Slacker and Steve - OPP: Best Friend Breakup 1/6

Friday, January 6th

Emma's BFF married her husband's BFF. They all did everything together and life was great...until her BFF's husband cheated. Now, she is asking her husband to stop hanging out with his friend because he ruined the relationship. Should she expect her husband to stop being friends with him?

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And we're tackling and ugly ish sort of oh PP Dexcom. CJ really really too good. It what you just never relationship long announced. Right there's this other couple and you've got couple's friend ray Z I'm never getting to that parts of already I have been any wind wings when there's a breakout for it changes the dynamic. It's a huge I don't know for people who are all friends and then. Those two break up cool which one you hang out is still you know with hurrying out of him. This is so weird I know it's weird and there's actually an extra later on hold until this one so and she's on the phone somebody in this dynamic is on the phone. MO. Yeah yeah I bombed the latter you tell us what's going on in May be we can help us. OK awesome thank you so much to so. I was thinking about it and I'm gonna use means there are not their real names to everybody listen you guys thanks guys. OK I have been a comp time and Tom and I know HS for a long time been married three years and my best friend. Mean that was my maid of honor tanks and seek bell all our calm is actually added unborn bought. It at Jackson and we use. Really easy generic names you and Tom Jenny Jack's. I think I wanna get in trouble I'm birdies double time to think at any rate I'm Janine to act. They all love they got married like three years later and we have bands like the former it's your. We have so look we had so much aren't we can't con we can't do it each other's families but just the past aren't. You're already with her and she's already best friends with him and now you're married so it's like four DF accessed laughs yeah. Yes. It was really special it we let everybody all of our band record there this courtroom action ad and then it turned out there so yeah. Totally cheated on Jenny please please no meaning no amount for awhile it not lump off like. Like if I say yeah and. So you know each and devastated seat they're not together anymore she chickened out there aren't getting divorced. Yeah well that's got to talking like nothing official but I'm pretty sure that we're gonna have to go Jack Jack ever wanted to kill. And I'm doesn't want it to about like. Jenny died in the former user signs. Don well Jenny and I kind of went to my husband. And you're like look. We can't we can't really hang out with them anymore unity he broke the bonds of trust she's the one that have to go. And so my husband to some extent at a speed does but he's really bad kids eat if luck is that I didn't. And now he clearly he'd sneak your current top. Got into nobody else did you let it eat their Burris I think it is funny just smashed up and lost the love of his life yeah I mean. He'd be broke the bonds of trust would Jenny. But you break the bonds and truck I would know as saying Steve that's kids you don't ever did and come and are now in charge saying you know I really don't know. Because your wife but your wife's best friends. If if my best friend was hurting true and I knew the guy who did it I'd go strangle him out. We're also your loyalty was to your your wife's friend over your who might want my loyalties to my wife's and then her loyalties or her social iMac and the transit of property. I sort of hat I door I'm not completely. Taking him aside right now behind I know you are you do you think your thinking so logically that that Tom and Jackie to still be friends. I think it's not as simple as you think I just jet didn't do anything to tonne. Didn't anybody Jack screwed up really bad we do do do them either just her her friend. Very true though you know I mean like we eat like marriage becomes like a spinning and they bait they spent much time around. I don't know it's just like a Jack ever gonna like show up with his new wife's like no. You can't why why not though he he's party your circle of friends are we similar. He took but why is. TN. I wanted to let go ahead from Damascus lets say am I you take your car in for an oil change and screw you over see you go home when you tell your husband Tom you can never go to that old plays because they screwed me over. Is that kind of the way the thing yes. Why aren't but the not a clear husband grade never had a problem like. You hate it no you don't they Steve I had I was gonna go to the dentist. Anymore because his wife and my wife got got into it to do his wife told you can't go there any I was forbidden from going to next. You know Dennis you like that yeah okay. I will say my dad's friend Jenny gave got to my dentist and he met her op. It terribly scary and I do feel that that standard. So if you look and you don't have the same loyalty you're asking your husband to have I don't harder to bond girl I. And Jesus had a hard did is they know yeah she had gotten Denny and part of what's so heartbreaking about it also you still does does he still talk to Jack's did you said he feels like he's sneaking he does still top two years and without cutting off. See Garrett I mean Mikey kinda keeps coming down my. And I don't tell Jenny about it I opted. In all like I wouldn't I wouldn't tell me keep him at all like we're hoping that the two of them can come to some kind of peace that we can be unhappy. Why why did it take both a view to go to your husband in line amount you can you can you kind of assume that Tom would have. It backs your guys his play but it seems like you guys didn't think so because young both had any ambush of what's. Yeah no it wasn't like that. It would issue honestly she was kinda like how does she slept on my catcher Gregg is you know there. Aren't you was. Similar it was an ambush. What's guys wanna clarify a muscle Thomas lifelong friends and Jack barely knows Jenny. And he's gonna trap. Her parents friends your. Closing arguments. She can't why can negate the four of their friendship no further questions good. Eileen if what is what is Jack molested a child on why this whole T. We would try to strike out so he's done something horrible. To take Jenny and their forks out box the miracle bonds into four of them had OK so Emma. Ed. Abbott goes the other way around anyway Jenny to add a whole relations second relationship going on. He would he would want to thank back and to understand. Ball and would you cut Jenny out of your license to tables were turned no because you have your surrendering just trying to us would be in. Terms of the no you wouldn't easier these are females and our friends were talking about female friends are hard to come. You can pick up and dropped friends just the fact that anybody. Oh. And we're gonna decide the fate of that I can I I hope through this we couples break up it's like will you get this couple and all take this couple right. Pray oh I kept to our friends so you know this Steve like the buddy my my buddy from Chicago yes I kept him. Even though she was first closer friends with my restaurant supplies but it was like when we broke up the type he tries your friends. Oh so you we just what we sort of yes it just kinda happens you're like do like I'll I'll take two of these friends. I mean it's nice guy though unless murder is called card trading session layup shrinks. Burn your chat and you. Yes and that's I don't demo we're trying to get you an and I feel bad for Tom he's like the system and all this do not think Tom didn't do anything wrong yeah you know he's gonna just yeah. Right on it but it tried so hard to make everybody knows that he's got a he's forced to change his life because your friend got the I don't know it's sure I got. Nine MI port 'cause Jack was a dirt bag and at a certain point my wife would look you mean go do you really want to associate with a guy who would do that. I just goes to moral fortitude that's all that stuff but he never did it to you it doesn't matter they didn't want to get a gig goes towards he still bad. As a best friend you gotta look at all as always Jennifer do you we got to I don't it's as if he had murdered somebody I'd have to go I can't be around him anymore and my wife Wendy comfortable with me being around a guy who cheats. It's useless to be either for a specially more if you were. It looks all right but I don't. That means a complicated and then Tom are together Jenny and Jack are together and they were all best friends now Jack screw around on Jenny. And apparently we all have to forget Jack ever lives and especially to calm has to dump his best friend Jack percent needed to somebody else or does see. You guy else this is actually get to decide if candy. Yeah I recognized when he's an inch. I I really hatred Jack or to go small towns is no doubt about Jenny and I was like it's absolutely. We know. What time he broke. He broke the barn returned to separate our program by interior. By pursuing lose the gun was also women it. Season these friendly with my wife I I don't know psychology nice frenzy like text each other and certainly if I cheated lights. Trying to figure out how to make this analogy worked out I didn't break the bonds between Steve and I don't file. I series. They're the price to meet Cheney ordered kind of behavior and and fortunately there's we're all out in many directions. So candy. When you're saying is if someone gets caught cheating and another human being humankind results are never got a little far out. Yes or no boot manufacturer. And we assured you are all but Sharon. Yeah. You wrecked the dynamic of all for you broke the trust it's not just a one but the whole group. What happened but what why can't Tom have his own opportunity to make his own decision and go to his friend Jack and and decide for himself what we were how we want. Yeah they just do same buddy things like I get a Jack to hang out with Emma anymore Tony's wife but like tin Tom and Jack go shoot elk or something did go. Often you'll wilderness A nobody knows where there rat. And just. It's a good one what Jack did it is despicable right. But it doesn't brain dead or does it all race of twenty years that these guys but it. Do you draw a lot of pond in high school and it helped him get to a site to college NET cheats on his wife and now we can't talk. Two women worry is that true true. I don't I I guess I don't think they even necessarily how do you. Come. If you can't meet surely he can't come to group function obvious. Definitely over. Talk about Jack Tom can't talk about Jack you know. News and that but the scarlet a week from everybody else. Maybe you know I mean I guess is if he wants and you got. Is it to be underground about it a rookie like I did you come to us just go underground he definitely did did you constantly does around jamming you can't make you Jeff. Like come back to this hilarious story so much valuable input low nevermind you're right Diana was to the US allied it was twice now to just hang out yeah. It's such he's governor fairly good variety and I assassin. Yeah I what do you think. Our I don't think object to give up his friend but I mean I'm the kind of person you grew up without not that much family so the friend I you have. Are my family there my Brothers failure you know. And and nothing no amount of what ever they could do more earlier criminally or whatever would we make you turn your back on him. Know that my blood stated there are Brothers there's no getting hurt on they couldn't get rid of me and I there's no accurate of them. But why that's a good thing and that's what Tom has would Jack but now it's a bad thing he can't edit. If it is and it is I know eight danger to the car at UYE. I just. You have to pick your wife over everyone just a STJ I still think Tom can make it work but if he ever comes home says it was hilarious and I would Jack. This is why psych. Oh yeah I had a hilarious I with the adulterer yeah awesome good for you have fun with your adulterer friends. I mean you make you miserable for Tom anyway any times are down is lavandera Jack it's like oh. I'm trying to cheat the other guy and it's it's a ruin my best friends that did do the yanks. Jessica. Hey guy what are you think. I am an LSU that Blackberry at the end is how and huh Obama says he. Like back Phillip my hug and it's his decision and I would be a little bit age he would have those it was some I am not another girlfriend not a quiet. As one thing. Cheated your life. Why do you still have friends you're cheater too we all are. I did on anybody whenever you saw a little people who are being a relationship that's magazine and even if you don't biblical on us. Nobody asked his decision to reduce the. I'm. I I don't agree with that in in I agree would like I I love these started with the agreement even Jessica you're about to never listened to show again because I cheated. And slow. I know the need out. Did you have a ball relationship a little onetime thing we'll see a different you don't have committed relationship. So it's not yet know why yes I did a very bad person it but I mean that means no longer yes tight contest. When you do it again that from now. OK so that not Libyan accommodation. So Jack says he never really and then we're cool IC receivers all that he did it again meant absolutely we're done. Okay bring. Hey Philip a one time you've got to love what this other woman and that he made a mistake spot up. Never do it again OK if it's one of the feeder usually always one. But you still have friends and start. Panel we have to keep. Is your friends are worth it's like congressional approval thank you god Jessica but she says she's there she's none of about you know just. I don't and I. Can I wanna just melt and it makes your guy. Is yeah action in calmer lifelong best friends and you know. Whatever. You already knew he knew was cheating more yes. Is that is that worth Emma. And Judy we're doing with this kind these singers had to know what you know your best friend Connie my analyst background there. This this rock salt wants hmmm now obviously just I just got a little stint on your right all I'm not there injury break here. Because he was only a tenure in the body exactly a statue of my best friend is born help me out a body to come rub my weak but it just. It's like I said a bigger problem many thanks so which is now mighty but made commitments to my lifelong best friend or my vows to my wife now. What we have to admit it yet in a series he did to Tom that's really not screw up your vibe with your wise it screwed by the new license I would still keep a secret from my friend there you go but they if he said I didn't steal money from your wife's person now I edited my wife sandy okay so. That is good news I'm Jeff yeah. Dicey things that we don't seem resigned his club sure a.'s success. SS Sara with dye your disguise it sounds like you're sort of warned these players or something. You got so basically I'm job in this whole situation. If there was pretty couple symbolically and we are now three years every Friday Saturday and Sunday we get to get a regular family. She didn't work out right we'll get a word out of me in my act right so we got a voice. But I do believe that. I broke everyone else the truck like what happened in our marriage happened in our marriage and not with everyone else. Boo yeah. What were still threaten you are still friends and nobody talks suicides. No I mean granted it took a little bit of time you know to get. Over everything like now they hang out with my excellent girlfriend you know with me and my new boyfriend just not suggest you know obviously I. Black you know are in. Individual trophy no immediate ice immediately appeal meant that they did copy out because. They were my friend frequently they're picking one player over another bright and in if you implement true friend you don't do that. You know do if your if your friend did something despicable. There is a point when they did something. Sure hope what are we never once I made a mistake it was a mistake it was wrong but you know what had happened for every bit. And I assure you that we now and I'm happy now. You don't know good for you for having your cake and eating your friends this is sort of stay here for the call I don't know do we decide. I will we ever really came to a conclusion necessarily decide that we subject user's friends especially tough that's all you heard Ozzie I don't know. You still sound off on this monstrosity of an abacus problem. Tennis Obama slacker and Steve FaceBook page.