Slacker and Steve - OPP: Buying Wife a Toy 5/10

Wednesday, May 10th

Today’s OPP is about to go on vacation with his wife and he’s thinking of getting her something special for the trip. Problem is, it could also ruin the trip! Hear his OPP and tell him what you would do.


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Staying. At my year I don't. It's. Hey the you know FaceBook story see him no don't do it really golf guides are saying there's a crude is a chair there he could wreck stuff here I just it was a surprise his wife on vacation in FaceBook Carty says no we won and when you think. Dear OPP. Yeah. My wife and I are traveling to Las Vegas and a few weeks that we need a spark in her marriage and the bedroom. My wife is extremely shy when it comes to her. Relations though well and he. I think we can say sexuality. Then try to get more out of her. I'm thinking about ordering a mommy toy for us to explore with in Vegas but don't wanna break this time together with the big fight. We have three young children this time alone as well deserved and desperately needed it I don't believe she's every used to toy or certainly would not admit to doing so. Do why do this and if so high and away or avoid a total disaster. Longtime listener first time OPP writer this is from might have been my. Now. On the have you ever but somebody sort. Yahoo! actually her but see that's to zero it was me she wanted that. So we won't really you never surprisingly went on oh surprise son about that presumptuous. And don't just presume. Oh I assume it's in your parting gift. Those kids and now he's Jones. So you'll notice. Around it. And you yeah okay I feel you've done a lot of tag I think that's the first thing you do Bo the first date hey let's go out and. Say you know you be disappointed by everything I am going on south leg up for Rudy out. Terry George demonstrated throughout the bombs. Yeah I I'm not I'm not a pent up dude when it comes to act if he hears it saying if he's. You're in a relationship I don't. Morning get advice and establish your relationship where you're more comfortable writing your favorite team and he's on the radio room and you are we talking her. I did it she wants to spark that sure anything's in and I say this this can definitely help but. If it's she's intimidated by it and then you task force and are they're gonna it's gonna suck it up and you really bash is no safe place anymore yeah yeah I mean if you're if you're in Vegas in your legs. Surprise is so. Let's just pretend we're gonna say yes we got do you do you get mature. On the plane on the way you cut probably not idea whom. When you land. Win your first about to have relations. After she's had about 47 drinks windy. When you go. Oh vital because it any toll. It shows premeditation. And so she's like hunch how. Right and you bring me here just for this kind of thing. I knew I wouldn't I wouldn't Richard introduce it probably. Carol you at home though because you got three kids all the time how you're gonna but I got hope your kids but. Hello I'm like yes some. I think we need to eat so I I. The way I want to tackle today is in I don't know if you feel the same way I think Oregon Iceland. But not just on this front how do you get that sparked active it's not a toy and I don't think what other advice Jeff does for this Mike guy. Kids has turned their libido down enough and I get that little. Armed. There's just. Each she's off and then you're gonna go to Vegas. You automatically assume is gonna fall back into place we need to make is it doesn't always right sometimes you need that little assist geography and lighter fluid race. We ask you this so you go. Every woman you dated or marry you you know she's had one has one or is incidence. I've known women who didn't. I didn't with women yes I'd been with women who. And I even fresher in the situation room I don't women who said they didn't even mates. Have never ever spent any time alone and relates while and it was like wow indeed yeah. Like I can hardly keep my hands off myself wah ha ha that's so snow for you Hewitt. Because he doesn't know his wife does this do you know he doesn't she says is that something you would probably. Are you down. And eat each they've been married for three kids in she. Has it ever let it slip or he's never. In moving from apartment house or any bank broke ever seen something wrapped in a towel that you didn't recognize or never heard then she probably doesn't have one so he's probably never had one yes so now he's gonna introduce this into her life. He's going to be doing it seek your on this trip this vacation and was not look good driver. And but the worst you just say is no. Let's go gamble. Rate she wouldn't just say no it would be like. This is what you think amazing come like one of those people who let you know that's what it. That's what I'm reading between lines she's don't I don't want to be a big fight he's afraid she's gonna go like Abu. Kindness I think I try and ruin the vacation ruin everything via. Me ask you yes I'm. If you. If you buy in the first line. You've got. You've got a baby step there's there's a very popular coming to go to zero and the bird butterfly this one. This this phone with things like yeah yeah I like your panel that's for sure talent. A five that's how I would go and ask for a pet you have this I need. The sooner rather girl hummingbirds right various movie you clarify let's say you guys are making shadow. I put it out when the you know what I hear that they're gonna call our mortgage assets as I outlined okay. You can't buy or even though that's the wind. Then everybody would want you freak out don't start dare I know you got to start with something that looks you you can't go for you a hot night so you gotta you don't you start. Super basic I feel so that's our first advice to Richard roll the dice Mike. Starter yeah both him. That's an anatomical well I don't I don't know what to deal worries go to school big goal go home guess I'd better news. It's the it was on Amazon prime it's gotten two days. Save money. Enjoy and flew over our neighborhood I urge you pay. Reminded she'd several times on the radio I assumed. The thumb OK so it's we need the women a sucker and Steve. Would you be OK command surprise you without them I I feel like. The women that I dated probably. Would be okay with a but I mean I'm I'm a little like I'm yeah a little more open. Relations wise and its site. That would probably get discussed it's I easy is it weird to try something new to spring something new on somebody that's a question be it. Did a toy be a maneuver. BA I lifestyle beat whatever it is you spontaneous or tend not to do you have to like sit down and go OK I was thinking about and then. It's it's no longer. UC system earlier though so he they're there in the hotel and humans as luggage and whips it out as presented to our. She's I think by having her like late but you said earlier you think delegates or. All your own thing coming good any bush I think you see it could be it could lead in security. You're right yeah that's why we need the women that didn't have a yeah. Alarmed he did it does bring up insecure feelings he knew if he starts giving you. Relations like clothes or tools or different things or you find it. Cool because this might guy I mean an end. Not all women are wired the same night she just doesn't have one rhino we don't think so and three kids later she even want that. In the end will she be met that he doesn't know we're well enough to know that she did so that's the question hugged there's a lot of it's just not introducing good toy and his daughter doing a lot of and it's a it's a first time vacation without the three kids you. Ourselves Mike wants to they did trip this coming up a little biggest weekend getaway and he wants to bring toys Weston that she's never probably you yes should he surprise her Covert should he not still stand me. Why not hey what do you think. Well the stock I think they've got some that he could start with some things and that's just a little less threatening look. Blake can there's powders are warming relations he could put on her neck and and then he's assuming we can connect to little. So just start to jump all the way into you learn to Waltz. Into this second at the same size and so he can who can. Who got a spark without a whole bonfire. It sounds yeah. Am I am putting words in these dudes mouth but it's aged he sounds kinda desperate he's like I'm trying to get more out of her. It in in our marriage in in the bedroom you know. The break and starting with some things like bad getting her agents then you know touching kissing being suites. My eight to open enduring can help her get around there. But if she's into that. Could he. Could he have that in his back can he be like well since you're cool where is step one in two with a warming lotions and powders now was 300. It's as hot seat underneath your luggage and dealt with if it doesn't say yes they could chop it up there that's true mocha. So we can't be with so you never done it before on air and also your man thing shows up with Lon reviewing what would juries mental state senior. It's gonna depend on what her mental status he might have insecurity that we don't know about this so. You should know he's seen as someone you know it sounds like to doesn't she's writing us you guys she doesn't think she's ready for and he wants us to figure out answering generality or. Because it's like he's already CNN or did she has won easy easily visiting a notion that what if she doesn't have one. So she can't afford it or doesn't know they exist so. Now they're good they're both so moon. Holiness stated that they could play with togethers. There's been a humble and whole slew. This sounds like you're one of those people as people over to their house inmates well I'm delighted that at a pastoral care. I was hot topic this we now involves us. It's a snake lover leave the and it's really thank you much good advice guys informative stuff Victoria. I but he isn't. I think it's important they keep in mind that they're going to do eat. Release and capital of the US UK through tonight though when I'm that he got a couple drinks and there he can bring an app we marked incorrectly when they're walking the strip and they eat and relation store that's. Do you know that's good zero or an interest people hitting you all the cards out. Don lemon stats and remedy yeah. Great aunt so much you could. I never used to wait until my current boyfriends and went shopping together and it'd be really cool as a collect things to get to learn about what each other. What you'd like weekend. In these or whatever. You're interested in you know and so it makes say I'm any more. On being hit everything center. So he said so you know recent one being my name and I'm sorry. Stay up for you just as Sunnis are talking about this stuff for long enough kind of going off. Can the moment. I know what they're right two. I will literally be bright yeah hey. Guys will barely missed don't. Members. Oh my god. Where you insecure leads US drinks and you wind he was like hey lets you did you think it was look our I just. I'm down coming added six ways do you think was literally organic whenever he kind of had already Google Maps. Walk this way after four cocktails and organically go yeah. Are we did he or she. You even a little bit interested in the idea than he had not really or Google map EnerNOC iced. So yeah it is she had to go part to get that. So now you when your man probably have dislike him Banda Lara is that unlike the shift difference noise as. Prayed. Yeah I locally. I don't think I should say anything on the unless it's your I usually leave it where it's acts they did you ever gone but do you. Three. I do not believe the stock joints which we do. Are you bought. Every. Time why not do it purportedly change and how weary and at the told Mel I mean there are now ready and and I mean at least they know what to expect and I mean so I don't hawking has gotten. You break orchard about a page their honey I got bad I mean get my not come up that romantic art you know it's true if you break. If you wanna you know I mean that the judge. And I just just fight it out and you're not yet been OK I mean Ed carpenter bringing another dimension a better MR you're doing that I mean there's we allow or being out. Yeah but do you get pitched right a quarter. You would be okay with somebody surprising you with a tough. Mean I. Having them already have bought it you know or should she talk for but to meet the big the big thing is is Ike. If she Garrity has an in his hand it's like. That's a lot of premeditation. Like that means he's thought about how they need a spark a lot never talked to her they drove to you late. Google stores. Drove to the store club Democrat like she and her bruised. Talk to employees on what's a good starter with plenty if it's for me he's somebody who over thinks everything I'd go wow you sign a reinvested yes and that hurts me. I think she got into thinking maybe Barry they have strengthened and that either by what are you words bright red. Pick up their diet. I know I'm trying to where did the fight and maybe tortured her and say they do all it presentation is here. And that moment or appear you know completely honest and completely open minded and willing to know that at the chance you can I get Sean Gannon so they know. But I mean as a developing your presentation and I would recommend doing that before the church. That there are not and there are like in all. During that time that didn't out and away and again. I would put in their luggage in the when they're in the hotel room. So foul and that the how does this give you and yet. I just say this affirm any if you amateurs ever traveling with toys take matters it's simple decent birdie in Seattle and it stops when there isn't the bomb sniffing dogs although I drew all of yourself. Thank you for the information breach Susie. Yeah yeah I. But he thinks he I think how Mel I don't know no thanks so they're relations I does that stay in the right. No absolutely not when he used KBP. Step. Being accurate when they first started a team will let you know what really daughter excite it. And goal from Mary you know EEE don't start when you don't like you don't go to this pretty. Without going into the realm lose and everything now. You gotta go back in the beginning. But we don't have time we're going to Vegas we got three G isn't the only got like 48 hours still nights. Didn't reach connected so glanced around take you to the driver in the well. And not the other thing is I don't know why he I mean obviously they've been married why oh why didn't he actually and. Ask her remember what. You estimate can't count her excited. Because it's much easier to ask us to please. This kid he could be careful what you wish to score. She might enjoy it deployed more than he. You know. As a guy when I when I first got introduced to two ways women with toys I thank you. There is that insecurity thing but then I was likely to it's there's no well it's never gonna replace way. Brian this whole thing I'm not. We would. Eight to ten and I take a veteran to you know lake what it might you know you'd be dead I don't do it carried anywhere. Yeah I know that's Nomar he could bring up some major insecurities and she are and he doesn't talk about the stuff we are in. We're in a weird spot thanks thank you for your opinion cheesy we appreciate it a source still no writings. Grace. Thanks guys. I couldn't say definitely do not by any kind of clothing items. I don't pay a starter tool they would be kind of fun. Sort of toy meaning what some. Lipstick cheating nice little ring. Mile or that's all or her honest and oh yeah. And you search and at home or you bring that to Vegas inserted megas. During an okay ambush her with all those in Vegas yes the ambush in meg still feels like somehow. Okay good idea. Yeah they take even called race you might be you or IMAP right now with this whole thing I feel like. Every the dog who ever said there's porn stores there. That's a that's a play dude is single looked like you premed it's OK just like six Euro order stores or where those stores are and make sure. You're going to see a circle so due solely saying whatever and you walk by and go. That's why we do we know that what what's there to. That way is if you premeditated it is it's kind of awkwardly weird in. It says I'm on this level. Eager trying to give her boosted level since one BL OR IEC just have to go into the story gather and choose what level Iraq you can ruin her emotionally more than maybe where you guys around and you might guess. Zero relation Curtis as I got more advice we'll take you don't run the slacker and Steve FaceBook and it's.