Slacker and Steve OPP: Daughter Got an Expensive Gift 2/2

Friday, February 2nd


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Steve on the so again another BP about gift giving in when you have to intervene I don't I don't understand let's not let's just talk to her Megan that and I hadn't. Tell us what's coming on how can we help. So I hate guns that I earlier this week on my daughter she's about fourteen. She brought home because. Gorgeous and Jack black and armed. Oh after I was like OK Richie you know who you get this beautiful necklace and she felt that they were displayed. On that had a crush on her dad got her business glass. Arm and yeah I would do really alienated really sweet being the only about it as a collective recollection not lake. Well like a Wal-Mart or peers necklace or placate. You know really nicely picky jeweler like it's probably like eight or 900 dollars. Nice of the kids a little hole. Oh and there we go wait a minute wait a minute did you look it up I mean you know. How do you know it's worth 900 dot the link you that's a lot of money. I know it it it just says Blake if it had on there about it Blake. Like fourteen K gold guy so a guy you know so you he had Malick is sprayed her owner or anything like satin. Thought you really believe it's like hundreds and hundreds of dollars. He added there's. The other thing military is that like are maybe he goes to her school also I was able to go right. His mom not number I just really nonchalantly legit stage K to play you know what you know that you know you're standing by my daughter's been you know really pretty necklace. And she you know she's like an option ER I. My work and there are lake show. I think that necklace might be really energetic. You know late. He's Jewelers from northern actual jury sort of like appears in the air and she flakes. Oh yeah I he actually has been eating a couple of commercial edit its Natalie. Is it Ed that. So I totally agree that you and it's a beautiful gesture I just kind of the old. I feel that bad because it's mommy daughter time and seat once she's fourteen is really not a identity outlined sushi. It really ancient stared at him. I mean she's keeping the necklace and think it's beautiful scene think he's perfectly nice but it means she has no she showed no interest will inherit. The weight issues showed interest another boy if you notice in. Why you're seeing now do you think it takes oh she's sounds like mature I'll kiss she knows what she wants and she's she knows what she doesn't want brightness out com. Do you really sweet boy I mean if you really is it's just I don't. I feel bad that he put so much time in. And money and effort into getting that beautiful necklace for her and I thought you know it's just it's seems likes to a futile gesture I guess. I didn't what are you wanna do you mean do you want her given backed. What are you what you. UIIIIDOLA. And releasing belly. I think it'll end up regretting it you know I mean for about mites. Money and that much ass hurt I I really do you think that. She should give it back. I think this is a good life lesson for this boy I mean. You bet you I hope you that's the they're. In the neighboring gifts air live. And I don't want my daughter revealed to be the winner ruins of pro lifer and he. She's the victim she was just minding your own business oil's a war yeah this boy has an affection for one and bartering gift David this gift to work now it's hers to do what she wants if he was expecting some in return this is a great life lesson for this boy. NCAA and you like my husband thinks is really sweet things they should let imply I don't know why I fuel. I feel bad about it. Let's you do we heard that your fourteen year old daughter has a close to a thousand dollar necklace. He's out partisan yeah that's a great question is that we're. You know you see if you have a little bit of it that'd be deleted bang it home. I mean I had not to think that she well I don't pretend to back include Jerry knew anything that. You know I want to give her the benefit of the doubt. You know she doesn't have that matured jewelry on the show. I don't know I don't know at minutiae continue to evaluate the lady she does making facial hold onto it. Would you want her to take this necklace go back to the boy in go you know. I don't think your views the way you think of me anyway blue active grand gesture but let me give this back to you. You does that. It hurt someone and they you know will go out on its feet what you order. And timely PO I want other kids. I'm oh he's like fifteen. Generally against Tennessee and greatest level guy arms. That medical grade it's easy to humiliate and we have about I'm trying to figure out what college. I see your side of it Steve lady she gave a torso it's. Like the team did it's it's over it's done what is it anyway humiliating tourney given back date like for ten. Then I mean is which which is gonna hurt his boy more. 900 bucks for not send. Or were ceremony is when. Two women and shoving the necklace again and sand and here's rejection. Reject you in my neck the necklace rejects Euro yeah it's nice out. I don't. I don't know if you're doing the right thing by rejecting these agencies say you. I also think Billy what went fifteen boy give something else journalistically. Yeah yeah once said that. Yeah I like warrants I need I don't know enough to care I don't know I don't like spot about how in depth so like what he expects from Mac maybe it's just church I am is gonna say basically an editor time and it urged you know attention. I just you know that any motions really not that much for couch or a pint she engines just that she's not. And see if she has to give back Megan she needs to do is put on you just say I want us now it was my mom's made. Actually ballots are so I know least laid out. That's not that very very kid and in the next well what I try to fight where I had. We've got to the the next question is shifting your back at all he eight you know how it's failed if she wants to give matured this is this weird because I did you know. Kids in elementary school my kids are still in in primary school or whatever. They give little DS but it doesn't rise to you loves 900 dollar that's I mean that would be we've we've somebody gave my daughter something expensive it would. I I kind of shocked your husband's going to 'cause I wanna twist the boy into a pretzel go lower tensions boys were you. And I think why can't we want for your 900 bucks sons. Yeah I said I'm really hoping that it's just like her her. Time and attention like a cat he noted it and tried really key thought I made it sent. Mom viewpoint so I can say you know my has been achieved such a strong public maybe additional time and attention and he continued here you really sweet. He's got a schooled her for years and my kid is become a really great support and Seale household. Think cheaper Maggie don't do this affects the other angle we need to go it too is that we out of commission doubted that this guy's worth it. OK Josh she's a lower standard of justice and ocean at all. They can hang our decent advice. I mean you're the pair were you out on this I don't like it I don't like my daughter cabinet but. My seven year old daughter is it's no brainer it's like when you crazy ass fourteen man in this kid made a sixteen year old decision just to save not you then responsible. If if if if somebody gave my daughter 141000. Dollar necklace I called mom and she's like I don't know where you got that now he stole it go well it's all that's dropped we know that the kid paid for is so it is Susan what's. Was it right he worked enslave you learn how to save money with the intention of giving this necklace to this fourteen year old girl. So no harm no fouls does she give it back dishing not give them back did you do we Steve said in my mom's making me do it what should Megan's fourteen year old daughter do with this hunk of jewelry. Chills. You got. The Max you. I'm sure she should. Absolutely give it back the last cinema learning in giving it back in the way she does that achieved best in him most and well known each other long time I really like you have the purse bench but did smack listed above us friendship and it belongs to a girl that's gonna give her heart to you and yours too harsh I'd love that you investment product meets the left in its current giving it back. What how. I yeah I guess in my house say teach capitalism unlike some we gave you right and on the list of us who we continue to receive. I'll jab it's hitting I don't really do not in my house is not a bright and hate mail but like OK I so. Didn't she she had a really great opportunity and and harper and I know she worked long and no heat and look I have a sixteen year old he really really. I expect girl and he wants to go shopping for jury each and you know what I told them unique to car that girl's father and cut hair. Thanks Joseph Louis is a life lesson for both the kids or. Although Boca. Ten years now she's going to be a elect but we'll keep an eye. I got no I eat out I. I got nothing out of that not to anybody should expect anything's for buying anyone a gas well that's were that's kind of where I was asking Jill them. So he. And that they've hit into it she's gonna been funnier you'd like I have heard your own reckless and I should have told him that doesn't belong to me my car is not being given you. And your not gonna let me I just cap that's why it's the question from you respect earlier. Why are you keeping them not. It was a gift I guess somebody we saw and wrapped up with a ribbon. I don't care why they're doing it right to expect to summer return and they don't get that's on the road and we thought David called Jill I. I'm telling you this is a glaring example of how we're bullies not so good because there if everybody's testing saying you gotta you back we're missing. Something NASA the parents are teaching their daughter not to accept something because there might be an ulterior motive could agree something some from a boy. Just from a boy you know good boys expecting some in return so the girls thought Jim read back so you don't expect it doesn't really just a given what he wants my return. Yeah so this pluses for this boy or his girl and computes it sounds like maybe bolster Jessica. Yeah yeah what do you think's. Well aren't you read from a boy is symbolic and it's kind of a planet possession and. And although she doesn't owe him anything you. She doesn't are you sending a message to him and to everybody else. It's a and I think it's such a sweet gesture but I don't even think he realizes what kind of a gesture that. What kind of messages is because he owns certain rights she agreed to accept an influence on her. Like you guys we're talking about this yesterday. About the green in the possession being if not it's not like he only her but why. He's he's kind of cleaning her. That's what she's accepting that the second she has some good ring she's excelsior being owned by a mean I don't even you know you can blame him for a difference who we're gonna blame her for something it yeah. So yes you need to get it back that day they've all don't even understand the young. They're they're they're 1415 years old but I still don't think happened. Hey this is a necklace so lateral to necklace. Screams I don't you as much as a ring does think the call though but I mean post it was a possession thing here analysts I park I if I. Whatever possessed him ladies say no to the argument Mitt. Yeah I agree things. I need to eat. No more so keep it you know what you're a boy and I sing every may and sees it away when you see it. 'cause we're like dude he's an idiot I'd like I didn't buy a necklace for somebody until we were going went out like we were serious job. The classic cart before the court. You learn a lesson that every. We can learn to sword you I'd look up co signing up alone in ten years or something really well why. Into you see your now. So you're saying keep it good mode to teach him some sort of now. Hard knocks me sort of yeah. How much of an Aqua pure and about 900 blog had nothing compared to play shield bill due later on if you don't have figured it. I'll always. Staggered toward you call. I'm telling you right now we gotta be dealt with gospel were wrong somehow. 'cause there's no Mick there's no women saying no they're also exhibited backs you know all this kid any thing. I'm saying it's again you'll owe him anything exactly as good as he thinks you do does that mean he's. Our ports unless there's some guys aside you words like it should be an exchange now services. The legs of Brian eats but it's what we're missing you're gonna have to reach out on social media and explain it to this in really small words please.