Slacker and Steve -OPP - Cool Aunt VS Good Sister 8/8

Wednesday, August 8th


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Steve are there. Time for other people's problems. Problem is she's got to be traced somebody out right so she's got to try to choose who. Who she's going to betray in her life so let's give her story here Lisa. Yeah yeah I would tell us what's going on sounds can seriously. Yeah honest. I love loves my little Brothers. But loyal to him I love my knees. She is about sixteen. Her mom laughed when she was about to open its. And Suton has any other like female figures and her life so I stepped up I have been like to cool and the like. The best. Friendly level like we just yet each other. They Shia using serious upper case those feelings you she'd she looks up to you she what. Yeah. OI is. Yet seemed like I'm her I'm like are cuckoo add a pilot Ed critical look at my what he. Okay he's since been. Go where it is starting to. Take it or no it's that. You know she's fifteen mention certain to experiment with boy he'd send an all the stuff that you knew who told you when your teenage years and she came to meet a couple. Weeks ago and she asked me that helped take her to go get birth control. And I and I miss Lee. On the sense about it like. I want her to have safe sex I want her to have. Healthy relationships with whomever she chooses to have sex with but I know my brother is. It is gonna kill me he's gonna can only. If you find out that I did this worker and so I don't know I don't know which one is better to make sure that she is it's telling seek sex safely or where. She my brother or Michigan and go on duet on her on it I don't getter that. Did she tell you not to tell why when you just tell them what I I don't understand why you're not. Who couldn't. No she did not want him at all and I get that I would do exactly one at that age. You or your dad says look it's you that when you don't want it. You wanna still be innocent in your dad's eyes I don't I don't understand. I it's more that you like it's your body needing your decision didn't you don't want. You know I hear your parents and nobody would know you're you're trying to do it all safe ways. Like they'll they'll say that you're too young you're too immature they don't trust do. But obviously should mature enough to feel like hey I want protection that's true. Right I'm sorry I you know I mean I don't mean to cop out here but. If you ask me this question 1213 years ago before I had any children I I couldn't. Right now on I'm furious but you can't you know you can't do this. It's she's not your daughter she's she you're you're the Quran you can know. And you are I don't I don't think you can do excited regardless of love the relation you are to a parent. But there still apparent whether it's your brother uncle whatever you're going behind the back of a parent. Remove the fact that he's failed late you're still go beyond the back of apparent. I'm just sorry that seed in the garden and do well without birth control well. If you don't if you don't help are you saying how close did I mean if your best tight with her is you. Say you are is she is she close to having relations with the boy they do is yeah. Jesus CAC got a fifteen year old girl asking you to betray me her father or your brother can't ha. Endangered house and if you don't do that you have to betray her to her dad slash or brother right. Writes your guard them. Too young to go to get this on her own righty and. So the so OK so listen you tell her dad and she finds out now she doesn't trust you anymore. Right probably. And that's what I do have big fingers. To come to somebody else about. An area like. An art I mean we just got to qualify very isn't the mom's not in the picture there's not. I counselor or teacher that she looks up to your Lou you're the lone female here. Now. No no mom no other and so I don't see who helped tiger induced poor kid. And she's sure most of her friend like grownups have always been always. While so Peter you. It in my head here's what you have to do you have to go back to her and say. Sorry yeah I can't healthy and I can I have to go tell your I can't go behind your dad's back and then you have to get together with the brother and take it from there. Are you know what you're doing right you're doing the completely logical thank you. You're you're taking every ounce of emotion out of bed rate. Is how because if you go down the emotion road and how you don't play the sender and betray your. So retrace sawn slipped inside a little bit because if if my daughter didn't have my Weis. And didn't feel like she could talk to me I would want her. Even as a control freak father that I am I would want her to be saves before I would want control. I would want. I'm going I had great I I don't understand well the. It's if if she can get somebody ten guys here. Can you imagine me coming up to means in my window and I'm about I'm on this there's this cue boy I wanna have sex is thank all losing even if she's 22 years old I'm gonna lose it you're so. But eventually you're gonna find out yeah I know you're right is to know now. Is it which we are you leaning right now. I am leaning towards taking her to get that so that way at least ten notion safe and then if she says I don't wanna have sex at least she has. The Who told. And you know what it when your brother who what when. Her dad finds out down the road that you guys what then did this. He's gonna respect you because he's you know understand you did this under the right place you have to do because you do want what's best for her. Jason going to be mad every. Geological like doubled he figured you this way or will he lose it. It'll. Since we're so close at nine I have to epitome bolt acute get a bead just oh my god it's gonna be so bad. Because it's his baby. And he might say you're not allowed to be around my daughter no more than there are only avenue a lot of trust with the female is gone and fought. Yeah I think the I don't know what helped push out well yeah going behind appearance back I remember right I mean I would join you do or die every ounce emotion out there and you boil down to you do you're making a parenting decision. For a child using yours brands a year and a launcher in the CM league you're the only female but still in the end. On it. We're also trying to put it she came to mean pitch you want me to buyer booed absolutely not I don't care how quote I am it's been a choice that could. Potentially. Ruin her life if she's not protected. Which you what though I'm glad you are a lot Marc Leger stuck in the middle there and I'm glad you were stuck in the middle because. Some awesome in your be responsible you are you are you looking at all the facets and you don't want to hurt mistrust between any anybody right. You're really you don't like I'm steal a line from Steve. You're the victim here yeah yeah they don't go. He sucked you in the middle boy you're awesome for wanting to do the right thing you just who knows what's somebody's getting the trade it in and they are. And it is so betrayal on one is. As long as there's good which he trails works. Yeah it's. Saving I don't know wanted pregnancy not to not to jump on the fifteen year old Lucy she's irresponsible but preventing that is our priority here. He's there is you ask the unknown. But again not the parent so. Lisa hang tight we're gonna give you some advice. I am I and flip flopping because if there was nobody else I'd want my daughter safe you've been in me and his appearance that is. That's Paramount and hasn't hasn't done did dad sort of accept her as a surrogate mother this whole time since. Mum left when she was two yes so that's why they should be able to talk about this somehow but surely promised fifteen year old I don't as. Hoping I don't know I. Lisa's got a betray somebody either a fifteen year old girl who wants birth control or her brother who doesn't know the daughters ready what we do you do actually. I. He's thanks. I have screening says I understand her situation completely or very close aides but past that stay out of it she's already headed the last week I. Know that the whole thing is though with her leaning towards. Going toward going to take her to get birth control. I understand Rasheed coming from but I. No it's my brother found out I kept his sixteen year old daughter to go get birth control that's the line you can't current crop. You're right in what are the key word here is this kid. Yet to hit it and I Annika and I understand where she's coming from the situation kind of asking the same in my Stanley. But I could never able to or aren't like my my brother would never forget me and I need to never let me shirt even. Going to my brother sport in general is that. If you don't tell the dad. You don't tell the dead and you don't take her you just say leave me out of that. I want it to be on this but it do you think she takes her dead in the she got to Arkansas and Anadarko alerted you get theirs and then she gets thrown under the bias no you know it's a lose lose situation unfortunately. Now it's no good just makes sense for you're breed her three nieces Ashley you just go ahead and take care of and all that we bro don't worry about right now yes. You have got all of now there's still his kids. Are as it is thank you for the car Ashley somebody I mean she's in it and she knows and no matter Joey. Yeah I queen of the trash repeat. RI I don't think it's called betray all I think she needs to you let. The hole and go in actually we. Explain to her and let her know. You've got that reply there needs to know you have a secret. Yeah is responsible for her so now she can beat me you know we hadn't cracked. Because he had put controls though if agreeing light and that's gonna be from the machine can be trade her brother. You know. So then you would tell the brother. Absolutely. I would tell. The sixteen year old girl. We need to tell your gap that you are all witness talent together who turned out okay hurt her let her know. It okay to teller. Because he had a bit yeah. Yeah he's now. That's and that's another good lesson it's safe to go ahead and talk to dad with these turn pro. In theory. That even though he's a boy and he doesn't grasp and all anybody could fly off stadium older and relations are still paying the bills to keep you alive and Zulu the legal guardian. You may get also. I made it all com earlier than the date human ecology know good points. It let me ask you this is so quick I said before it is just. Has she given up some of his parenting rights by letting this woman she's what is sister via surrogate mother missiles on a little bit was so so why not let her beat that then yeah. So now. No it's like to keep. Really mean that if it's nice she's asking me for advice on this of course is you go for thirteen years yeah that's true. And you know what it is long as he knows about it why can he know about and after the fact right just. Yeah I I what do you think. So there's a difference between BM an adult women accomplish. Dan I've got a two daughters and I are tell you right now. Giving somebody just a go ahead and have a protect their calmly pistol money more spending than just being pregnant and I am I eight. Truly believe she's got to soak in a position that give good advice and teach somebody who is younger in said the decision here you go I mean how would you feel of your daughter. In equipment the charitable assortment. Was sort Lucy and ST dear I'll. Social mores previously can give a chance or what ever or didn't. Whatever they're so there's a bigger issue here and then just. Being pregnant. So as a dad of daughters you you expect this woman to come and talk to you. I think I don't know quite expect that I expect to actually take control and have a conversation with an adult to explain to a child as to why it's important to discuss this battle. Why I don't think you got to rat anybody else but if you teach kids are where MEI I would hope my kids would come to me and talk to me about it. I am not saying that they weren't but I would hope that if someone was on the at a site would say it looked. You're here you need to treat the other thing in the consideration and realized that he can do bigger damage has been just. If you know just a baby and. You think you're bulletproof through it's you've got birth turner and that that's that's only one other thing I see. Jeff seriously thank you for those hours and good at all because she's only fifteen so she's like I got a goalie now it's a goalie against a want my name. Simmons look. But. Yeah I mean you thanks. I. Trail that has happened in that situation entrapment. I feel like he. Helped her absolutely certain that he could tell her aunt Mary and baby her bed you know I don't know irregularity and threatening legal you know McNabb did well and. That's true. This is a match made for Steve I know. How would you want but there's this summer I think I'll pass that it is but but but. The trendy you know apparently and indeed and I itching to get attacked a car and third and whatever Berry you know again and hill and. Long as we keep her from her dad Maria Perez yeah I think Tracy Simmons appreciate the call. You're still a lot of people use this little sentence you're still giving her. The green light yes. And you're not tomorrow you're not you know even the legal guardian any kid is looking to you to say. On the Iran relations with this guy would you give me the tools to make that happen if you give the tools you just get over the green night and it's. Credited no need to bring my to have relations. Blake do you wanna be the one who asks a look at your brother and I approve that. Right York's. You're dead there it is so let's prevent that don't you either did out of date yeah latter route or. Even if you have to do this Steve's life and if you're the brother he has ten now.