Slacker and Steve - OPP: Cheater PI. 7/31

Monday, July 31st

Corey is certain that her husband is cheating. She found her husband’s second phone that he uses for his other relations. Corey wants to hire a private investigator to catch him in the act and publicly embarrass him as much as possible. Do you think Corey should hire a private investigator? Or handle the situation herself?


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Slacker Steve tons a day. This is on the. I I don't think men can do what Corey stranded there we go yeah that's on sale in the glory of the weenie weenie women and men who who employed a your pluses and minuses to it so people tend to slow go yeah I talk show I guess I think. I'm reading it because I know my husband's cheating on me and I'm thinking of hiring a private investigator trying catch him in the act. I know he's cheating because they found a second phone he has for all his whole used to call him on. I could just call them out on it but I really wanna embarrass him as much as possible. My plan is to get the PI to take pictures of him. Which one of these girls and posted on FaceBook so everyone knows what type of medium heat is this way he knows never to screw with me and so everyone else knows what type of person he really as a cash. You guys think I should do it. This is from Corey. Cory okay she is eloquent those for you wrote you broke the wrong choke is both Steve and I pretty much scorched earth mean more so than him like you. I I think there's other people out there that would say yes. To doing it I know a lot of women that would wanna pursue this because we care what ago in the wanna give him deeper and got to know. You. If she's betrayed your relationship. Why hasn't announced Friday when we really details. A beautiful women wanted to know who they're losing out to the trio are and why. The train up front every notarized only doing stuff in the brute flaw that we'll do would love above. That's really what's trying to clean. I don't there's there's several examples that I can think dope where. One even if the woman is just forgive the infidelity she asked questions she wants details about. Wouldn't she didn't she do this did she do that it's like you wanna know how Linux I. Athletes do that steer it I wouldn't want details of plates meet me touch this and put Daren. For some reason though and then Cory also. Once you know no more off color women doing this is a public service to them future women that this guy but hook up with the ones who embarrass the most likely to. Two for the price of one embarrass him. Have been out here dome that I get my revenge. This is the other thing that I was gonna say and I think there's a lot of I've known other women to do this personally and from this show. You know your main is cheating. You want enough evidence would you suspect your gut tells you final phones pretty. That's that's probably that would be enough evidence for me but you if you really want attention in the act so then what do you do quarry are you gonna. Pretend to still love him or you're still owe you dinner the ruling. I shorts if that's one of your voice you knew she would have to your you can have relations with them. Do you keep pretending to be married tomorrow while you're secretly invest is we've had people all they show now we I found out. And then. Over the next three months. You know I've got an apartment started funneling money into a super checking account had investigators like on the block I. This second I know. For a fact you've betrayed me I can't even make eye contact with you I'm like. I let alone pretend you love it how you do that's for months for months. Yeah I've learned women are better that at that could shoot it. Could you get. What's my pay I'd pay offs going to be astronomical for me otherwise known politician alienate them. In the end isn't your that's your yeah no the camp she wants I'm sure I would put it in the moment of the emotional that sounds great but there averages logically think one or anyone who terrorists this move month. Right yeah. Because when you go to this whole you're shown on the shoe care more you love him that must have figured go to this whole elaborate kind of a right eats he's gonna win he. Jail witness there's no lawyer gonna win you are or mosques he's yeah I yeah so you don't dare assume while it's and here. I think we need other women don't doubt I I think she PRI I think we need PRI's a really good guy his age. Is this. And how much does the women if your PI what do they want Dave gifts did they ask you I wanna see. I wanna I wanna catch him I don't. I don't wanna see them kissing in a Booth I wanna see damn intimate yes and doing because I wouldn't wanna see that either. When I find no one my court my wife is cheating or done that suggests there's not. But to nailing it when you said. The more she digs in the Morita appears true or not. Yeah thank you care these newer cars your Isp and this GI's insurer cheap. I don't know how much there and write all their equipment Amendola Lucinda car to stare at you think you seek I was here's a change it you think there's a cheaper now because it everything so much either. Before you get delight. I GPS tracker would be this like from. Were you totally political under the wheel well of their car whatever I could toy we don't like there's a little tidal things you can put on your teach game we all have you good access nobody ask. Yeah some of you guys are youth. Bottom line exists. Does anybody think Corey should pursue this that's what she needs and if you don't. Teller why she should Monaco and if you do teller why she should do it and maybe because you did what kind of closure dot Uga again. I think women need closure more than men that knowledge is enough for me I don't need details I don't need any mail Mike she's no peace here but. Corey once. She wants details more information and Intel. And then. An employee right then why so then that's the other thing. If you guys wanna call and tell her to go ahead and pursue this to do the key item about a block. Do you think she should do with the information what she wants to do just be careful there. Is that what I'd like revenge foreigner who's sorry now I bowl are you out if it's true and she just post a basement let's look at this summer man. Moose. She needs to be careful. Yes she's gonna get in trouble for why. Sure you're rested and now he's got to throw down film coming to. Don't Rochelle is. Hillary just. These yeah he's a player so little that he went a ball mark not a track clone doesn't then today you're ball marks by which the did you know different drug policy nor have I you know that's what a pretty good. You've got to tracks on which is actually you can afford I do. Anderson I don't mostly did sits at second flow what do you know you're the IO leaders steered Eric abide. You're wrong Craig's list look up hookers and you're like I don't use my real sound good you're like at this store and look at it turns. I think that's right yeah very diligent euros. He is a little Welsh. Olympic. It's so. Bottom line is this you guys are either talking quarry all in dividends and Shia need condensed but you're gonna teller she's doing the right thing to do PI to get more information. Fining her husband's tracks phonies and announce a joke pictures and humiliate him. Or tell him you've gone down that road. You had a girlfriend Taylor in the battle blah you've got the pictures and didn't help. You can make you feel better means to worsen durden is what should she knew she'd she'd find out more about this infidelity or just be gotten Tandy. Yeah yeah I oh boy have you been through this. I'm happy I am and I think about it counted down to do what ever that person need to make them appeal. Well not necessarily battered by the ballot he did I hit it from BE. I needed that he can't look I knew who he is seen on knew that I had met her I had Cadbury had been ripped her. So I already knew that it wasn't competition please see our. I know. Yeah. It's not in what's now. About this pertinent. And I'm gonna be very I can say the word this thing purpose cleaning our goal. And that is their worst feeling. And know that somebody thought you were without much of a full. Oh okay so the the what how does. How does it make you feel better what you know radio days and yeah yes yours data look swing in a Christian grey room how does that make you feel out. Anarchy it. I don't really know it makes you feel better I think it's the heat on them recruit bigger question. And how could sit there and you weren't there and Likud or risky scenarios aren't we. Hilliard got over the things that he don't know is built or. Is you wanna know what she has that you didn't have her what she doing that you were no. No I don't wanna know that be count because I wanted to be able to I have to at. I felt that I may not keeping trying to figure out of my head I need to be able to reconcile all. And I called him out so bad until you expect it literally were plenty of people where they're like I caddie in the interact with him that they believe are between Yahoo! like I let. Well and share some of the details would you find out or the soft ball below what was going on how it all for. Other than even my I'm can't be with you I mean we we actually. I had stayed together. And that that's another patent is because there's so many other senior bat speed and that that you like. It couldn't highlight for the past fifteen years between my alma EB their my group. You know father or mother Mary Egypt you have to really unique about every. Little beat cal that's involved. So you need all the information to process and to me cure your wife your brain does go to lie launder or younger builds scenarios. And yes I. In that respect I do understand your sanctions are they needed to shut and I think you know who you know just try to forget it okay because they're. And publicizing. Constant playing OK so intense that he died out why that's why you're gonna send them a PR did the information won't get closure then you can move. Thank you and cost and still fill us we're just move on okay Moscow I think she did so she Pennsylvania emotionally. If you're gonna leave geez it don't matter got she stayed there you're if you're just gonna build worst case scenarios in your head then you might as Laura easy yeah I don't need TI just did Don really decided to stay needed the information before she decided she needed a closer Oca. Diane. Yeah I to TI or not to TI what are you what you think. Well I think when they're in high gear you like about gold and hate I just begun I think women are different ever really hard time let things go or dropping it should know. I mean really. I don't think it's added the way to hurt and in any and no matter what or how much truth she won't be done until she's done. She'll make more excuse hit solely to Herbert timing just stay with that Lugar waddle. Sure she wouldn't after she does classic him on the radio and my. I have a friend who shot she actually physically saw. Haven't spent that Panetta wouldn't she would leave and get what she didn't. And she actually did catch him any. I'd ST look at the window in content and guilt stayed with that I'd nationality and any longer. It's like it just we did tweak to current and then I don't friend who cut her husband on Craig's list actually matter and she actually got it through each rim can. And she is still currently without. So this is mean and actually dating relationships you on. At some point eat you need to learn from that you need to learn and one could hear all of the cheater I hate to say that that. I don't necessarily agree with that part of the bat yeah. When your when your brazen investigated tracks owning your married then you you're gonna you're already done your staff for years. Like an eventual like total you know. He's only and he he's made a commitment and how do you shut someone up to that. Think ever will always see if they've ever cheated okay permanent repeat Jack you know deduct that Dutch I and the definitely. EEE you've got to just kind of process. Have they even called I am I mean I understand I'm not I'm not saying cheating is never okay but like. Meeting somebody you know hotel bar likes. You're traveling in was like oh there's a connection your buzz. And something happens. That's one kind of cheating but light hitting the tracks for us is setting up LeBron they want to crass like Baghdad. I jerk that's it your you need to show our star amber yeah ropes bill. I guess I heard just. I so you are we're PI and and that's what I am and I I'd wanted to buy this that if you're out not to those who say you know they have the evidence. Most of the card. Oh I can't permit that when they break down these cars are being yeah. It's almost like they didn't really believe it they were living in denial until I give them the pictures and that evidence. I'm much of which they are there already add though if it's not worth it she just gonna feel really bad about it. I either try to thought quite evident that an industry that it to a it's a completely different reactions. Dublin I'm sure I need somebody to talk about suicide I am before they were just fine they knew the truth. But one I pretended to on it it might want to be on your on your ears repeatedly and other guys hear you on the bedroom with somebody. Off. I bet they eat what I give him the picture so. Your eyes and your basically begging people to not give you business. Don't do all of our compassionate look I mean it's not about money I mean that you are. Most of the time I tried he would tell them not use my service especially when they come to you all of the evidence already. Like what what is your point what are you trying to establish but I guess we're not an opportunity he'd picture. And then that's when it really get here that they were cheated on an and then there is just devastating you have kids they've been married for awhile. What do you want what kind of picture do they want just stem kissing in a Booth in a restaurant where they want you to get them the actual down and dirty. I mean you can't get nobody that's pathetic about it they just they just wanna catch their. Significant other cheap and an income social situation. And they admit they that eventually the proper person and dale look. You know here it is that the phone records or those specs match you don't hear your other telephoned. Not I'm not quite enough. But here it is here's the actual proof but you know when you meet the magic is really they're pretty Erica pretty commanding. About what's going non. I really don't know I mean they're they're not and it really good emotional state. But I try to advise them to choose to use to you know move on you know they have the evidence is the need why get more evidence is just more purple for them. They think they wanted to tell they have it and then they had a you know like man I wish she didn't give me that you that say. Look what they feel they feel really batter batter in the army and didn't. Person until I get the picture. And then there. Yes. Thank you honestly don't think we have our CD insights from the TI site I never thought I'd hear PI guys saying. Don't hire me Friday because it's not who didn't do this is a human dignity and Sarah. EIA guy who do you think. I think their machines and then it. Why not an act I'm glad that he into these and their I am not meeting one of the Carol. It needing immediate closure act so leg. What did you I was feeling sorry give you details and really jet he's dirt bag in the needs feel better about it what do you want it. I guess didn't I mean I don't know what I would really like you learn and I range. Won't he can aim and I think matter how are like oh. Maybe has hit at least Elan and I like dig any deeper extra bit and me and then. It was a bit really wrecked them. Yes he's not work anymore he's lying volume at every arm. Yeah you did divorce and then I I Detroit and then they'd roll laying. As a new unfortunately we found a lot of women who are digging there at the pictures and starts. Just so they go. It was bad but now I know what to look like him now we can move on move on farms and. Now I know and I'm looking barring a player it definitely pleasantly like are you paid for cyanide and you're makes them great is. Russell without foreign. Did your guy have the like extra phone in all the other sounds yeah. Okay. Are bad in everything. Is he was doing it wouldn't you yet played multiple affairs or just one moment do you try to. And multiple. I mean that the one could argue like only child and youth Paniagua took my very. So there you creepy did you guys have just the other. Okay good for you state you firm you're sharing with us we appreciate it while. Well most people said don't. Rights when you're gonna you India what are you if you're done with him Corey and don't do it if I don't know more time and effort money into the money you can't just. Move on to something nice apartment or your own boy toys get your own tracks phone. Com it's your TI and you wanna share more or you use one. We'd love more of your comments and stories over on the soccer Steve FaceBook page.