Slacker and Steve - OPP: Birds and the Bees Talk 9/29

Friday, September 29th


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Yeah this is one of those OPPs that makes. I think I'm about to find out how terrible parent I am you have not had the talk it's kind of had a little bit like a fifteen year old. His team I mean he's he thinks he's 35. We better hurry I teen or. Hey hey. What's going on in and how can we help. So I am I am a former or about thirteen year old boy. And Dan. It's getting to the point where harper and a half hour start to have a rock and I and just add a complete. Loss of what they hand. How how how oldest. It. Well I mean it makes me feel better because I I'm I don't I don't wanna be mean but I think you have to lay you're already. You're never too late but I think you probably should have started. Some I bet you he knows more but we venue thing from all the other idea of getting all the wrong sources for sure exactly what what what some. Easy because you're one. You. Apple wants to hear that from another you know I don't yeah I'd do I do like my brother Mittal who do you like. Try and talk to online will want to they've got me like well how I don't know how to approach best. How is your relationship is no easy good links do you talk to about anything like do you. I mean who Wear you out with him now you've never talked to him out. He's been he's jumped clean or protection or you've given had any conversation with him at all about any of this. Now or heat haven't really again. An interest in girls even at all until it's not stirring gently. Tell. So this is dad's on the picture breeders' Brothers there. Uncles. Your knee and hand it to me I might my brother is around. Glad I have I have to series and they all have a girl so. Did did she look up to your brother if he doesn't. Then he's not the right guys either he it's and even if he does it it's still. Jury she is small. You I think you've got her. You've gotta you gotta prove that you're gonna beat their forehand so teacher and school. I don't. I don't know usually by thirteen though a little bit they do because I've awry but instead they talk but they are they had the silhouette of it blows my silhouette of it earlier yeah. Almost. I mean I feel like that's such I've airlines urged and I apparently donated talked like it without. How would you know something more legal. But I do agree with you Tino I think at that age you know talking to a female. Make your little awkward I think I hope I wanna sell or having your mom be just China. I what do I just wish anybody would have done nobody did recruit but nobody ever told me the clergyman. Are you there. Religious now you can go out. You know and now know we need it we're looking for the more. I mean. I think you might have to be you I don't I don't really know how to help you at this point so he's come to you to ask you about these questions now or you just decided what you know what I. I can't I I know that he he started taking an interest in girls from class. I mean I I Julia. Laundry relying. Species. There were no no it's an old. At. All. It's an apple or a well yeah but you know what my mom did exactly what he insisted she knew you know. Just to save literally get that she seemed to cost you Joseph do you know she said. I washed your comforter is was her words to me and I was it was like I go I don't know that I know aspect and then there was no luck. And it made me he did sing and he made me feel like there was an unwritten code to actually now. I just learned this. Understood better. Techniques or serious speech you know you're gonna have to unlike suckers and earlier undo a lot of these false notions crap he's been learning from this from people on the playground at school Y is not. This could be tougher actually than just having the initial talk. Here's a thing maybe we can get some people it's thirteen or indeed he's released behind your back Tina debit he's a lull us. He just developed. I don't know Russian girl wanted to flat which is true do you know. Non us all right well we're gonna try to give you some single mom help I mean it's it there's a plenty single moms out there and we'll figure out if there's likes. A book you'll you'll. It might be a bad guy USC did enough to speed but Tina you're gonna have to be involved because you want him. The first time he does some energy it's in a weird situation. You want him to trust you and be able to come a year wouldn't go eventually Jazeera right otherwise. He's going to be cut off and he's gonna go out there and he's gonna knock somebody out or he's gonna wait you mean you are you somehow have to be the conduit of all this oh. And tonight. Who did it for you just health class or did you at ever like grab you and go and then India after clay as he waited so school that are the public school system that if there isn't. Questions I was actually Catholic school but it was our physical education teacher mr. slack. But it was sterilize it wasn't like it was sterilize in the the only none none teacher took the girls of the female teacher took the girls and off separately. That we were reunited and it. Everybody was awkward big time awkward you should all right so single moms how do you. The talked. It's if he's she'd keep doing it a thirteen year old boy. She really comes from a smoke or should she find him male influence somewhere to get them since nobody gave the dog I don't know how to give the dock so. Who should give Tina's thirteen year old boy the birds and the bees talk Jennifer. I would get an error and it. Our people what he does get a bit violated the law. They do justice. How does that and that's 99 new 1010 GAAP. You aren't often imitated me on the order to get pregnant. When he originally certain income before you ever gotten your. Uncle that. They exploit all of the boys. All the goal. The Portland arrow at the. You're always breaking up real do you think it even though she's Baja. Kind she's still got to do something right tension. Hundred on March the auditorium at all. Not yet grandmother before it early and he might front and now I'm not I'm not let. Me. Consider completely ready but I wonder though the we'll be here. It will eat. I think we lost her I armed. But I mean. How old would you Surtain and raincoats puck or Hannity goes oh she's Saturday it would before phone completely when nuclear. Everyone has their heads that the measure gage was thirteen I don't see you gotta wait though you can't. And it didn't. Marlow Perry giving their child those that are and then how do you. How did she shown how it works not on him. But you're right though model little I don't know something else similar Inge and and I like hey how this I don't know what's in our group. Not Michael's. Yeah I think he got a nice sure Martinez. Yeah I'll find out actually got a email calendars and the slow do you have to this point and. Didi Tim and kind of low end zone you want to see any great numbers produced. Well that's why the cable being embarrassed. So you'll be interested in the topic because she's dressed like his trial up or something and then he won't. That's a really I'm sure the friend will be honored photos she's a salon these Brenda. Yeah. They go oh my gosh yes dear calls ever Brad is like a dog. The series the as a welcome to our a lot of people I guess are on the phone saying arm. There's a book called what's going on down there good I don't think that's one of the books and I just. Dumb we know what but doesn't sound what's going on down there that's sounds like let go over the first grade but it's just don't like Bruno this guy's thirteen man there. Our team he should I had already seen. It recently buying an M you're right do we all he has UTC he's just somebody to explain. The connection between what she's seen guys and what he says you actually go back to clergyman. Because you're gonna teach your kid how to hit on Jackson close field when are you Sheraton I'm Laura who. Yeah I've had you gone through this. Yeah I have four kids I'm a widow. And I have two boys and girls and sometimes they think they think I tell them too much maybe. Oh. You you largest direct and upfront in saying. This is probably into your body right now. Right into her beat became the natural anti and that they had their final act they're headed if an Indian community gonna get him from someone out and that even a fourteen year old boy. And your your boy is even though it's coming from a woman dare they're cool with it right here over the awkwardness in the embarrassment of mom talking about their junk. I am so they kind of have to be acting like working out not so much so well with I thought I talked about it. Yeah I had gone there everything from. Conversations about it natural. Am I said if you're gonna have respect you help me I even think you are outside the condom because ready he'd attacked did. Because birth consult sales and did these goes beyond birth control. As you try and find the male family member to have the talk previously knew what should come out of here. I'm the spirit among. I am. Ali cat communication open I went to an iron carved or having a conversation and compare it a little bit it. You're having this conversation going anti god they don't need condoms. And rule and the Becky how do you dread it MP had stepped right knowledge antitrust act. Milestone is crazy city a nice job as a parent you're a great mom Laura we appreciate cost. I'd like to rapid appearance by. There's one more call to take an am nervous until you if you listen it OP appears to show in general there's one guy who calls and he thinks. A three way is the answer to every teacher is only thirty Tom he's the master of the dark web he's got stories about. Hookers and like any time the darkest stories we ever have are from from Daniel and I guess will in today's LTT wis. Dark Daniels com Daniel. Yeah I nice. Price is right on current year but. They'll have better male role model she's lookup. And then myself and I'm not going to be the buddy rich until they want but can't sell. Yes Daniel we're lucky to ease him into the water birds but he's not teach him. Beyond pollination. And you know whenever. You're doing but Steve will be joining Yeltsin puts up a little light are generous and Daniel Daniel. Well more advice we'd love to hear it out over on the structure in Steve's FaceBook couldn't just.