Slacker and Steve - OPP: Best Friend Being Used 4/26

Tuesday, April 26th

Hope, our ‪OPP‬, has a friend that is always being used by a guy. She is in love with him and he has no intention of ever getting with her, but she will get out of bed to give him a ride home from the bar, cooks for him, and pays for things he can't afford. How does Hope get her friend to stand up for herself and stop letting this guy use her?


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It's US. I don't I don't know if there's any way to fix that is a PP usually none of this is this is bad bad attitudes about it's a best friend who's looking out for her friend I don't. You can lead a horse to watch there you know but if I soccer and Steve you I have a friend that's a load with a guy that is always using her she's convinced that they'll end up together someday. He's already said that he wouldn't dinner because quote they're too good of friends and she knows she's a mom with him and uses it to get her to do things forum. Everyone can see it but her. The caller what he's drawn to 3 AM and work nine shall get out of bed to go humor ride shall gold ring co Q meals and clean his apartment. More and whom she's paid for stuff what he's broke and can't afforded. I tried telling her that he's using her as she says she likes being their for him. How do I get her to wise up and stand up for herself I know other people have been through this what does it take to make her realize that he's never going to get with her. This is from hope. Pull the supporter friend hopefully you have no Pope wants them him. Hope once again now yeah our yeah she just doesn't want a friend look at that your friend is looking for but still what friends do that several showed up. Is that really what we should all say no if somebody wants to be used like when you see. I. This is closest analogy I can think of a Saddam had when you see. A 75 year old man with no errors does that stay down on its and you don't get all likes to express gift I know he's got no dress. And he's he's gonna marry Tony five year old ya. We'll no doubt is. He's never there and she's easier route is. Anybody's place to stepped in and go you know she's teaching for it's like yeah. Now but. That's what I don't I don't care I don't care yet I did I I want to like I want to us and Sheikh. She may believe it's gonna happen or she may. You know just wanna be there when he falls down or she's maybe so and wouldn't she doesn't care just it just merely being in his presence is enough for our. Who we just say. That's true hope is the friend here hope. She's got to do the friends saying you he's got to do do the friend thing put effort towards doing the friend thing. Hey you know I panacea lake is doing for you here and ended up and after that's like OK I did the friend thing I saw. Always I tried and I feel good about myself to try and do different when we first saw this line. You you you know butch I am just now I am you kind of accuse me of being the guy. I didn't know I just I just said a name. You're you've always agreed that you were that the I must say this I adored that girl you did at 3 AM. After the march thugs as kids do she was always she's she was a girl she was always there are free you can call her eighty type. Also slept with her yes so she got her to it was like a good arrangement she mean do you think hope's friends of necessary for the guy now. You don't because of the French the. Doesn't why would she she is she's not a he's getting a little bit of something from him. They bat back Tony. I felt bad about it but I I never made any illusions I was. Just like a guy I was like bright is she in she was like this girl was she I think she was fine with. You know waiting at home alone until you pop dinner Paul Dorr. And when you did call she was like always just over the top enthusiastic. And she would give anything just to be with you. And you didn't reciprocate that she understood that she took whatever you do for my girlfriend Gino like she took which you can give. Yes do you think because you dated one of her friend Jim do you think her friend was was like hope and telling our. Look you've got a boost production this guy is this guy is not good for you could question did she never she never brought up with me what can she probably knew who. That if she thought oh you know elementary. The Nabil. You know that's a good question. You did that's one of the things I still feel guilty about because I I'm not a person who uses. People but I do feel like she allowed herself yes injured too good not took advantage you just view via. It's a hundred dollar billion on the ground whose I decide you do not take it up there you go with somebody who is off constantly willing to do. Yeah no self respect. It's not Christie did Max she did. She was just willing to do any thing just to be with you. Us back to hope now oh how does hope to get her friend to stop doing this I'm Steve and I both know that there's when he due out there that. These are due in this girl. Cool isn't letting somebody use you. We wanted to hopes of like so what what was your motivation was it because you've sought some day at 3 AM he's gonna be like. They understood tyra white and a good girl idea and then why. Our armed. Would actually have to do in the OPP didn't say that she does he will caller three yeah. We're so that she gets some on as she goes Dixon that he bowed our back issues yeah she said he showed get out of bed to go given the right okay that but I do is just a ride home or I don't think she's getting yeah. You don't you really don't I feel like you might be here's the thing. My relationship was and other girls I'm talking about started out as a relations relationships so it was always a way. This guy if he's just a user he'd be a fool to give it up to her because. Then he loses hand there you go do not in my eternal human for saying that one. It says the. Where it's true it's awareness. Saudi get to befriended paint a source self respect but doesn't seem sheets he's fine with this. If she's finally there and everyone's got to be out but. You wouldn't you want people to tackle you you know if you had a mugger in your net makes if you're walking around. Looking like you have no self respect like your underwear hanging out near bloggers out your nose in ninety. Wholly new. Bloody did you think all these bad things going on you want somebody stepping into that she looks like dashing looks that Hispanics to the point where we got to savor. We try to do in this. We are doing not that she wanna beat Andy and Roger I know the people that are not called their first instinct is gonna be judges got. You can't. You can't judge a person and for taking something that's being off our third. It's somebody's rights LB DD for ever. All pay for your bills if okay how do you say there is he really be dragged her is is it's he's a victim actually he's just. Biting his own businesses she just keep doing is getting free crap from a girl who knows doesn't I hope wants to save her friend who's right who's wrong or shall we all just get out of this woman's business. Actually it. Guy we what do you think you've you've been in this situation. I'm happy I was that occur all I was I'll leave it. I would I be with a guy and he and I thought and I really loud he never coming back and then ink on me about. I'm sharing it capital they want about them now and I had a brilliant and get public no way out yeah by the minute. Well the good that he still look. They're offended me and you knew how tanks while that's sad. And I know how well you know it's illegal Palin hasn't Brent prevent that situation and we did that for about a year I don't really like them. A wayward eager. We are available on all my friend break you really like a guy like you did speak to leave and deer on me having a woman who appreciate via cell. I think there are high of debt and her after a year I actually not attacked her on deck that went out and I let. Let back any trying to get back on available. And the fact it did that he com we'll eat it like a one eat. Rick Holley mean it was like I mean I yeah I really wanted to gate and tried it and it is deeply I'd like I'll give it a shot and leave any doubt about it and then here it. While. That you had to snub him to get them. Flat and I mean yeah I don't know if that you'd like pick our I didn't think it yet. By it I mean it's out of creepy it. Do you think if you had snubbed him sooner you would have got him sooner or did you asked is did you have to sleep with them long enough to set that hook. And makes him miss you when you finally snub them. I think I I really don't know I don't know I just like girl I'm MR eleven I think out of it I think if I let acted a little bit or unavailable. Probably at least six months inner would've been ball and I am. Actually you pine for this guy forever so. Where the relations the first time up to what you had to imagine that entire time. Have from the US is it because there's still they think oh that's true she is the future holds up usually behind all this time in San like the average and the damn ten K okay. Omen for the so then are you recommending tell hopes friend and I hope is to just one anger and their green Communist now. Like oh yeah it. Huge cheap and all the letter work out or else I mean if she should get sick of it figured out her own. I think it jerked her friend problem and I heard the new planet imam Cuban any harm the Kerry. I just I feel bad he hit you you understand why hope once to save her friend you don't. You want any of your friends to look stupid. Valued dollar diet. You're ever looked it at some point I'm radar tonight all the earlier young and you learn now. What's your friends or to make you look ideally do we your guard unit did sees no accurate and am jumped on it and she takes you for clinical lastly. What I took from that is. It can eventually wore thick hair and so right now. Sure he wishes sent to hook right she's not given up the good there it is if I mean if this guy would at least sleep there a couple of times she might be able to essentially denied him. And then go put I wrote that the power the damage you see where he's at some Berlin's. A guy who do you think's. I think I know duration and it's bad. Stopped. Because I think that she can only hurt Brennan kept your friend not gonna wanna Procter learning where they're more she'd Christian the issue. Not really have anybody to talk skill she finally are content to term but the fact that they're that bad. The sort of relationship can be. The other is that your basically telling somebody to give up on their dreams I know her dream is a boy but likes. It's it's really hard to tell somebody best friend so on mother doesn't relate to tell somebody. Look this dream you have this. He's never happened you gotta stop that's it that's not in nobody wants to hear that gotta be the dream crusher you do you know bite but maybe you don't because if you isolate you're Steve Blake Blake she says if you iso later. She comes to grips she's gonna know wanna go to. Do you. A I think the minute you compare and I like at all under resting until I like an abuse of early. I don't ask me more than a spending and in it you really don't step on you eat out and out you get I need to get out what happened here back. They you'll be doomed and I had. They didn't have no line and they stay in their relationship. Because they don't have that report but it's better for you and I generally occurred at Condit Gerber the fact that they're they're the bad relation trip. Like she can't little and bad change I made a bad situation and I don't like Ed. You can change the port hurt and let her make that decision on her out. While thank you for being nice summer when we appreciate it. Whitney's. Guy guys. I think she needs to tell her friend to cut all ties with the guy because otherwise he's gonna steal. Eat during her bank account hurt ads that everything because you are in the same situation with my expert. You you got a guy who is basically using New York. Yeah. You you do remind you didn't see it you like to because you have to be with them. I didn't see it being done my best friend was telling me different CEMIG backs aspect. And her friend was telling her. And did you finally he finally listened then you what is supposed to do you do snapped out of it stopped being a doormat for this Jack. Took a lot and heard tell me what he would do enemy and he raised. Pocket behind my back about me because I have to have back surgery and he just basically said that I can't give her what she needs. Emotionally and mentally. And once I found that out I just dropped him like about how their. Did you come after researching some after you the early wooing you were. That was how he actually went after my best friend. War loan. Users is. That's ahead yeah you're better so right when I mean Ari are you happy that she told you and insisted that you get away from him. Yeah I. Taste thank you for being nice thank Cheryl cook. Yeah I yeah I we what do you think your girl I like to die I'm told in this situation. Yes and the guy in the sham and I think patients and they'll ever make a copy. Eventually I'll look out they'll either get together or they won't but I actually like what I really can't trust. You're you're but you're you're admitting you're currently using guy because he's kind of pathetic can kind of in love with you to assault. I. Think so what Elena didn't out of this Jack. Like original parents on the watch my daughter Annie. He really see why does your daughter when you go I was somebody you know solve. Yeah. Since that's I think and you know that he loves you like he's doing this because he hopes to do with you. Yeah actually. Well you know a lot of times and I put him a lot of friends that like are now and I'm looking far. They see it and got pregnant the kicking around any but I guy you had a very close friend now. He didn't keep this guy through grammar yeah I was very Manny. Armed what do you think you would do if she did with some of these other colors and has suggested and he flipped the script on you and suddenly became a live did you think she'd chase him or would just be over. Eric. You. While so what do this is number and we'll tell you knew little advice. Is good Hosea. How do you slap to discount. Oh. Does complicate because I slept with a woman that I was quote unquote using and it it definitely complicates things so. And. Really like you don't know how you feel about her is well they stand up for you would nobody else well. Let's let music followed the trend actually agree. The bottom line you're telling her friend I'd have gone out. All right thank you for the call Katrina. Nice what do you think. I know I think you can help the girl and her girlfriend if you might be out her work late to get her out. Any girl's Blake and I didn't pure mightier than it hit Florida after a guy that. I think you're not. You sound like does hitting close to home is this happened near. I've been merely that you. I didn't clear you know it is exactly right I like. A year Blake steps horrible thing I don't think there shouldn't be any attention. I mean. My friend how that certain. So you but it was your friends being persistent to finally die you away from the stone. I think that Al. The key brick and we're very yacht. And I deeply into it and it looks great and I think Q I pitch count. And I would think I bumped. All right hey thank you for the caucus Serena and I didn't here's a tank my instinct was to have. Her bond out have hope and out but after Katrina she sounded upset the other night his youth you can't leave your frank even if she's choosing. Either chancellor was choosing to kill themselves and you got out. If they wanted you to you have. You do it does a good friend is doing what you're 120 it is cut. Kind of but it's also been a good friend is sometimes maybe unpopular thing yet that is true and get them to that. I'm friends therefore if you have any advice on how hope can stop this or bunt out we'll take it now on line at least we're dot com slash slacker and Steve they and so.