Slacker and Steve - OPP: Christian Couple 2/17

Friday, February 17th

Candy wanted a fresh start, so she moved to Colorado. After finding a great job and great friends, she decided she needed a great guy. Candy’s friends told her that all of the great guys are at churches. She found a church and fell in love with a man. They are now engaged, but she feels like a fraud. He doesn’t know that she is an atheist. Should she tell him or take the secret to the grave? 

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Stay on the so fun although I did a nice touch you know what to say you're good I'm. I'm not the most honest person on the planet but I also believe that relationships. And can't survive the most are based on honesty. Roy does would you marry people always say news. It's communication and honesty well we've gotten no PP from someone who's got a little lie hanging over her head so let's. Steve we can help I guess a lie is significant enough she needs to be DD zero voice disguised can be. Hi you're disguising clearly candy is not sure name so what are you tell us what's going on. OK so I'm I'm bigger. I am how I moved here are a few years ago I thought we did want me. I would break our area not that hard hitting enough but not in fact. It's kind of grow up real movement. Today. Word you were a serious party here. The period hurt your dream when you grow up here and he did he go to that your dad I put you do. You don't go anywhere. I doubt it moved here asked if I got a job at Dartmouth he let. And a call from the Marlins despite what you really want your good. Popular church. Though it. Hang up. Our mother if she brought her church you're right there it kind of fine new Ali at whatever. And another great. Candidates. Aren't always picture I ever. Even get the cure and I'm not here and we proposed did prop your fear. All good for you congratulations. Theme here or urine my problem. I am an eight year. I don't know what you traditionally are. Oh cool hold our. You are 00 so I saw a little little things that I saw a lot of everything was based on was used to be a drug he slut staying in big. You know all my baby products and you know what we didn't get there it wouldn't. I've been on the street narrowed that you know a lot of stuff. We just didn't know. Oh. The only reasons you became a Christian is so you can look ugly dudes who now that you have. Now you get a back out of it. Do you have to go forward into it or you're gonna draft. Has going to church. Convinced you at all to maybe start to believe in god or zip or is your atheism more noise firmly rooted out they you've been in church. Katrina what I believe in a lot of good upbeat. You know apple are the golden rule treat people how you wanna be treated in Garrett is called. I report dot but I don't believe in them I do all around enterprise. And end this man of yours. Does such a whole whole heartedly here. Oh yeah I'm Paul Graham Greene who is not aware. Obviously republic I've publications. Are much. About merit increase in dollar that you wouldn't let me jerk tribute is given. Yeah. That you're you're being common denominator. Is a flat out lie is a you're about to get married to build a life together based on this and it's it's got a little extra stink on him because you did it sure you use the ship. I don't know wires got instead is there's some old guy feel I smell OK okay economist at. What do you what do you think she would do if you told him best. I don't know I don't know if you word don't need or try to be perfect speed or be like how could you are I don't what are we built these. I'd like to think if you love me anywhere. He did he is he's apparently Christians or should he forgive him turn the other cheek and all that stuff there for giver but can you spend the rest of his life for somebody who fundamentally doesn't believe in the one thing that guides his whole life. I see ice just you can you can go I think you can overcome that if I mean. I find recruits legs. Forgiving you for being a huge drug like trusting you after being an addict is harder to do then you. Being an atheist. But I think somebody coup is. Deeply deeply religious. Might now feel the same way as I'd be easy to feel betrayed time's current current that's two years of double whammy betrayal where I am too so what is your question then is. It. Any artist you like outlook. And I'm sorry you clearly know your company and how him and opened a relationship and aren't we. You can't go with the flow like a big toe weighted. Let you do that one can you gotta suck it up now for the rest of your life put this guy you're Christian and you follow his release because to him it's not alive. Tell him it's not very. You know they so the second you make it could could you be comfortable spending the rest of your life pertaining to be a Christian. Are. You aren't going pain but I wouldn't want my own urine can beat. Indoctrinated. Into something in their own the read the whole Bill Hall hit a you are there one array of light and pure socially and economically if he. You know environmentally aware. Can you just brought us something that I forgot totally spacing you guys start of saline have kids they're getting baptized there all his hours are whatever all right got this throws a huge yeah it does you can. Arne and I won re making me Bob hardly go to church all what it's like fired from 30 wait I think I believe it is. Is you know. Who aren't what are you the act obviously if you if you're on the phone with us even though you're disguised you. You're torn by this do you absolutely unequivocally love this guy wanna spend the rest of your life there are no don't really care Boca. It's really hard for media like balance that checkbook with what you've done to us I would say he shoots prey can keep up. It's not gonna tell you know her. For you to play and you get a science may well exuded a sense of the fifth two iron candy this sucks is us because you you're out. You've got a big dish. We brought god into this oil a day ago. OK on January Chinese nice willow and I AMR drive alive guy does that lied to rise again you're right there with the kids I've forgotten shouldn't necessarily be like yeah. She's got to come all the minutes guys can help us Sony like when he saw a hard time he's gonna say something and so atheists. That so you wanted to come clean and easy to admit you're really going to it's sort of like for somebody you can come right little light. When did you did you say I'm sorry you know that's what I usually leave the so they sign the color that. Jane we need people who held back secrets we need some god fearing people we need some atheists we need all of you to come together and decide is can begin. Tell the truth that. That she met him in a church or season. Yeah atheist she only reason she was there is a pick up men took to pick up our. Nice nice man imagine she has she's got it easy when it comes to picking up bad guys so. If you can help candy through this we would love to hear from you Alley. Guy who do you think. So you're really really have to tell. Ali you are you Christians. Who I am not actually understand but it sure Adam campaign is percent now why he won't. I. Did you guys. OK okay hundred. And there aren't. He is he's cool with it. Complete article about that we actually Sara Marley too much narrow approach change. Well I don't like religion and just basic moral order opposite but it. We shouldn't expect someone altered decision if it doesn't really matter early. Function. So you cheers say this yes it's hello Mike when they're older than their kids are gone I don't I was out as stand for the. No and actually needs to tell indicate that they find out later and discovered that there are entirely due to follow probably a lot of but anyway it worked. Nobody is sure you'll understand that she didn't tell him to protect you know what. Yup that's as Denish a better luck her even more. GQ do you think this is this the fact that she's due to him for two and a half years will be forgive Obama. I think it's regrettable but it I think you're really need to understand if she does get really mad especially because she brought out and say and but that's very high achiever Christian I think. It is so now we're back to rise in the alive you know what I do know what's funny and now it's funny I've known people who done something like this not to this extreme I've known Christian women. Who got tired of in this UNICEF everything on both say is due to sound terrible got tired of dating poured dudes and I know what's going on. Which is strictly for Jewish people unless you know there are only pretended to be Jewish. And and then when he came out it was over. 'cause that religion out one especially you damn pinks and steal yeah absolutely it is you lied to me about that. We heard John for yeah so I feel like this is almost as extreme valley's cool that you. Coming from the two different days or lack of dignity you guys are gonna working out we've we appreciate Cox. Ohio she's asleep and on Sundays or husbands. I mean it's taken some eggs and get back since Amy yeah yeah yeah I resent it. Not and in deep fishy things a lot of people go to church for the street going to get straight at the straight up or and then be iCloud and I don't haven't they can that they do you think I love what you. There are a lot of things I question and I hope that that is that a I think I'm not totally is being that you think you know she's. They're still lying no just she's just flat out atheists. I don't know if you don't. And let's listen. I came because I'm straight arrow and I found love what you I don't believe in god you know does this I mean Gina resorting to turn our what do I want this they're. Yeah and yeah it's. Then ultimately sees no reason Jesus was sold seem this is because he acted in a way. I'm just paraphrasing. Clearly she's OK guys get rid of finals too long didn't read. Does he did he was able to forgive and I let a most of this couldn't it's like I I couldn't turn the other cheek. Says something tool colossal. You made me waste two and a half years in my life thinking. I. I know about you or you don't. Relations were so good for those two and a half years so those those kids don't crash position me having relations right yup they shoot our way your. Sorry I don't you know I think flattered to get to know she's got wit and a you know when I assume that other at a base and our recent high heels for you ever. Add Nash it's an hour age. Spray. God yeah he's well every almost any argument about any names like how well he murdered somebody because you could cut the guy you're behind. Yeah that's okay. No that's that's not we'll make absolutely because we made so you can session was or hot ms. McDormand is gone and it's. Pretending day your religious when you're absolutely the opposite of religion yeah that's that's that's that's a little bit hard to learn the hard to swallow here. Or she can't even though. I ended say you know what I'm living my face I don't always anymore and that's how your act but that. And I don't know they didn't get a double down and see Wii units are going to church three times a week to the yeah. Let me I. Told you. I know I I think it could work but I do I don't know if it's right though love or starting new lives. Hey that's him. And he you are just how amazed are are you a situation like this. So I how bad and I bat a guy and a very very different way to be connected unbelievably well. And I know I've been really can't operate even very devout Christian and I AM wake can be totally believable given them I think. Yeah net and it's kid it was a fundamental bothered me it is well it could never go any further her. And I did that if our economy and I honestly believe now we should do you think others. It's just do with spam we would merit there up there with it was Q I'd. So you you came out with your atheism and nobody can hang with him. It is OK I think and how if at any be it it would last ten I believe a more about it they have lead. How he would be able to have a future I would be tough building burden. And if I continue to whip like my feet and hit. And I honestly I think we would we are supposed to be together now what being a wake up it'd be like I should've buried that Earl. So I didn't mention Joseph Biden it's. Law do you think if you lied and pretended to be Christian you do us this guy right eats. Listen here I I think a lot of mortar round that we would have been okay. All you'd be lying every day's my little boy I. Long are you really lying everyday Adobe can use it cute not getting underneath then you know. Playing every day. And it just as if being in US your belief you know. I'm I'm just saying. I come from a very religious Stanley and and also a not so well Los and we in the times that's house. We got to bring him to and it's not just a Sunday saying when you're really religious. Though the praying staying is in your life more than just stake in it for one hour week in his urine night. All the plates if she's likes she's like let's all let's all hold hands and pray over our cancer his daughter and she's like yeah. It is a serious got to go to the Hawes leaves you a commonality at some. And lives Marmol blew herself so high so I eat that's when you see yeah. Tim I hope you sign happens I don't think Daiwa's your guy I know I know using Q was your guy but if that wasn't gonna let it happen this whole my Diageo and hey did you jams. Are they do are you speaking on behalf are you like to Press Secretary is going to be dancing kid hamburger. And I would you then can. I'm actually you have to count and I am calling from experience in this situation one illegally injured everywhere and saying it actually. Does not believe in got an idea over and incoming into her like last year that he doesn't these just recommended dose like I don't sing the sorrow Obama and other things still glad I was the meaning. Deciding factor and I think you're part of my I have. No I think it's someone that's like on the same outlook you know. Why can't continue with that beam party your life by a's have. It is like throwing the baby out with the bath water rate there's one thing wrong in you is everything else suddenly became army tells. I think our Ngo but Allah that big part of it like to get some now believe that they bring I think you're that we were analyst. And I just like you're bigamy thing for me that you have someone that. Completely doesn't believe in what I feel this makes me jealous at all. Thank you for the call amber this this is that's my exact fear that if she doesn't do it now I mean. She mean a break and am now but she doesn't do it now whenever it comes out the longer out she waits when it comes out it's you revert to make dinner it's like Kirk's holds its which is still Lieberman and I know you wanna just try to like Sarah. Nice guy he's. She have to tell him and I think sort of led list I got married. Did all the classes in the church and we got married in the church of we would go to church and it was never anything I believed. And I felt like I was could never be myself around him and when I started to kind of bring up things I didn't believe he would look at me like I was in Spain and a bit. You can't build a their marriage on this big devastating. Especially when you bring kids into it because people started talking about having kids and I like oh my gosh I can't have kids that the person so. Sounds. All right thank you for the call Kara dude I know. Your married to ride the line yeah. You hate to have you seen how many people look at the situation and didn't turn out very well I realize I don't work on this did you pull off she's okay probably not whose gonna help fertile enough steel it's. Well I cited a higher power let's because she's so it's I don't anybody's willing to continue this conversation but if you want to we'd love to hear more on the soccer and Steve FaceBook page.