Slacker and Steve - OPP: Dating Older Men 4/6

Thursday, April 6th

They say age is just a number. Today’s OPP says that her age is causing her major problems and she needs your help figuring out if things will ever change. Hear her OPP and tell her what you think.


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Staying on day. So we're dealing with age or something militarily you know more power of PP today and I don't know how we can Alter your time that maybe that's what she's asking China. Yeah. I'll tell us how we can help you what's what's gonna match. I am sure all. No I think it IA and you think and that I didn't meeting at 39 or broke him and all I can only definitely. Has thought about it and you know make friends don't exactly love it either you know my friends let you go clubbing. Do you regularly you can go out. And his friends like you were you know and 88 drink Scotch talk about its net. Are you. What are you show Sonnen what do you like to do. I'm I. Q you don't. And I mean I've. Like to go crabbing and print and I like the state and then to think Scott you're lying then watch movies I'm kinda late in between me cure all. And. What. Law okay. So when you win you go let's did she ever come with you to the club with your friends. Are usually asks Saudi yeah 'cause when he when he has gone eats. Isn't Sedin Aaron all race. And I don't wanna put him in a situation where he'd still like culture of all my friends feel about it healed well. That that would be where it to be like the whole time music is a group dynamics like who brought their dad out of the club that's a no not. The only hero I know hold now until their debts would probably be 26 year old in the club. So did she makes you feel guilty when you go out without and so you do less or do you see there are you freed he's a club just do you go club but it's. You can't. Make you eat them. A mature grown man SP I think nothing fair about me giving things that interest me. Thank you so that's awesome and then when you. Goal to Scotch drinking talking about business. Do you feel like she. I don't say what Steve said but do you feel like his daughter link did you feel like you're too young for the room because everybody else's I can established test seeds and it. Brewed in your mics aren't the odd one out. You know we are definitely in different place and then airlines yeah you know I am and they never knew anything enabled unconscionable and sometimes. I'm dumb mistakes that's bad. Alludes to how I am it doesn't feel I mean laying and sometimes I'm Kelly in triple and Obey you know and. Daybreak he knows Wainwright bullpen and that started over. You know it. It's kind of I understand that fact I think that kind of happens when you do have diplomatic wrinkle thing you're in different. You're writing in those two worlds are the kind of what it sounds likes. You know you to the judge you're the crossroads now you've had to try to weave your way back and forth but now let's turn to some. You lost for months. I mean I don't what I want an LA Blake. Can make a little bit like asking yeah eight different. Beef something that well this is right yearly corporate like and it can relationship. Survived. Our you want you you want to tip signed UH. I mean we can't we can't tell you whether this particular relationship more than maybe we can you talk to some people who then in. That may December from China saying thank. You think don't you would be. Younger women make split what went back dynamic like Korea. I do but I never date over a long period of time and never really turns into a relationship. But yeah it's an adjustment it is the things that she's into that that interest her in her passions. I'm kind of past that stuff just like you with clubbing them and you know with the girlfriends. So I don't. I don't wanna be part of a world but I don't sit in that part of that world so there's always a disconnect a little bit. There's always going to be this disk and since you're not interest in the long haul you never try to find a way to bridge there yes that's why we're really threw me. May December people yeah. Charlotte tried to ask you some really quick. His friends they respect to their own are they ever late get much wrists or say things are why in the world would you. Is that because. It older guys will get another guy while she's able to get. A girl that's fifteen years younger why kids are right. Kind of mentality up I know what's achy but it's does that happen yeah do you you know might as friends and Lawler. I mean. It very borderline. You know it did nothing that I have rare. Look back. At late. I don't break yet but it's not never anything like very direct their outlet it's not. Entirely accurate and good. Com's Jeff all right well so then what are you you want us to get you some tips he do you honestly. If you you feel like you wanna go long term with this guy you love him. I am too late you depend how stake. We get along real we have similar in strict you know aside from you know crowding in the moment Scotch drinking play. I warm. We're gonna try to sign some commonalities and some ground and each. I know there's other people who need it work and I'm sure they bring into the same things about circles and his interest is your interest since there's a disconnect somehow stuff anyway I don't I don't know if we can help you but hang on right there were meant. Trying to find it I know I'm fighting the urge to hit on you like Steve said get all. Take a shot its com's so they're they're they're a few years apart they're. Com she's in she's when he six or she's starting to come out of one's phase of her life and injuring another while he's pretty much done in two phases past. And there's always going to be you have to give me you can six. Even though I can't it can't work and I guess we're just doing is looking for tips on how to make it work when one have you. If you're an older guy younger woman older woman younger guys whenever a different does that make you different I think it probably makes a difference I think women. Can get older and still have fun and go clubbing in do you sit up here out. Whereas guys like there's a point I had never I had never known -- night I'm done with the clubs and we look lecherous in this scene anyway wouldn't win but a forty year old woman in a club doesn't clinch does a forty year old dude in the clubhouse. Somehow looks exactly H&R and dad or that's what I'm not know somebody wins via the roof pieces and nothing good about it so bombed. Shauna is dating an older man and she wants some tips from you. On each if you can I know it sounds weird but she's wants to know if you can help her make it work better. Teresa. Nice nice these thinks it's I think you didn't know what you want if she did for good time it'll be great I wasn't. Sixteen year relationship. For a while you know body was found each get a good signs. But after awhile you get charted being wrong you're young and you don't know. Oh so you'll always I was sixteen years old or new news that we're sand yet. You're right because you were so young you don't know did you just catch you on the head so cute well the Euro understands. Again EM IQ which Takenaka. It is clearly a kid. Is he serious okay. She didn't NIC I want I'm teaching my cells. They just we didn't ask me do you little dean knows we know she had kids or he had kids the dude doesn't have kids you know kills you doesn't mean Diaz kids so. I'm an attorney. And I are poor you worry when you dated this tax sold. And resentment from. From Sam now from his kid asked. That's how much because he let it appears he say they weren't they you know are they using you. You're I don't at a cool thing they like speed guy is. It's just mark it can work if she wants its seriousness she's never been equal to the skakel. Let me get a kid I'm 58 he's now at Wendy's store. Or whatever sixtieth to yell so. It's been eight years keep adding up in the mail it's fine Indians became plain that Sheila gonna marry him. Room. Yeah us deals. Yeah it's not a deal I think she's the concert sounds. I use it yeah hi yeah. I could easily install. I think that our relationship with that different than agent wonderful you get along your best friends get along great but then mr. Ben Smith feet. It will go away. I haven't experienced. In if you like and miss being in my knowledge she built a relationship. There because he's bodies falling apart fast you're in what are you talking about his duty as he's all he's already not aim here is going to be easy have you heard you. When cristina's relationship the here is it's gonna go to hacks for his forty. Don't divorce right now for that very faint you subcontract to zoom. Zelaya much like it they eat it anyway and attracted to meet. All he wants somebody younger he's not a tragedy anybody's Jones isn't what it used to be to try and Larry is not an indirect effect yes. Half. OK I. So you how how how far apart you guys already here. And these guys are thirteen she rounded up to systems you just talking about and gestured like gum disease aids is there doomed. I think that there are doomed but it's your right sentiment greens they're the chance that that relationship can end because it. You have your right to soccer million said he's his plumbing business falling apart. In Kankakee and. I've I don't RT this not so that in in anyone's. Is not me yeah I know he's got other stocks in tiger a business becomes more important than Jason Taylor okay well politics Larry King helps. Wow they even call him. I. Answer yes or what do you think. I do believe that if they have a strong relationship. And can they do work I have a girlfriend at seventy years younger and I am EC DS are now says her life says. I don't care to hear and I Internet back in my life giving care to be your running our personal relationship between the two of us. It is amazing. And women do it in the mature a lot quicker than men and so there might be a reason that younger women might be looking good old ram not always. Let you know. And she's mature enough them. That is what you want I think this go to work at all. You have to be judged by her family her friends were using your relationship do you have to put up a heater crap from anybody here shift. No not really your tire plugging hum no member longtime Tampa. You know a number of friends I mean I don't care I've been in the room some gear prepared before and you know people order they were there aside. Now that's true seventeen years difference that's that's awesome Tyler you. And fitness enthusiasts they're actually voted readout broke look big not it is the FO RDO they you call somebody it's now. As saying yeah flimsy. High tech. You're living this aren't you. Yet. How far apart are you the same age gap or worrying. Exact same age cap bank when he sick and he 39 models are. Good and how it works in this. It got angry we're getting married and you monk once you. I'm just didn't have to be some work in government but no you should citizen non commitment no assets so we're never did so. The did you go through the same things they've shown us talking about. I'm kind of I mean we didn't have as much of the situation with our friends. But we did have we also had an issue with their first just kind of getting an hour has about it. But I we eventually got over it I mean I think it took me a little longer than him. I'm trying to get over the age gap but I kind of just. Focused done art and Jake and the fact that we got along so well. Our relationship is just awesome and that's what I wanted to end a marriage so I just kinda gotta let it. Are you worried. He's used his body's gonna be aging a lot faster than yours and like following a par urge you might not be physically attracted to him Thelma rotor. Honestly no because when I first met him I thought it was the. The same age as me you look great and he takes care does help probably aren't that I get. All right good for you I mean yeah corporate milieu sanity and him to. Three of course so no tips you don't you know Grammy tips it's just. Work it out keep going in north. I don't focus on the but good positive thing you know don't play. What his friend sailor what your friends they get the way it'd be a bit about Dugard and her relationship not what everybody else. While Bryce thank you for the call Lindsay. Look at the you just keep eluding to the bank the people's bodies. Want to talk to let me decompose. I. I don't think I've seen minus walking and shame I don't you think happens like your fortieth birthday and as you're walking out of the party like your pinky balls are absolutely yeah. It's started already. Set to its gonna tell you bridges. With. I what do you think. I think it's girls elsewhere I would 27 and I am. Sporty and should come will be married three years this July. We have a nineteen month old friends gathered and fourteen year old. That's fan I have and I've never been happier you just have to buy your happiness and go for. And you don't you don't care what anybody else thinks anybody say and it's weird that he's a much older or family or friends one to do something new just you just push through it. That's now part bothered me that prayers. And my dad didn't have a few words to say about it but now my father loved him and we're happy family and everything is good. Are you still attracted to him physically and stuff it's absolutely. Defeat you'll get. Hope dope okay. Good for you thank you have his own president saying it you're pushing this agenda and it very remains falls apart around you you can use this summer and you wanna talk about a I have friends all over town are you are blue in part to back on new this something's going time its legs should loosen your scare in me. Now Coppola I Xena. Do you I what are you thanks. That's what I've met a parent I'm a little bit in Maine early meant it again and look what they doubled but it'll. It just took our team we're losing you really bad I mean you you're with a guy who was how much older and you. He is twelve near the Turkish tanks. And it fell apart further reason that she's saying yeah accurate data put so much resentment I think. That he would get upset I went out I ran out strong comfortable around his friends. And there are Turkey aero kits. Don't don't want chip Judy do other at all if place if you're rocker and his friends he's opera around doors was only good in bed. Cash if you really you're good when you spend time alone together not only in bad day you know Serb media elite. Ultimately. It puts me literally. Don't get it or to another world event but now I truly one handle being dragged somewhere I in. That I could I would I work. But I get you know I came back and I met my husband is eleven years older than me and we've been married four years we have a two year old. So you just fishing in that older dude O line on when you when you did not occur. When you end their relationship with the roller guys the first time how many of his friends lakes are calling Yeltsin's tough task. Don't you know that. He had no mutual friend we really did know him yeah that I think speaks red flag. You had two agendas you're trying to finish your body falls apart at 420. And just a hand if you date a younger girl. All your friends are gonna hit on. Yup okay mom anymore may December romance tips we're turning our FaceBook page into some sort of tender for a young high. I'm 61 over old guys if any you know we're Steve can get some body towards glued back on February 2 has all happened on the slacker and Steve FaceBook friends.