Slacker and Steve - OPP: Asking for Hand in Marriage 6/23

Thursday, June 23rd

Natalie knows that her boyfriend wants to propose. Being a traditional man, he insists on asking her parents for permission. Her parents would never give their consent if he asks. How can she convince her boyfriend to break tradition and propose without a parental blessing?

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And so we're talking about wedding traditions and things endowment whether they all need to follow if there's a tradition and you feel like she you go long you would with what's going on that's that's what a tradition. Yeah that's what G that proved to be wants to do with the bride's like do not I trust he did not. That's kind of what what what exactly then the deal is Natalie. I tell us what's going on ya. Hey guys out right now I'm every connect and I hit the ball into the track IB. And honestly I know he's the Linebrink. Luck is on crack about getting teens. And you're taking and I relationship and I. Armed. Day in your kids it's even very nutritional he can't you know an Italian Afghan marine. You're Standley lake. All about tradition and can. He really went after my parents most 40 you know he propounded that means. You know that's that's that's customary in its traditional why wouldn't you want him to do that. While you're there playing ball accurately he. I can't like on every roll over and I know for a fact. I'd bet and I think now Blake and you know and you know at my ankle I can do and I think they that's been an issue. Play. I know that they're gonna think now and I hang kind of freaking out thinking is. He's not dropping it and he's like we're gonna Nixon I mean responsibility to show without. You know and true they could and I'm the 130 anarchy tunes. And I had my camera and lab rat diet it's not connect it I bet it won't matter it is not an hour and I actually like. Why would you want now I am not I'm not trying to be weird and talk you out of being in love with this boy. Like you do you just not respect your parents why why don't what are they seeing him day you don't or vice Versa. Are seeing a world. I think we don't I'm not her trying to earn a law and he's seen me go through though. How are back with and you validate the billionaire and I went and stayed in relationship Philippine and and that and between my Karen. And neck. It's because I'm EC and I need a farm. He is in the beginning of our relations act and we broke ground you know we've grown together and he's learning need to continue even I know I wanna be impressed Brett and I liked and I'm. See like it and not cared you know anyway. I love my parent that can little. I like the ankle and it's like he's got connect diet and I know for a fact that they're not drop it now. I counted clinic and then. I beat because my let's just. What do you want to do you can't just use one or low you don't want your parents and also if you don't approve of them you know. Who now. They're gonna pay for letting the pageantry there your parents or slogan a pay for every that. No they're not made over and I think idea on blue and the. Lake that we get it got bad problem did not want got. Well he did Maliki and died is valued very. Looking at ala backing and I don't know what do you need intentional and it. Dropping out and Amy you love me let's do it became a cool and adult adult hopefully eventually Everett hacking at. Oh what he now. The mere forty stadium so just let him do was staying there to tell no we hate you and you too often low you. Don't want him to don't you still ask you know if you tell that's he's held yeah. If you're right he should restart you Natalie he should we can respect your opinion in this you know your parents better buddies it sounds like he's held bad. End and you what it's not officially on record that they don't approve this wedding it will be when he goes. And she wants it officially I don't know. You're really prepared to marry him even though your parents what would say yes you really what are. Anyone would just out of your life you're gonna go low you're just gonna you're makes this is. This guy a god I'm not your dad did this guy he's cheated on you whose major life a living hell for five years. Is worth throwing away the people who raise your. OK okay no that's for real what he's all right now. Like I know him you know like you. Everything he's everything possible. I Oca so we need to talk. It narrowly here's a deal I think we're gonna get it right now we need you lick your looking for advice on how to talk nick down and going and that's great or if nick dosing gets the answer we know we can again. How do we process embattled luck but are you open minded having other people talk to you about. Like and maybe your parents Albright and you at least open minded to hearing. Link that's cited are you just. Strictly. Your side. I. I mean at this point even I and then it is then yeah. And you know are so leave them at any guard arron he's eager great for the hatchery and he now gets into the rocky and I don't wanna they know how bad I can't say that you know I'd really. There advice Foley you know like I did. Different there why didn't I. I know there. No let's cool our you know what that's awesome that you know Natalie happy for you yes by Foley yeah your votes we're going down your. Armed okay. We weren't try to do you some advice I don't I get a gaffe. I'd love these traditional and I love that he wants to prove to them stick up for you guys. But I mean digs is only a worse he he absolutely yes and already don't like damn right it's a real value this enemy yeah he's gonna come off the drugs not only he backs and when you follow him. Your parents don't blame him now for taking our daughter Omar god attendant who is since falls apart. You've got a big I told you so come and that's Brosseau there's a lot of downside in weirdness. Hang on Natalie we're gonna try to decent health result because of what love. She's. It's it's that yes love is the reason was breaking up a sampling today could mean so your original thing was like how do we stop next from. From wanting to adhere to that tradition and from wanting to ask. But I mean I think we need to just has any Woody Austin in this situation where you knew blatantly no. They don't like him at all and if they ask you then how do you plow through then there. Natalie sounds like she wants to be within the moment all the past her parents. Hatred of mixed easy unfounded. And based on race he's in based on religion or it's based on. How she's treated her in the past right and Natalie is more than willing to throw away the relationship with the parents to continue the relationship with this. With this new and with this guy who now has proven himself to her. What would you do if you were Natalie what would you do if you were neck we can use your help tiara. Yeah I died immediately and let it run for the hills Napoli company she has a lot of growing to do. Want to cheater always a cheap Eric. Hello. Yeah. Need the equipment. Could she always did Peter I speak from experience not from me never seen in your life's never. I know many people around us. And I wouldn't know wait a relationship with my parents. Can't force somebody that sounds your attitude and I wouldn't. She wants it I'm I tried to be your dad I tried to browbeat her I don't know that you I don't know that the once a cheater always a Jeter is the right. Attitude I just I feel lights. How then how do you just seed somebody named Sheila calling the radio show do you think that's gonna be enough to convince her to let this guy go can you heard her voice. It's committing it slacker and even going to be enough to convince search. President Clinton well I tried already and it's not gonna work she must have pushed all in on this guy and she doesn't believe in love anyway so she knew she doesn't need support there you. Might add I think she needs case need to do our. A little growing up and that's why it's so traditional and silicon value than white teaching and had to begin at. Why oh yeah I all right so you're not even trying to help and all you just trying to get her out of this relationship. Yeah I K I knew bong and I need you know she's an act. Yeah I think what do you think's. I'm I think you are my pillow my 80. So all we're doing here is which sole person calls our show now. I I don't wanna jump on you and your opinion will be your missing amid some personal cause us insist guys I have a traditional dial an Obama presidency yes. And nobody is gonna try and answer her question because we're all just telling your she's an 88 yeah and I don't sacrifice all that your Stanley for a guy. And not architecture camera I that was my previous marriage and it says yeah they're well I would have been predict in the marriage. Add I didn't because I picked him over family. My money for her and my relationship occurred and lonely and I had a camera and it was mineral and how are not getting more for the very reason that her family doesn't like her man. You were you able to reconcile with. And it only got a category I'm like LA you know what to open armed welcoming arms. Totally you know it's totally fine you know I. To quote Steve no harm no self pace that that's that's the McAfee. If you can't have your family in this guy has a new family. You have to you do the right thing is that mayor and is your new family. It's just push all in on that is if you really think you love somebody that is what you're supposed to do right eighth. It's. A whole scene and the degree lost we lost had just like the guy didn't know Marissa. Yeah yes. Now I think it should take her family that I I have been pretty much been exactly and a little experiment for nine years in my daily show it can't you're horrible. And I battled and got married and got the gore the year how player. Even despite terror night. Screaming yeah you don't do this you were like undo and it anyway you don't seem way and I is you don't see but I sent it. Do you do it. Did you say it's evil or fluorescent do you any do you think that somebody got married when their Stanley said don't and they were and they were right. Not only is there anybody out there right there at your opinion be damned yeah I was right. You think that ever happens. I'm. No possibility in riot it definitely didn't happen. Yeah as he goes this way a lot more often does your buying this because why why why didn't why did that happen you Marisa. I'm I mean we together nine years that I would put him about it he really never really you. Know I get to and a thought hey. Back at our router yeah. It's actually that's. Sad to so many people do that tune uses your blighted by and you don't trust the people who had really truly have no. There's no motivation saw her legs were saying this as a bad guys I did I would I would like you know. I was at a dinner reward if I bring you this marries items trying to trying to seize Smart exactly you know when your friends you know. I think even the color as a. You mean. Yeah yeah I it's. Show me literally I mean admitting gained admission it's understandable that earned only feel that way and sure heard until late need to do you basically. Didn't turn out of her life because they don't like the one that she loves. And even intra my between India I believe ballot she should do is try New Orleans. You know get their parents understand that wouldn't you know she doesn't care why actually do make mistakes she wants you wouldn't. Can Internet in the shape and I believe that she's doing the right thing you know don't train as quickly and then even though only putter kuril a little bit of. We don't know when you went to the same thing did you were you able to exceed demand and the Stanley. Oh yeah I'm Miley my feeling you know like kid at Paris for a while they are very angry with the English. They understood that I cared about my husband at the time and use that regardless he's cheated on me and believe me. That they knew that my life and I can choose whether or not outlandish they wouldn't. When you say at the time does that the relationship didn't last. You know they did it we're still together now like you we're almost an hour thirty years at October's shuttle. You know you're testing and others you can going told so I I am doing something else the other side we usually I couldn't do this is known him and you know do you. Well I mean like it I understand her and her British and each. Do you believe that you strident telegram you know I just let me make my mistakes and let me turn them. Lines except Batman one of the. You should call me I hope your relationship works out there Lawrence. I what do you think. I'm not seat she's got Trenton and I entered exceed that girl. Q our friends here at temple I did I love story that she's an app for her I don't that she oblivious to everything everybody out and. That is true so I did you're not gonna give her any advice other than leave this guy. I'm so I'd been in her shoes and licking your friend let's hear here and any idea are eternally cutting our purse and when you check this guy yeah I mean. And turn your your family your friends obviously not like her and I mean if you disregard asked for permission and that's great. Buddy you've obviously got a true friend to oust more than I mean really how. That's why she's gonna ditch your family on this one because they're not supportive of her there is anti missile he's got to leave mammy you know she's usual hey man this time is the family has seen its data although they need to support her even when she's about to night she writes. Nice document company that we all know is gonna crash that swift families there are. They do not call Lauren I I don't know I I did. What you're saying but I also did did they they're trying did this is are you sailing on nick is her new sale only. Laura. Yeah I what do you think. Milan she's. You know I'm gonna judge her for wanting to Buick and then get you know maybe a risk their relationship with their parents but I'd get it IE. When antelope and you know I went to Vegas Atlanta the top of that Britain fear it lands. I'll talk special yes because my parents deathly hated him amulets and I think me and on you know a few years back and forth a crime that she got hurt they fly at all. You mentioned I'm Ari let me tradition on my value to Wear little value in their relationships aren't you. Yes he has my values as it relates outside outward appearances. Where no morals we using it more as a values are different than. I disagree all you are you aware of that tradition when you are report you're really ought to be faithful and not let us know. Well let me just hey what happened I married in a month later I divorced him I am now married but child and I really what my parents are still struggling we went through a lot. And then you parent they let him but you know that doesn't mean we went there it's still really. Art there's still mad at you for making their choices they try to tell you over and over was a bad idea. It went mad they don't fit that label we are we run into the I don't situation where my back where they'll start get all our. It makes you better partner now. You learn from that you grew urged under so it was a lousy excuse I've got to lay out that together since she can't. And that's why I'm committed your car congratulates flora. So honestly. Natalie if you're listening Yahoo! sorry we didn't get a single. Red amid the icu were looking for him. But maybe maybe you need need. Need you shouldn't. And the true love god led maybe you shouldn't be would net. There Steve if you guys want to give Natalie the advice she was looking for anything else you know where you know there are FaceBook dot com slash slacker and Steve sands.