Slacker and Steve - OPP: Another Guy Kissed Me 9/27

Wednesday, September 27th


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Eight. So are movie he's got some sort of dilemma in her relationship and apparently we have we're the masters or maybe we can help her Sasha. Yeah yeah I mean what's going on how can we helped us. All who. They got this guy for nine bucks. And everything's good eyes were out on Saturday night and grab a club maybe you were being at being the aggregate time. He lead me to get to drink. You're no big deal and you're right if they have their they have an electric saw and and aren't you kind of learn anything close to me it would be a big deal wouldn't touch me what do anything. And arrogant and keep yapping at. Then. I don't know where that I like. So loops and in that we who and. Yeah and no hard is it to braided my boyfriend on the back. With the tree yeah. Its core I. We thought we don't work and get my point registered preaching how and end your. No doubt he he would weaken the armed or don't. And we'd just like creating exceed everything the court why are able. After each and I Eric happy but then. Hopefully we'll be screaming get beat state all right got to be you or I admit it did and you're making out with somebody out. Okay I'm moving there. Like I. Kirk would would you exert your acting rice she overreacted. I'm just asking you if you walked up on him. Kissing somebody you would have been like oh this must be a misunderstanding. Means what are. I've read street outlet I don't would be yelling at her. That's that's what currently here infinitely. It surely keep yelling at. An ugly. You. Don't get it would just. Get that her current I'm not just lap the guys didn't do. You. Do I didn't suspect that's. Yeah. How long it lasts. A couple of it would nearly what it. Yeah a couple of seconds is a long chairs for somebody like as soon as somebody gets close to my mouth if I don't wanna kiss him. I'm go yes Steve just recoiled. Ed as far back they. Accusing you of anything Sasha I'm not trying to be your boyfriend but. It's. Why didn't you why didn't you get your head back in time or don't push him away or so. I. You're the lunar wrap a look at what's really came back closer attention to everybody all get inspired by eleven after Barbara. He was this guy out there was looking into it. I and I I didn't even a book Jacqueline Lee I don't even know I don't get dark hair. Guy so Sasha I senators say we're coming from. Minding your business strange dude puts a kiss on you. He really had a chance to react in the next senior know your boyfriends coming up and freaking out on you I thought it was freaking out on the other guy not view. If we are you start yelling at me and then I know I'd. You will not respond to any it didn't matter no tax no call nothing. Persons think you are. Where he's just goes to the Marty get a drink real quick and also in the near runaround Mac and on other guys he's got a there's trustee university and you better than. Paula. We think it's still outstanding so. I can't figure out like MI but to keep thinking it can't really put their act together or is this just a big rich get a freaked out over everything. You know when I guess if I think if you look at it happened beat. You're the victim but you know what you're right in his head. He's never gonna trust is your day I just want to play devil's advocate for 12 to Steve Hewitt I. Every time when we talk about somebody cheating on somebody else we go she walked Jane and her husband was having relations with somebody else and she would have to net girl we go. Why did you go after the girl she's usually the one who was model buck so. Explains why he didn't want to let you do now which is 41 Smart he is losing. I like this is my girlfriend. And I see her locked in lips with somebody else and the other guys are relevant to could have been and as a guy who is now at this poorly if your relationship has any foundation and he's got. To come around and trust you. It's just a matter of what she saw and what you perceive that he saw 'cause I mean. Again maturity Rudy is awesome you're not answering these questions form to my taste like somebody. Who was. So early repulsed by the Guinness and how dare you if you didn't shock them and make it C linebacker. Or pull back before. It it looks. I'm not senior bad person but it just looks bad you get right. How bad that we can tell you how Big Apple wouldn't you very discreetly would I didn't have. I'm not a beat latex. Streak going what are you fit and better at getting attached programs you went oh what it did. Screening. Is huge theme well I go prospecting the fact that the Dalai the FB Bartlett felt that next big somebody like kind of I ADP. Oh and then aren't a backpack. What do you want what do you want from us you want us to try to find a way to get you back with him we will age is it. Other people who. You're into it I'm should be trying to get back get back. I feel like you are right that I didn't call I would like I. That they advocate any response at my TV I prepared are paying in electric grid. Right. Well I mean with information we have we can just we'll take off any informal poll the people listening and see if they thinks he's overreacting. Or if you miss Carl you should try a little bit more halo Sasha I don't think she was overreacting at the moment. He saw what he saw he didn't know any of the back alcoholism and oh yes and he just that's what he saw and that's what he reacted to but he now he's not giving her a chance Roy that's not healthy and that's not that's kind of a baby thing to say do it I'm sure you wanna talk about it but I want I just wonder why he immediately thought it was the bad thing. So maybe there's. Chemistry yeah something now that she didn't follow suit should Sasha keep trying to get her man back now race he saw her kissing another man horror. Is this thing just over because he's being immature about it she needs your help. Aries. Guy what do you. Do well. I can understand. Not wanting to top ten her and every just can't get a. Impression you'll play at extreme trying. I think that worked well email lately and somebody at all upping your personal space like that. Especially if they're going career. Yeah and it kind of eat eat eat yeah. Figure out their attention and liked what green or. Okay. Just discourse he don't he added danced closer and closer maybe even grind a little bit whatever it is. You are almost just as a full blown. I'm sorry if her story is 100% true. Ourselves a predator and how we do so is she. The truth we filed a police report is this guy's a story except she should have been more free to note that she was that was. She was and that's what I want you liked him and. Sometimes. When I got to the clouds and everything and I got someone who can't close or closer to me. And they start getting in my personal Beno not even going towards my eighth. I start you know being aware of that I am and noticing that and. Jimmy in the in the opposite direction you and she didn't. I don't know if they you root cause they're associate the club spokesperson from the cook maybe crystals. Hi guys I'm what do you think. Well I think the guy I'll. Even think they know that Avant or opt in and it actually happened because outlet I might well luckily you see it but he what they shot. The other guy and they're running up quite a bit behind it with the landlord saying that is. It a happy ending and shot you don't know what to do well. OK Chris you really you word is because you've been drinking your senses are lower how come you can't sense somebody's getting that close to be able to. To physically. Assault you now. I don't I was eating my if that dude he came up and you're like apple and the children look up any can't. It's your miles and you know it's. He's still out there who maybe just wanted to buy your Chiluba. The results are but I don't know OK probably not yeah. He loves the kids would lead do that yeah. I thought. There are no hard zero. Who knows she'll lose sales skyrocketed today you know and you're really figure out what. I get a so it's happened to you so okay she might not be a lying tramp down but she actually might be well continue to call crystal. Amber. Yeah what you think. Don't think that. Maybe we need to back story because some guys might put up their body to do the quick kids just so they can end relationship. Yeah. Okay wow she's just leave it to you women become a with the follicles third layer that none of those early to the really that's interest and a half he doesn't. The guys that I know anyway I don't want to be packed all right you know what you might call the relationship ended. So this for the good lay out. Uses it happened you were you set up what's this new social exerting constantly and the real why. And so you made it look like you were the bad guy now this is where like ninety trust you I got a guy value music. You don't write out through like all ears though and somebody has gathered Brett one. Wow. That's diabolical. Is everybody today is how did she on this eighty diabolical. I still believe we have an answer we'll take more of your nice over on the soccer and Steve FaceBook page.