Slacker and Steve - OPP: Cancer Engagement 7/13

Thursday, July 13th

Our OPP was planning on proposing to his girlfriend, but something just came up that might cause him to hold off…or even do it at all. Hear his OPP and tell him what you would do.

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Selector and Steve. This is a tussle initiatives like this guy and we need better the women just like currencies to tell this guy what's the right thing to do it seamen died guys you guys. I've been with my girlfriend for almost three years and butter engagement ring a few months ago. We always taken a new summer camping trip that I was planning to propose them. Sorry to bring everyone down though but I just found out I have cancer. The doctor says it's going to be a tough fight and I started chemo run away. With that news I don't know questions still propose. I had a plan before I found out I was sick but now it's gonna look like I'm gonna be doing it out of panic. I'm sure she would have said yes anyway but now I feel like yes would be out of obligation because of the cancer. And there and and then there's a chance that I die. This is going to be the biggest obstacle a relationship is based in a notion will be by my side. There's always the chance it becomes too much. I want her to be happier life and not feel trapped because I got cancer and proposed. At the same time this is the woman I wanna spend the rest of my life with that want her to know that. I guess my question is would women out there are still want to proposal in our situation. Should I do it or wait until I beat that's what would you do this is from Brandon. I love the fact that he wants a little off the hook up parts school. He does doesn't he he's like I don't I don't. I don't think he wants who he wants to leave you option no gas there gap arm. I mean I'm the kind of guy that would just ruin the romance of the proposal on the situation if I were to go ahead with a proposal. I'd propose an angle book about the rain this day and I got my cancer diagnosis of stage I swear to god. I was like this is not that is important it's not what it looks like but it didn't need to finish this explanation although it. The butterflies and new recording it's it's not a romantic anymore 'cause you're trying to prove. You're not desperate. You don't mean anything. The second he was diagnosed I think that killed that studies did yeah he looks desperate if you ask well. It's sad he has I like I like chorus has that he wants to wants to let her know. How he feels about or won't spend the rest of his life with her this all happened before this stuff hype as the kind of think that's a little important. I think it's important for her to know he's just not doing this because acute. Like she. Can't. Say. Not to she would have liked he said. 99% of proposals are yes because guys are so we are rejection Jessica of course you know you've you've had it is Smart and arranged this. But if she had any reservations. Could she possibly say no. IIIC yes you think she could still say no to the proposal I. Knowing what we don't turn absolutely. That's not being heartless it's just been reality she's gonna have this isn't it they'll shoot she's gonna be going through all of this is well with tens. Yes so says I gonna affect him as an effect of them and a relationship they under. Exists. How knowing phrase this this this is the bill passed away but this the best way to begin a life the other. You wanted to do it mom and god. Does he in order to get through this does he need her there. I would say yeah I mean if I was fighting cancer I know you're the kind of guy who would go off on your own. I'm trust and had plenty of friends are known and fighting cancer and they need they need people. Just didn't. So now we're back to he's got a propose to let her know the only reason I'm not proposing is I need you to go through to him. He's got to fight. It in the end ladies. Is this the proposal which you've dreamt about since you were sidelined him last night though. Well these fired up I I just think there's something that he didn't even mention in his email that he needs to think about and that is. If they if he does propose and she's like yes that's who we love you on a merry you right now. Not only is he kind of like trapping her like he's an easy no. But now she's on the hook for all of his medical there's some really does happen in fact I drive a free not just engaged. They're good but hey okay so my wife where she's a nurse and she works with cancer patients and she. She is how this happened before aware that somebody will get cancer and suddenly they're like I wanna marry you I just want you know a number of my life with you and the person was like. Yeah let's do it let's go right now and oh and now that. Personal medical bills are very irresponsibility. My body they came to visit me recently yeah his lawyer he just lost his wife to cancer. A battle cancer for the last five years. But technically they were married they'd prefer is that sort of in fact the counselor to hold my body dude don't don't proposed don't Mary I just sounds harmless because otherwise like little. All the financial burden will shift overtake the number you think you're doing a good thing given them something to live. Sure and do all that stuff you literally prepared to I mean that is a level. Oh Mike got some romantic guy in me just hates. Society because that's how it's now been put on the flip side of it if he's got a life insurance set up and all that kind of stuff. Then she becomes a beneficiary of which the money goes back to pay all the bright side she'd be like three clear may be right there there are other things I think about and just play. They wanna marry you. So I'm I'm pretty sure I know your answer Steve thank you I would pretending date yeah yeah matrix even pretending you would get married in the first closest hospital like. Knowing who you are a few Datsyuk can tell you want to burden anybody know you're not gonna putt I wouldn't. A bad at all I would still I was still each share my feelings with her I would still. How would you tell her you were going to. I mean is that the answer to say. I don't wanna do this now it's important to you to meet Christina no I was Tony Curtis because I still think that is important that she needs to know that and that's a great way great way to phrase it. Who do you would you propose stuff I think I would let her decide yeah. It's such an iffy if they felt. Johnny's I think I think it sounds selfish but in in the moment I think if it. If he's already convinced that she's gonna say yes and they had this wonderful foundation built before he got sick. It's not like he's just common out of the blue wick says you know I mean I I think I would do it. I think it would she's been she's got to think about the you're putting the burden of like. I want it from the moment you propose tough moment you walked on the Ohio is all supposed to be his joy is planning a wedding but instead it's like. Oh yeah and bones are planning what's on the taking chemo again the meat makes. It's. I think you guys won't what Steve said kind of earlier is like is that the foundation you wanna start a mayor John fund may not necessarily but on the flip side. I kind of think it's. A strong foundation to said Mary Jo yeah I mean if she'd make it any if he makes it through you know you're probably not gonna have a tougher battle or anything that will be worse than that. Ever. I wouldn't I route I'd release her from the situation you are no really I think I I don't know what I do I think if anything I'd say I'd short the ring inside. This is yours. I was gonna do it but now let's up let's do it the day I get a clear stand. So she just then. You know what I. Awful in the fight well you know Brennan's problem he had the ring he was given proposed. But he's cancer diagnosis slow it down now he's questioning should do it anyway I love her wants and personal for their. What should Branyan do you know how Don. Yeah I had a nice. It could very near and dear to my heart it happens almost. Exactly like that term I can't then he way. They hit just actually gotten engaged. This and she was diagnosed with leukemia. And be even though that the Catholic wedding which is there anybody you know Catholic means that your spoke to wait is it. Very young oh. You do don't they you do very church let them get married anyway and they looked it up. She was married within like six weeks. And I don't being cool location or would it change the alignment. Instance at bat. Egypt she let her unconditionally. Winter without the cancer. And that just gave him without wind extra. And did she didn't her weird Blake's. They just eats just like you're using you're not using the cancer but I mean it's it's. From the victim inside of the cancer society all of a sudden when you get cancer we don't OP he's an artist Leo you nobody wants to tell everybody because it did everything or UKQ a BC can do this incident. You're lazy the floor right in just act normal round that's normal yeah slight uptick to put this new big life stepped in there. You'll always be questioning. Without her moral response. Or was that her now old guy he's dying of cancer risk us. Now all if they've been together for three years they were gonna get married any way even our church I am. You will apply. To eat there or at. Let her be there for him and the best way to do that is to say that is my husband's. I was fighting with my husband's. And that is just an extra level. Of how work. He please speak giving her and I don't think there's any Yeltsin back. And you know Logan ninja anywhere. And fortunately we did lose Jenny. And my heart you know Christ burger. At Logan is still Trevor Amelie she says she found love again and word just thrilled to adapt or that. Cecil pay your bills. Okay. Now you were really lucky that way that they both had good jobs this book I get insurance. And it you know you do have to bring their realistic aspect in Chile but it. English he's got a different that you were. Was there a joy in their marriage at all. Oh so well mainly it's beautiful they loved each other they were there extra each other we have a picture. Janine. After she had lost all of her hair and they were at somebody else's wedding and low interest had his hand on her head. And is. It it was such a touching beautiful picture there was so much work there. The murder had an easy enough. Jock Don seriously thank you for sharing with us yeah it means a lot and I know Iran and listening so we appreciate it. Janet. Yeah we knew each. I continued to letter now exactly right billows and teller flat out at CNET tech beat cancer I wanna spend the rest my electric here staggering 35 or help them get through Q Mellanby. Nice a guy that's a care dangling out in front of them writing daily she socialistic beyond the hospital with him she saw gonna do all that this is that it does it yacht but don't push off the pageantry part of the relationship liberal you know with the pain and no real part of it but it. The surprise of the proposal. Hmm that's the one thing that will be gone forever absolutely you don't eat that the Euro zone side there's various I mean it speaks I just. I know I'm just like I always sees the glass is half empty or whatever but its site its. No matter what right. She can never say this is a proposal would have won right. Bright guy she's gonna to a Julia no matter what is he proposes now with cancer now totals she wanted to. Shows the ring and says I'm gonna propose what I'd be cancer even when he does it's huge how many she's communal my god you're alive and yes. But I still not to announce that oh my god I didn't know him even had a brain kind of knock her off first he kind of yes proposal thank you for the call Janet I Kidman's. Glad you guys. I don't know I think he should propose. I work in the industry IE couples all the parent isn't happy and of their lives and. I think ended like come up in capital like that you cannot control. And. This would be prepared for a that's what I get great. Well. Word. This week we keep our czars it's home man. It's key if they were already married and he was diagnosed economic billboard neighbors probably not. And he's been with him for three years re great though. She'd probably not only she loved them. So why not flattering on her finger. And then let her decide what she wanted you don't get married right away. So at least give her all the information available and let her. You you can. In many other three years it's hard to just walk away from a bit like that all now in Los exit cost him and we appreciate notes. On Aden. Yes what do you think. Our IP that she should wait. I should wait and so worrying like didn't your. I plan that reporter how they won't but. I don't wanna do that right now particularly got two kids yet. Thanks. Even you when she sources say yes or whoever goes stop I didn't ask you question. I'm not asking. I don't want you to feel stock yes I. I just showing you this you actually you know where my blog that abilities but two moments before they told me cancer and my head's not I still wanna say it's been forever when you are not asking you and tell you can answer without gelatin word stuck. Not only want her and her boyfriend be sick and her husband would be even worse. Yeah while right now she's a site in the fight with a boyfriend that's true. So I would you would you want this I guess since this is your solution if this was your life. Would you wanna see their bring had a time Communist it is boiling the surprise we talked about that a minute ago I don't know like I was gonna give this to you. It just feels like it either. Our regional and pretend they won't print that I'll keep it planned for the cap and dark laden like he cracked. You could well go all right thank you for the call seems to be a lot of people moving towards that middle ground I'd like to think so yes showing but not. Not necessarily do enough yes I'm Nicole. I think you've been through this. I have and so I hang in there aid money had been doing he had troops in turn two. And terminate it and he actually patent which didn't break up which each and Christian which you. Currently employing little that's a lot. All it and it and our own. You know there are a lot at. Ensure your chow sat still planet and you know. Cricket and an expiration. And I mean. Art that I lucked out. So. That's why we some how under. You don't think you did any of it in this is these are terrible words but they have to be asked you don't think you did and even out of gilts you don't think you did any minute out of obligation. On not no I didn't turn Indiana obligation to get it. Can anyone mentioned stay cool highlight the plan will air how little chart outlining how do you like. That's romantic English anger. I don't think I'm I'm Marty because it actually army he died months or years ago and we are very short years. To reach children under China and. Okay. I'm being sandwiched. IED. And financial statute the big which still like you are attacking about pat on. What I do and it certainly. Eight world. You know I mean. You would do hey that's tennis again it's you can do if you knowing what you know now you do it again. It sounds easy but it would be Canada and again and all you want to my friends. She nearly an hour rule and. I'm eat I distill it is in his right foot there. I mean. We can't mountain tops the list called you drink consulate and so we danced. And and then my daughter has two weeks old when he diet didn't. One no not a new coal. Yeah so so your your suggestion is go for it ask her. I'd go try mean I don't know why she didn't scratch it either because and ultimately in my actually actually distinction is not the state romantic. That and eventually they'll all romantic which I wish. And that's how I view the situation he tried my ass tomorrow you know where I am. Who knows I don't know I'm it would be so she went to an active military issue is being the Plavix patent. That just stops happening and in my doorman to be gathered and either for each other and her son really gonna change can happen out of more actually really really tired. Like Alicia ancient habit out of that collapsed. I mean being trapped in my actually changing our mantra to stick together. Well thank you for sharing with us a call we appreciate it. He's either you know most you're either have them go for nobody's saying don't do anything right. Either proposed or you at least let her know that you're gonna put us there is so fearless and Brandon. Brightest back and let us know what you decided to do any other words we'll take over on the slacker and Steve FaceBook page.