Slacker and Steve - OPP: Breaking Off the Affair 5/9

Tuesday, May 9th

Breaking up with someone can be difficult and uncomfortable. Our OPP is going up through a breakup and the other person is making it really hard…but you won’t believe who she’s breaking up with and why it’s difficult. Help our OPP through her breakup.


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Steve are there. So old that. We got a good break down this one's hard earned it and you would think breaking up in this day and age where nobody wants to be perceived as a bullied. Would be easy to do we know. There are layers to this on the make this breakup really difficult candy stock commute to unstick this our young guys. Hey another show on wanna call in for some of the GOP peas and suddenly I have my own that I need help with. I had a couple months and let my judgment slip and slept with a guy a few times. I just you love and slippery judgment it's like. When somebody has done something colossal leave bad Intel aged below seven people that's what that's what happened but it's like. The last injunction in a couple of times and I accidentally. Stabbed and maybe did let out people I slipped up by and I. Simply keep you scrutinize. The bouquet you kind of stared into. You can adolescent judgments in sub with a guy a few times had an affair. Yeah we got more than one coming into one nicely went back for you guys that's an affair is the favorite here you're having an affair. Well she slipped. My element trojans slipped and slipped with a guy a few times I know it was stupid and I feel really guilty for doing that to my husband. I told the guy that we had ended and he basically said no home. He told me he had feelings for me and there's a passion between us but he knows I don't have with my husband. He said that if I break it off he will tell my husband what happened between us. I don't know what to do he's great mad but I can't keep doing this emotionally and my husband finds out he will definitely divorce me. I can go back to fix a mistake already made I just wanna know how to end it with the other guy hunter white get out of it without ruining by entice your life. This is from Kennedy. I know she stops. All. Here's a bank I wanna say this if if I felt like. This woman and I am a bit this is the last moment will be completely serious on the so PP. I believe it if you and I felt like this woman were in a situation where she was being forced to do some thing. That wasn't her well which it is the way she tries to wrap this so PPI up. I believe you and I would jump on our white horses in go makes good hornets but because she puts in me. His great embed I'd like saying yes it's the if I don't break up within and he just won't take you Turks take no for an answer. As a fact he's awesome in that there it is so now that changes the tone does. Does it change so for now I mean it's like do you you want to break up but he thinks. You you didn't like earned Airways are mainly moved the U barely push on in league play is no. But if he's threatened to tell my husband. Then I mean the easy answer is. On the grainy burning yourself go tell your husband force he can but then I mean the end result into us. She doesn't care I don't think's a TV it just feels like she doesn't care if her husband gets hurt is on the sheet is an a to feel guilty. About either situation I don't think she cares about her husband's feelings more as opposed to her I don't think she wants a divorce stuff. She's she's night. She wants to find a way to has. Even that take over there and still go back to the thing this she had this foundation that was rocky ninety I don't know. Honestly this guy and she's seven inches eight loans going bad but I still want that so how to lie and this and it's like I. Sweeter sometimes you sleep with the wrong person who isn't gonna just like you want to hook you're not gonna go away quietly yeah so I. I have to use we did. Well I was feeling the and so let's say she is somewhere husband are feeling as she won't. Final why once again that she's going to be that crushed about abuse she's getting the better you know the reason she's cheating on her husband is for the says the calories of this and that's only reason she's in with this other guy I know women and that I don't wanna stereotype them but I still emotional with a swollen so I think she'd rather stay with her husband. I don't feel that you don't I don't I mean I thought I think she wants to put forth an effort like you sit out bookcase and try to like put a decrease of just implode on earth she still got a good bit of bad guys. And that's kind of what I and a guy that's what you want our guy then why did she cheat on our president does it she dodged a dual one and done her like six and done and now we know she stuck she. He is that's I don't know what to do it what are what are we gonna go threaten this guy but he's our guest at the end result is if this guy doesn't get what she wants now. She loses her husband so is so she goes and tells she loses present at the end result is she's got to keep sleeper this guy wait how deep her husband. Can you do okay good guy gave her an ultimatum if you don't do what I want I'm in a Bruin deal yet you continue to hook up with a person like that even though there rate. I think that's why you keep like she I she left that out in their purposely he's going night. I don't want her my husband. I don't wanna do this and it's hard. So. Venus is to save one because he's going in that city so that tells me she doesn't she's gonna whip you what it's a no lose for her. Except for her soul and her conscience which I don't think she really has to she cheated are as effective at the local caucus. Good men and women before I was. I would listen I don't know but I like there just bored that day and then they rethink in their like a trap what an idea. OK bottom line is this if you want a break up for somebody doesn't wanna break a preview. Maybe you can you don't actually want to bring into how the goes you have with the front away powder breakup with somebody who doesn't bring break up with fuel windows you can do something in Bangladesh there it is right there blackmail it's just extortionist. But it's it's sort of like extorting the willing as she started dozens of and he is good and bad yet the trumps all. Should yup. If you use your brain trauma unit existence. Here in dozens of 'cause it's it's waging her guilt no it's not to keep this. Station chief he's clinging and focusing on the boots while part that's getting her through it. It's not easy for us or not there it's Iraq it's gonna be weird Ferguson put them because now it's like. I'm sitting you because your black bean seed that either makes or hot now let me get hot for a couple anti competitive and it's much OK and this is full line my indentured servitude. We have to get her out of it all right if you have ways to help her if you have advice if you've been in similar situations we've already had people on the phone who are need to be voiced his guys which ice data means they've been here. If you it's not a break up with someone who doesn't take no for an answer we need your help Tandy is on the phone voice disguised how can you help candy. Are so. Arm first of all I would say that I prefer men should you do is surely to be very well with this sorry isn't chart mountain move or he will ever. They could dirty clearer that it car park and unwarranted. Because what. You are drop her ability. Corporate law enforcement if you turned out to be like one people were creepy. Are you an attorney or just call her. Makes sense. Our I am not maturity on our current output experience and Syria and the second finger I would do if it continued their car parked her. She retrieve boot crop art. I've evident. And you'd get a copper contract law enforcement Dugard go ugly. And she really need to control our Bernard pickle we're in your power. We will we know we true we do it's we get there but I'm sure the husband you might causes T sleep with a guy like him towel or or just breaking off and let him tell Mike call is blocks. You know can. She say sister ice sheets though she writes. That her husband if he finds out will leave our. If he finds a from the guy he'll lead very few things from her you leverage he finds out from their past Sergio lever inside husband seems ever zero affair tolerance policy. So we're. You know what do you know upper portion corporate and darker but she hurt her ruling. The hard that you pay when you what what turned out to be only had been picked beer or Europe and north Third World country. No that's that's the big issue is I think men and women sometimes inter in these situations. Assuming. That there's some sort of mutually assured destruction in netted like I don't tell you don't tell we both walk away unscathed. In a one review. Has less to lose. Then there is you're in trouble like. You are. So Kennedy. Basically you're saying that candy needs to put herself in a position of kind of being the victim. The sky is of a pressing Mir coming after me your won't leave me alone well. You can't return the opera forty got a pretty darn good people aboard temperature book. Our computer could pull a minute and you use proper wrapping. And if you go. An article take appropriate action to make sure pitcher struggle are being below now you may call up the Humber and say therefore are pretty. So true grit your own guy. Yeah minutes they would. All about it go to matter which direction to come rip all our lunch a well. Yeah. There Marshall who first warming due to term. Shall we she's yeah but no luck to look stupid you are here from now yeah mercurial guard dog and out of nowhere very. They just Clark are you are. She's gonna live with this this three or four time little this stage. Fear out there are dark beer and why aren't mature early march Obama wrote my current spirit are well you know. I in my church counseling to trigger a water club what club. No this is why this on so many movies where they just chill and now I was gonna say okay we you'll notice there's hills on either tell your hobbies are our children. And it's I'd seen him. And did you see more easily. They may not know how to give Tyler the murder the do you recall Coleman downloaded to the place is the burial body. To create. No no then okay oh they certainly do you knew you don't golf I. Sandy. Yeah I don't I. Music oh I can't believe it didn't come up what that's what you got to write a lot. Lie I was gonna get their Rezko goes when you say you can't please go to volunteer armed. So you showed she goat store has been and says honey there's this guy coup. Is threatening to can tell you that aren't sleeping with him. Because he's trying to blackmail me go out with a group. Wu and like yeah. It's not right the lies they take a live in the next low Longo this guy's gonna try to claim what does he makes. I just proof that you could million. I don't just say this amateur. You know if if they're the way it would go south. Like with my wife for exit for an example. If she tried that Amin said he's gonna try to black you mean whenever he tells you any nanny and the like okay cool. If this guy called me and says she is a tattoo of a blank no mood you know by her who am if she knew that there's only one way to know that. You. And then that really agency was time to learn a friend of Gina who I have to go to a club with that's right so you know showering everybody's speed everything that's. Are you she non Max is ready to live in the drop. You know I'm actually I never understood people seeking I don't understand it how you can actually put somebody in Maine go home here alphabet just. Never made sense to me. Get yours calling and suggesting bridle I was had signs Roxio indeed. That's because I think the person who is doing next to her. It will horrible person and she needs to flip on. You what's suddenly she's not so bad compared to this other she's like the amount she's not that we she's still lies with her I don't you some of those of the husband. If you know anybody yet but he is a no signs cheated so once you're bags right Biden but I Mike's. I I never I just this I don't know that the guy he's doing or not contain he's also somebody he claims he say I like relating with you he says I have feelings release so he could he wants just keep the one he loved it's emotional for him it's physical for community you know yes and which is where Taylor. Yeah I what do you think. So I actually went through the didn't actually end. Didn't position a year ago crack to that the series these I didn't hear and it earlier that I heard that I've coached team is planned to. So I hail wind the dead heat held her hand then add you know Palmolive that diet threatening that we. We'll heard them all need to figure out what's going on wed heard the relationship that she has right now in her marriage that she Andre now. Why she. Excited during the first place. Great because for me it was like I have an a faction thinks he wasn't chilling enough of action to me and I won hadn't gotten another place as. And I am I seasoned town and and but I realized that I had to talk to him about it more outlook we weren't communicating very well and I felt that I couldn't communicate to them for the average at some. Personal issue that we haven't but it's huge strain in the third place it's because of early learning and her marriage. You know right away and I. I pray and I wise and it didn't last very long it only prayer about a month but we did see each other couple times and I wanted to keep that and then grant long and they current and I had told the eye that. And so that he got penny gave him like a lineup I mean. He's like oh now it's she tries very get out of that I can just tell how Ben and her whole life that we announced. Did your guys threaten the same thing drags down. He get Coleman did how well you told your husband. Oh Jesus oh so that's on yet. I know associates. That the amount paid but I mean I had it coming to me anyway. And sack and a forced me to tell them on my own and so I was like OK then I got a contest Blake I have been gained some on all things and I'm really sorry like whatever outcome is next I deserve and that's the next step Armenian preview on our and we have to pay can't whatever label attention let's pop and how would you. Well didn't he wasn't very happy let's just say about but he. You kind of silent angry about it for awhile and then he exploded but he wanted to work on the relationship and we've been together for her. You go to the best of both worlds you pulled an all you chip the marriage alive and you've got a great mood this. Really don't attach message through which young both would say yeah or yeah. Yeah I mean I definitely got that out of my system I feel like thousand something that I had had the dubious. If I spent directly in my life but as I mean you have my boyfriend at the time and I didn't. Yeah I was it can go there until I wasn't him. Mean the affection that I needed and I let that mature enough to realize that I needed to talk to him about it first to. He had no one. Congratulations rabbinate the courage pulled back out today I guess is entertainment I'm afraid Cheney that CA DN's go. No one take a lot of the next level you're right some of Vista easier Steve people you know to do. Or you get it if you're afraid your hasn't fine now. Jasmine easier bad news is you come from you now from another did that your power back from another guy is he's got it on you and then prosecute the crap out of him if he threatens you with an inning moved any of the things you wanna tell us about today's OPP will take that over on the soccer in Steve FaceBook page.