Slacker and Steve - OPP: Dance Class Dad 10/3

Monday, October 3rd

Tia has been taking her daughter to dance class for sometime now, and has developed a close knit group with the other moms in the class. Recently though, a new girl has started the class accompanied by her father, and he wants to join the group. The moms are freaked out and want him gone, what advice would you give Tia?

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And so we I don't know. Actually they're really going rear end and no voice is there we just. The Steelers are calling this out as a third grade problem well I don't have all the full details but they're there is they have a group. And someone once to be in the group and she doesn't want him in the group that's apparently you how it's coming now gonna. TS. Yeah OK okay tell us what's going on. Well I and I haven't young daughter she's seven years old and she's an amazing little cancer and she's in the competition can curl I'll put a lot of time with them. It. It's about how mom and we just got some additions to our group that are pretty unusual. It's another dancer she's not really that great yes and her dad. And there are no backing the birth at home mom group we haven't seen we've we it's like when our children out there and they're doing their thing and arrogant foolish like we behind and then just the mom and ended our day with his daughter who's pretty weak. They're just throwing a whole range and our system. OK I don't know me could you maybe talk trash about seven year old dancer a little more could your system you know yes bill I'm so. So what do you what what what are you saying what does he do does he like Bob you what is he why do. The idea of am like why did why would dad when a comment be in that environment anyway a bunch of moms and just like we're hanging out we're talking about. You know what you read in the magazine and then you know what's the latest handbag and he hasn't. Any of that stuff I'm pretty sure that the wife has probably had that Q well it did evenly mixed. So you total. A little creepy but I mean. We human being he's Chris you are you OK I must say I. Like I I am I hater of creepy dudes I I understand exactly what you're saying but you you. He is meet the mere fact to be as male genitalia. Doesn't this puts you offs from the beginning is data allowed to bring his daughter to dance classicism make him creepy that is a guy. No it's not just because he's a guy is also an incumbent Mary and he would like. One to sit well quote she knew when you've got until much you can really bad Cologne and you can go skiing and he's like China who happens okay. Doesn't even under Spanish I mean it's just don't. Creep Y and I don't you don't every guy in that great but you've. We live and hit poor little girl like she probably needs to be in my global one clash is not he rarely ready. Just like you listen to fuel got at least I hope. Basically. You're you're saying that they need to know their place is what you're saying. This will not play it sort of the who fly to ask you this. If it's that little girl who is clearly lacking in skills so obviously the bomb if she were to come to class with her mom would you be better with this. I doubt he's still much better I mean again and she kinda like the classic dragging behind Charney you know allow her to catch up. But a mom would you be so much Larry you know. We meet him. Get with that but maybe not. Again we then. Doing things for a couple of years now and I didn't particularly great he had like a little slow growing but so are mom that might be easier to accept that this guy. Now. Armed. OK so what do you want you you want the dance studio particular how do you want you wanna be able to walk up to win. As he's walking and go I think it's I think we all agree we've taken about this latest flicks survivor style over something they can you've been quoted Al. Waved and I I want to that's how we waste electronic score even outlook we'd. Like how all of those ahead and might. It's not really looking to look something a little bit more attractive I guess is what I'm thinking to how to be like he really makes me not want to condoning bar. TO that's OK so you you hate to stab and according do you whole group August your queen bee and you speak for the group but. But like the do what do what is so are you guys he numb his daughter to are you guys that are your kids like turning on the daughter or if he'd known this. Hold your hand and their children and their grade entered once they get in there with a hardwood floors it's just. They're focused on dancing. With the mother immediate therapy now but this most actors actually having some trouble if she could not attention to this girl. And we want our kids to really get about the league competitions are. Our whole lot is exactly what I go do all year long so you know we want the best friend and we'll invest a lot of that. And you don't you people a little bit soon. It comes to all right I just. You know OK I did he will try it needs other people's problems and we can't really. Stopped people from calling in to is to give you suggestions on how to ostracize and other diseases coming to you. But it's just he feels very this is we we're talking about men's group. Bet if if there's a man on our phone right now lost soon yeah with the movie smiling yes core or Kansas city's latest remains of this and this one girl is trying to come and it's I know everybody has sued and I was imprisoned so. Well I don't be ridiculous in that you competition. And very young girl it's not odd big stat. It's called being a mom. Because that's okay. Know your way that's your contract will will will links will try to figure some ten out for you Tia hang hang tag Redd down you know you hate when I always turtle PP on uber real quick I remember a while ago you kind of alluded to some things that happened to you like this one walks into a dance class. And it was like you know. Ten girls with their ten moms. All talking whenever in the second the door open and it was like Mike that's saying in a sitcom where there's a record scratch in the music stops and it's nice. With the death is everybody looks to me but. I'll be honest yes they did Dave Morin yes they did cleats and he walked to Starbucks together. And I just sat in my truck while Meehan dance as they were all old journeyman stadium there were the rest of Europe because they have an established group and they don't need new people and there are. But I never thought that they were they were being deliberate. Later this is this is a woman who's being deliberate this is called discrimination no matter wait. Likes it because it's discrimination against a guy we really don't think it's a white guy there are definitely not discrimination right. Armed. I don't know how does six this I don't think she hears a tank. I think we're about to line up a whole bunch of calls of people saying T is a B and and she should be stopped but I would like this I would like somebody to tell the truth because I'm telling you this is the norm is the norm now. Is important I can't take my daughter to gymnastics. Without a whole bunch of suburban moms look at me like. Or you hear him on us and I'm like exactly I'm not. Right guy wears Cologne and she assumes decks him trying to put up just to play here she might Deke. Just a guy doesn't understand Ellis can't put on she actually also might be accretive but it. She's a creed. Just because he has male genitalia exactly what you he's guilty before proven innocent just like most guys are most instances but you know what. This guy bribe his daughter to a dance class to not make women goal that's so. Yeah always thought that would milked their hearts but I guess not it's the opposite so advice for Tina. Or you can yell louder but if there's anybody. Who Willie mid day this is a real sing and how you get to clicks to break down and start accepting other tanks out. We'd love to talk to any Ngo errant. Larry Knight but he thinks. Well I am keeping my husband as a stay at home dad and her hand that and a lot of situations like that where he's the only man Aaron Aaron. Women who are rarely take their kids and only the Arctic because they think he's somehow trolling or from thanks. And I actually found that having known playlist coupons at least permanent. So. He wears a wedding ring any doesn't make but just they just assume he stroll and all right but it. He'll slap at us. This is one blue old saying about single dad's that single moms don't have to deal with if they don't know this is little little follow frontiers this society. Daddy and races. We mean. Being a caregiver my god and women are and turn out like in the fact that men are now on their turf and narrow world where the caregivers here we're allowed to me that yeah off. So what is your husband did Ted tell like counteract it. I mean he doesn't really do anything there's not really much opportunity tired the proper permanent harm that they blew it. You know more receptive but it's usually not the case training. So it just kind of just doesn't work out. Or are they looking down on him Bellevue was a single that maybe that's more endearing them because he's a stay at home dad and they judge him for that are just just because he's a dad period. I think just because he's the dad they have no idea that he's. Whether he'd single or not you know he doesn't Wear it what it rained out but I'm because he used to be in the Karen can he does have a habit of not aren't yet. Wow. It's kind of go with no rain and they don't now. Casino ought to deal does he know what a deal with the situation our needs he's assessing what I saw me Teddy little else. He's just ignore and he's a dozen plays on the playground with the kids and they aren't the fact that they're paying now. What about your kid that wants to play with other children now so I'm male yes you have another woman there you know. So I seriously have. You can't simply use their Brothers felt otherwise I don't know what we do. It's okay that's really sad but thank you for Nicole Arendt. I'm serious I sell to the one time I took my my daughter Erica I took a couple times and I would just sit in my truck. Not to I would text you guys might. I'm sitting in the truck on my laptop and I looked even more creepy cousin sitting outside a dance studio when these little two little kids and I am I've got my laptop out my post a joint insight. But he does your urges you to ever go how can you never watch me you're you're supposed to be wanting to chance dozen people looking anywhere and while. Patrick. Yes yes. What do you think yeah I. They I would put fathers taking his daughter Tallulah classes in Hawaii tanks and I know how unnerve you compete to be the cats with abundant. What do you Judith terror tactics. Well we just hung in hung in there and she read the same problems she wasn't to start dancer and their you were really good all the girls they're like three to five years old. And just hung in there but I gotta tell you. What this woman who's doing it did everything wrong if they were just trying to welcome in the end and maybe help them are that more appropriate class. But what she's doing is so wrong on all levels and put herself in good play. You know I noted with large cap all the women look at that you'd like what do you do when you're at all you're doing is trying to get your daughter's interrupting me you love. Sampling were automatically receive due to her break. Every every everybody saints hurt your hair soared to truly your very your turban out. Oh I think my my wife what do we couldn't do what you heard him go to the back story of what this sport guard. You know due to tiebreak it may skip to Normandy import I don't mean he does have a good back story. If he had a bad back story for you but she can't prove that you can't say anything about it. Cheap assuming all these things. That are threatened by you yourself are new issues. I was I'm with you a 100% chance or better parent sees moms who were nice and there are no no yeah well that's you know they just. Our little parties there will be part did you get a break up earlier and you could girl Mubarak now and they might have this can be a little thing but welcome people limb. Find new ways to grow your party. But don't try to keep your exclusive little party is gonna come apart sooner or later anyway especially with that attitude. Thank you really can't swallow. I'm telling you anyway I'm wondering if there's we we gasses in the beginning this or there is there any other moms who feel the same way is Tia does discuss rhinos a bunch of people bash and our rookie going with that but but. I'd like I sent she's walked into a group. They see felt that I want to 200 you're you're so you know moms you're out there. Why would you except demanding your grip why won't you deserve threat because now we're on your turf Samir does. Yeah the guy who you think. I found lag and that. Okay I came onboard with the frustration of her daughter being in a class that it's being dragged down let someone else to possibly shouldn't be Eric. You have a conversation with the director and they know I didn't get busy back there if she was in this other current and Hasheem late. But that's the truth and showed why are really your true that. What do you out of your culprit though when you kick the mean girl the not a bad you know I bet you're right because they're just throwing things are you look. What are you teaching your doctor what are you teaching girls like. You aren't your type people that make you well and how good. Yes. So mean girls is a learned behavior passed on from mother to DOS. Okay I'm. Not only really saw something you know I don't think that I can't afford to outweigh I think that that's a gamble they do dole. I think that if they keep having those behaviors that are adopted teach them to do the opposite. Oh. You know I understand how put that but the other half of being adult being girl it's not okay. But do you think maybe there's girls not as bad of a dancer as tears running on. And she's just saying that too late to bolster her points. Are not you know that's entirely formats like they have a conversation with the director and say you know why did you let this girl when you're do you really think that she got that they'll publishing it could be. That thought the decision that director makes you don't expect and it's they're a bit mad. I'm that you did I know how to deal with and I worry that they look out for all let it. Isn't it your job. Are the other women threatened because of guys and get a look she's behind the curtain in the woman's roof for your guy is probably urges yes we have maximum. They might speed quiet you know unless they had. Actual truth of that happening I mean. Just because you know at that guy that makes them uncomfortable doesn't need speaking I make her about their daughters so yeah yeah but don't make an assumption that's not fair either. Thank you constant things contest turns. Yeah yeah I what do you think Charlotte. I'm gonna that the fact that the deal. Okay me. I in this situation where my dad and Hackett seated at my mom worked. And I want our little weaker and third. And it would be I am a mom treat my gotten horrible rebate part of that all our competition and and then all the treated me really battle. And I quitting. Even nylon bit. That little girl fees they keynote with their inter act they know what they're doing error. And he's a monster think profit. So you know you. You quit to save your dad the heartache. And you see yourself aren't. Mean because I thought what they did my dad and it's my cat. No and yeah so this little girl sunny 87 that you see Steve what they're doing trade down at least you would hurting her. Okay after this so this is hitting way too close own preempt. And you never to go dancing because of that them. I I quit when I'm ignited never went back. Not that I hope CA can hear you right now and now it's about the death it's about the daughter is. I mean key theme that she knows what she's even she's been part got treated. And what is your current speaker to hear how you're talking about I can't do that they know what Turk you're right Catherine. Oh I know wouldn't hurt but I know that can't. Oh I think she did that you would now you say that she did I don't purchased this is one yet another way trucks and still Lewis yeah. Well you do and Catherine. You know. Wow you have heard it and I loved it speaker of the prop equal tree in the email guy that anyone in truth like. You tell your dad that you just said you know what I don't like dancing under so I don't wanna do this. I'd just let it make it in its. Wow. Do you think about it when you dance now. Are you won't Wear it and that's not true at all. But I mean you get all you can do you dance class at any age my parents took like tingle lessons when they were 62 possible. But it early and now several bad all think of now is how great it is commute for people work. They see someone so much tighter edit people who are in it and then just don't get hurt to be there right you have no value. Let me shoot that number eighty speaking in a lot of 1 o'clock they're always going to be a first and enact our. Has her own way. Are you be okay. Why won't it take you to a dance class is exactly. Let's. Only wanna go to lake I would absolutely dignity is let's review just said they could make this right and all why did OK yeah I was like you so much because oh. It's definitely not. What I we got to take it okay that's on the field. TI. You complete BC LU and your little group. Well I mean obviously we've nobody was on her side even know what happens all the time if you have any words to say to make this situation right. Find us online Theo were others find the slacker in Steve's FaceBook page.