Slacker and Steve - OPP: Cougar Friend 1/12

Friday, January 12th


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Staying on the so I'm here come the dilemma I don't think we never around dip our toe in the water okay. Really understand what's going low this morning we're gonna figured out together and it's sold salacious and she's asked to be disguised in her name change to candy here candy. We got tired guy you are disguised bombs went to bring us up to speed in region trying to help. Okay. Four here can feel my age 23 year old dot. I my good friend we didn't predator or what are your social you don't know when you currently up for your older folk are. She came Jimmie recently happened to pull these. She and my shot on our feet each other. Well ethically yeah. She wanted to know that would be okay we can be. And I don't know what to do. You know I. I don't feel like I did that kind of where we were Juliet situation better if it did they're gonna go back each other. Verify the door and it's okay that they're gonna be like. You know good launcher even for an immediate and holding counting continue or are you really really hard for me I have. Micron and I know her for years didn't. Sheep in my daily features are cheaply pies. I'm sorry I'm sorry your how old is your son's 43 and and hooking up with a how old. She's 46. In your friend is 46 and with your son who's 23 Oca arm. If we we need some columns. We some some questions answered I guess. Is she asking because she has feelings for him is she asking. Deep 'cause. They've discussed the idea of going out on dates or is she asking. Do you 'cause they've already gone on dates and she feels bad like where. We are and where it's dirt there Abraham spurted DDD like they are beating each other she couldn't. She's she returned to know that I was gonna find out you know what bush talking what you want it beat teacher heard and I appreciate that she would have been the one and only about. But I am extremely uncomfortable with the whole say like are you I know. Now I mean I think should be truly hope we need to be political behavior portrait I don't know that I can you. You guys are friends for twenty plus years or twenty years yeah. Bomb ya what why does she need your blessings she's clearly an adult your son clearly in a bill why is there oil is still god that's a that's that's you why when she permission or a blessing for that. Big okay immediate and on parent you don't understand and then but I mean. Trucker I want you to speak about how are you wouldn't believe your daughter in fifty years. What what do speed came Hewitt say hey I started seeing your could be how would you feel like it's crucial bit you. It would be mowed down in gunfire we'll watch a whole race. It creepy and weird they're dumping BC news or signed as a three year old he you know my daughter when she was born unique that it. Diaper you like. Reset at least 40. God I meant never mind responds no I just can't eat com. You you don't want to miss but he passed it to be that it did how how far do you saints. They are into their relationship they just gone house for costly have they done dinner have they done. Stop us. I don't pay that much I wanna think about whether. You have to deal you're asking the question they do and I mean. I know I. I don't know I didn't ask I mean this could wipe he'll want a couple because I don't. I don't count went on about his check what we're group you'd be sure it helped knock out about when might he might thread. What pulled me into that he killed her life with older men and power in it I think it is you have no idea why. They've hooked up can you believe that yes they've hooked up is that why you show her friend got to gilts exactly and that's why she came to you just recently so let's assume it hooked up. Oh man I'm not ready or what part of new marine you're gonna have been together already memory hooked up so what are what are you hoping that happened mellow. Great Kamal upper. XY eight. I want I want. To really. I'm going to be happy I just wish. I know she have to like be ability. Police liquid even to try to have a baby great man hours have been what I would like drug. Don't have an opportunity to be apparent true probably. Remember all the way I'm sure like so many things but they're poached from plea to learn why if young people and deporting her treated her can compete imagery 23 daughter what can beat. He is part of them and then look at the ability for a few didn't sheet that purple why should come over to her hold true to her you know I mean. Should lead negotiated not going to be if it can be awkward what it's going to change the dynamic of everything to get. I think that you do terrible idea I wished they worked together but if I figure that. And I'm the bad guy in the dirt possible they're gonna benefit and Lisa what do you do what can't we had shields could replicate produced after everybody. All soon I don't know. How would put the brakes wanted to wait it's not gonna make good rebel. It and I think you're you probably already kind of got this partially figured out like knowing that if you do try to put the brakes on they are gonna do now apple but let's let's pretend. What we'll talk about the worst case scenario the dean of getting married or something but let's go to this they tried this in any six months it fizzles out. Is your friendship with her over because that's that's cross and I'm pretty major boundary. Couldn't be vetoed it because what if what if I tried with him liquid something happened between then he went on how can I attempt. Yeah I could lose both of them corporate card with her and in my front page. Why can't we just McCain is from remove yourself from the situation and led to. Pulled an 80 that's the only they don't know yet is you don't why you have to be in the middle candy just take yourself out of the middle. I know why are not trying to be in the middle but important either when she pulled me about it. You are now I don't have a week cannot be their beer in my life. And I. And I see that candy but that's she told you ought to respect she was trying to keep the friendship in this romantic liaison with your son. It's still alive and this is the only way you she's she could have done that. We can't she just leave it to not look a little girl how can my how I I don't begrudge her boyfriend I joking. They're gonna make it does each differently oh. Were you guys are you telling me that they know each other their whole lives. That's a brother and together they know each other their whole life no that's like a position of power thing that's creepy mood. You know only at all he's old he's white teeth either read or write a position of. Power asset that is one and what she's not all seat his unique position of power still get this. Position of power so you know it's hard she can say no I'm saying OK you're misunderstanding the position of power he there. Don't usually you are an Arizona position calorie this it's not two woods also won a date she has been in a position of power in his life sewer out. Changes diapers pose little. And that's what it's like Daytona or you're and so when a child out of position Taiwan's there's a position of power CNN and adultery in his life where he's playing well. I don't now to what I'm saying she's always put her in that play how do you know because. It's human nature or a case like OK so that's why don't Pasteur. Is no love forever. These are in power because she makes no sense hey it's. Also its earnings mean there is no more positions of power he's she's not my boss but it's it's this thing. It's this I think we're doing and what position of power here is can you over her son and not anymore. Well she eats it doesn't change what he turns into an adult and so I just need another easy. Personally get rid is no joy he wasn't just the feel like Harvey Weinstein is going around. Because they're saying he's gonna this is how is warning when you're not. On one of his movies say you suppose he can say yes sir go cart chief did say she considered the and it's time to go word of the day forever he gives. It's not they can't sing no speeds in the back of his mind is our boss dinners a position of power outside of that all right I'm still argue there's no wind yeah. Are you don't guarantee you a hot I guarantee you pat. But the loss season a different position what does 18 Soriano for this issue and nothing to do with how did he isn't that all their majority I don't care what. Whenever I put his teenage should know. She grew up with horror as a business hello. Mom looks at her as adults and let your wife couldn't high school that's so reasonable hour. Provision because. I didn't see your diapers in high school so you didn't physically change a diaper that's the only big quite a thing that was a lot of power candy you'll continue this argument. I assume one dolls video and as soon she says I. I would say if it's a 46 year old and a 23 year old and they didn't know each other from three years old I'm 100% with the that position of power happened when he was out of diapers. But the thing that you're not be mean and maybe even not taking into how like. It's exactly what you're things like are needed to achieve achieve the very. I can never date his babysit her from thirty years ago. If she was awesome they're calling trying to say it's a forty who. He would you get your baby sitter from thirty years ago. She was legal age and we were dragged into a YS. Only network and well. Gate would you date for when you have a baby fat would you not be little creeped out about. Passable because we're both adults now watch what's creepy about that and I'm sure she was world. Her net burden I don't understand that people that you all the way through high school in junior high and get married when they reach their majority. That is you say that's wrong because they usually there. They are. I hello. You were children could get other different when you're the door still I could I could date from a guy I had beat each underwater Mike Hsu aren't children. I remember them lose hope and I know that would like I can be your parent is a little weird. Well clearly it's not creepy for her. That's where it gets weird so. How do we what do we do next that's that's the million dollar let to adults leave their lives I don't know what to tell you guys odds are trying to be helpful here but this. I lonely years passionate about nothing. And I know there's no you're right there's nothing that conditions but now but bluntly there. Us and it's not a they have to keep you wouldn't mind candy. Blocker lock your daughter because clearly he had no bail Greece. In dire call me about a month. Not a she's not she's 21 years old she right now seven and you just said what to me about your daughter with the fifth at the. I basically saying like Fuji who have patiently got beat apparently there's no battle. Lewis when Mir reaches certain other age of majority she gets to make all these decisions on her own that is a fact that's a beautiful thing just like this 46 year old friend of yours in this 23 year old son of yours. All right we've killed enough so it's up to other people hang aren't they're conniving I was doing all yell a lot I mean I would are real bowl tie. I so bottom line is. I think it's creepy. I don't think you think it's creepy but I think you sinks. I disagree with you and I see regards a couple of from she. Was a baby a baby when he was a baby and watched him grow up so it was like she was leader waiting for his majority of meat I hope that it is a movie and that would be then that's a definite problem he's won three but it's a weird saying OK I need it's not weird for those two. It's the weirdest thing would be between those zero right and it's not it's she's the only medal so okay how'd she get out and out of the middle. But then I think your backing up your best friend in your son's life how do you do that. I just Sears the other one now now those who were romantically linked you gotta understand I'm the odd one out. It that's that's that's where our act so what would you do next Ashley. Yeah yeah. I Powell I wanna worry and I live web green when he bring year old man. I'm an irony in that 100% certainty about B now. Freaking weird at one of them brought almost 41 year old put his native our mothers. Yeah I just can't I met her creepy like you. He grew up with and what many well I feel like you have one sort of motherly instinct or jerk who can make it an act like that out. That's weird and what to do. Army I would drop and he is because that's why am I carry out I'd like that spirit and you sort of what you wait before I got it urged that. But again. So was it doesn't matter now it's weird for the mom but it's clear that weird for the southern and now I don't Piaf and and it'll. And he went bad important and both of their lives they now. Thought about how would they are ill well. So yeah they might break right now that they are now rent she doesn't matter bat bragged he had somebody at a loss and they can't. Kicking it their relationship. So this woman candy must be the top priority in the friend's life when you put it and I notice or your idea you yeah you're you're price for the there's no goody insert Blake. I'm not respecting I have to understand what you just told me slacker that if I was in the candies position I would be creeped out by this too. Yeah I it's. On paper Steve. I think. Did you remove logic and emotion just like you can't have six or 120 Durham and if they wanted to go crazy and make videos have added. That's when things they have in common is the mother of that's. Damn dude we need to look like logically you're right emotionally. This is so. Our I know. Okay hi brands. Yeah I guy. Now being an older woman I had dated a lot younger man and having an adult man who started dating older women when he was eighteen. I can see both sides that this is how ever being the mother of an adult male. You need to understand that they are bogged adults and they need to be treated and we Beckett like a dog to see you want involved to remain in your life it special years that you do not have to choose sides debate. It's laid up aren't they have a disagreement you'll be switched on Switzerland. But at this space high respect them enough to say that they've figured strife. I may not agree with this. But I would not interfere with it but I do need to let you know that just makes me uncomfortable. And it it boy to be together I would prefer that you had in each. Demonstrations such hit it brought out at me. OK so she's so she's hole allowed to put her feelings out there and then it's up to the other two who do whatever that. I think you've got called into I think I think that's like right now that's what makes. If you did it it becomes a forbidden through and we know what happens with forbidden fruit right did you see ya period. But she can't just shut up. She can't she's best friends with one and a must just sound to you Sarah. I. So I'd rather have a secure all farm and have my back turned parade for sure experiment trials in Iowa and came to me and act they're out there in a ticking there's no way right now are our. Became its art collection and there are a position of power it's a fact that no matter how all of Egypt then get. He will only be the child is not relationship because you know here. Change he was HIL that's it doesn't matter if you or anyone or any 41 and it she and mr. I married twelve years older than my husband at 12 years old I am however. We met where we were both functioning adult yes that's where it's so he didn't need me when I replaced in the middle scoring you with an adult. Or worse yet I am I was fifteen and you were threes. That would that's where it gets Shiites they met Britney a CC in his. Little boy PIP they've known each other for all those years we've only started dating recently where she really six cities right. Started out on the same page your life so we're both adults we were both working people like I aspiration and they aren't going to sport ever see are people deal because she averaged 23 more years to play and and she and watching her grow up street those years so it and like mom's bed and what kind of future they get happy if she actually your. Their future and you really that's personally what I can't talk to them that Sarah Sarah thank you for the. I think our. I think what you're not seen yet you are seeing you being flip though I'm missing season is that. She knew him as a child if I am if I'm 46. And I need this 23 year old she's consenting. She's hot she's in to a 46 year old man. I am going to do. Horrifying things are. But if I knew her when she was a child something's wrong with me because. I knew her when she was little tick tick transfer. Knowing cheek wiping her butt and now wanting to do terrible things in that general area. That something's wrong with somebody who can. Seal. Two kinds of feelings from the same person. Future making it sound like to do you die since day one when he was whitener but has been just wait you're implying it did look T. I went out that you are that way that's why it looks we heard. So TVs out Sullinger was a hell she's like humidity when he was three and now you can assume what Hillary you do. So basically everyone's putting 243 year old guy in the box of a pedophile. Her car accident had to file 46 or woman in about say yes OK that even though she never touch him as a child for she's she's now. Out you guys think that she's been waiting until all the I don't know how she can switch the emotions of this is my best friends sign and turn it into. I know how this is somebody wanna sleep does or learn from you guys that you can't help who you fall in love with the you can if they were three when you met though.