Slacker and Steve - OPP: Boyfriend Cheated With a Guy 8/8

Monday, August 8th

Candy is in a dilemma over what the future of her relationship should be, after her boyfriend was caught hooking up with another man at a party. He blamed it on the alcohol and promises it is just a one time offense. Should she forgive him or does the statement, "once a cheater, always a cheater" stand true? 

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And so we don't know VP from this woman who I'm yes she's. I don't I don't wanna go all the way to sing she scored. Cool with a cheating but it's legit she knows she's nowhere near as I raised his most females get when they finals have been cheated on so let's find out what I can figure out what kind of advice she needs here. See in these. Yeah I yeah I. Funny toes that's going on and we'll try to help you out. All all. Her boyfriend. Not gonna say I am obviously playing to the touchy situation and we've been together. A little bit over two years. And she went up RDE a couple nights ago and I think and had a ton of work to do Obama deadlines. Absolutely fine with him going. Oh man I am. So I get attacked. From my girlfriend mind without a parity. And she's totally locked up on him. Ordered another dude. They're likely beer pong or they were. Out spoken up on the other. Who actually hum. What you get on him was another cute and I grabbed her around like Internet at all. She knows it was your boyfriend for a fact. Do you picture. The more. You please don't carry. Com while intercourse your blind sided you had no idea. Eileen let them. If so how can I ask does this is a whole other level. Spain and and you just that he was dry on. Erica onetime detain him and I don't think OK drunken cheap enough that I shall change our our. Agreement with what I'm parody. You. And you never you never had any. Suspicions you never saw him being solicitations around user. In meeting ever before passing my. All I mean you just are really charming guy and channel another comment Schramm. At. On any Smart guys friends and girlfriend terabytes or are. What is that. This was like this on a way demos my first time that a value believe that I eat he has been doing this the whole time you've been together. Behind your back to recess when you thinker. I mean at this point I don't know what can thank. There was never. Any hands Augusta and he sort of genes. Or any sort of eligibility it certainly not me I haven't got eight. Mom. I mean that's just how she's not just our friends I I can't do anything. I can't compete with sound. Candy can I ask you why you're here what are you talking just about us what you want do you do you want. You want us to tell you that's okay or do you want equity. What I mean like where's your other women in their lives yeah we covered the news we're sure had a. Let's just eat. It would just be comforting to house people who don't know me at all I am. Give me some sort of respect as my initial reaction that. I yeah that's a polite good stead no virtue years I do kinda wanna know why. Chlorine or orange they jeans. At our minds. And if this is going to be like blue normal behavior for him now. This is yeah. On so you're doing you're cheated on twos girls clearly. Be it all up to be the because this was a first time thing supposedly. The guy with the but I yeah you're less you more likely to forgive him at this point order. Well I mean I mean I feel like he Ichi and we spoke at. Out of the enterprise service just like I don't know about everything that we can get through because what it started this trap. Threatened. Oh would you forgive where each he wants it he says this was I I I experimented. And knows drone I was drawn to Obama but do you think you can get past tests. Zurich Shiites all a tank so we're gonna try to don't know if all were a little while. Still right now. Right OK you guys don't have kids you just dating and I'm merrier in some kind of white yeah you know just in to throw the CU real quick Steve yeah there's such a double standard Israelis if you found out you have your girlfriend you somebody walked in on your girlfriend make an Allen another girl. Yeah right right you're right there now for some reason then you find out your manners and making out and doing. Whatever resistance is there's help loser any health sings well it depends on Boca what all they did and what it okay how Austin and he does. So you started him in a sober way and he's he. Before we start getting cost you just wanted to clarify if he said this was a this is first and last time as you say is never gonna do this beginner. Or what. Kate and I thought if I organize it doesn't I mean every line and the thought I had. Make a managing now know that once and saying I was John and I wasn't thinking. I continue to see trades. I hit an hour I'm glad that everything but what if you're and that's drowned in a situation again. Variety. Yet well organized ten aren't there we're gonna try to decent advice and I know it's not. People do you sings under the influence of alcohol. There inhibitions come down I personally don't believe anybody does something they would only yesterday I don't want to do yeah I think when your drums he might do something. But if you just drank a bunch. I can tell you I've been really drunk and that's not something I've done. Right because when you're not drunk that's not something you normally pursue are even think about right yeah but. I don't know resists. Is still is a better than it was not a diet and do you think she can move past it. I basically what we need from new guys she wants a budget is this is her relationship is over shouldn't be a need sounds like he kinda might be because she has trust issues we talked to many Bob married women when their men have come out. They thought they were heterosexual. It's sort of say right now does one make a Dido I don't know if I mean. I wouldn't do it dad doesn't I don't yeah he he's it's clearly show Sarah rented. Which makes him the day won't all just people experiment. All the time don't they just like to try night. Let's see gay guy as relations with the Sesame Street. That's experimenting for him you know gay buddies experiences that is it'd I don't know. I do you guys know its its candies problem she termed her man got drunk at a party and did some stuff when another guy she has. Picture evidence and as Jeff Hawkins her relationship over if you've been in this situation she can use your help I'm Maggie. Yeah I think he's. I have this on the right thing happened with me on my husband a weird girl who. Come they're dating and he ended up seating all new on. Me going Spartan die hang. You can do is just you know seriously and wanted to feel it was late night married story. I'll answer the layout and you know you can create English armed and are married now. But I mean now I realize league you'd pay do you think you're extending the banks he sort of you need. In the early leg and blood islander ever occur every couple of luck early lead at least set ups allure holdings PLC yeah hack and he can't lie to me you know all given hi glad that someone amendment it was all new. Yeah I mean it isn't hard is it something that I decided to compromise and just he's my American guys love him at least. The president one of the US so I get all my needs to Charlotte I can't provide that I want Bain. You have any he's happy because of it you guys are have album the soberly shoots. But here's relations with you but Denny occasionally wants to know how relations with. A man. Yeah I mean it happens like once every couple months. This he doesn't and an and the rest of time. You feel like she wants to be wood which. I'm not yeah I guess you don't have to fit into one bucket or the other it but they you don't see threatens. I think it's just something dish it did step or you know to me and my mind that I'm the same vein. That play yeah I guess you know everybody needs something well not everybody but apparently. He does and so I am I'm OK with. So there are you trying to tell candy. Maybe she should accept this. I'm a mighty I think. For each person their own what they won a compromise to what they don't wanna compromise and they're really jets. What they want to allow all. And what OK with patent sells for me it's okay for her it may not beat. Yet you so happy. Do you do you are so many certain. I'm. Idea though but I don't really have any desire cheered so now I'm good right now. Well. OK well and I mean I'm happy you guys are happy sink into the economy he's Catherine. No I done and what do you think. Well one forgetting that in part of her he'd heard how could. You just shouldn't be cheating on each other. No one ever but in the beginning you should be back with each other in two years since the beginning they're learning and married. I knew he'd get it. OK I just because you experiment at once and he's ever gonna do it again. I completely agree with the double standard thing about men to women I do agree with you but. I think it's a double standard her reason and I think it's true. And I agree that alcohol might lower your inhibitions but he wouldn't do anything you don't wanna get. Via social. She needs a sold for two reasons one because she just. Broke the trust in two because. She's not the sex that she's attracted to you she should. You feel like this relationship to a. You seem did. By the eternal hope sort of twist. And I mean it's just one shocked that I know you've been cheated on that and to have have been she'd done with that I know how do you repair and. Yeah since you ever repair that forgetting that and you will all work. Do you want to it's like how do you. Yeah it is it's definitely weird I mean we've all we can all yes it's around. So you would you would you for you this is over they'd like there's even day and you know don't deal breaker. Okay. I'm just I'm just wondering just add to. It seems like he's trying to reconcile he's trying to save their relationship and I I I don't wanna be the ones to just. Killen but she did what he did yeah I know what did your peers think there it is he would he never would've sent squash he wouldn't. Act totally. Does anybody here think this is the first time I know you don't know oh okay Obama. You really don't you don't wait and sillier you had to have you and I'll tell me why. I mean you've got the first time I got caught sneaking out was really the first time I ever did. Yes you're right. You resist the timing I can you pretend I was first time. Timing in any he hasn't come to terms could then. I'm don't think he had come to terms that that there is absolutely. No real repair after the which you can party worry about letting him cheating with girls and every acts that are worried right. There is yes. Okay thank you for the call I hate it when we give bad news but I knew some one person's already like an eagle and let him do it on the bimonthly I mean every other month you know what and analysts suspect. Armed Daniel. I guess its highest. What do you think. I'm Camelot a question that my initial reaction at first thought. Did not have church I'm doing that's that he would do and it's something that there's eat well and out burger friend to take a picture with. Just fasting this OK she wasn't I did to this party's. I mean nor does she even though she bear anymore so that's kind of makes me believe that might maybe he was just wasted and is. I done had she didn't apart right. All you like even like going out like trying to think either track air. I'm gonna do not I can't stay right there eleven effort I think I'm yeah I'm pretty sure that. Solution yeah to get out of this relationship or what. He or she needs to be okay with the fact that hey he does it anger now. OK so when will you know it's. No word for a candidate that the technical term that's who does not bisexual that there are yeah okay. We'll do a good. We know she somehow I think she's right cheating but no I wouldn't be okay let's. My husband or boyfriend going not a party unity and. Now. Well Danielle we have your husband who I'm not just do you ever. Certainly we're. Probably jealous. And I it's the job. I himself with the thank you got Daniel the I mean there's just women who are oh OK and then some women are licensed doubles and -- guys do a demo it makes no girls go with it. Exactly my wife sleeps with girls are angry whether I'm in new seats. Yeah I what do you make. Am I think better than it she'll Wear it sexuality like I actual alert and gear it straight and etc. this you know so it's. Then she needs to be 100% OK let what happen and they were living high and you want it Obama and and if she leaked and that because she can't trust him no matter what. And I am beating up it actually on errant. I went into let's open and I you know he's really honest with me only keep it very. So. A taser he he tells you ahead of Amazon guy and I'm I'm going to sleep with someone else tonight. Not we only did ask. To gather at the cup well inviting another man and it. And you don't get jealous of things going Iran is you can't compete with straight. What he's. I need it armor pattern that wavy hair Aaron I don't. It just something actress that key it attracted to meat and ultimately. You love me and you are mean it with me. But you can't marry him though because you're gonna have to continue euros a share him with other people can you be married to a person and only Cheryl. Up are hat and no I don't know it here without I mean you love me with me Egypt. There's looked a little something extra that he would enjoy it but it's not give one Q or annual eat at me. OK so you are trusty cells are you trust him X implicitly. We have a lot of chat between. Which you're right there with what's RO PP there's there her trust is Shaq gets he didn't do it like Germany and I didn't tell you at a time he's the things I like Yelp he snuck around Arab parties hold deducting talking he's still cleaning out calls the issue yes she come clean like your man dead. The missile over. I have to say that I was married treated each district Erdman Newt cheated on me it with a friend a girl prettals. And I did not I didn't not equip them I didn't yet or it ends it with a woman you know experts say that. I don't I just think polish unit tracked either as OK I'm not secure and part of that are trapped and I do believe that Mark Kirk where she dumped them. Lucy have you met any of the guys are your million hooks up with him a couple of them together oh that's right you guys are all yeah. Then he's not allowed it would actually be cheating if he did a behind your back you have to be either. It. While okay. A couple of the girl behind his back and it. Okay I and that is a double standard video staff I think you gonna call you see. I don't I mean I'm fascinated by the dynamic deters a lot of people who are open. And this is just they understand that there man once at sometimes in late. In the eighth. Let that happen so. I don't know that candy is. I think she should be open to it just had blind sided your yeah she's still trying to process just the fact that honestly guys it is so many you've been so upfront and honest if you if you feel like continuing to do that even if you have to send us a direct message. We love to hear from you can actually zoom on the slacker and Steve FaceBook page.