Slacker and Steve - OPP: Cancelled Bridesmaid 5/11

Thursday, May 11th

Being a bridesmaid is a big commitment. The planning, the buying, the time. Our OPP is scheduled to be a bridesmaid in a wedding and you won’t believe what the bride just did to her. Hear her OPP and tell her what you think.


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Staying. At a fairly positive we're not gonna come up with the solutions for today's a PP of course prefer street yeah. But we can help other people they can and loyal and I just read of yet we can you prevent it from now on Smith says they won't be my bridesmaids just. Around here the cartoon imprint that it makes when you run through a blowout oh really yeah do that discussed arm but Cindy's already in crisis so we're gonna try to fix it if we can. Cindy. Yeah I tell us what's going on. Well I tell him my good friend blend in Iowa. And downs you instead to be getting married that learn. Actually get into a rat oh. She had each. And I am. What's supposed to be one of the bridesmaid. I have a nice to get together their per chance and I have suggested project. Also alternative. I forgot about that part of it all I saw. You wanna do you wanna go line by design on how much is still concert do you wanna tell you they just makes it nonrefundable ticket to Iowa. Weren't able cash or challenger and no. I have a RA and end. How about shoes although she's done in India Indian and died to that same colors address and all that so old. Jewelry. And just didn't actually exciting. At least probably call it shoot it thousand dollars you know I mass. And Alex and. There's a bridesmaid I also have to pay if were. Like the party's when you get there's no parties are they're always down payments on things like oh how I only have an idea. Oh why are already paid for the bachelorette party and that RD downpours. News and money already out of my hunch it. What is your arm. Mean we feel for you obviously people what is your question. For us then. In a war on a long. Shot at the bread and learn. I hear me out to you so soon. I told rather than I would normally her world has heard. Like to be ethnic tension and macaroni cheese and major arms and cancel list. Can I mean am I getting out running back like it got Iowa. For no reason and you know just gonna fly to Iowa and we are corn flower dress for no real. All very soon he would I like is are trying to use the I told you so defense and you know I told you this they came to burn reason you. 'cause I told you two years ago is there's some moan don't think. It's you know what though it's by isn't as buyer beware of is is this you would you agree this is a chance he take would you agree. To be a bride's maid in a destination wedding. Specially up IO law. I. Mean everybody did it turn like sweet tea take overs sorry he'd play. You know machine that want to implement implied he'd tilt that hurt you know. Yeah and it's officially over there's no chance of this is gonna make an eleventh hour reconciliation. Where. You'll need to dress you'll need to take it's it's over. I'm no wedding it's fresher over and it canceled with the venue and everything to draw a line they could get back together because they're off and on couple. Are there. What what I like about used to wedding share. What I like about you as your other bridesmaids the only field for that couple their friend because you know it was a big day and it's gone Cindy it's about business this is about what I know this is. Guys here's it's true Steve all of the other bridesmaids feel the same way newsletters and Internet guide and they don't have cycle in Steve's number bomb but I. Thank you that would. If if I had something like this and I was paying for a trip somewhere that I absolutely didn't wanna go. Nonrefundable he didn't have back is not a funnel means you think sooner. Especially before and one of those airlines won't even give you great credit Ernie Banks you're out dat. The dress. You can't even pretend that he would ever Wear is bridesmaid dresses are heat yes you can like. Maybe there will be some occasion and I am no I wanna Wear a big who feeds sleeve with the you just that's that's money. Unless she gets married them almost three years from now and still wants the same color scheme that's gonna be good golf this woman she's in eighth place. Even to the same guy and like a year she's gonna wanna do it increasing he'll be pregnant or what and have to buy another. Sorry it's it's I'm not a money are the only. Yeah I had already been altered just not like it could zealot packages are looking out and walls. The less you guys had a verbal agreement that hey if this goes so I was Judy where I don't remember certainly my god now. All right it's kind of like I assume that when big was still this honor on meet as you part of their pageantry and their whatever. That's that's kind of part of it I know you'll think about to happen to the call earlier today out. I I. So now the Judge Judy arrives with a legally he's probably right you don't date you're not entitled to any name to her if she's your friend you can't ask then you're to be valuable lesson TC appeared to be like that and ask you see that's hard you'll. Hey you know we she saw norm price through pain in the number passage to ask and are do you have taking you'd ask. Do you think you could ask. OK okay. Business hurt and I am lucky that Eric and she'll think better about me. I get and who knows you can't get a grip right. I consider you a December itemized Bill Lynn. Right Reggie. Hey here's what I'm out I'll meet you halfway on the fly 80 you're all in on nine. A slow. And all I mean. We're staying we wish you crazy walks is gonna pay all the other bridesmaids off to she's ever gonna pay called sin well maybe you could include that I will keep this between us so you don't have to go sour note disclosure clouds the other friends find out on God's. Cindy I don't know that anybody else has been in your position were gonna try to decent health hang hang on I like Cindy she's putting. Mind over hearts she's she's bright she's out bunny a lot of this woman is emotional and said I'm canceling the wedding and she hasn't thought about. What she's asking around those villages there is significant part I'm not suggesting this and his friend should go ahead and get married but. Is she should she be culpable. Morally or legally should she be culpable for any of these people is a it's it's it's a key I if you've. Got any advice for Cindy we'll take you but if you've been screwed by something like this yourself maybe tell us how bad you had it is a bridesmaid how much. You didn't even they went through the wedding and bridesmaid tore out. Like 5000 or more because. Destination wedding and then they expect to democracy are well on top of that is very slow Mexico pacer bachelorette party bought a dress did you know. It's no inclusive all love to see us bite Cindy the wedding is canceled she's about out about two grand. Can she ask the bride for immunity back. Actually the I don't know I. Where you think. IRA Cindy I think that you should suggest that you. And the other right means and that you know expert I should just take advantage to everything and you just been arrested and that party it up and you lions. So still fly to Iowa what are your dresses. Just yet. And I'm viewed that as Jihad which. A white wedding dress and they celebrated by Thai dyeing all of her I'd made it through lake he'd ask her while she just like danced so low expenditures the most beautiful thing. And so you eat it too bright with you. No it's your book you throw it literary. Knew we were being done out there. Did their friends could put something out as a boy changed his own thinking logically in your thinking emotionally. I'm still. Good drives. Are stupid cards flowers grass I still slowed Iowa and I'm doing nothing but. At a party and I don't wanna. Oh were supporting Aaron Gray. Eyed. I like my friends like my friends a lot but. I don't feel like paying 2000 dollars to support them let's go to reimburse me that I'm not gonna wanna hear you know pay 2000 dollars their wedding just here's the deal. This chick he's gonna meet somebody else. And Miriam automatic guys from Costa Rica or getting married there okay since the coaches just gonna cost me out how stable is the relationship. Especially what do you do to be rude asked for any money or is that just completely gushed. Any idea I'm primary care Aaron Cook it just isn't a friend or friends or. Okay yeah I don't. I see your party ideas gray an easy if you change your money back on the ticket and I guess you go out there but it's nights you know he's he's this. 400 dollars on some Jessica McClintock on dressed in you know you never Wear again I was married somebody was in a lot of winning musician wow that's. You're very Kansas City was I don't that she was a professional is right and essential bridesmaid it was like Elian and other Brad May in addition tonight that. A she we did to Jessica McClain talks dog. That's showing no corn flour is a blue collar wall color would you think corn flurry as you would think you'd be yellowing maze but you know it is a blue beat the flat yeah these are national flower on corn. I think known an encore I don't think so. Why did they call it corn flour a but some really dumb name for a blue grass lots ask dial up. Ansari. Chris is our guy what do you think. I think that you get after some money okay UHU I can't get it together for. ESP ESP calendar for an athlete you know letting him see. Point something out she's got the lowest point your life and brightest Cecil she's you know. Her parents are no other girls problem no. Have farmer Bob I sheets you can order your it's her fault. Here's my here's my fun little point and I wanna make. The first and probably only person he's gonna say ask for the money how possessed something come with Witten with us Steve what do you think that it slow what's what's Elizabeth it's a bullet up. Oh yeah. Not a single female I know I know there he should ask for the money and they're all like home by your the remains yeah that's their own mood you know I want. Should the bride may be out the money it's not our fair to her why should she be out. Should students. But we have to we have to be compassionate to somebody who made no I'm saying to confront the female perspective. You we have to beat. Compassionate towards somebody who just lost her fiance and it's a. She ended up at an issue. Cyrus. Know everybody over her parents over too isn't paid for and I'll say this I think the answer but next time this woman calls says. No but for real I'm getting married I'm used a now riding a motor Ukrainian storage no wedding. So unless you're getting married I don't know in my house I mean again and I'm wearing whatever I am my closet then no yeah you have to. Maybe just addressed a client again she got to build a chance for that may get a credit there's no way the airline you know or heard of that but the address that we. Okay I'm further dress and some of the incidental what were your heads now now it's it's about. Is it that's a little bit wedding is over we called it off it's about business now I know reducing debt and so is Chris and sold is 70% of meat but not the now 30% and as progress and drew my body. Tell me we have the systems we do and we can't even though she's just your friend and she made that decision and you are really screwed you over yes. And that's what friends did a lot of picture of the pay much earlier so my god I don't Paul Moriarty. That's what for its friends they screw you over that's what they should just let them come. I got header. And I who do you think. And shock. I weren't but I mean a Bonner right piece for the bridal shower the bachelorette party was in the think he but it was our way paid for right what I paid for greater asks about the issue that you I had aware. On and they can't vote like two months before the lighting up. How much we're out how much were you and with we're paying for those parties you had to be getting close if not exceeding what Cindy zen. Oh yeah I would probably in any dog mean on power they had to be at you like to Brandon got a little more easy like put out everything. I mean don't they know I was kid and I told my friend like that stocks. But this thing kind thing about how many thousands of dollars seed out of other direction can get back yeah the older veteran packer bear all out of that under herb say I did didn't feel like it was necessary. And if if if she didn't call it off nobody be out any effect. Yeah actually bled. I mean that's not my aide to that's not my life without reaching would've been easier for me to just do it I contribute to confirm and ultra. And I went to the road Allen enjoyed my at all and I told her like skiing like this sucks for me because I'm not just money still not yet told engine as possible when you're having problems. But I didn't feel comfortable asking for any of the money back because she without thousands of dollars for wrong wedding and I'll. I that you guys are even friends anymore I. What we. We are Oprah or Madonna is good I just I here's my thing and I don't know if I was always this way or if you turn me into this whole pool but I thought if I hate. He didn't win my decisions. Negatively very few people around by feel like man I I. I hate. Chose the wrong man rye needs to chosen unmarried even though my friends told me not you I forced him into buying expensive dresses and flying all the way to Iowa and then out did I come to my senses. Will meet someone in my senses. Brace for mean but you just screwed everybody else or Brad I move down everyone's dinky town yeah. I hate it when I do I personally would be. Offering them to disobey because I hate when people think they are and I are old old easier but yes us. I hear you're probably right Heather but in the end it's the difference between boys and girls we we just think you. Lodge different different different days since the and I. What do you think. I think she should get the money not and the reason why it's because Clinton's. Split the cabinet now and the public didn't just belted a game like bring it out to get married and you don't get married are gathering back and all those venues that they hide they're debating and other money not on that topic because they didn't pick out a contract. So they oh you're saying the bride should pay the bridesmaid. All right JAE Howard's talked to verify you are female at the to run a business suit us and I you UN Cindy and everyone in this room are the only people who feel that way it's good arm. Put contracts. It's not a contract well it's an owner. Is. Aren't you a lot of paper part of your body and you Campbell nobody even I didn't know they had. You go through with her part why do all this because of your wedding you didn't go through Fridays just like you deposit it is this like it's down to breach of contract you didn't facility at our. Job. Didn't know we would she had ever had to pay you so I don't home. I think it did eight irreparably changes a French cabinet for me that's again and if I if vice and to bring in a new. And it's for its literally if I spent two grand your wedding any media divorced nine months later whenever it's like. You were dominant guy still that's on Daimler Franz we drank and didn't tequila shots back but they blitzed. Which actually gotten. Born this is and give my best he's serious point Iowa are bright and sunny in June and that's that's that's not access the punishment. Is so. Wow so would you ask her and heard what do you fly out to Iowa and asked her do you send her letter do you sinner and invoice how would you do engine. I would probably color and color WikiLeaks into how people that paved breed your part each sample web part each and then they. All I'm thought our. Yeah that's there we go Jay Howard talk next I'm JG did you know what Jay bird you can make for good. As Cindy's is so. Just saying now you're finding you're in golf the bottom line is I the bulk of other people like its business. They're saying it's not still in its like people. Remove emotion from it and realize this is a woman in her twenties two thousand dollars doesn't grow on trees and am now yeah. She's not she doesn't get a vacation for only show all this other stuff. Or does she does make a bad debt and a friend. That is yeah I don't care about you read became a black actor ours oh wow aren't you still wanna sound off maybe gets any more advice maybe you wanna call the friend as Cindy yes take more of your advice over on the slacker and Steve FaceBook page.