Slacker and Steve - OPP: Divorce at 25 1/13

Friday, January 13th

Alex is 25-years-old and is going through a divorce. She never imagined that she would have to go through this ever, especially at such a young age. She is scared and doesn't know what to expect. She wants to know the rules and guidelines regarding mutual friends, in-laws and when to start dating again. What advice do you have for her?

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Steve are there. Oh PP so the people's problems and it sounds. Basically the concept is certainly gives a problem and there's obviously other people have gone during today's. The problem she's going through C says that at least half of you've gone through it. Yeah exactly a little bit over half die slacker and Steve you guys I ignored the voice of my family and friends and got married at 23. Never one set I was too young India married but I thought I was ready. Mary might turn out to be completely different that I imagine and now we're going through a divorce. I'm going to be divorced at 250. Boy obviously this is something I've never been through and I'm scared and I don't know what to expect. I feel like a mourner received a divorce and I was to get married I don't stadium we just more good as a couple and thankfully we don't have any kids. I have so many questions and I'm freaking out that I don't know the answers. After the divorce will we still be friends guys I love his mum can I still caller. We have to decide who gets to go when one of our friends has a party. Will he even gets. OK sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry. Will we even get to keep the same friends. Police still have feelings for each other after we get divorced. When should I start dating again. Are people going to look at me differently when they find out I'm divorced. Thanks guys this is from Alex and Alex is in fact a young team yeah. So. Fellow females. Help her feel. Better about her divorce do you outlets are the last question first do you look at somebody who's divorced differently. You know what when I was younger maybe facility all you've failed your loser at valued on good morning good night and didn't yeah I try went forward in debt come at a near I'm the loser I guess it's the but nobody knew when thank you right now your perception of it ya hmmm now though like he mused. Over 52%. People are divorcing so I guess that's more than norm now I guess I don't judge is much. I would say it's almost the other way it was just someone so. They youth pretended you've been divorced. Yes I'll do it easily you are you just just some people and I'm not trying to be mean but. To some people Europe's failure because you never even tried right and that's a red flag especially for females because I don't have kids either so just say. Just make it easier I would just the guys I personalize the stereo. Besides it's weird why now is it makes things easier. She's removes red flags I know it's the whole. It's just that when they find out it's like how weird are you that you lied about sailing in a marriage to make it seem like you didn't fail it I know my. Alex did a real quick you are right women do or do wanna see that a guy at least has. You know stick in the game at some point he's right in the area on the I would say yes. I think we really need to try to help Alex I think she sounds really immature. In a not an attorney Nina it's like oh my god can still be friends of his mom may be some of you are still friends with your exes mom you say no. Well I mean at this point if I were to get a divorce. I think we would be because when you have kids it's a different story which is their grandparents are going to be involved tonight. When I when I got a divorce from my first Weis I think she felt a little like Alex they too. To her mom lives in a different state in Chico and attached to my mama little bit right. And she wanted to stayed friends and my mom who was lightened her mom had a liner out she did she had to say that's not. Covering like I don't think did we have a look and end all I don't think. Everybody says no. Says to being friends with the it's just it's a little weird and eventually. Mean. Probably she's gonna get a new girlfriend potentially new wife and then what you're gonna be dropping off some Christmas cookies and they come in with their fame is it. Hey Alex is cleared they're here are my mama you're my new wife my kids and I awkward just yet just. Caught it off seal a deal with it if you're gonna eat it feels like you're getting a divorce. You've got to just you've got to be prepared. And to be done with every aspect of them and now under friends know you when your accent that you had to do yup friends didn't we didn't really sick. Kids with little give you Bob adults eighteen and spur any other day I get a draft party OK okay. Fact is sitting down both slow your own clock. With my pork did you pick. I'd she's innocent the is FY I didn't easy deal to cut thank these. She ended up just diddley you were one of the last ones on details and you will the as a warm weather and don't you picture restaurant. And try to listen if you can arms to. I don't know I I. I mean you want I can go through each of these questions he just seemed really never been through and so I would know when I was talking about it's it's weird it's a it's it's it's scary. I sell what you when you said the failure thing I did feel like a failure I didn't wanna get a divorce for that reason. It is one of those things where. You go your parents and you say this is a person nice that I wanna spend the rest much of an unbelievable the guru. Daniel komen yelled. Yeah. Yale Bowl. You don't we're back with that this admit I'm on drugs or somebody just I know war but it's it's. In that respect yes I don't think we do if Alex if you met Alex in a bar and she was like yeah I ate my divorce is one final would you be like. Memorial and horrible. No. It's what you. No I see that as an opportunity. Why it's true there's no way I know she's been worsened she's out here again. Oh I thought yeah I always thought we did it won't work well she's OK okay Michael hooker. Care who's always easier to cook's physique company hopes to move as fast foods. Yeah I'm just not proud of which Iran would not say oh my guy beard divorcee eight. It's so then I guess it again I we Morgan go through all the questions normally you we want you guys he'll probably do you think there's any problem what started dating. Almost immediately she asks and how would you how much downtime would mean immediately went to psyche yourself you're signing with one hand your divorce papers when you're put a ring until we knew it was over and they make you do need to wait. In certain states is cooling off period some states are lights when you dirty taste or Sunnis or ninety days or dinner in the cooling off spears posted. Why yes I know Mike you're so. There's literally sent this to me you did about a year and Mike. Out women leave here today. I am going to find someone and make mad mad most of them so you really cool losses they so I last spoke to after okay eventual. So I. So I. I just of the bottom line is this if if Sarah girl writing us and saying I'm about to move to New York. And I heard it's a big scary city. Give me some pointers who we would all go. Unlike idea to try to stress on don't be afraid of the subways we do we do we guide her her her and I even Teddy would be endearing and we would try to help her. Navigate a big city right right. Big cities divorced yeah. And she needs she wants not a candidate she's just like I'm moving to divorce so. Tell me what to expect exactly did you have some emotions I know I sure I deal with that guy so what are we gonna feel like. When he moves out or when I'm about what am I gonna feel like wanna go on the first day all the little things happen when your in your Tony zinni go through divorce. If you can giver an idea what it's gonna feel like. Before then she won't feel so weird about it exactly. So. I guess we're looking for twenty somethings any age will do you've gone through divorce. Help Alex navigate hearse and Jennifer. Yeah I give advice for Alex. I hate to I have been notorious bear about three years now and I just got back spent New Year's with my ex. Father in law and sister brother. And oh yes we're very close or very good friend still we just make that decision not to. Speak about my ex. You know we talk about everything else let's just say you haven't come I. Oh no no no yeah I tell you what it that was my family I don't care keyboard with some maps my good. So way and 21 thing I do want to say to her is. Even reread because I I realize that the minute that I coast and on days like that I was single again every guy I knew Brian junior high high school and on and came out of the woodwork at his teller to be prepared that or. I don't well I mean they all wanted to go out to dinner and they all wanted to go out and have drinks was. Our noted you feel like she this was a good decision to give you confidence. It did for a little bit but I think that's you know everybody means that a little bit of pink. Keep me have you know after they go through some like bath but how cloud gets a little because really all it is movie now symbiotic did you ever drink and then go back to their place. Update just wanted the one and done it to Padilla and his stress your ex husband's friends and reach out wanna hook up with Jeff. Who. Oh yeah. Oh yeah yeah. I'll ask it came out of the woodwork that is best for and you've done a band he has band made. I mean you're you it's really an ideal partner Louis allow our age. While you know jet lag so yeah he was behind so once you send this lose they are safe not a thing you can't get good advice we do appreciate yes I Torre's. What are IE what do you think. I'm glad for the man they can you believe I have hopes they thought seriously. Marriage is a holy thing it's a contact people in your life. Beat you really look anything like you may get an anomaly to bail on every day. And it's. He married someone you work our troops out of twentieth when we're really really. Tory Tory Tory couple things you your phone is kind of tightening now but I think we're trying to get in the just what you're. You're not calling with the advice for Alex you're mad and Alex for getting a divorce. An attorney do matter you know. I thought I don't like. But if it's if it's not working would be sold. We're I I guess some confused as to what yours so your senior major. The link in your had to learn what age they don't look at. What can have problems I only see it. But I haven't looked like at light. Think her. There is that so you want her to stay with a guy she's not in love win it's because because she committed to it you made a quote I guess that's so it gets our disposables sighting. Could could go hey let's sort of make your point 630 yards out of the I. OK but what is so if this guy I have got to only go dark make it shorter this guy is hitting her. Or. Cheating on her doing something bad you think she needs to stay in and I'm a single word Stephen and he hated the stay in work yeah. Absolutely it other Darfur where like. It hurts a quick they're a lot of people work it didn't just walk away. Greek I married a spokesman. Scott if you look at. But what did he say and when you say those vows on the altar in those are his words there's just this is for showed a decoration you only needed yeah they want their traditional natural disaster and in my. They're also they're supposed to be true are an arm all right so NASA. It's a resounding vote for stay in the marriage while taking the call Torre. That's really lush and well and while she's entitled to our opinion the prime real quick we're trying to help Alex 25 years old she wants to know what to expect when she's getting a divorce. So the real intent of her yeah let's be productive they were healthy we're trying to help her through it I mean some people think they did know her generation just starting I mean all opinions are the respected here. TD. Yeah I nice. I think she sounds extremely childish if they're really trivial matters that he concerning yourself let. She got it you've been worse tech juniors early you degree and maybe he led lights. It's more education and maybe keep up the planet career instead who worry about it you know what party. You're right she's hurt her list of priorities are this is still be my friend just simply put if they cheese this indeed it does feel law allows a little junior high doesn't it. I. So then what are you saying you've entered are Boris. Well I yeah I think marry her canoneers the last couple have been really rock but we're trying to make elected I don't believe in you getting divorced for any overeat and. So you're you're jumping on your on Torre's side you're you're like jumping on the navy she needs to grow up to four she runs away. Polonia to work on it when when he reached realized always works just didn't work at C shouldn't stick when you I don't know. We promised to kill. Price grabber now I'd get married mean forever. Why oh you do that's a non Thai news that you guys promise that though. Some promises and no I don't dig dig the comity so. Usually has yet now she's in its a Jess. Yeah guy who you think. I'm well I don't know in this position about five years ago I got married I can't say that it against every question but. Yeah I would be young bride. I really thought I let my forever and hit the dark street in jail I don't think you delegate especially here early twentieth it zero thought about the rotten egg. Definitely don't work. And and it's. So I'm sick and from time you know that and you know what she's lucky that they don't have jet because this is gonna be a fresh start for her and it's really gonna talk for a while. You know. I think you you went through a divorce I've been through a divorce it's not buying it it's not pretty it's not exciting and. Do you think that the question you probably found immature but I feel why your price said that. Those things I didn't think you. Kill. But I think it really inappropriate to rip this poor girl stay with that what's wrong with millennia old ring she didn't try not one that's really know. Butler going under truly why it didn't work out but. You know I think met. No you're not going to be president Robert and yeah I probably get it felt like Karen what what they insist a fresh start in in a couple years they're Gannett. Feasible if we accept that coming down. Are you good now are you remarried or I elites. I am actually remarried had been Lynn Marriott for almost two years I have not BR and copy it with somebody is bad so. I've known for ten years than probably should've done my only husbands but you know what I learned so much about my spells. And about what I it really truly wondered where I felt an expected out of a marriage because of what I call my Dresser or pulmonary edge my ass right out and eat. What it was going to be and you know what I had upper back. For myself to when things we're not going right. I put in the work until the ripple effect on him that I deserve way better than back in it you can't get it I mean you're not willing to try art hurt. I'm not I'm not gonna try you know when you and your ex husband that went inside then aren't actually that's not conch it's time to walk away. Wow all trades while. It is. I don't think that I didn't put in the work and bill for any lead I feel like they're attacking me I still very protective about Alex. Because I think I think that's just a little craft. Just the second did it turns into work it's over it's that's not true they didn't. I'm sure he's okay jazz didn't have legs. Yes you know you just have to understand how much if the word and it didn't I would probably have a different spots it's it was all well and. Foot and no output then it's do you there has to be some work they even got us were so happy that your happy by the way. She's not because simply just a worksheet thanks that's maybe it's the I would you venture. Climbing exact topic that. I have made it twenty and the horse just like feel actually on my when Everett street each. And covered different time in fact bring you know right. In early into when he you're stupid you're really unique in poultry and actually says. Maybe that's why you shouldn't get married that young maybe not sure. Hey Ed and getting divorced so audience at all or questions or whatever the bleep you weren't. You wanna talk to here in a lot of talk Kearin you want to see him at a party you're OK with that he's OK with that cool it's not take some time. Whenever you want your Tony I girl go out and out but it's just a story on my ex husband. Married. Nor any of those people who don't want to do so yeah I choose not deal with you good friends AT least. You'd. I that semester I'm here I come up front. We grew. Great advice yeah Amy. Obsolete ice Alex originally reached out to us on FaceBook so. Perhaps she'll post something on our occasional you guys totally cool you can destroy your chum in the water I'm sure Steve's artist you can here's I don't know right. I'm really looking just why somebody else's kid and I help Alex and help other divorced people on the slacker and Steve FaceBook page.