Slacker and Steve - OPP: Disabled Sibling on a Date 11/28

Tuesday, November 28th


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Steve. So I guess again this will be. Ha what yak when he tell us what happened maybe we can help. Okay thought it went on a blind date where it's just guide it a mutual friend as far as just the thought is that wanna dates. And I think you had a little bravado weeks on I like that great friendly charming on the phone and I know. And he brought his disable the poker without incredible day. You can burn his disabled brother. I don't you think I'd get out of that support that he takes care but well I love it. Well suited you have given me a heads up that you get a brain you'll put out there on an eight Whitney. My wrong. So he's a primary caregiver for. It's just I there's there's qualifying questions are kind of have to be asked bum. Do you how how how disabled like profoundly disabled. Did blinked in real it couldn't speak. You know we'll Eric. Release speak it had to be in the red cell phone let me I want you to meet a kid brother of course but not. You know on the true that they eat. Did did she also earth yeah I mean he would have to to a sense you don't just. Spring Enron somebody did he offer an explanation for why he did that. No we just got he's my brother and I have to take care of in the there's no one else so much blocked. Feel like you could have communicated that leaves before we went on the day I was prepared. So in all your chats. Leading up to this day he never mentions. His his brother. Yeah no contact poker. Saloon. There's a little part of me being the doubles that's it means for me right now this is like of course he shouldn't of brought you definitely warn. You definitely. Bring that up in conversation bat away one of the things if we ever do this eight. He's that I have this disabled brother picked up arms. So he was doing. So he couldn't find someone else to care for the brother while he wanted to pursue with you he brought the brother intentionally. To lake differ shock value. Oh poor or. O'Reilly that's OK but I'm turning my head around that. Tom and I just say out loud that if I happen to you Steve you would do great. Because I've watched you I knew used to work with the disabled boat you have. Calmness about you and a way in most people be shocked style words that are coming out of my mouth because you come motto is this per body OD bag who really know you're not like that you you gravitate towards. The underdog. And then did you just do really well we're in that situation of thank you for them I would be just icing and and it's I don't have any. Ill will towards disabled I do it awkward. And then I implode and then I think that I am being awkward which makes me implode more and I just I can't get it out of my head and I'm not doing things the right way Boca. Don't want to pander to very and I don't variety. And so by saying all that I am seeing Sandra to you and I guess that I'm I'm wondering if the reason this guy didn't do that. Easy just. So row is baggage. Her say on your play on the table Longo. Look if you can't handle this today you're not going to be able handle at six weeks from now and I don't want to get to know you. And start to lights slash love you and then we knew find out that I have this person that I have to spoon feed every day how do you leave. Mean Celeste just get this out here right now oh so instead of OK so this was he's probably gotten tired of Donald didn't dumped. When it was time to introduce a brother Benedict sees as like your this is meeting on reduce on the first. While he did. How did you do with his brother. I include. Very naive. And I you know I tried this economy getting them both more like they were taking care of him on the date and actually don't know each other. You know. It's been supportive of first days to kind of get to know each other and that's great that you got to know about the brother situation. But it's like that's the only thing she wanted to let you know is. Terrible analogy sees but what would you do if you went on a first with a girl and she brought her kids. You need to know she had kids and she was inside she shows up and excites. I know we chatted on the phone and decide you should know I had a kid and she's just. And ABC breasts and the kid in front of you or so like I'm just right I would know that there are they are a package deal. And she would have told me hey I have a kid by the way as were her for so you know each other. Bum bra actually physically bringing him. I didn't really need that I would trust you by telling you tired so I can write and are you testing we see how morale volume around your paper small what are our first date you're introducing me to your tyranny that's bad. But with the disabled. Brother I don't know why there's another level that makes it better and okay yeah but still. I reported a first date is for. You to get to know each other. And you've got to you know fight that's the only thing I got to learn about you Israel to disable brother but it where they else sorry I got nothing else to go 12. Opponents are today what you write yeah. But Dick. Did you find it endearing and all quit quit. What are you I mean we're getting calls and advice and what happens and you think about going on another date you think you're telling him to leave you alone what's your next most. I don't know but it really get to know him and I thought you wouldn't you but I had no idea if I should in nineteen. L mentioned. Not open and our aviation you know you don't really great guy who'd taken her photo op with it but you know. I don't know different opponent had not been just about all or her thinking that. He shouldn't have gotten other. No if you did that you're the first state I think you have every right to go ahead and say you know what I'm not down with us are right I'm now going to be comfortable with us and just. Walk away you know what data appears like ice sheet you're right you see gasoline has the right did you abducting you appear to be occurs I hate disabled people. But you don't just yell you're gonna see each other or you're right. I don't. That's a tough spot Sandra I doubt that anybody's lives through Europe. A similar situation Morgan alarms while oh it's paying aren't there. So if you got tired of never get a second date because of this brother. And you just you've just announced just for you push all is done and I would say if my wife or you were on that day you would have done swimming with my wife would have jumped right in my life would have said. The brother might my wife has Down syndrome uncle and she has this empathy. That she just can she just don't and I just I threw the bombings in the I I just I didn't listen how ought Cramer now I I don't know what you did you say you're not wrong though and that's just a thus some people can deal some people okay. I don't feel well because I just I don't. I don't want to pander I want you to them if things don't like. Are you OK it's like I know you want to these sites and parents a profoundly disabled children I think really hated win. People here under a yacht. So you're oh what's your regular what's right or wrong. That's why you're probably uncomfortable so if it's one thing it was on a daily woman and she brought her profoundly disabled sister that would be our last now because. Yeah but that's cursor exactly I just I just don't you're just not that guy. I would you know it I would failed attack if that was a test them I would say you would pass in flying colors. And maybe that's all this guy wants he wants to go on a date with somebody who can except. What's come in a real quick you had a great analogy earlier so this guy had a signal there with like three kids. Well this is me and you thought all three kids on the day brought a mole because you know what if we're gonna make this long term you have to use them anyway I don't I don't know I don't know what the right answer ask. Is she. I. Beef for not being in court this. Probably not if you have advice for her should she say something should we contact is dude Intel and did this MO is not you need to chill out room that's a weird way to go on the first day did you have any advice for Sandra we'd love to hear it. I didn't. So I think that they never really have a real first date. Got doesn't that doesn't count the first state. So I think he and Justin and him should give him a second chance and maybe I'll have to back away from the brother thing. Actually date the diet that you went out to go on a date what men like you didn't get to know him but. The Magellan the road after many dates then do the very dynamic between the three of them his brother yeah. Couple. But that is if she's Cooley cheers thanks guys this is just like dating a single mom it is. It's it's not something that's gonna go away if she's taking care of this hatch did you feel he's living in the house you don't get to go light coma always had so much fun these days let's stool weekend get away without your Brothers think what. And and I'm supposed to do what parked his wheelchair in the corner with the trust suit that's not how it more so I'm the primary caregiver so she added decides. Is she willing to accept wool both of them do all end is she doing this on purpose to give her. Just exploded it's okay here's rip yes a he is he's got a week 'cause I mean rude. I I've already like. Throw myself under the bus enough I don't I don't think I'm strong enough to take it I don't care we have such a great relationship it's one of those things org site. I wanna be able to go to Napa which you. And just let's just go only to drink your duty relationship with this guy means from. You never had to sell your always gonna be second half stuff blew his brother are. You know to go to blow off my brother who's in a wheelchair can't speak what will catch up within a week. He's he's a part of it while forever and for all X thank you British colony. She's got July it was I think it's almost smarter than to just thrown out there while. Immediate she's got disabled siblings as I know I understand and then your match mean happen. Film knack. Yeah I what do you think. And they give him an urgent because. I am on that kind of vote. I had a physical disability I have an hour. But yeah what Barbara was told this thin. Are they wanted to get us out it's the only one I'm confident I didn't opening. They get a similar just a good thing snuck up. But Merrill when you when you decide to go to day with a lady I mean. She knows that about you already or she sees pictures or no she doesn't. Only Sony Pictures. I didn't pass out because. They cheer you up and sign your disability. If your equipment was sudden but let. No no no I'm saying they think your defined you know how to define this not a dis and I guess it's terrible but people would do great legend up in just leave on your first eight to be do that. Author and I don't get back at the donut day early contact you in Long Island home and we'll. I like fade. Accurately. When I'm out. So you're just obviously you're saying give this guy a chance give materials. While little okay thank you for the column that appreciate it Diana. A guy who do you think. I don't think he's achieved both groups I think he you know white lie and their border. It's neat because op credit how do you trust the person that inning and bring that up like actor Chad eighteen and it is somehow plate and keep your line that is. No not clueless the only thing. In this casual conversation just wanted to watch your face react tomorrow it's brother in on the date. That's you're dead. Heat we. School lying to you. Mentally. We deserve the third no yeah that's a ion that's interesting so your Syrian lead who do because he's he's you know I truthful while. I don't know what to do you know I don't either as we saw just I care so much about how people perceive me juror was so bad you don't know. We're all well and if you tell him I don't want another date our youth but that's why can't IE is that you why I mean have put. Reception will be on the.