would awaited. Oh yeah okay you want to avoid him. I'm sorry why why would you avoid what we're waiting you if you knew you knew why not just soldier. The opponent you know the way KL OK because you do do you think if you waited lose he was still married him. Probably. OK so early as well I'm just at least we got to a point where your link between these two where you ask you Mary juries. You wrote. It gives like he's getting we heard it should you live close to me I don't and I held. On the wow okay sold you just don't listen I don't. You want the kids think because I told my kids if you ever even thought about it I would kill you. After six months yeah it's not aged well but I. I'm also were when it's somebody that I am not related to a disc jockey Michael Reynolds and armored boats and didn't know us doesn't and I just magistrate birds I knew. Let me. Look at. God gave you everything else Jennifer. Yeah I eight times. I implore him to coding to her. Brother met his wife and before they knew each other six months he had proposed to her. And then before they even knew each other a year they were married they'd been married ten years this year. And that's been years I have boyfriend and we talked about getting married. And we decided we want it that I Italy twenty and we decided we wanted to act you know the other people on U local nine and now ten years later we're actually getting married in his late that night near the bar life. Because we did get married and we were younger. Don't you think it's going to be potentially better. Because now you're sure that he's the one because you've seen other people. No I mean I knew the whole track and I knew that he would the wine and I owe me big time and you know XP if he does propose to have to get married now to Elon engagement. There you go there you go so basically Jennifer. You wasted he EU investigate everyone else on his best years kinda. Yeah. Yeah come on don't watch it seemed like dad that's what are your gestures or win your Torre's. No it's kind of fifties or forties early sixties is that he chimney with the long before. When you have any minute now they'll. I mean he truly I mean I know people in their forties and fifties who have. The money and the means this is this the weird thing for me is I started my family late so I'm late I'm never going to be able have a good over fifties does but. But I have friends who had a team raise their kids are moving now by the time they hit like 42 or whatever and then they're like. They're making great money they don't have any kids interested you'll go to flag football games he just lives. The life so selves themselves so maybe Jennifer and her manner gonna have. A great time and they'll forget all about those nine years effective date just. Wasted away just continued bulls are in prison for something weird if they can. I don't they don't forget though I you're spy kids. I did say this you may not realize it now but at some point he's gonna say something and they do rubs you wrong. And you're gonna remember back to one of the Boise dated in that time and you're gonna go. She's so much better than any of those guys but if you hadn't gone through those other guys. That one thing he says it rubs you wrong win everything else is a mystery you go this guy's a deep that I should foreseen. Why did I ever married I under the first guys off the court might do but if you when you have some other things under your belt you'll be a look though. This is not as bad debts and I always there you go. They are Sicily comparison shopping sentiments saying well. Is out there what can I compare this guy too I appreciate a crap out of my truck even though it's not the nicest car I ever drove. Because I'm German we were just as you compare your able to compare yes while they're young Jennifer. I Teresa. Yeah I leave what do you think. I think he should wait he didn't lie. Indicated that he hasn't got there late and coaching session is our personalities that men are. Our don't have a count plant some sort would sit down. Six months. She's putting our key putting on either or are putting on their best. Many area played too you know all right now have troops now you put Crimea on that on any first in my added late. We haven't gotten greedy yet for sure. But I'm just. Sometimes it's it's funny stadium and counseling only sings but parents never to that's not know a lot of people and they're together still with these sixteen yes and he's like well sort of thing about this word go through classes or night. I mean. All in Iran if he'd give you some tools you might not pass but. And it did not all women divorce like four. I pray that contrary. Corey. Yeah us where you think. I'm I'd just think that people should stop. Deciding whether or not you're old enough where you've been dating long enough to get married. Or your tickets lacquered task Coca knows me know that okay. So just in general I like I've been dating the same guy three years and years and not married I knew. Right and it started dating him that I wanted to marry him and I still am just pitcher today. And the last three years hasn't really changed anything. So at some point are we gonna tell him to do or get off the pot erase your plan. Well I'm still only 21 so at this point I am not. In many hurried. Yeah and you shouldn't because you're only Sony wants you what they didn't introduce you guys. OK okay. That's cool Corey that you know dis. You know and Braden nose and and we hope to have you know what's out there you can you can take your time if you know that's great Euro over the biggest hope this take your time you know ray you you don't SS right to have it now thank you but nothing's wrong with having now if you want it now well just be careful. Have solve this and all we know. All the way back up. Yeah hey well I think you'll try to discern what we've done or tell Braden went to do go to the CytRx T FaceBook page.