Slacker and Steve - OPP: Being in the Delivery Room 5/5

Friday, May 5th

Today’s OPP is about to give birth to her baby, but one thing about the delivery is causing a major issue between her and her husband. Hear her OPP and tell her what you would do about it.

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Steve are there. So she's gonna have a baby love all those things joy is supposed to be joyous it's supposed to be but she's got some sort of problem within so let's all see if we can Dixon for the baby gets here. Candy. Tiara yeah RA you wore a disguise to come first things first congratulations on the impending. Baby coming bomb what seems to be a problem. Okay it's a little bit about 10 PM local best. You don't want people the movement of the public at all they need their local people or do you back. So I think. The winner instead a day that's why and what what what what are his reasons for not going wanting to go in there. If you go to Mike hospital he never liked them among different market you do if you. It's not okay well but how how how palpable is his dislike of hospitals as it is it easy to dislike or is it like. Can't wait to get of soul lawn fear light at the dizzy cheeks costs. Passer outline all right. You won't drive by how corporate who look at the shape. And I haven't you don't want to overdo it doctor it doesn't matter to you. And hard to talk to your doctor your views are all caught. I don't like if you go childhood trauma could you had I don't know a couple of beetle can you shot with Google and you think yeah I go you need to get over that. You have for the birth of your child. Put so. Com for you discuss this wasn't like. You're about to concede your child for the first time really pay out on air and all I got some thought before we did our thing here above me in cuffs you never realize that this was going to be an issue Rais. And you've been pretty utopian future when we're giving birth to market. I told you could try to do bow. Nobody would man up you. So we know about this she isn't easy it's going to be in the delivery room or he doesn't even. Do you Hoss is fuel until you get home brewed only when your colonel Victor. I. Helpful how how that's I don't go out I don't regardless effort to put it would have explode with your business is what Steve tennis industry and I just say this process. If she genuinely has opened up your real offense or is he shouldn't be there wow we think is the time to conquer it. Comedian Sarah this is what you figure what does your employee and smooth it's. Yeah. No I'm I'm sort of on his side to someone say this arm I don't have that here but I will tell you. If you're not. A 100% focused in the delivery room. Then you're a like a good point you don't you're it's a distraction for you absolutely all right it's about damn you Ron yes it tonight. Chair teeny let me tell you the story I don't have the fear of hospitals but when my wife was pregnant. On she had really bad morning sickness and we went we go to the hospital for her do an IV and we got there and her veins kept collapsing uh oh entire time. And all the nurses were like oh my god soccer that's trail we're gonna take care of your wife blab about. After like to sift collapsed being so I'm watching this happen I passed out you collapsed I collapsed reach him at that point. All five nurses in the room. We're on me all I gotta go get a Smart she's also him cookie let's help let's get him back up on the chair and meanwhile she's going I'm. Well I I'm the one you became the right where it would be G did happen to you candy because if he goes down or he's having a commit shoe any he's like freaking out. She's not. You want in there to help you. But he might end up being a liability as opposed to ask you shouldn't be about you in the baby as opposed to steal hill told tilting par when it's time for him to take part zinni in this mix censored now former Georgia Vermont and you have your mom to be there are probably your sister all know he's going to moan. So you don't have anybody else to go win yet now the scene not now I'm back on he should go if you are many supports. You see you need somebody you can't do so render assist your. Promise you that this is so. Are you implying that we that we can assure them we don't party rallies. I didn't even error. Good you know he's gonna have to even if he doesn't going to deliver room just can't believe you when not if there's complications in your they're for a week studio or whenever he's got to end at the very least go to the hospital this walk around the hospital is it to go in there is yet to be in the rough quite like easiest it's clear we are. Our rooftops we're with a silk actually is always. Because he's never gonna. Men didn't eyewitness for years did they just waited in the waiting room yes there are women women. Who had children without the man in there for years you understand they candy right. I don't know what is the need and you guys you looked at Peter for your. What Murray. As you say you're hold this against him for the rest of his life and he's not in there how how much time do we as a couple weeks away a month away how far away are we. 110 when it's sore on the clock so yeah you know over risks sold below I don't think there's time to give him enough help. We used tear you adjusted that he's not going to be either with her or he's got to start doing dry runs hospitals and we're just watching other people have kids or some. I know this and I how we fix it and he took it on my tax cuts I sort I mean we're. Some sort of that is your. How to have a baby contain each site I come watch you ask. Workers who can't see we didn't do we bring you through do we give him a couple dry runs on his own child's birth to kind of lower agent but I. I don't know if we can fix this one or not. If you have advice for them great if you have other delivery room drama will take some other act. That's it's just I think she's kind of don't really soggy weather distraction you that do. Look for your wife I I I in what I've ruined her morning sickness I didn't rule oh okay only ruin your morning sickness it was a beautiful moma are at all. It got a nice word that be great anything you can do. Man doesn't wanna go in the delivery room because he's got a genuine fear you have not just laziness. He doesn't want to be in there what can you tell him or her to make this better Danielle. Yeah I what do you think. You think about it. He needs to be a memorandum I let me. Out of that situation and actually wouldn't let my husband's in the room because I was nervous about what bullet reprocessed eight. At the last very last moment I let it go get them one at that often bring immense need and and get by and I I am I hadn't. You win why do you want him in there like why did anyone in there leaky well. Yeah. Nervous if we hadn't we had I gotten pregnant accidentally. We want her idea and I wasn't ready prayer. But it'll at. It turned him to be in the room at our web ready to have a baby I felt and I thought that that I didn't want him still on experience I don't know the. He attacks the onion dot com we'll. You were you nervous about in seeing you like number ten soon we have all the all the add thanks. Number you know. Also like. You know unlike young. The mine one and is not. Up. You know oh you see him run that scarred him for life and he never would have okay yup let's talk poll numbers us thankfully. My my wife ended up on the first delivery having a C section and then they're for the next one was that. That was a hero of mine I didn't wanna see. Person come out of one of my favorite places where you go to the wooden wreckage debris HA I am thirty K and why Europe and I believe the future trips to your favorite location. You you picture. Oh hello there's good. It's a child's head to and you know what the pregnant woman that route meets the figure things like this moron from further husband you know Danielle I was thoughtful. Script. Ain't old uncle my guys could so he's so then what what are you saying he's just he has to know. I'm training that. I think you bet it's her first baby airport they eat that only happened one time you know you need. It so narrow and why do you want cheap but eighty current output hurtful and that he needs to be an airport earlier need to be enough for one child. And you need to get. It would be there to support and experience that moment that Margaret. Can they beat the jerk okay then yeah I'm taking on the dirt crawl up my arm. Jerry is saying that if there was any situation where a man who was telling a woman you have no choice but to do this. Everyone would say. She's a woman she has her own rights do she has her own decisions and if she chooses not to do something. She dare I say no means no and she doesn't feel comfortable with desk but. Getting. Crucify you on FaceBook from people go and they're not it's like I said you'll woman you've got to do the same woman not its site. We're not mean she can say no so mirror up to meet one hour. Equally mean he can. I'm man enough by saying you know what would you turn in my you don't know why I just kind of you when you told me just refer went on the air and he didn't crucified on FaceBook how much. You would be yelling woman off to a woman if it is she says I'm not comfortable with that that's any of these. Conversation from what was about doubts now. It's gonna talk guy says it I'm. Please don't light up to John crucify all. Back I think it's more about. (%expletive) does he want to theater at. You've experienced that spurred a member went their child. Like. And number oh alternate reality or something. Also to him though if you like if if he's a fear of heights and she demands to be about the top of the Eiffel Tower you have to you have to probe has enough he physically can't do it might get yeah I knew his whole life keeps he had do what she's demanding that he does thank you for the content and we do appreciate your insurance may -- I did it because it's it's irritating me big Nolan now he just wants to sustain noticed something it's a doubles they are it is not an upgrade and 99% rental standards. So all in favor of white men we have we have these new double standards that we kind of. Losing no absolutely no means so I don't like hospitals know. 100 arbor day I really close you have the clown I'm not come. You write if she's won with that with the phobia plus dog we readjusting our lives for. Christie. Yes yes eight united what do you think. C had handed pull toward you luck that you are pals with the birth of the baby interment. Orange. And just a solid somebody else it's it's a new coach it's it's a ads for high gear it's a coach for higher. Well the deal will give them are still going to be would turn calmer Aaron so I think. But it is a way for him to not be at the hospital and they still have some of their wits are you. Why are so I didn't know it was a server farm and out you can farm out your housecleaning can farm out. While picks up your dog poop when you can farm now who stands next door heading gives her massage while she's given birth that is also hi this is you let you stumbled upon the Steve approach Soro won't mind he added just from the Haitian. Hello Christie that's bad do I do you do that Sarah. Hey guys reasons. I'm trying to defend that position and six months ago. And ultimately my husband decided to come into the delivery room. Obviously I wish you had a dish to date in the lobby using stress to. I wanted to punch him by the end up Lilly it's about how about that you in the baby now. If somebody doesn't wanna be somewhere. Making them do so it's it's going it's it's like when you're dragging your kids on vacation and they don't want don't. Got news for your vacations gonna sock just don't know how little they cannot assure them they're known for you knew you know your husband doesn't wanna be in the room. Yes he's he's not going to be the one it was a bad time you are exactly so. Hank candy you're not gonna care if he's there or not you're gonna want to baby how and it can the media about him or her. And NP. And you want to medical personnel around you you boy was already people are right thank you for the call on my thing is all on her side. He is gonna miss something amazing Yost is that first moment holding her baby when they still got to do all over his own together yeah holy crap what we did yes. Would we may he's gonna miss that but it just furious so palpable that he can't get over that she's gonna disrupt the whole miracle process necessarily. And you know I went out. That are wrapping insulation and my mind if he does not have the baby at a hospital guerrilla birth. Yeah what did you say at home and stumping. They feel much calmer here and anchor for. Me yeah well my mom had eight AV either of them. I'd been old enough and around her remember her favorite experience of having a baby at home no rain or pollution in the hospital. So there's there's like birthing center is necessarily a hospital like gotten it once he met my hair yeah automatically apply the hole looks creepy pop. You want to call it removes it's like to have hospital half like losing Grier almost industry and it's killing. Scared me. You have options like pact between labor and about bad things that are really nice that you're not and have options or topple it's great for much and the way electric keeper. That is cool other newly invented this stuff then you'll find out if he's really different hospitals or is afraid of medical personnel. But you know I mean it's nice which starts to feel to you medically in their heels every goalie yeah I don't know so are you gonna do that if you had Davies had. I have not but I wouldn't I would much prefer to have a baby out of Berkeley and a good I am also terrified opt built. But on the flip but only had got over the outlook and I had a friend who the hospital which we tried it with her and forced there is how I got over it. But I would rather not have a they get caught the. Really admitted this but I am I am afraid of hospitals I'm afraid of so if you like Carter. I think there's something about these kids because the thing is this person can tell you you're dying. And so in my head it's always worst case scenario. Like when the medical personnel old approaches me its site. It's too many days they can definitely so so what are we to a hospital or even to my regular doctor for a physical or whatever. They checked my blood pressure and they're like oh my god your your blood pressure super high and Mike. We do me a favor before you write down check my blood pressure. Just before launches with because you freak you know I'm I'm anxious I'm so anxious but when I passed a nearly women like your blood pressure time might. Relax it's not from just trust me when you tell me everything's OK take it again. And they do and like holy crap your blood pressure normal like I notice you freak me out. While I never knew that this is totally exists and my dad has the exact same thing so suckers there were chasing your median wage is running to the nearest thing. I will balance is the best beg you could call Sarah that's really great idea yes I totally happy just to remove. If you remove the medical NASA medical leave and go through before that might be the answer. Yeah yeah what do you think. Kayla I think they both need baron report that I'm not I ain't got you could bring a friend and that. And you deal waiting aren't as necessary. Because quite frankly. I he's gonna be a million Q anyways and I and I delivered on your not gonna want it there. You got if you can not your own report that Eminem are as well here or there and that quite a ballot all. It's you try to be an what you but he got could be an hospital. Because you've got to be paired against him. It's true I thought I I never even thought about. But like if something goes wrong and they did do a C section and she gets put under and some cool and I haven't see somebody run pass to be the power of attorney quote kind of it would have to. Great because what happened I mean as I say not only had to have an artistic infection that then. I brought out so I was complete Al and I there's nobody there are clear. You give consent to woo they might they need to save me cheer and are going can't do nothing but. I've ever met the infant parent get back up that how can you generals. They trouble. It is a child who parking garage aren't so you actually right here next door and he just. And typically it's I use my parameters for saving the fifth but that's not an object. I think we've made some progress there maybe a home birth might be the answer great idea you guys are full of great ideas do you have more please put them on the site currency FaceBook page.