Slacker and Steve - OPP: Boyfriend Is Mean to Kids 9/22

Friday, September 22nd


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Eight. I think my favorite things is when somebody hits a supplemental PP and basically puts their future relationship in our hand always on our heads to flagship. I've had failed marriage in new urges. Whatever I don't know see this I happened but anyway our team and he wants to help fund some relationship red flags any. We are you guys you are disguised what's Conan. Wow all armed Mark Warner plans are huge aren't. You can't get eaten. We are it. Yeah could he direction that you want to kid you sure you do jerk chip. Cool I didn't sure to tune in such an imbalance. With him. No confidence. You play you know roll that non mining and you not play. Well it really indicated you know you know he should be he certainly want kids you know I wanna Grambling but her former life. There's little big cry and that I should not create with the RA com. Under the you lose your current ul mark let me edit couldn't give Brett wanted to rootkit. How long boss. On Mike you're gonna change. And only joke about the coroner's. That armor is. What do we it is. Around kids for you witnesses behavior disease and nieces and nephews are you are dizzy just drive by elementary schools and as Steve said John Tisdale wind when you see him being mean kids. Well arm and I am ready and topics code. Are believed not yet you know around right now why I bought it you know RI AA. Are due apart crime but my other. To a pulp and I do low Eugene and lose did lose it is kind of like Lillian can only. I don't I don't spill it on the news. Huh. Steve here he's not on this you know what it sounds you'll they'd go to one of two ways here. Yes he's he's he's annoyed around kids but he says but if I have my own kids that'll be a whole different ball game and use you said that facetiously yeah are you can't take that at face value can you don't know when I tell you you. I'm gonna save this and no one would probably believe this because of how much Children's Hospital means to me and how much I love my kids. I don't I before I had kids. I didn't like other people's shelves Wahl I still don't totally like other people's children like little kids have snot all over their face another steamy there are Jamie doesn't give their military curse yes yeah they always do is Tate and he is if he can't communicate. Aids or when they're screaming you don't lost their wet or they're hungry because there's no Indians actually fifth place. But it. I would I would miss I don't wanna two rounds aren't I think a great dad so you so you want and so would turn his resume their mind that these are mine now on I have to change. I have to invest no I. I love my children with all my heart and I would die for them so I have to treat them well I don't know that I was me you know that's it that's the distinction I I can see. She's right in that if he has some sort of disdain for kids who I feel like it will lessen if he has kids it is I hope. You know lets you know what I've also known people who I've known dudes who had kids and you can tell Yelp. Intellect and their traps and they're just slightly taken out in the kids so yeah this is just the next things like I married her I knocked her up and now this is what I did. No way past you yeah yeah. I just saying. I don't want everybody eats it too discouraged to Indy and tell you there's no shock to he'll turn a corner because there's a shot she. I don't either living proof. You cannot really dig kids and then I love both sat out your own kids right there are some dice rolling their raw dairy. How mean do you think I mean I don't know if you totally answer this you don't just he's just off he. Like insignificant specs to him is that what it is. Yeah I think the court sort of what I hate. I knew what he did you know any you know you don't drop you like. Are forty million questioned him what I guarantee garlic I'm quite cute repeat your dolls Britain's. And these are typically very low period when you have a payroll always you know we're learning are blowing it. Maybe you just flick are mark. You play it's play you can't beat popped the only I didn't believe it. You know because dirt can or can't play it and colleagues or your like okay yeah we are warmer I am I'm going to generally you know. Closed given that Joseph Arnold whatever but it hit the edit play more let me tell you wondered about are we didn't quite get out okay political opponent who got her. Yeah. Yeah. You and you don't sort of like having him ensure were on. Tour in the low post and I didn't play. You know somebody's gotta be Gerrard and bought our you know Orlando won't hurt you better. You know and you've walls. Rather worrying. Won't please you were here. I'll call because we can seasonally around are the ones he can give back or give away from they're not here just so you think that it's even worse because you because they don't expect the worst passed you now we have. Pass to be around but in its most most men that I know. When they become their own kids even if they had that disdain for kids they can flip that switch your ego that we we answer your the but again like I said I know a couple in particular and I can name their names that. They just win they are around their kids you know how like you would only kid like your fingertips. It's like your home listings he bragged that he did know your dad and hang onto and you were a plane that's a red flag. It's not a hundred or what we need women to do was to other signs it just. Is it a 100% red flags guys not any kids and kids and all and you don't want to hear this but I'm telling you. I don't see this lightly I think you would be an excellent by I appreciate that dude but I'm not a dude you have handled. See that you have figured you haven't. I think I would after awhile every like this guy just kind of annoyed just kind of like you doing your own kid didn't you mount a pride in this sounds you've been big but that that you have in your home. In your car when you've taken ownership of something you go all the way and I think you would be an amazing dad because you would know well how important NS while. But I. If I was wrong I'm dooming their child to a lifetime of you as their file. Yeah I don't really the same thing hindering instead of helping the cause the entire away so. Cheney's man Bob is not good with kids they've been together from a year. Is this a red flag should she balance or could he be better when they have kids of their own I Cheney the yeah I what do you think. My age kids yeah. He. Doesn't like to and that's where we had them but he one of them and I made it anyways. And now you're not around. Around. So you should go by his actions up by his words you wish she would've. Yeah. Yeah I mean like when we were together. I have like a little big you're going on and I remember one of my my friend it's locked up German authorities say to see him and he put that the general public stopped and you. Are mentally interacted with them. Just like I can at him and I completely choked and do that. You know you or blinded I love you thought it would change. Oh god didn't. So okay so that you had your own kids and he was even worse to a more just the same level is. Even PM meaning you NRA you can learn together but I don't think that that's his. Forte. He loves you or you just doesn't get it there's no. Parenting instinct in him at all. He'd just go directly this is trying to hit a loving they didn't get the stages of what it confused with the way they are. I don't think you know since you're not at present that's just personal. And it should have to do it again with a 90%. Bugs he could've sold GOP goes he told Zhu that I'm good to go and then his actions. I don't know all that's how Sears your suggestion news' Brian yeah. I mean I would. Do it over you guys. If he how many are there aren't you know little children that you've learned to only include adding that's different. All right. Thank you for college and is sorry you'll see only hearing bum here. That hurts I she I didn't bring up I don't you might he might hear regular most most guys not. Producer in other words your wife she kind of ruled a little bit a dice is on YouTube which she knew you well enough to go you don't why I trust a new year to catch and stone no. She was terrible with tents. She's she's out was not good with kids she looked like kids but not seen them even really like them she knew she wanted to have kids but she she was not. Make I hate when the kids were born like I knew more what to do because I had help that person doesn't have you read she's a. A little way more loving them yeah but like that's true rolling dice brow Oaxaca. Whole thought I'd just not a sound like yeah. You're the success with that you're cold as ice you Laura. Hey hi alienate. All I'm a mom I have a four year old kid before I got pregnant I got pregnant on accident and I'd still. Kids. I. All the babies. I didn't include Turkey eleven with McCann and a great mom. I don't my husband didn't want kids like it was a candidate have to end and wearable great parent I think all the right. If you love the guy broke I. Or I thought I love your honesty thanks for being honest is every mom was like oh no I love. Yeah yeah. Yeah I don't. I think though it and sometimes that the candidate I have to apologize if my kid and a lighter note I herald and are you had been so mean I love you hired. And still coming came on the LRB and everything I like it. It's a little that's beautiful your singles or UC do you guys go for that we have had so historian the woman who went for it and now the guys out of the picture. And being great mom allowed pat wow I do things you've heard the call we appreciate it. Non. Against my better judgments let's dig Daniel yeah snow Nielsen. Yeah yeah I eighth. At best simplest solution the toll the best I can't sleep around knocked up some guys. And then it but it turned out not to be out there did it like it also am I looking didn't let that stop it yet. Especially excessive actually. Daniel all the times you say you want to care for any advice Ernie Banks as the most coherent thing anyway I'm presented with the I think you're calling her that well are not sure that's right do you do know I don't know I've rolled the dice with the human with the line going yes more advice for candy we take it over on the site currency FaceBook page.