Slacker and Steve - OPP: Cougar Mom 6/6

Tuesday, June 6th

Our OPP wants her mom to find love and be happy…she’s just doesn’t approve of the type of men she’s dating now! She needs your advice helping her mom find love in the right places.


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Stay right there. So I don't know if there's any debating whether or not see you get a say in who your mom needs right. But maybe if your mom. Does what RO PP. Some person says speed people who have a little Blase hooker she's okay. That DD on because let's talk to a race Schultz. I when she tell us what's going on and we'll tell you if you need to but out or not it's the. Okay trips so under my parents split up about a year and half ago and criminal offense and I'm I'm kind of likes to. Nancy just like I'm full blown Cooper. No silicon. Blair's. When you see her mode we need to make sure we don't define our terms the same way she's she's after young men. Yeah. He's yeah apps like corny Tony pioneered younger than her while they're mostly about like my age. Hours in Europe who really weird. Is she successfully. A cougar or is she just. Must fully cougar does she wish she could get younger manner she porn sauce. Now rushing. She's making the Tampa. Good for her hockey club that's awesome home alone. Okay. So what I mean. Steve is clearly just happy somebody's having some relations whereas I sort of feel your pain in that off. Well boy and it's it's lessening your dating pool little bit awry. That's foolish yeah I mean I guess I don't wanna be incompetent in the mile mile. Yes she blocked by. What do what else is your problem with it if it's not that we would certainly pro. Just immediately or go out to eat dinner and she think being here. Border you know what she comes to my word that's high at luncheons you like each leaning over my cool experience to our scheme now it's just strictly merit king. Nice for you Dara Singh yeah. Have you what do you said tour anything you've said mom maybe. Pulling back is still here. I know I mean I've kind of grumbled a little under my grass but I haven't. Neighbors say anything really specific. I don't know I feel like the roles are reversed like I'm the mom and she needs and yet you know now so I don't know. Croat steps like. Prior to be happy. There has been given to go to your mom give her a hug and go I am happy that you're happy mom that's Rick yeah yeah his mama's happy. That's what she wanted to do. I can't keep earning thirty cursed at her Allen each. Eventually if that makes you sad doesn't make her happy that she has to just because you're there. And I don't play. According. So. So what is your biggest your biggest issue is embarrassment to she's embarrassing you in there and I mean just trying to reach. I know he wanted to be with somebody her own age and if that's not what she's into a mean you can't. You know I don't I don't wanna get all political or any name if I wanted to be was somewhat of a different race you wouldn't tell me I can't do that are so is always doing is not illegal right. It's it's so trying to figure out how we do it. I mean I know you called it to six mom. But I think it's now might end up happening now is people are gonna try to six years moms bonds got a new life mom's a new woman now and it sounds like Europe and a hard time adjusting to that. Hey I just wish that she wouldn't fluke. Cabrera cadets. Slur words can't. That's about it took the since she's just she's she's at Aurora and you know. Removed. From the OK let's annoy your mom is sounding a slight is an exam fairness means. You and yeah out in your car don't you awards but yeah I'll contact. Rubin Rachel and I Janet I totally get where you're the place your peers you feel like you're trapped him. It's you wash your parents together they were dating anybody or to get there forever and now once she's broken free of a long marriage. She's gas some Macon up sometimes severely injured doesn't change 20. God who knows what it's it's. Sorry about what are the ball is if you're dead stars don't you hook me up with any of your friends. Yeah that's when you got fifty and I told Alaska are sometimes if I. Yeah I don't know why it handled so how she's tried to sleep with the need your co workers. Mean passage flirty but has she. Merck humor I overt now live but I Keener blank. It's raw and very heavy hand. OK I I think that's when it's appropriate to shutter down and go look mom these are my coal these are right here in his where. It is how pain brand this is how I got to anywhere else there's a thousand clubs out there and raves are Hindus are you bump and endured them also at clubs and happy hours or you see in her out on the town as she sees she tagging on to your stocks. Federal where it hasn't gotten like that I mean she goes out on her own tanks you know I noticed you go and happy hours look upon her and leash and a loss. Are you mistaken for sisters oh. We can't we almost my entire life why should I kind of with a teenager. Who go around you when she's kind of OK with being a true parents I think she's. She's got to still sat I don't. Here's let's do this rate what you hang on and we're gonna we're gonna get you some help or we're gonna get your moms and helper you somehow want to view is going to come out of this. Arm. I think this might be a first and I I sort of agree with you if she she might have to just embrace her mom makes it's we make him mom. It's. She's allowed to needs is she's been in a crappy marriage she's out there is huge and I'm haven't flown in let me hop. I know what's what they're seeing but. Yeah yeah I could be a Debbie downer this is the new me. If you are the same I'm just doing different things now my problem is when I put my Oman and in that situation and I have to deal with my mom liked showing up at places where I might be or she's there companies here and smack in the boss on the but I get that you put all always parcels of Rachel's position. And imagine what would like to have your mom and chewed like you see action in your car stereo it's. So what can Rachel say week. Or what should Rachel say or should she completely but out what should Rachel's mom I mean. There's a lot of divorces and a lot of parents that are just like Rachel's parents how to other people how do you what do you do when your mom's a cougar. Yeah yeah now I mean if you're a guy in your mom's a cougar is she fishing in your like you're in your friend pull all I mean that's that's nauert that it's there's a lot of ugliness it happens it does hold saying. It's Rachel needs your help how'd she get. It's ruled the new sound cougar mom. Bridget. Just yeah. Strong prediction did you taxed exact situation with my mom you lose a mom and I thought you got my mom and I got married when they were very very I. At that and you know they ended up getting a divorce and my mom I'm. Wild and crazy partying each seeing guys that Greek younger than me and I almost twenty victory at the time. Yeah I'll publish. Post dot illustrate each. And you know direction. He died met there was some jealousy you know there. Not my mom. You know what's attractive candidate and the guy is locked her and I teach but there was you know some jealousy or cheer but might bite and it's. Let it run its course because potentially many novelty it can Wear opt eating these younger catch. We see the novelty is what all relations is that the novelty. Now in day out. Just. Actually teach. Up there after losing you it's unfortunate but it still sounds to me like the novelty. Was thinking it's it's like knowing he's still got you there it is now for me shoot you need guys say did you spend twenty years yeah see jackass and now some 22 year old wants to do with me that's awesome but. And maybe you're like OK now I I know why can't you buds should I you know I wanna keep doing it Cassie. The guy who do you think. Forty pictured pulled. And I any younger guys who adamantly pursuing me I don't application within about my turn to remember Tony. Like I hear I called my account think that the idea your same edu and they were like my we don't care if that's what makes you happy each. Still don't get any of my friend and and yeah I agree don't you know don't they then your daughters are and need not only got to back off at her workplace that's not appropriate that. You know if that's what makes her eternal light skinned then I mean her daughter really shouldn't have a say and grandmother in choppy include long and it's not acting her directly like a worker dating for like NG should allow her mom did they whoever. And Kathy I like you were self aware you actually thought of York's just what your son might feel about the situation anywhere and talk discuss America. I but my trend that's why aren't 26 and I guess you know the such and that I would like Tony got a new year older than my older functioning public about how. Do you get. I can't get. Used to. That bush. No I'm not I'm an and app. And we they would like I am a lot to me I get trickier by younger men I don't think. You know lung and she's not impeding on anything that's going to personally damage her daughter you what you wanna airlift if. Brian I like how you scan your sons heads up hey I'm a gift for mom now I'm going to be any. Your fifth at the. Serena and Justine they. I mean ever it went a little you know I mean in the meant to reach out and compared to think what really like ashamed of my kids and it kinda weird. Your son know. We might like negative given market like I yet. I'm like you know we are we've got a lot we have a lot of things in common I mean I think that's maybe what she's thinking I'd like you possibly have in common I think I. See you saw its. In my opinion that's true reserved for all you out there for relations in relation Friday. Well now not try it. Perhaps are not uncommon but I look a lot younger than eighteen instead McCain now looks Alex and in the end it's still. Funny cheap shot youngest age he thought tutored young. So we're still early into your territory you have been moved closer cheer exempt. I have some might. I've actually I've started beating people that are just you know right around my age groups and even a little bit older than any touch. And you know just and number if you touch something in common with the sturgeon and your physically attracted to this person. Did you answered number I don't see why that should make a difference I'll call I just don't see why it's. Nice thank you for the car Kathy I do I do love that she binges I was happy and she talked to were kids didn't barrel through what I swear is Rachel's mom is a site. These traders react as you were coming from the U everyday it's I didn't. There's going through the whole my whole workplace. Christine. Heidi what do you think of it. I think she let her mom really she doing she's and went and pick OPEC Manny you need to get another guy. This is definitely a bullpen what with a look at. Well you know your home on the nationality except that the arms. Oh my. Me right now they get it I think. Thank you art are you into her age are you in the younger age or. Coal. So you would be okay if your mom was like you know. You go out to the club tonight do blue line dancing on ladies' night and around your mom's hairdo in the chat child with a bunch of cowboy boot wearing Dusan mean you'd be cool with that. I mean I go to pipe and smoke a better than it has you know. And I are cool so you you're ready you're used to run in with too cute here since the U that's all I Il I love your your call with your mom doing whatever I just. When he embarrassed. No I don't you wanna be. Figured you see your parents embarrassing your you be embarrassed of your parents I want my mom and among. She she shouldn't happen she's a wolf I still all she's not she's learned. This is. No passion oh. Or Don is right are you are late. Yeah I hate ideally it would eat what you have to be a mommy would you have like until there and act like it. That's sick once your let me. Do it looks disciplined we're a grown man. I don't wanna think of my mom. As a desirable. Superman yes. I have just done energy figures and I get that back my mom always paid. Creating hi mom and I had two Brothers debt were mortified that. My parents got divorced twice the second plane that got divorced my mom I mean you look like America mile section and you know whatever. And if that project divorce. I mean she went there and edge she didn't bury me but it would be really creepy like at first can we now watch early. Tracking eight good people and I need to get your mom and. And she supports only suck face with the man who run he. He's EEI mean your parents were never affectionate like cat it's like hey you know you're happy bunch cheek when he met a guy like sticking your younger. And they were together Kelsey castaway and he took care of her and she called him baby it's like a weird hearing on lake. Affectionate get some wind but you external crazy happy. You know I'd get I'd check short to respect her daughter urge you don't. And I had you know metric herb area. Do you sing your teenage boys will be as honest as you are. Arm or as you were with your mom I mean it's. If side years from now you're suddenly dipping you'd you're watching him graduate from college in your past in dudes out the fact that after I graduate ceremonial. An area which they cheered by you know there I mean I'm I started yeah Philippines so I mean my twenty year old and it's brand kinda. You know our. Look at me adventure that's great panic creepy banking to kind of crowd appeal because I'm not just I don't like it is for good mom. Don't. I don't know. Cool your understanding also I guarantee your teenage boys would like ten million you leave your twenty year marriage. Fool do you like moms. Not gonna knock that it would all they would hate for that gap the yes and it'll make a difference think it was like a hot mom yeah. Stickler is mom who's there you're there you go to college on sort of what we suspect it was going to happen you know nobody's known Rachel you. You're gonna have to adjust reach it's not it's it's your mom's turn to be happy if you can't accept or makes her happy I know it's weird but it's not it's your problem you need to deal. Your mom shouldn't can't swear you we. Yes I'll pass that it's she's give doing Stuart's saying mom fighting if you've got a good coworker if there's actually been several dudes who called in asking for Rachel's mom is number and I. I guess that's that's a good or not. 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