Slacker and Steve - OPP: Busted Wife with Neighbor 4/13

Thursday, April 13th

Today’s OPP caught his wife with his neighbor and he’s not sure he’s even upset about it. Hear his OPP and find out why and tell him how you would feel.

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Steve can't there. Nothing moved from. I we're gonna get through this one's from where this is getting visits he busted his life for the neighbor and ends. Prepare for Steve to go to another work ethic that's all I'm saying to all you people died eight. So I came home from work to grab some lunch last Tuesday if it's not something I usually do when I was so close to the house because of a meeting. But long story short when I came home I heard noises coming from the bedroom. And when I went to investigate I found my wife embedded with our neighbor. Our female. Neighbor. I freaked out walked out of the house of my wife chasing me and apologizing. I was numb and didn't answer her in just left. After the initial shock though I found out that I wasn't even that man. Not as bad as I would've been a profound rim bed with another guy. I told one of my buddies and he told me I should be upset because she went to someone else behind my back and the gender does not match her. We haven't talked much since them because I've been trying to sort everything out my head. Should I be angrier than I am is it just is bad is cheating with a guy. Makes guys from Cody. Let me guess them you don't think so. You did this is a. I'm using this season his status cheating with a guy probably not but it still needs. She yeah it soon if like if I want to end. If I'm walking in and it's my first day and I hear that it's thank goodness finally home. That's the only time that's OK let's look at the the that's the only time that's OK okay it's like did you hear other than that. He's not okay. Not approved I'm not right. You say it is cheating men and he should be my much angering your policy have relations or somebody else. Did she. There may noisy is only doing cross Syrian loud. Please define. Relations though there has to be certain. Explanations dude is it. Okay. I sort of clarify for the GOP piece of that is relayed those two women had relations that. OK so there were obviously she's cheated them. I just. Was. I do I don't know what to do because this guy is obviously he's he's torn because it's. It's not as bad it's like it's like walking in on your wife. May eighteen a 55 gallon barrel of mass and it's nice so it's like she killed somebody know or. She just. Do still illegal she's still doing something not dueling pitches different don't type of not to gain or worst thing she could have been doing. Absolutely. But it's still bad. Why are we so except what are men such as really. Puzzled looks almost all through the Swedes are worthy you can put these toppled windows only computer for you to blaze. Don't enjoy what you're right a lot of guys forget about the wife Linda in them in the marriage itself and focus on that oh wow well plea produce meat into the mix that there is the greatest talent it's hot. But she still she she didn't ask you to write. She didn't say I'd been thinking about our eight by I I have these tendencies or let's tanks and Laura and I asked her for permission. I mean or give a heads up did you go to. If he had walked in what was his legacy. So I don't know answer this guy's what what. Should be angry you're a dude we. I don't think you if YouTube dudes on the radio a bunch of people are gonna call him to make you angry or think you're not angry so just. You're OK with it I just think. If you my friend. Tony it's if you came Nina like to do this just happened and I don't think I'm mad. I would talk to either way I'm talking but it's it's like talk to would be an angry and you kind of a spinal. As jelly fish kinda weird isn't it gee should have some sort of more passion some sort of more territorial hey that's my wife type of things like that but I. I mean he was mad but he cautioned. There you know. The real rate of six is do you mind I think I mean so. Sewer and need advice he's got to talk to release to go I didn't know that you had you wanted this Saturday you gotta talk to a will be I didn't know I would. How long has been going on and you wanna keep doing exactly and I term campaign and I wouldn't. What it's a whole new dynamic to their relationship now. Easy shouldn't be asking us the questions that she's past makes me angry should I be angrier. But you ask you some knows how to seal. Don't know why are you flailing I I gotta agree with Stephen Cody. I I think you're wrong I'd I don't think it's that big idol I don't think I'm you know you know and little end. Yeah and you're like OK sorry but I hit you which skews yourself didn't know you had company I don't think I would be upset. All's I mean I think I think the initial shock like what Cody said there'd be something there but I think once I kind of like cool down off that back like whoa what's going on right now this what's happening. I don't think beyond that that upset and it your message your your mouse analogy I don't think works in this situation so I think I'd think you'd the way that I look at it is. I sell chocolate bars and next door neighbor next door neighbor lady cells. Normal Candice. I can't seller karma okay and he's canal we have chocolate bars what she should ask that you eat chicken gossip cry because. She made about how tomatoes are should've asked but if she was gone someone else so word to someone else to buy chocolate bars then I'd be upset. I'm just saying. Guys if you were wives right now. The number one thing that you would be mad about is the fact that your husband's kept something from you something behind us back that's might ask your this year yeah. Yes ask who. Toomey would you look. So I don't did you really thank god it's just I couldn't think couldn't but I think a lot of women would see that. I see a very they're talking there then so many articles about how women left their husbands do that nowadays seek another man yeah. You're what Islam is their husbands didn't say there go I love you or was it emotional thing most were going to be okay when it's his his physical. How while I am. I'm clearly I I I Wear it like a badge of honor I'm clearly too insecure to deal with it. Mean I wouldn't and I am absolutely down with being involved in the math problem of two plus one bite. If it's still one plus one and I'm not one of the ones that's a problem that's a problem and you guys wouldn't be dead that pitcher wise kept stuff from you guys wouldn't care I. I put it I I sit and wonder to try to deal would trailer. Are humans and I think she that's I think I think the initial shock of that would be upsetting to me but once I sat down and thought about it I I think I would I would. That same thing to offer so which she was getting that if she is a long as she wasn't with another guy you guys don't care okay so what does she was the guy who many different. Type of junk and you have OK I mean still you can't read it did my job is done our job is supposed to know Jonathan Cooper I want. You know I am using your analogy of chocolate whatever. She's with but I just I I do we're coming from with guys and I still think that falls under the same realm of going to be like going to another guy isn't a transgender. Real I don't know I did did you think they're that Smart. AM I'm dissing him like I don't watch it and you don't get to have. Relations and anybody else unless we talked about it then dove for it yeah are you gonna talk to get to discuss and agree on it. And seeing it a chance she took that away he is having relations with somebody else. Well then there's us and without them knowing yes yet. And sick and she did that. It's just. OK so bottom line is. We had this argument you guys to jump in on it Wilson wanna know have you walked him when he retired to medium one Nebojsa Skype does it if you walked in on your wife and her husband was somebody else. Same sex opposite sex. I mean. Co steel like for governor he's still we about a but he does know what to do next yeah I if I was Tony serenity like. Bro accident trail. I don't care if it was a multi millionaire. A girl until rat I don't care if you go you be it wasn't you know she was she's being intimate with someone besides. See now. That's not great news in my opinion but what do I know we're looking for your opinion. Sandy. Yeah I yeah I what do you think's. W key after highlight this case I think there. Sooner had nothing to do exist he does she violated. Their marriage Rowell she cheated on him which. If it were guy is commerce Asian whatnot could be happening he would be hell bent. On revenge or they're bored or whatever. The fact that he's starting to hot chick that she would do it another woman makes it okay. It doesn't it should ruins. This shouldn't worry about when you get tired of correlate this anxiously. Look hard again it's not a tropical Archie cute. Oh and I'm OK it's. I they're that's fundamental problem in their marriage but TNT and bitten. But candy. If she doesn't I mean I am with you a 100%. But I'm also person who doesn't push my values who doesn't push my beliefs on anybody if she's not mad. Why the hell was he writing test it's like she wants constantly Tim matches now indeed his generals something hormel did his lack of man I think due to. If you and norm Miro was you can be really bad but she's not so. It kinda feel like he's looking for interest someone to tell and she okay you are not out of out. In these yankees. I signed it strange now to. I won't you know what if you're not mad then shut up and don't get on the radio entity that chart. How and own your own feeling for her and now I'll dynasty your own healing in the world and the need to know about it. Nowadays you good. Because the chicken did he a couple of pump Curtis. I nice. So slacker I agree with you on their slow. This is actually happen to me before I walked into my ex wife with another female. And at first I thought I was gonna be on your side. So to speak your bottom is going to be back on you know this is great. And in the end it's it's really bothered me because she didn't talk to me at first I mean. If you look at doc to meet personally with any of my partner I don't care if it's male female or whatever Europe. If you talk to me I have no problem is that I understand that your take it you're not bad. But she was she she's. When you start hiding something. When you start even if your just hiding. Going to lunch with somebody who's from Norman in your cross and a lot of trail it's it's. If you if you find it something you can't share with your spouse you shouldn't either be doing that. Or you shouldn't be with your style there one of those suits saying but as soon as you start going underground arms it's bad it's just overall race. I I completely agree if you are not honestly I really don't. Did she invite you in headfirst to kind of like bridge the gap or was it just. I do this on the side. Well actually she started the whole thing off with I didn't know you're going to be home early. While I was so why did this play out did you guys get to Morse than Hershey. Became she's a lesbian manner. It's too started off well it that didn't exactly lead to divorce but that was at the start of this spiral of Big Brother were several other very able. And in the end we just kind of figured out that remark really. There's a couple and she just start hiking more and more things from me yeah and it just it didn't end well at all on a slight. So would you sell would you tell Cody dude I know you're confused about this for you need to get out of this. I would say more of you need to sit her down and have a talk with Terry Edgar like look. If you're gonna keep I didn't think certainly didn't mean it that now all the lions. Who learned how to communicate with me it'll be more antitrust didn't need more because ID and your partner you know you're supposed to be able to talk to me about your urges. There is east. And for her is her opening line is oh what are you doing here yeah he's like assaulting you with all. He did this get half a news that's that's warm thank you for the call Chris Haley. I yeah I think what you think. I think she should be mad because when they got married they made a commitment not to do it hair and with anybody I'll just connect to each other and she still. Chilling notion that somebody else that she committed only to him when they that I it'll. You're right behind his back to but if she if she gives. I mean here's the thing that's armed NM and repeating myself but like I am struggling with Caylee you feel that way I feel that way. She she clearly doesn't mean that's something you can teach somebody to feel. You should feel incensed if that happened you I get mad but Steve it's NASA resets a plastic bottle his car. I don't care if you do that's just a raw emotion. I don't I didn't play too so reset a plastic bottle my car you come running up milk slugger what. Does it I see you do you go to Bob Marley questioning your feelings about something you usually ends it's Indy car. That doesn't feel that way though because like Egan added that Chile you'd think they'd all sell it maybe you should talk about it Peter. Not upset about it. Would you be if you would you be OK would you be less mad if your man was embed with a man rather than a woman. I I would be mad either way. I'm I'm actually it with a and then time and I. Pretty penny ante with an. Equally because that's just about connecting with somebody else when you support only you know about one person. There it is Caylee right there are times thank you for the call yeah I don't. There I just don't think we're gonna get an answer to this umpire is it's about his emotion. You how we keep yeah. King candy. Guy you are disguised. What. What do you think do this. So I actually leave I'm what you are and occurred ultra cut like I don't know her and I'm not continue that I didn't open relationship now I how are banned and true when you get into a relationship you learned this country if things. And that's another thing if they didn't talk about their. And indeed it contradictory and then it's often. So every time he seeing your lifestyle in your alternative slate so I guess you call it that. If you if you feel like going outside now you need to clear it with your partner and say. I'm thinking about doing this tonight is not a cash. I'm a little bit odd like the perimeter in the chat with your partner churlish com I haven't established. Just at the very beginning of their relationship and turn it into how and how big and elaborate get out. But it did there aren't any I don't an ad hoc into and you article that you do you feel I'm not tired. Do you think it could be that she was I mean is it forgivable I guess is the right words that. Maybe she just did this is time to she didn't know how to have that conversation can we for give her a little bit because she was. Too nervous to have the like Haiti I'm really dig in there did you go girl up the street they. Is that does that make you forgive mobile because esoteric but don't a taboo conversation. That they accrued and everybody's taken into account that under their per cent in soccer like you tried that underdog no matter. Sure it's that old age at an end and not let that OK you need to be controller pro inside. Or were they in the gender does not matter if you would be kept threat. Or one number then he should be at Akron the other where he shouldn't the F I. Yeah. I eat better and I think very different larger global. You know because people are few minutes in her knee jerk your pyramid aren't you. Watching that our IPO. It's a period conversation that we need aren't. I earned a special yet. You know they are going to keep people other than natural thing that they need to pop about I'm but ruled that can gather about another infinitely that this might happen. Imitation is key in any relationship. Yeah you say you forgot candy I just. We I don't think we solved anything other than Cody if you're listening. Pretty much everybody called said yes you should be more angry right but are not but that's it yeah it's vineyard just not. She breaks you know don't we don't know what old. Four out of five sirens Steve listeners set I should be angry at your anger is like fate she's niceties or angry at our anger you know but. If she didn't buy UN I would definitely think that definitely be angry if you blah. Still wanna sound off on this or beat the unicorn for this Stanley. Home. Please citizen of undies slacker and Steve FaceBook chains.