Slacker and Steve - OPP: Bruised Up Play Date 4/19

Wednesday, April 19th

Our OPP left her son at a friend’s house for a playdate and she was stunned to see what he had when she picked him up. Hear her OPP and tell her what you would do about it.


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And I'm torn on this one because. I've been in similar situation Lou and I don't wanna be called helicopter parent I might get where it is more on this coming from all right yeah hey these guys like currency yeah yeah is pretty simple this spell yeah YI there is Addai slackers dvi. But some had a play date with a friend from school over the weekend he's been there a couple of times when I went to pick him up this time. I was still undefined he had his swollen bruised eye and a cut on his eyebrow. The kind of panicked and asked what happened in your mom told me they were playing in the yard and ran into each other head to head. She explained that she's a nurse who got the bleeding to stop by some wasn't showing any signs of a concussion. I was really upset Alicia didn't call and tell me what happened. Nurse or not I'm his mother and should have been told that my child was hurt. By some S if you go over there again this weekend and I don't know if I can trust her watching my son and we'll look really awkward if I just hung around. What are their parents we met a third child was injured on a play date in the pair in charge didn't tell you for hours. Would you let your kids who over there again please help this is from Tracy saw I was it you up for some parexel. As the as a non parent non married nine nothing right on the outside looking in there is do you think she's. Wrong for I mean then woman's a nurse and she patched to cannot she could not I I doubt that a mom. With all due respect to do any better than the nurse there you go but I'm still I if I were Tracy I'd be just as mad and I cut at first I'm like what their kids are being kids I mean you won over there and she told it wasn't cheap and hard and are from Estonia but you said some interest in the words were the smothered the nurse screwed up. Yeah let me know right now right when it happens so. Did the bleeding stopped immediately call or go haze here's what's happen in suvs heads up and a value of the choice either remove your kitty come get your kid or just let him. My kids who didn't multiple different day terror things you know after school programs and in different gators throughout their lives and they then I'd come in and they did pumped up or did it had a link them big arm. The big wooden truck thrown at my son's face. And you walked in and they have a piece of paper and they're like oh yes there was an incident you know like. I'm sorry what there again there's an incident is a sign that she's fine all of those guys there's a good. And if there was an incident that my son bled. I would think he would call me now from work and I can't get there. I get I get to make a decision and I'm not gonna gun I make. You got handled I talked to him I might ask a bunch of questions. And I decide whether it rises to the level of me sending in the caliber travel Rihanna Boca but. Tracy didn't detail she did was taken away from her from a nurse. Part may see it a little tougher to be mad about but still. What it takes two seconds to call you up you haters are out. Legitimately little. And after care program at a very famous Village People songs place all come. Up and down. And they were filming this video and it there's a lot of details to do need to be in their delight. He sell off the Bannister all that Delaware words. Hit himself on the ash layer that notices these bomb and they just they took him in delight to director's office and said. You know we're what you. Blake right this salad let's see if you're okay. You know send him on a couch got him away from the screaming kids awesome awesome idea. Then they left him for an hour yeah income and get into these projectiles harmony there are massive concussion and long story longer he you know he loses an entire day was like wakes up and hospital the next day like what happened. You don't if the kid gets hurt in New York charge I feel like you need to you. Let parents know. The flip side that is if I'm paying you to watch my kids or. I told you I'm go to dinner with my husband and then and they we really need this date night not a guy you know. As good care provider the person on the played eight. You might be thinking yeah can be I see through this I took care of it its leaders to be used raid gives you the solvents Lou but. It's the cover your but I would call I I he's sort of agree with the I mean. The parent. I wanted to percent want to call. I get why the nurse didn't do it yeah music is this another terrible analogy that my parents never vacation and they were when when I was grown up. They went on vacation and let's just sit in charge of the house. A huge freak windstorm came in and cracked a tree in half who and late screwed up a little bit of the roof the wheat we were all construction as a whatever meat and we handled that. And the tree was a total loss. How do you ruin you it worry your parents there first only vacation and I think you were mad they leave because how did you tell them but. I know it's not the same it's a tree and that's how we go again there's that argument of some. If somebody has chosen to put me in charge of something that matters to them and something goes wrong but I handled it. The White House in Iraq them with every minute detail. That's that's if we boil down Tracy's. OPP that's what it is and we decide is him getting his face bashed and in minute detail. Has its kinda not. That's my kid to the point where I can never let him go over to that place in hang out and play because of one out. That's the other thing that's a little weird about this but if if you're a person who. Very like we're not whom we have played it's in our house you got to judge the other I watched their kids. And it's my rules and I make sure their kids don't get hurt their kids' attitudes over my house and they're jumping around and accounts or might. Did you jump on furniture in your house or jam like well look around this Angel house while. I hate in this uneven that I have nice furniture. Don't want somebody to play yeah take better on console sigh yeah into my place butcher block table in legged out there middle. I don't I don't want it so Tracy's friend who was watching the play big. She wasn't Leach did you happen to kids running at each other and they hit heads. Maybe she was gonna play a little too rambunctious the game. Let me ask you then so let's say that you seem scenario. You keep your know his friend is over your house joke around your furniture. Now know wants to go over to that his house and you know the parents let their kids round I'm referring to new all of sudden I don't I don't I don't know. Because you have to judge the other parents and their ability to air it. Well yeah sort of and I also think it I don't want my kid destroying somebody a sauces like what she doesn't like if you gore somebody's house and they're. He still now like I don't hear it stayed destroy their own stuff you get to destroy there. Off man that's not the way we live that's respect yes cessation. Yeah I think everybody is due. Do you need. Our were off on a totally different tangent but I mean that's all these things going to parenting and when you look at your kid going to play Dayton. You know I'm not the guy who does a background check of maybe you should. Maybe you should ask him like how how close you know Washington. Are you going to be inside vacuuming or you can be outside with them when they're thrown around the jungles him where are you going to be all day. And adapt when somebody asked me that many questions I'd say no thanks very you don't there it is right. Why your kids are friends anyone of you know hope that a long so so. I mean we're all over the map here but what we really need from you is how you've been through this is Tracy she writes she double what is called the right when the accident happened said why no I. After the bleeding is that you you you let it nailed you don't you don't go. They can bring on the ground do you want me to treat him only you've you've you treat him do triage humans and you inform every parent involved in that situation yes. There's been a little accident here it's under control I had a decent pictures. I don't know I don't want to write play as an arrow what she should do moving forward to the Sunnis are having those big conversations of like. I think he did it wrong. That's so Tracy's kids got hurt or played eight. She indeed inform until she picker cannot she's mad should she be and should she bear her kids from ever going over there again. Parents. Yeah I done well. So I've got two quick points one I don't think you can compare then your kid at like okay here cooler getting hurt and it paid played because I think they are absolutely required because you immediately. Late date I don't think that they are. And I think that the mom be an American I'm an air so the mom entrepreneurs and certificate and fit in other uncommitted he's fine. This severity level wasn't as high for her and that went the other mom who doesn't know the medical and know how how well. Am doing I didn't know. My kid you meet gee if I won a wig out we I I know you're a nurse but I taken. And that place. I don't want I don't need them on the call me every time I can't get to thumper fruit out of played eight I don't wanna be thought. I'd like -- then I track that and they in need to just do what they're doing and I think you know later if they are knocked unconscious that they are you know it's been like that and yet you call me immediately. The last guy you gotta slow and whose economies are grass if you would told appearance. I'm just say it nest like I've taken my kid to the hospital and had nurses. God love them I'm Aaron not bashing nurses at all I think to have some the most important people in society they go clearly sure this is so very inside you know what. I got the money for the two OK so let's let's let's. Through jokes are some who say they show only you know like you look I'm dad and I know I'm probably wrong and probably be in a helicopter but I get to choose I am the advocate for my kid. Among you don't give this woman be in a nurse. All I know more than you do. Great I love him more than you do so what trumps what your knowledge in my loves. Just say in the dark primary he came from I think what you need to do in particular complaint and Antonin did you say. Look at something happened I would like you to call me immediately and they just talk about in payback I am bumping into Kerrigan thank you for doing pretty good job by. Don't call me right away next time so they you know I know what's going on not what I'd prefer that my kids. Every moment to play and got on the plane to be clear on her expectations and then if he doesn't begin and doesn't call then it can huge steal the commission has made it clear she wants critical. I don't like I was two over there Luke thank you for the call Darren and intentional and nurse this sense. I put you thanked. OK and so. I'm nannies twenty mile I believe. Tisch center told him from within hours until at least. You've got you you don't wait until they come later taken out and walked in and see the kids cease all jacked up. He has no no I don't think that's fair to pet until the carrying and compact. Squad or something more severe happened. This guy did he's as any signs of a concussion. He was like book project Al Barcelona. Ended up in the hospital for a couple of days green dinners you have. This group. I think that the acting coach or really less spoke to you it wouldn't you wouldn't let go back. Now because you know not taking care of them in the first place so that I had budding Italy to the point where the group this couldn't I don't think it's. But still don't know I get that but as you say you guys stay you know what we call for every little thing that goes on your that's that's where I start to go low. Low value unit trust the other turns judgments in what is a little thing the other pair was a big thing and the other is I looks like he's calling out his hand I think a wanna call yeah or at least attack the exhaust. You're actually music yeah but I don't smoke signals. Ourselves. Aside that cover your buddies apparent absolutely Cindy. Guy hey yeah. We help treat a teacher and I pictured thirty kids to church teacher. A lot of stuff. I happened. I that day because you know how to consult our motion GAAP. They lash out. And let me lash out other to get hurt and we would occur every pilot couldn't happen. Madonna quote a lot. I know old but it. But that isn't part of the geared to what might just have somebody set aside the caller let's say it's done and others. This directorate stratified but it is not out. As teacher meet Trent and everything to the opera and the opposite sides what it called where do you want it. So Cindy. You hated it when parents get mad you guys around including women. So every little scratch and nick you are in brew you out you are definitely parents pretty much as I can. Now we don't get her lover apparently love art yet it happens I'm. They wanted to direct. And your Roxio and yeah you have to do bulls yes and it's hard to do what she's stock united into you causing the I mean like that first person said do you really compare and after careful now because it played they did you have like 45 kids at an after care preschool oh. 030 kids. It's like a petting zoo with Massa. It's terrible but it's a terrible idea that the odds Tim is. Yeah I forgot. Hey so Peter fact that they won't in the marriage I can see how she would remain calm and collected. I don't think she should be and the kid at a little extreme to you know keep your kit. I would just being well. I had a bottle of wine and Peter are printed ticket just. Jimmy attacks or something you know either admit that everything is cool. Don't have you know Valium and at least made aware that she is more concerned you know then. Do you have kids. Yeah oh good for years so no interest for you could just say that because. It's. And and it's Ted logic goes out the slipped and window when you have kids kiss your lights yeah. The blue card you loves more than anything in the world your. None of that amendments. EU. The flip side the Oakland I am I would like gene alone might need to the next it. I and it won it all happened just gotten hurt us here and I predict how caught my mom who happened to be marriage. You tell me what you Jill I didn't inform my pink turquoise they want to stay IE eight and non yeah no big deal. Did blacked out which she got home she she can really slack. Yeah. Yeah pretty much like yelled into that happy and how did that happen and what are you doing I mean they're like. All the accusations. It was not a fuel to take. That away from those come on earlier today and you're taking away their right to just say no to be involved in their child's care but it's right. He handled it. I did bolster its fully give both sides but I'm just saying IBM Tracy. IBM Tim's sister. There's Noelle. Steve you know we are logical mum rational not bleached yes but when it comes to my kids. I AM then you're not alone bat guano crazy and if my kids' eyes swelling shut things down a couple of his eyebrow. I would like to know why you didn't tell just looks like they're trying to. Why you do he'll run me or maybe you wouldn't notice. Well being is top priority teeny baby sitting. Situation and so she wasn't wrong by not giving some and information back. I wouldn't they aren't likely ADR they had I mean if that kid to be OK I would just begging Oprah Pete. Thanks to you for taking care might hit well I. Nextel Jill you cost the personal life and given the cost him if I if I ever had a burning no you don't do we call you guys who can hate. Thank you Katie. Died when you think. He had every right they were detector and I'm going there at least temporarily and don't get to know them a little bit better and I'll. They need watched edged out. That's not a bad idea to raise kids it's like she should so like you was offered so what are my you do hang around during a play day. I V I typically do. Oh OK I had a lot of played it's it's nice when you Kurds are doing that well I have. Early yeah yeah so I don't think it's wrong delights hanged. And we. I I don't agree with that I haven't done it with several of my daughters and guaranteed helped but I'm friends with their parents. I I I don't particularly umbrella my daughters go on as we go merchant at printouts men I thought thank you very welcome but no member. About eight years. And it wasn't at the very night situation my daughters came Mohammad Sami Al kinds of things back up and lab they were there and I'm like yeah I know you're not going out there. It's always the point where would you send your kid anywhere it's like go play a played eight. You need to send like a long list of here's how we parent do things and then to bird took the another turns. ASEAN SA checked mouth. And I signed binding no rise contracts and like my Tim won't engage in the following six opportunities that are stuff yeah. They give it caught me this is why I mean it's it's just this is a nightmare because half the people are saying. We crazier nurse fixture can do over the you have to like I need to know these things on the parent you and your kids never ever did she's about parity while she didn't tell you if she doesn't understand the child. Parent relationship announced they're aliens deserve that phone Curtis Tom if you wanna still stays fired up about it we're taking more of your comments on the slacker and Steve FaceBook page.