Slacker and Steve - OPP: Dump Him For the Holidays 10/9

Monday, October 9th


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Yeah Jason DP I guess is all about that whole loans. That's holiday dangers own thing that we would actually talks about his recently I effect is thirty now if you're in a relationship that you wanna get out of you need to get out of it like we could be split because in other ways you derided for like ever you might asks doesn't somebody like her old at least Valentine's Day and we. But William January due to distance you might be able to get out in the beginning in January but if you don't get out now we have somebody who likes. I guess is looking for some sort of nice. As it relates and actually Andy. Are you by you or disguised. What do you tell us what's going on. Well. I wouldn't really hoping to go home recruitment that he might assembly but it's a little expect that I can afford it. Don't like boyfriend. Are on our guest little surprise bought a ticket to go home you might only recruit. And these. Dave IR IA. I honestly I've been wanting to break up with them for awhile and I was gonna do it really know him now he surprised me with these pick and first of all I don't. I want to go to my family. But if argued it then where. Which you were saying before you could ripping through the holidays like there at Thanksgiving and Christmas and then Valentine's Day and are going to be some credit until maybe the end of course. You're very owner already placed an adult she's so well that yes did you see your parent. Do. I know but if I mean if I break up with them now I don't. I think even Mario who buy the tickets throw it shouldn't be got bigger bit. Oh good news takes you away Louis are like you're if you break up what then he's going to be like. By all means you should still go I will still pay for your team this year Stanley you think that's an afternoon. No I don't know hold them. You wanna you wanna find a way to break up put them and didn't do that. I'm also the actual I don't know who works like that. It inherited quite occurred to me honestly but I mean how would be amusing but I I don't know. If I could be about. And he's gonna be so you go easy be with you or your parents. Yes you can or. A break with them. Then. Do you know your. You see your family. Holidays yeah officers somebody don't you have no desire to be US and heard him just enough free kick with us. I don't know what you do know. Oar Ortiz and you know you're fairly universally. Lou I love you even more almighty god that's so cool would you use a guy who could just come see us. She's okay yeah oh that's a lot of parents are now way I should. The. There. They wouldn't like chip but I guess they would be all right all right we'll whatever it is but no they weren't really support me using the wanted to look at. You won't. Our security we need to find a way if you to have your cake he needed to you as our basically. When you're doing it on yeah. Armed. My question break up with over an idea. Don't use him or early Jews know you you don't you don't you don't look at the digital. What is it about him the makes you want dumped and one white what is the key is it's a sure overt. I can achieve wonderful but I just don't. I think I know only what number I'm not in love with them. Yeah. There you know this isn't generally know what took place I mean could you taller leads. It's tolerated forgot memorial loaning do you think maybe if you if you stadium it's always you guys might rekindle this romance and go there and he takes the opportunity of being with your parents ask your father play and is due covering. It's. Not I don't know I I feel lake. I don't I don't really he might feeling changing. OK so we really get you home brew holidays. And then deduce just what this guy somewhere in the process yes error we get to the error when we get to their places to hide a body where your parents and after. We are students here are. Did she got two Eagles this victim has caught this guy out there who. You announced whose song needing your life that this trend and was like I'll sacrifice my mask your fees milestone or you pay with cash Islam doesn't matter she's giving you the gift to your parents and if you want how they knew me did you get out. And maybe he's such an amazing dude then he'll be like. How bad well you don't have to pay any back and maybe not. So okay we're gonna get re W two out of it does it's it's when now when do we get before this trip or during or after or right. OK or do you do you wait until like. Two hours before the slight swear it's too late for him to cancel a meal like. The lower Manhattan this knock down drag outside where it's like I can't. Take my parents are. And men do vessels is about this is not god. Yeah actually this is I don't know. Leave that's to pick the problem. Worried Jason well despite the bad taste cheerleading in the studio with tons annually and other people who. If you don't bring you your cold beer alone for the holidays as long as you know see your parents. Yeah. Affecting. All right Oca hang on the so called good choreography I don't know the peacock like I don't well I. C phone calls coming in from people going she's dirt bag and we'll let you do that it's anybody's who has ridden this out who has. Has done exactly what 'cause I know it's given its so easy to do I wanna deal with every fiber my being say site go. Of course not he can't stay with him. You're telling me there's not other people at yellow he had like a timeshare in Hawaii so I stayed with center Chris are you go to. And I do exactly ten he's not alone on that there are other women and men who use any other guests stayed with him through a birthday and anniversary holiday some things for jets have been recorded them. Did you say yeah we did how long this yet let's. Pretends she's gonna say then how long did you break up after they fly back to shift to stay three weeks later you see three weeks later. Then you're hitting close to the times again I'm with you will when they did back. You write it like when they're got to she's got a stunned at how tell me even gold tomorrow or to launch window mostly you do with the luggage carousel straight yes. All I'm just you. Can I don't if I now. It's dude you're a master at you you're good you are regenerated the stock no reason why what or whom. Only displayed in his sternly written taxpayers you're leaving the airport and well. This is gold is gold and give any advice or Cheney or if you walked a mile in her shoes she doesn't want a breakup dimensions tickets back home. But I holidays you know she knows she's not the wind you know what would you do if you were into Indy shoes top. I actually. I. So. Ironically perhaps expansionary depend on whether or not they just Sammy I met him before or not. But it. They didn't she could go there and start the trip back to welcome may get a break and expect that. She says it might get together like you. Hello I'm playing I don't know anybody down. Oh sorry I like I dudes who are fine it's like did you tell him out front the district is an audition. Yeah now. I wouldn't necessarily accountant active proponent I don't think outside audit. Could you could be a DD you how. That disconnect here in your head actually that you could stay with a guy for a couple months. It's sleepless soon more than likely definitely take him to meet your Stanley wind. All you really wants a free plane TJ yeah how that could you do. I'm. Are you wanna do that. But the what. That now. Do your friends and Demi would judge you. I'm probably alone time. I like I did go on. Bombed out that's brilliant unlike saying MMI Stanley's that are mighty and we just didn't like Ewing easy it's your how when you get back for sure thank you for the call now seen as long as you can compartmentalize. And stay with somebody you don't love the controller to two and a half or whatever you have to yes. I'm completely try to get him bite you Carly waiting there you go oh let's just. Guys seems to. I think we need to know more about why she's not checked in him. Everett without it I either helped so there are there that they believe it's not my day and so you can't write a program and so immediately apparent throughout the show though. There's been Chicagoans know that and when she can afford it is independently. Repeated that irritation did you. Maybe he Conchita doesn't like the way he loved her see she kind of getting annoying sometimes they're any imminent sort of. Sometimes they get it gets out now and thinner and just try and you know me. We're lucky break. She didn't say anything bad about and she's like really like him I'm just not yet and that I love him and on and Obama in love with him anymore. I won't. You always going to be in wildwood any thought at all I mean I you know blue line and a brilliant idea what you're an adult yeah. If somebody I don't think I need it fact it worked well together at heart they're. And after reasonable person she gave. You. Really care about. So I just settling handbook just recited from I think McNabb you to do you take off all my boxes I guess against any other driver to the. The idea do you wanna be single forever. You know on the numbers don't. Have to be accepting of human beings in order to be in relation to what. It is just at the mail on my problem had screwed up. It doesn't settle 00. I guess it is so give seemed to animals is the coach if they do I'd quit I didn't mean that well her. Oh is she gonna. Well the yes I in the armed might write only about an attempt I don't hate slur and aired. Purpose only get a no anyway. You melancholy about it tell her mom happened dimension to terror that she's not happy and we're kept him on the plane. I'm going on at the start there here. Without the back. You. Saw an act just like another person who suggested using your parents is a scapegoat. You understand that means you have to stay with him pretend to be your relation which is alive so you are supporting. You're already doing it and yeah. Her family and then her and let her fairly good if you want to bomb if you would add to help her mom gonna hurt in the air. Her mom is that I'm not a right. Well. Thank you for the call I don't like lord of the number of people that are lights finding reasons to break up on the way home and not telling her she's. Sir is by the way is the first ODD we never done where we have. Had to insert on the back page upside down you have to grab the booking go to him and Internet hookups like the outcome of the race. Well there is okay did a test. Yeah out there that's what they're saying just for be done with this whole free trip is now. Now north who wants a European like peace council climbing too he was somebody can't you do you don't trending slightly from your parents. Have a good time when your parents could you got to do you don't like there are you radiance like coach would this guy. Since he took. A little. I anymore advice or delay did the right answer head over to slacker in Steve's taste okay.