Slacker and Steve - OPP: Divorced and Still Love Him 6/13

Tuesday, June 13th

Trisha and her ex husband got married young. She divorced him and now five years later she is regretting it. She realized she was immature and ended their marriage too soon. She now wants him back, but doesn't know how. How can Trisha win back her ex husband?


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Stay on the so sometimes you make your decision in life. And then you realized it was you he wasn't the right decision and can you just go. I'm allowed to as a human being go I you I don't want and I I look I should make that decision to go and do the decision and go with you know my other option that I could've gone with. Comedy in this case it's a little weird it's hard to go back its paint yes a word or find out flatly Tricia wants to do here Tricia. While I tell us what's going on and we can talk you out of that order help you make it happens pretty. They'll feel it up and believe maybe in the corner of the plan a true love. You know you have stuff had. Pretty early leg early when he nuclear is really. Like college we aren't you know our. Aim and. The opening report written cheerleader or simply don't look at because immediately aren't likely Friday. Aren't dramatic aren't you eager early. Do you when he and including all these added an empty well. I really had all really badly he I feel weak I. Ended it when I really don't like you don't learn. Game not get up early on to college you think young. Adults. I want it can get better in. How do you want. Are you in communication with dis guy now I mean. Are you guys. You know make her crew in. There and I expect on her birthday and passed by. It's not likely hang out on the campaign known all along with us he and us. My purse certainly in me even though we know each other we can't a lot of history. And it's. You know you're nominally. Had a dinner at her director. Husband but I want you. Even do you sink. Do you think he's having any of these same feelings you have any indication that he's moving in this direction are now particular Soriano asks her how was he. I mean you thank you actually if you Eileen Akron he eagerly to rebound and as break. He didn't want to and the parents like I was. The woman he begged me to stick around her and tried really hard all they go to and I was the one here kind of ended at. You know who. That that I mean for me is if you broke my heart. You put forth are you slacker you do everything you could to keep it together I got two speeds on that I mean their super excited that you wanna come back or. When I just yeah I T I can't allow you. Acting in my life for fear of you breaking my heart again and again and it would hurt twice as bad. Act I don't know how is it says. Wouldn't that mean again it's not even see I wanna be like you know strategic I don't want him to look. Look you better like me can trade I wanna kind of earth. Willie all but you know what it. What broke you up in the first place state doesn't still exist or is this is what I signed with people who ever wanna go back to their acts. Time he gives you. Times like a races all the bad stuff and for some reason your brain only holds on to like oh my -- or go to that concert and we just a you'll remember the young really drunk later and then try to make yelling when your friends you only remember the good stuff like why yeah why why a did you leave him in the first place and why do you think dad doesn't exist anymore. You never said anything wrong when you act like I was gonna we're sure you're kind of like. I see and we got back in Berkeley doesn't you know it's. I was thirty and transparently does it how come on and I I was like karaoke wanna. Option and it's clearly you know we argue sometimes and I think that. After my process has acknowledged that the and the group he might a kid basically and getting a pentagon. Mom and so it wasn't ever any of that hinted that you know I. Just a tricky right so did do you seal lights. Since you had best year of missing out did you sell your oats enough like you can go back and not feel. Did you know. Like every day that I didn't. It ends up all night and I don't think I've had extraordinary mentioned that it's London Tripoli early. It acts like nobody compares. Still if we're out there or do you think she's settling Steve I mean we just. It's sites you can bring you can't do anything to works he hears this magical person who you know. Love you unconditionally begs you not to leave you do any way you did anyway but he's jury in case of emergency fill back six my heart's. Guy do you do you think that's who this guy is hers seemed genuinely I know you don't necessarily believe in the one but what are you what do you think. While we see dead originally Tricia that's yeah you sampled your wearers and see what's out there saying you weren't getting what she wanted. So suddenly this past guy he's turns a new dream guy. Yeah others that hesitation and he's gonna have that has had to keep in mind and secondly Tricia. I kind of know where this guy's sitting at so it's gonna kind of beyond you to pursue this I think I don't think you can sit back and hold. He magically finds out that you you wanna rekindle the that he come on court two again. You yeah yeah is this is all is doing 100% on you know you're gonna have to find your way a you. To get him to each chase after he's gonna have to I don't know she's due to pursuing and it hit it's you can't put. Which come out and hope for Hampton you asked alike are half. US to attack can say I want you back here at I don't know if he wants you back it has in essence he's kind of admitting that he settling to raise I mean did he go out there and see what else is out there in the do you know. I mean I know they see it gated this salute. Money and heard but David it's been about a year I think I think since they broke up ahead. I mean it let it live only might have been. It an expert at my being dramatic land I hadn't really it proved it needs. From. Yeah does it feel like I'm. Like I don't know which woman yeah what's the best yeah want to bounced back and I don't. I do yeah. I think a lot of people won't go back to their spouse and say pretty much exactly that look I was the idiot I needed to go out and see what else is out there but no wind no. Now I've compared now I know I just know so many people went back and then within a few months have been back you're like oh that's right now. Why were broken up to be you know it's Lisa that's just. Recchi are around me. I don't know I can see that all right Patricia let's do this one you hang on and were to try to get you some advice and talk to the people who may be. Dabbled basking in their past and I don't you move on either you there's no looking back with pretty tough for me to go back to any rights like my acts. But I hear people time we even have relations with directs this. Am naive and attracted you know my my my ex is beautiful. I just it's emotionally you're just done there's a huge brick walls there. Yes I wonder if Trisha is managed decides no matter how much she loved her and didn't wanna lose her he might be like. So you are. Now you smell lights defeats to me. Yes the end of I would have a hard time respect she was trying to you don't pitch who are really trying to get me back. To be kind of lupus I'd be kind of puts that I don't know if I wouldn't trust myself around her trust her around me because she broke my heart before but I mean there there are plenty of cases where the people get back together and everything's great because they couldn't find anything better sort of focus really were meant to be together and it was just star crossed love brought my love wrong time kind of stuff Boca should Tricia. Pursue her ex husbands because now she realizes. She's the woman got away Mohawk or once you let them get away are they just don't load your. See here's the guy I agree isn't. I think you should not Chang. Do number two on the relationship. You know I think it's if she wanted to compare to somehow I mean out word. It's my talk ratio Puerto one point oh what are pretty important relationship jab that's true man who lied drag him through that again break your heart just because. You change wanted to do another gosh. The end of the BST this than two Stevenson once they do get back together he's always waiting for the other shoe to drop this and days that she's gonna do the same irony I I try to be exciting every day it's a would have unless I missed his it was an exciting an athlete I'd be. Jump out of airplanes I'd be taken are on nice oh spontaneous were flying to Paris tomorrow kind of like trying day it's. It's too much pressure it's pressure Yuxi flip side this there's no pressure. In. Media pressure strong words it's so easy to fall back into the majority know we chat convenient you know how to have relations of one another. You know of the there's somebody be said for that magic of NATO that was somebody for the first time. But there's some also to be said for. Compatibility in the absolutely no when they eat you know. They you're good in that department and it's all did you know what you're doing which you're getting back you know everything your gas there's no surprises six have you have you ever demo on again off again semen or you're just sites might mean scorched earth when it's over it's over. Kind of torture that's hot about it at one point there was yeah I thought I lose ten or revealed bliss and you're near another shot back in the background I think there are reading you left. I don't wanna go through RD candidate just because you want to crawl back under crutch. So you guys are relations and you said by what more could a couple of more wrong direction and then the definitive is this is the fifth the if they give it cost even jets won both formal and non I don't think she wants him you know it Stacy. A guy you. My folks got married very young arm like right out of high school at three at that number though. And then ended up getting divorced and remarried after eight years each candidate they went out there realize. That they really get lucky together but things were so in change. Getting married so we are having region. That that would their outlook kinda thing. How long did you cry is a big way how all really kids when they got divorced. We nerves. Probably 8880. Wow. Years later year old boy got a mile high school falcons like now I can deal with you've had this exact. Cookie is just so you hit the problem in their marriage brazile you once you can see that it. It would. Sure there was you know well written and good so you eat any of works there're there're so they just I think. Little steps. Oh sowing your oats and seen what else is out there has any any given point in anybody in any relationship in sank late. Not only not you have a good. Brady's Audi SI ST yeah. But I betcha there days you like. A look at those and S eight sooner we put it in Kenya so you're looking to get out there and once you've driven a couple of cars. Slump with a couple of other women or men or whatever. You know. You'll. Have. Had a pretty good and I needed to go out there to know that I have a pretty good with yes not everybody passed you know some people have that thing called saint. I know they made the right decision in the first place but it sounds like Trisha and Stacey he's mom and dad. How do you then the non faith and who who started it back when they started it back together they both just kind of mutually one day go. We should get back together or did somebody pursue the other. Pretty much mutual. I think still stripped in the Quintero. Of course I'll let kids were right to air should he die each other all the time value and they urged their bulletin admit that I need right now and they'll Mary. How was it for the kids knowing that your parents are about to get back he's it was weirder or as good PR to bad mouth one element. Yeah. I I. Guess it could kill him bad operating like a strange I sit and I did that do it a little bit different but I'll. Ali and trying to explain that to e-book throughout the year like you were divorced are. That you announced it all when they divorce images like I would go live with mommy's dead socks and get back together like I. That's its. Did he dance odds and then my mom's sister knows better dry land I broad Gonchar as the and you can barely lost value. They give the cost him zebras in every different. Whitney's. Yeah I your eyes but either. What am I had one thing to say anywhere that their rear view mirror there's a reason the rear view mirror is smaller than a windshields. Lot OK that's all behind you I series do there. Yeah it did so you believe that they would what's behind he's got to stay back there. Yeah I mean you know just did illegal armed. It didn't work one time and not gonna work against. But it did if it and I NIC do you. I you scorched earth. The only reason I think it might work. Easter she realizes the sooner she's the reason it didn't let me give you know if he'll manage and work and I am not really sure what happened there and it's like I wouldn't go back to him but she it's like she's like it was 100% me I was a problem. I won't be the problem this time she's changed she's more matures or do you think that is a chance than women. I think that gives her a chance the next relationship she's going to be and we get the idea of our colleagues is just to make. Right you like you learn from your mistakes break your allowed Q kind of on the Korean and then and rethink the things that you did in the past back going back your situation where you were person AA is only going Q perpetuate you being out right. She remembers her ex husband the way he was back then he's probably maturities could absolutely grown yes so they keep the call waiting thanks for the analogy with windshield and. So what. These. Guy. Who would you do. Oh god don't let I don't you have to doctor hunter wise now you said NATO raid appeared together to when he tired. Two grown kids I wanted to learn I knew I need to get out. We got back together porcupine the last three and happier and it's been a horrible I had the worst thing you can't tell her go back why is that you know why look why don't get the most I'll begin with Jamie can become absolutely keep it in a short time I'm picnic on a cool I remember those now and which. Yes you love them you think he's a terrific person and you're destined to be together pay you two can go back. So you know you're no longer with your accident or. Now I am where he now we don't have a friendship that there's barely pay it now it works and I'm. That we joke to everybody our friend Stanley and contains one. My dinner together the next until you learn they didn't know what was going on how we we did need and we Chile South Africa we can make it work that you just have to keep camp has done it's done. You do this thing we talked about earlier does have to need your brain tricks you into forgetting all that bad crap and you just from a lot of times. Oh absolutely ego I made a mistake I can't we make didn't tell them thinking we can work it out lyrics. I'm proud to be together. You know at different continent together I don't need to know how to play guilt and go. Know who else did you see her reason. My view is yeah I do try going to the movie and cat it anyhow yeah exactly you can't put people happening. Wow good for you say you know you guys Saddam us Shannon's. Yeah us you're a psychologist argue. I am not a doctor or clinical psychology in these so we don't have time. It's due on solos were selling yet another time while happy bird spray. Out. I have some great experience in this and I'm currently writing a book on how to achieve a partner firm they're sort of laughed at not out I'm not quite enough but I'm telling you hopes. That was I was dating this guy who'd in the middle role and he which she didn't think to me an hour. Hamas and I started today ham and I thought he was born and I thought he would 'cause soccer could come into my redneck games before I couldn't really get issued auction without my friend or you planet earth and I. And and so I dated him store. Oh probably two weeks and then import guy is that you know like you are replicating the blow away guy he's so. I'm glad Diane I would have my girlfriend and ended an LA we're going at a barbecue for the guy that and Dayton all the high. Jerky lined the word digital radio show and and I finish my dissertation on his attitude a partner for marriage and I read every lynch and I should be compatible. While on it. I'll use him know my moves you've had no one can. I'll. Lou hand. And what every. The collar unit she might have been dealing at all girls trying date their father their foreign and you can actually she might. Still need to get rid of that feeling of not being an apt analogy so good not swank. Polish you know. The good it was a good one for me if they're you know what I then what I had to walk downstairs a little hard but I'm not downstairs and I knocked on his door. And older to get that could be wanna make out. And I literally and him. I am still aren't you will you be my boyfriend and we've been married for twelve years and have to a meeting at all. Why do I wish. I. No we were told don't do it it's the worst they have both doing a psychology as Saul why have learned writing down all. Look see specifies an indicative of the call but I'm telling you that says it does look. Why are proof positive it can't happen the QT and maybe crops square stirred not doormat all right good nutrition should. More advice and you guys take it over on the side turns these FaceBook changed its.