Slacker and Steve - OPP: Celebrity Obsession 6/7

Wednesday, June 7th

Our OPP says his wife is attracted to someone else and has openly admitted she would cheat if given the opportunity. Our OPP says it’s ruining their marriage…but when you hear him explain it, you might tell him she’s right.


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Steve are there. Com and while this has gonna beat this guy is. Your prerogative I admire that he's got a wife who zone and got a little bit of an obsession thing going on and maybe we can all help him Oscar. Yeah a guy when you tell us what's going on maybe maybe we can help. Yes go I had my boyfriend and married her a little over five years now but that's one thing that she's like. Always added she's just been like creepy obsession with Adam Levine from Maroon 5. We're like. Blake who but I mean like crazy it's like I would have we met I knew that she was like a fan but like. Over the years like you know she's trying to plan out later like go to keeping to the police and like hanging out side. I need a 10 yeah are like oh or oh okay so like word I was they were in town. Remember the last time that they did she tried it stayed she's stayed at the hotel that she heard it I'm like a message board that he was going to be staying. Know that she might get a running duo. All this stuff you're describing is before you're married or she's she's still stalks him after she said I do do you. Notion that can still going on that you've been going on like through the time from when we met all. Where we've been married yet. I'm like okay political the year ago Adam Levine got married. And she was like. And so king placed her weight she wouldn't get out of bed a couple they like she's radio obsessed and like. I don't know how to get her to back down from this and Ehrlich are even how to tell it like that this is not like healthy to be this obsession with that guy on oh you know she's never gonna we have so it. Do you know I did she honestly told you I mean do you do I guess. Do you really believe in your heart that. If she ended up in the same room with them. She would make a move or does she just do you think she would realize that she loves you and and not do wrong thing. She told she told me that she had the chance quote my sleep without mention gonna take it might make who you know that's like a celebrity you know if she'd do that same play to them Indian. Sport like she gonna do him. How do you what. That's not this isn't healthy it is giving it to be worse apparently does this business. Yeah I know there is like I know that might get a chance of that happening are probably actually I'm like I don't really have anything to worry about the leg. It you know it's it's really gotten aren't like the last couple years like she just is at letting it go. Pop how do you Oscar. Everyone has a little feel Sarah girl crush her Fam boy crush on somebody and stuff but hers is like super severe. How does that make you feel women I know we're like she's never gonna hook up with the image ever to meet all our stuff but you have to live with this every day something new about Adam will be taking you feel like you're number G. As you know losing out to a ghost kinda yeah. How does that help. No it's cool at carnival like if that would mean a few hundred like such a leg good looking calculate everything about didn't feel like I am inferior to this guy like yeah. She just has the look on this pedestal so it's again it's like nothing I deer is ever going to be and graded Adam Levine what. On righty what you didn't I guess my question is what he wants from us do you want. Other people to tell you how to talk our office led jerk you wanna know if you should stay with certain zip it feels like you shouldn't. Another kick you can't leave her because it's never gonna happen but this unhealthy obsession that she has is. Yeah I mean that the obsession and it's like to play Gallagher and basically sort of like how do I guess her too late backed down for minutes without making her feel like I'm Mike attacking her like I. We don't really seriously talked about a lake she knows that among comparable that are like if she gets to. Creepy talking about him my guy you know I guess culpable like I haven't really sat her down a bit like this is up problems like I don't know how to approach that like I don't like. Bring that up up. And an Oscar would you would you guys do get to that point you sit down and you approach this topic with her. She's gonna look alike view oh call law dude you know your my husband you're not gonna lose out that Obama but I I had that conversation when my wife. About Obama and her session. You know I don't know what she says she said that exact Seng it takes we worried about it's never gonna happen. Puts you have to live with an everyday to media and then now that he's our current session is going in the movies I have that deal with that's right effect he's the only yes yes he's in movies he's in music she's everywhere. So he all while I Levine is always getting a key moral everywhere do we. You hear it. Jet you know due to the point words to write my must divorce you. Because of your obsession with Adam that does sound stays sound stupid but I'm telling you I know it Oscar feels there's times where you liked. I'm right here that you wish she would be is excited to see you as they are talking I know terror 10%. Jet. Oh in my right Oscar I mean these these how much. She. Talks about Adam you've got to be going. It just it it it's like I'm I am your man please treat me with at least 10% of that you know what it is our Agnes slacker an Oscar you wrote your ladies. There escaping you guys through. Data movies and stuff. You guys are always lose and I'll do it sucks why I don't like the fact that your wife has said she would do it. That's that's a partition it write any problems to Oscar yeah I heard it. And it's like it's like she's you know she says like you know I'm joking order but like I don't think she's joking and like she's she's said you know you're you know you're right man your 'cause then like there's nothing that's gonna associated reassured me and stuff but like. It's single or for so long now know Mike intense now. But I just like we need to like actually talked about it but I mean I just you know why I'm yeah I'm a prelude seventeen you know just sort of lap it up and be like no big deal but it is clearly a big deal. Yeah this is a no win it is it's a no win but I you know what I guarantee you there's both men and women who've had their significant other. Obsessing over a celebrity obsess. Do you just posters and stuff around your house still music is an error there shrines still try as well. Oh yes you've got like a as easily and doesn't like T shirts and like you know we've got liking a matter magnets of them on our fringe like it yeah. You can't give away from it's that I did ask her. Totally feel for you and I think maybe I admit when I said they're guys that I was in singer will need guys who seems like to me that's there is just what he feels like they're not just you guys but the kids in this the norm yes Watson yeah. And it did that doesn't make it if he doesn't matter who does it hurts just the same pain on us your help is on the way bombs. If you've got a significant other who's obsessed with a celebrity even if they're just obsessed with any other human. What toll is that is automatically unhealthy or is it only unhealthy when you still level that Oscar nominee is and when you get there. What can you. Right because according to her or him whoever it's just a crime should get over it now still leave you mean you are resent it do you sounds like going. I'm afraid I can't believe you because you like the dude in Maroon 5 yeah he said are you sound like he's sound ridiculous. Unearthed a reason. Testing miserable hours today is Adam Levine it's it's the dumbest thing I've ever heard from what I know I. Grill it or real roster. If you wanna help us drought or you didn't issues we'd love some advice for me you know. Tammy. Asked yeah what do you thanks. I think there are different between your significant and they're having a crush on a person and light. Your neighbor care worker and had a crush on a public image. Thank you Democrat on the public image. Yeah it's a polished version of what they want people to think I'm not a real person and true I don't think. The unit and on the day needing to worry about although. I still wouldn't want to hear about it. You'll only hear about but what happens when she booked a trip to LA so the next voice taping that's weird isn't it. You get into it and get a crack on an image slight Alec this person Kingsbury didn't extract live. He's not on satellite. Hookup with them. True okay so so we have and our heads that it's governor bill follow through on our relations but still like soccer said. He's got to hear about the same person. All but Tony and now she's standing it's like I have I have a weekend off oh cool do you wanna go hiking or something no I'm trying to LA this to see first chance of I could see it did you did how that would begin to clear on somebody tell me. Lately like I had. I would wanna hear about it if my significant other has been saying for an actress. Gray I don't care erotic I knew the kind of person I am I constantly without that yeah yeah I guess now only okay you like Palin's family you like her being eager her song or whatever. And I can extract that you go to you know you're gonna go eat any concert or whatever we can play. I'm going out there all the time and try to lean over the country is feeling concert and I think that's. Gonna. Weird when she started following me down so I think she's already there are no you guys I feel like. Media are too close to this one but I feel my age. When you said the word disrespect that's you've you've nailed it Steve that's he's over here going. I. Your I'm your husband yeah stop talking about another man I don't sheriffs that man is geez this. Or Adam Levine or your coworker. You're constantly talking about horse thinking yeah out another main that's that's not healthy for a relationship. Don't get into session and then yeah I get fat and a bit. It's at the midsection and then yet that the bigger ratio does your ever I mean I think every average person has. You know women that. They have like celebrity type crashes on that is not an attraction during a graduation where they're yeah we raided their life. Real or anything you do one of us yeah. Both Pakistan and will your score and then later so I think that's the nature of the call Jimmie Johnson who yeah. Back. He died when you think. So I hit my campaign and I bowl Carter will be easy to have our celebrity crushes but it's a little comedic play that's what. If she can critique you as you make no I like this girl like bird incident might be out they love has been bought and hello Chris Moret. And were always play H we watch a movie star might try your boyfriend the on air or yeah cheaply. Dude it's joyful if if yes and so on was shooting on location in. New Mexico and she packed up to grocery getter in droves bear to watch to see if maybe she can catch a glimpse at Clemson Menem of him on sex. Would you be OK with that. Yeah totally and goodbye Adelaide slacker how do you you know our return to Mexico. I I just I literally just was saying New Mexico as a place for the issue move I think about. Breaking bad tenements sorry that's weird with. The guys are assessing of each other items you might crush yeah. I love you slacker. Sure you'd be OJ was. Totally I don't care like I know you'll meet I've got to ring our finger at. That's Lebanon until what whatever you think you bodies are whatever I keep agree with you know clearly more insecurity. It's me it's it's near its Oscar works you insecure. To have our wives and I don't think of myself now I don't I don't you know I don't think it's all in securities think I'm not from time. Easy thing to say yes I do just being insecure gas and then you can't find that you know I just you're okay argument diamonds or anything I say makes me sound always easier to act. I argued that particular call that I'll see you at your house later consider my binoculars. On the Nissan. Yeah I would you. Now. He let me look for a lot I hate or love love love Adam Levine. Is a little bit creepy at their own you see when you are right. A reaction I've actually got Jenny cam used. You know and it's very Clay Aiken apps that. I have been achieving all my gosh you're not allowed to go it alone because he'll and it can wheelchair like fondling him or something and not know that's a little breezy. How in an in finance and chief lean. I absolutely adore Adam Levine yeah that's a little bit overboard like trying to figure out where he apple Colin let them. Can he do about Rory what can this guy what can Oscar do. To shut down this obsession. You know it's hard I mean really how you gonna be able to do that this is like Laura is if any cream each. It's got to stop he's really got to stretch sticker that he's feeling expect get ready. I am like my and then went a little annoyed at me for eloped and I thought I don't wanna look at this. Picture you like what happened you don't brag about me like that I. Right. I got to act thirteen point it out and say you're always popping what I am like yeah I stared state bears blah blah. And I eventually felt like oh I don't have really you know like I should be landing on him now wave breaking about him not only are these. Are you yeah hot air coming round uniting means pilot site. I used to have let that eat half naked picture grandma I think Bieber IQB and it the picture of him out on that see that. He actually little overboard right being. While thank you for the companies so we appreciate it yeah he's up for an ultimatum. Zip it yeah. Seeing him army we all heat ultimatum this is his worries that now right when somebody's abscess or something else it's nightstick we have sites. If you if she were doing cocaine all the time you go it's a cocaine or me. There is so is Adam Levine Emeka on our own Liz. Yeah I creed thank. I think in any year. We should be concerned about it I think you issued a little crazy. I feel like it takes a lot of energy daily relationship. You. Why is everybody or social media the exact copies it to kids hear his voice may download do you everybody's still remains Crist never gonna happen it's it's making me to to have patience yes it's more serious. You see spurs aren't taking image so what would you do now they you have a right to be concerned what do you do to shut it down. I got I have not I think he needs to happen early congregation about a liquor. However got. It is not nothing abnormal about it speaking awaken their relationship because. All right I'm either going door to lobby. Loving them other guys I don't know. I can't say with some wanting to do that you relationship with someone that's not see. Yes there it is well said I hate to say this but it's not like. And it's still stupid to be a link right on your next match dot com profile my marriage and because of Adam Levine but if that's. If she's not gonna put the energy towards and it's time to bounce spirited way you lose. Stacy. I I we used to tell. They've seen me about that but it actually getting borderline at that. Asset and possibly a mental health ratio and hey if you actually going to be places really train them and that he didn't she tell her husband issued going to sleep with true. If that guy among that half then then that I'm averaging you know and healthy. Person and they need to go abuse and mental health I don't play. Nice or just dump earth does that's what I do is when I'm. Working for me then I'm just gonna barely nipped yeah. I thought going without an older guy thank you for the call I mean it's finally we found some people's. It and send it's more than just a crush if you've had gone through this Yemeni words she can say a word a great psychologist we'd love all those answers over on the site currency FaceBook page.