Slacker and Steve - OPP: Cold Feet 4/27

Thursday, April 27th

Our OPP is getting married soon and there are a few things making her have second thoughts. She’s not sure if they are legitimate concerns…or things every woman thinks about before getting married. Hear her OPP and tell her what you think.


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Staying on every time. I don't I don't know if every book every bride groom gets cold feet I don't know it's it's a weird thing and that's what does this person. Who wants to know about I see why brides get that much more often because they're gonna for the long haul in their minds this is the rest of my life the same with the guy but I think maybe she's more invest emotionally attached yet you've got to make sure you meant the right choice guys like heard Steve CI AE. So getting married in little over a month and I'm kind of freaking out. There are thousands things running through my head and I'm not sure if I'm even ready to get married. First my ex texted me out of the blue a few weeks ago just to tell me arrest for a we went to all the time was closing. Nothing serious but why after not talking for years as he text me break before my wedding only so there's that. Then I'm suddenly terrified by the idea being tied to a single person for the rest of my life. There are gonna be any more firsts first aids first kisses first time saying I love you all. I know it's it yeah everything in my life will be tied to this one person. What are some amazing job opportunity opens up and I can't take it because he's tightened his job and I end up stuck somewhere I hate for the next 45 years on the twins are here soon up. We once we wanna start of failing to what do we can get pregnant imminence of ruining our relationship. I just scared of everything right now is something most women experience before they get married to make haul off until I don't have any of these second thoughts. Or is this just hold feet which is ideal. This is from Christo I. I don't I don't she's stressing me out I exactly technically my I don't know what cold CD is. I mean I I mean I know I heard that I don't know he's. This is a city we second everything is second guess is that. The cold feet second guessing she's she's Easter being second guesses yeah well to marriage souls. Probably ought to be very did you know. I know you you're not relationship guides so did you have second dots. When you buy your house did you ask you sign the papers and stuff did you go like or even just before you wanna put into one's thirty communicable my buddy. Why did you see you do that big time in fact I didn't see it as a joyous thing. I thought it was like OK now I'm stock. Now I'm legally bound. To this structure. Just like a marriage he's not easy to sell your house just walk away from it. Meaning you can get a deported so easy but at that time I didn't really think about those outs and stuff to me it was just that I signed my name for the final time and an eight foot stack of champagne glass half that this is it this is no turning back I have no out so until I'm 100% invested I'm just wondering. Again we're using this analogy just because Steve is noncommittal it's. Did a couple months before where you like. And really check all water heater. I wonder. If I mean would you go one through checklists and your brain absolutely you make the side that's foundation a crack I found the foundation is that normal old judges' minds are going to hacker every little saying no more rounds and yet. When you when you ask yourself. This innocuous text from my axe is that a sign from beyond. That why now why he said this text is not a restaurant now. I can tell you why Krista. Is a frustrating as easy go to his closing it wasn't 'cause he's. Certain sabotage your life with this other guy already sinking about late he wants to give act together right you wouldn't discover new restaurant he just found our wrestling guys both most. Was close and I don't I don't. Why does that she's question yeah yeah questioning it adds to the lawyer yeah yes and that's why. This is Weiner is just testing the human race is this is text mean I'm not supposed to marry this guy is it normal. Also there in two. Think of I'm never have another first kiss I'm never gonna have another as a guy that never entered my mind but I totally see that for a relating. It's important I would think he would be the other way around I would think guys are like I'm never gonna get to. And then she's like I this is what I want and I don't wanna kiss anybody else or smile while blunt person. Geisel like. So. Not only time. Hope whenever Ghana. She's got Alex into what you do no to yes so I mean look the whole thing together each of these little things I feel like they're cold feet. But she's having all of that. So is that is a bigger than cold feet I did did you go on store owner the first kiss. Think that's somebody. Buying a house at somebody do making huge commitment going. And while this is this is big and I have to I have to look my mind process and whatever but so she's got that. That she's like quiz text from the X mean variety of I want him some day for great job I can't say it. She's asking a lot of questions conjuring up she's like every question that needs to be answered before someone ever takes the plunge to get married there's a thousand things he can't. You can't break every what. And she and ask these questions before she said yeah definitely on what was the one about starting a family what do we can get pregnant and and to bring a relationship that's what's your guests will be job. Rates you guys should have talked about Lleyton tested to make sure we both can I know we don't. Jean Paul Marat I was playing games of fertility clinic until after they've tried and failed. Why wouldn't she make sure I don't know it's just okay and saying because then he feels like you're going out for a stud fee or something and when my car and lift the hood to make sure the engines and I make sure all the components are working before I purchased a guessing that's your taxes yes that's exactly the pony. Look I know I got Jerry we got about a month I need a real world it's only diagnostic. Actually meant to do now wants to know where would you in New York for a picnic and clinical rebate I got to do some and a tough. Narrow what they're new idea to put you up on the Iraq and our. But I don't. So is this okay you're little to even Mary not to suck you guys are guys it's different but. Did you do did you feel cold feet at all did you second guess any failure I I don't you regarding your mind I'm the push it all endless is go for guys I feel like you've made that commitment when you have. You guys to know what I mean I saw lights were worried about him yet all worked out your head guys don't care about the wedding you. They told wedding day is just late the day of pageantry and it's all about her and she needs to do all this other crap to build but fairly kids did you freak a matter. Didn't I do I wanted to Stanley but I and I didn't I wasn't lights. If she can't I am so out of here Boca and I never thought then if I wanna different job what she likes her job what am I doing here they each. I and I don't know fund just an atypical do I never. I do I am I'm a second Yasser I'm over analyzer black bonus if we both like answers to every single absolutely listen all the information available but oddly I wasn't always getting married. While there's hugest news. You know Boca high its receiver Matt did she got. The cold feet after years or the other and that does I probably admits I get a deal weird conversation well I tell you how many times and I'm about running. And you know walking briskly away from West Africa that are so bottom line is Christie Christie. Would like to know that these she's asked a few questions is X Tex means something. What do what happens is I don't need to do anymore of my eighth firsts. Are these normal thing circled each of you somebody who experienced cold feet. We dikes totti of these are normal things if you saw you at. Ask yourself these questions and in your marriage went down in flames you should listen to these C a she's a notice up front are these normal question she's asking. Or is this the normal. Quote unquote cold feet kind of questions christening is no 'cause the wedding is not that far away Maggie. Yeah yeah he would you say hey. Oh I don't have a huge game not playing the first dude well so red flag at number one is tied to one person. Come on but. That we use those words she said then I'm suddenly terrified by the idea being tied one to a single person rests in my life you think that's a red flag. Through links that he's producer Mary she's questioning the institution not the guy ray. We caught. Yeah I think they can't sound like here it's so what it called beat back and I have another point I explained that there are so many other first. Are your first Thanksgiving marry your first trip miss Mary you know I mean even person years eve as a married couple but there's so many more the first. Yeah I mean you buy new thousands first time break in in the laundry room robbery in Indianapolis coach drew is also is you you can find magic. In tar I mean it's really harder to find magic in a marriage but Jeff how. I knew I could. And it's you magic in other people's marriages to pick a fashion he hits you'll come Q it's such it. Still make the magic so then Maggie sold your vote right now is. Don't make because of that because the other red flag and because of the first you your you think what don't get married. My pro would be what my husband had called B and we go to fund our marriage embarked upon months you know. Odd when the pressure on a vine and then you kind of trick out of other about it or other being you know. Maggie when she asked to postpone that. Did you take that personally Julie oh you don't want to resign his dry eats. Absolutely not I was so supportive I was like oh my gosh absolutely. You know I didn't pick apart Burnett and pick as a threat to our relationship or anything like that. That I hope iPad but I would have been out oh god yes we yes you know me now you Ruben Garcia learn all postponement date. They she now lives you do your dates if you're not all do it your all around there says nights which is terrible it's terrible but it words were sure you know you guys are happy that she's cut tolerant and lovely and I know this district have. Not tolerate Athens oh yeah yeah. Asked. They do for the words of rice may we do appreciate it. Alexi. I think. We're using. I think it's actually not our fault what so ever look. This is called CI. I am married and Pamela my life and I would hide your present certain no doubt in my mind. Thanks so like the fact that you know they're going through the marriage another having all she's getting all of the second thought. I tried it not normal like either question you discussed before getting married when you get into each. You know who you are serious Clearwire and dialogue you didn't have any yeah I I hate to the only analogy we have other than love is buying big stuff like. Before you buy your house before but really nice car. You sit in their you've done the research didn't just. Just you always have to ask you couple it's human nature ago my sure yes money. Court but to have that many big (%expletive) can't bid and even count little little duck as all of that Braddock first chip again. Actually give you met the love that you're right you wouldn't doubt it. You know a big kid especially because if you looked you knew you wanted to have kids. There are other options they shouldn't you also love the pertinent not Q are still worked here together. While let's see that's a good point if she was truly in love none of these issues when ever ever in your head anymore she yeah. I tunnel vision just like you doing Murray who believes in love. But I still say I don't have a logical mind I can so I can we all lean in but still go. What is what is she starts thinking this way what does she wants to do that but you can still. Yes there are scenarios could come mocked but it's not gonna keep you detract you from being all Orleans still yeah right Peter. Both analog sharing PureAV each other picture at the lookout for each other. And that special agent you know the work being like don't they know each other's careers where you know they should know that that is the possibility. And Jeter issue should be asking these questions. And hey it's right for us. But I think you know other than bigger black go or not but what normal actually beat this quote to you look at about eight question along kind of. Oprah rogue employee and so within an issue after they're married about zero job or what employment. You you work on those together you have you taken as these new promise upon seeing you working as a together but she's the way she's talking is like what if I'm stuck when I I should say as a lot of I had the work we each week and stock yes save your college C. Candy. So. What do you think. I would look the fact kind of I gonna pilot her because I have I am. I got recently married. And dumb I'm going to some of the struggle that she mentioned Blake. A great job opportunity but we'd already agreed that we are gonna glued to. Took his comments were like that's Red Hat that I have spent the canister going to have a Stanley and there's tournament you're about broke. I I wish you coming crime but at the end of the day I I would much rather be. In a committed relationship and and be married and still be out there in your best just wondering why the pilot and I'll let her find it. Around like you just set you settled would you do yeah. No I know now I'm settled I'm just saying like. Basically I'm excited what echo but. I but it just sounds like it's Blake's. You've you you've you've you chose the lesser of two thing they re so don't wanna be out there are near this. I mean what I order charming Miree things just are you sure your your good. Oh yeah I'm very sure because I'd been you know I'm a little older and I kind of realized like. Rights it's worse could be I was wondering if there's like this articulation it's district critic being out there for you it's much better to find the link there and to commit to it. Could otherwise you're gonna just spend the rest of your life. Just I am being indecisive I guess. A life. Those are your saying go for it to Christen. I think so yeah headline of the relationship instead and it's helped me. I'm it's not any perfect it's been invited doubt he's been involved sacrifice but it only the good good relations are not about what I would. Of course south thank you for the call Kenya we appreciation rather be with the war Britain people for the wrong reasons then alone for the rate re okay in Somalia spoke. Move on to some jazz bands. Each guy what you think. So I regret I put her expecting her look like. They huge Ehrlich got Reggie happy over her act completely. It's got small attacks to make Furrey every day. Yeah that it's who edits everything else to dwell on it was that a little is like bad timing why did the text mean now yeah what does it needs that they don't. Me and I put on her head he just text did you out of the blue that's want to read text you about a specific staying that was happening at that moment yeah doesn't. I would not a big deal like end up back machine made adding that such a big deal it. Spiraled into all these other odd. Why don't at all. Sort of net she's so good for now I didn't because those moments always he wasn't signed and the strengths of so she's asking us for it. Wow. She said well OK let me ask you this she consented to any RadioShack that is true senate to one that is 60% anti commitment that is true. Literally we'll shows a show with you wanna what he's Williams she says some. Wow we are insightful today if they give me the cause asthma and that's freaking me out. If I wanted if I wanna hear what it might flood if I've got ready to break up. And I'm I'm looking for somebody to back me up on Matt. My goal until that in my column and everybody's on my calling you he's single no commitment guy that's weird time Sarah. Sarah arms yeah. I what are you the tape. Total red flag don't do it might just turn my first managed. Pockets are. What. Think Ford driver and I'm happy actually. And I thought I'm right that's psychic fair the vote on the northeast. I women likely did anybody expect. I think parents like it's but you need to I don't know anyone anybody who do you think idol well wanna get married tomorrow and I wanted to help I'm gonna have a good marriage and she does it. If you have to ask. Gimme back my twenty bucks a no. So you actually. Then there's your answer right there. So hurry even entertaining. Allow big questions is its no Ghazi easier twenty bucks bacterial life. Why isn't she talking to him you should tell him hey what do we have what do we can't it can't place. David great job. On your second or third or whichever marriage you're on now come. What would you had no questions he was all an ongoing and let's golf. He got ahead where cabaret and he lives another country you're going to the process of all that other. And could trust to beat. The way. To be sure it isn't something that we really really really well. He's been able to you know right. And we're doing a book study together like friend it. We're at it but the search plan when I would like going without oh yeah I did. Wow. Okay oh for the cost Serra pot we have only one person say she should get married she can't help him or else in the rest of us are you are talking about seems to not do it helps that the all right anymore advice for Chris we'll take over in the slacker and Steve FaceBook page.