Slacker and Steve - OPP: Dog Attacked the Cat 1/22

Monday, January 22nd


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Staying on the day. Few things did our listeners more upsets than you talk about patents owned. For some reason people just you really passionate about. Pets and smoking and weeks weeks those are the three RNC parenting you I Alyssa is this is at least got a patent and parenting and and I believe Sandra. A guy you've got a new TP about pats what happens. Well my HIV don't. Coming up my neighbors. Who lives next door you know we have like a night. Heard about a report are we hang out and time incentive barbecues and I'm just like hang out for a glass of wine. Mom. And last week any mind to all the. My dog attacked their cat to move. I'm even include yard. And so I keep my dog goes down into the yard he had you know like a little dog how can he hang out back there. And he actually pretty chilled dog and you never attacked any Singapore and his lights. And heat severely. Injured my neighbor's cats I don't know what got into hand had gone into the yard and he went after the cat it was your your. The hacker got into my daughter. Right now because I mean it's you know I. It's my neighbor's cat and I don't want anything happen to anybody had. And quite I know rush that had over the my neighbors and then you know I'd like I can just happened I brush the cat over. They took the cat to the vet right away and you know this apparently constant like another thing that constant thousands of dollars. Yeah if they lose that feel like. Does it there hat's why I guess they aren't exact triage is some reason is they know have you Rais and you do you do I think CI panel. Yeah a guy so. Oh yeah who you know a cop out and they custom Obama's money and just a few days ago my neighbor you know come Miller and they said mark. Eared dog and nearly killed our cat. And your prime now we want to thousands of dollars and we really think that you know you should be paying pretty bad bills. Like. Then that vet bill thinking things. Thank you look at Hank says because your dog nearly killed our act went to respond but moves you respond and I would. I mean I'm still like flabbergasted. That you know the ball. He had inside I mean it's not you are I hadn't enclosed yard you know how. Mommy responsibilities. You know since paired the line could have should not have been in my backyard. Got into my yard I did bring attack and in my yard and give it. My dome here on the Celtics. And I and I and I sink in probably the law would see your way and it's easier. These were your friends that's exactly operative word there but. Do you do you Selig may be should pay some of their I mean your dogs lost its mind it means. Is your dogs so I'll so crazy that makes I means I don't know how you. Thank my dog is never would've been even much which is squirrels from time to time that he never like. Destroyed it squirrel or attack any kind of other animals I don't know why he gets kind of lost it with the act. Some serves food yeah. I suppose so I suppose he maybe stop the wheels her because of the he's nice to flee into you know what do you approached me and said. Mark is there anything you can contribute to our caps and that son or something. You know they may be opposed it like that maybe I would have thrown them a hundred bucks re Max. Did you eat meals are not even need they're good they're blaming me or says. Happening in X like. Whenever you adopted cat from an agency open like that shelter. Say I know that because. I'd had capped a four and he they're here petite academy inside anyway. Like even more responsible. And eternal not Sandra yeah you've got to answer this question quickly and as honestly as you can do you feel that all responsible. No I don't Oca. Zip it you wanna salvage this relationship of these neighbors dislike her senate. It's pretty much overs were not we don't care if you don't pay at least some yeah you're generally have a wine anymore OK some were with these new broke out when I mean how do you fix it didn't they ask for all of it if you don't willing did. I I saved. I'd I maybe would come up with passes but if you don't feel responsible for it at all racecar with them to my dog hurt somebody. All you TV I'm responsible that's. And do you think there should be no responsible for. I think Soccer City legally I'd think the laws on your side is for kids if if if a kid came in my house when you jumped over the sense to get their ball and dedicated. I think you feel differently you know I think you would go electability in the because a cat we all like turn up our nose and go I mean you know armed armed it's like he's like no X action and then they're Lucic and ordinary there. Make sure there's there's some but not as hostile elements of shot variety but I still see. I don't think legally you lower any thing probably I think you don't you but I feel like moral we. I just leaked out it. You will say Brazil and I ain't no way guaranteed in the whole thing and you even ask it has that's asking an awful lot you. I don't know what to art sold a lot that I guess you really get a chance to respond are you okay eight which is being done with Sanchez's you've probably done with them. I mean it's really a shame because they Burke family it's not you know it's like no one talks of the neighbors anymore and they were like the one neighbor on the street that we actually had some kind of relationship let. And so anyway I would expect that they might. You know approached me an I'm and is more genteel way and say well you cost it's a lot can you help us out at all not like. Here Darnell I really think you should you know kind of demanding. Well it's like I keep my dog in the yard that's enclosed I'm not letting my dog run around the neighborhood. Sandra and keep your cat you get adamant though yeah. Real quick and there's of the you to keep in mind to this story gets out amongst all the neighborhood they're all gonna take sides to get prepared. NASA has touched a new romance sorry we take let's check Jack Taylor. Out that type fiction and we don't mess with all this. The Sandra studio ugly sooner head lower and get some advice from people listening at hang on this this is not the only time this is ever I wanna play watt nerve Judge Judy I see a light. You're a none of us really feel like you did check if it's her dog got out into their yard it's all in all bets are off today but this dog did some minutes it's like somebody comes into my house I'm allowed to shoot them right. I make my day you'll all right I'm. So really it's the TV repair guy comes in when. I saw the photo magazine on that's a big city guy. But all is I don't I don't else I don't know how to I don't. I think you nailed that I think their friendship is over you unless you if she paid half she might be able soundness of friendship command line I don't they seek fair and shipped and she. Throws a hundred Adam that's not enough that's like insulting a little bit yours is like yes. My 10% of my total bill now. I I'd rather have nothing then just zero does this level the thing it is is to put all so if you were Sandra. What can she do to salvage a friendship or what did she know anything from her dog mauling at the neighbor's cat. Courtney. Yeah he's I would say he's. I got up happy I work in real need on property you know it. And usually when they're the conflict originally imported and it we split the cost loan he had no I'm gonna claim responsibility. So a lot of times I think they at least got to pay. Can they own a dog in their Dodd did the image on their property. They're acting and not on their property. I still think that's the only way that they're gonna have a good relationship with. I go back to a cease and if you don't care about the relationship. I don't think any court of law is gonna say. That EU like look neighbor if you if you don't want your cat hurt. Keep him off my property fueled earlier chat hurt. Don't let him play with exposed electrical wife six. During your gonna be mad about your cat doing something that was or assaults your cat's gonna have accountability. I. Only when you look just like you I can't like you're going to be that. Your neighbor that. Didn't pay and then people are gonna wonder. Like oh that dog is in the Gary target and kill people didn't know that the kids like they may not let their kids school repair it. I think court I don't know listening lately but Steve is completely OK with being the juror. That's your own name and he played nice for a while and now he's yeah Jack. Oh you're going to kill her dog stroller outside. A we chisel cinema beyond that you've really gone Gordon Sabrina is. Yeah I I agree you managed. I'm not I'm. Not marry and that I haven't gotten to know it they capped and the yard. Actually probably tell us we warn my the American they have not tried that and I'm Donna Abington and now they're worried I know dreaded moment because it. I noted the academy yard it's over and I don't think I'd be irresponsible all the ties. You already born are one you know like he looked like oh god I got my dog license my dog is legal help and he's gonna stay in the confines of this yard conclude this your. And something happens I'll pay a 100% of de Maya. I did I do don't attempt to make sure my god and I cannot make extra Leon I'll Arctic front and everything that we are I would feel horrible don't get me wrong if something happened a neighbor attacked but it didn't appear mine and I yelled at her but I don't think it's hurt our belated get a belt. Right and what's you have to rearrange your life in your dog's life for a neighbor that won't keep an eye on its cat that's doesn't make sense. You're going to record another chaotic could be a current thirty year could be our next start could be. You know thank you very Karl I think yes it certainly happened with her she's got a season like you coyote got it okay. It what's so how would now I got to achieve some coyotes dropped G and its importance to I don't know Carlos I don't DNA coyote nature of most of they're hoping that he's in this current share with us or other do and as far away from him. They're natural app is definitely a serious note your taxes okay if the Kelly should. I thought I believe next. Of course like beacon knows he would not responsible run around at all you know an idea let that she wants to be friends attorney earthly on the pit work on that I. She can get and then a lovely handwritten note saying how sorry she has. That they need to be Perriello an app and excelled at it this situation went the other way around you know they would not be moved. Are true animal lovers there's a desert true animal lover it's my dogs who I loved her they're cat to payloads. I would still I would feel something I would feel bad let him know what it's like. I don't even know but the fact of the matter is is that their cat kind of damp and then in their yard and email are. It's like you've been saying it did job went in there you are apt Libby should paper all of that but in this case now. There and the Goldman I am absolutely floored by how heartless of you and Steve blank I would saw. These people are very. I exactly what they keep. Though they don't.