Slacker and Steve - OPP: Dumped a Co-Worker 8/1

Tuesday, August 1st

Scott was dating a coworker and now shes gone off the deep end after the break-up. He loves his job, but she does too and shes not going anywhere. He doesn't want to leave but might have to if the psycho ex won't stop. What should he do?


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Steve are there. I did the unforgivable sin don't assume where you you you as soon as you are all close to this guy's got burned in the past you've learned their lessons this guy must be new guy. Guys guys guys. I dated a girl I work with and I just broke up whether. And now she's gone salons site ghetto we both love our job and it's getting them comfortable working with her now she is not taken the breakup well. I also think she is quietly sabotage emea work with some certain projects but I can't prove it. I feel helpless I don't want people who worked to know my business. Of trying to be very low key about all of us but she's making it difficult. I was thinking about going to my boss and tell him that my ex girlfriend is bully me no work. She constantly knocks things awfully fast she destroyed my luncheon several occasions. She slashed my tires in the parking lot get over yourself that was my partner. Com slash desire in the part two although I can't prove that either. Way tell my boss saw this reduces as a make me look weak in dramatic. I don't like senators stopped. She told me that if I ever went to the cops that she will make me pay. Did or over your cell while I'm never leaving my job so looking for another one is out of the question. I made to go to money here whatsoever great position. Complaining to my boss may may be look unprofessional. He's not the kind of guy who wanted to deal was something like does anyway. Please help me this is from Scott. Well Steve muse you clearly have some opinions why don't you go first steps that. Sky yet you did the unforgivable sin and so now it's all on you so you you're gonna does you have to leave your. Really mad at her I mean you you keep saying do you know I'm Zell and slashing and why you why he's just move all gone and it. How hard and I sat Stephen it manifests itself and knocking things are often as jazz and that Sheen today. There you would say you grow up arms but now it's ball's in his court is gonna deal when it. So good to quit dude. To millionaires don't wanna quit what your after she's gonna win you really believe that's only just now he's got to play the game back now and ensure a year and her my ear need to flush out for Kirk. So when you've done let's not take. Now did you ever went this you girls go Psycho on you yeah but not ones that you were right that's right. What what did you do. I mean what do you what do you do when somebody. Is that. All you can do is document. That's basically all you can do you guys are in your body all your bad as long work and I wonder if he's in trouble for fraternization. If he goes to them in there are so maybe he should just. Yeah but if he can do what do what he does dude he's gonna look like he he's he's unprofessional no matter what she's Julia say. But not she really slashed his tires and is really sabotage some of his prime projects. And destroyed his lunch and make all these things. This is somebody sophomore. You love so much you want them back so bad that you're willing to destroy their stuff that's the psyche the arm so when it happened to me. Like I eighty I or this was the co worker wrestled for a I don't well sort of I was the boss. Okay oh so you've got now you're in the precarious position very him. So when it didn't work out. She needs. Suddenly. Her work ethic. Went down really fast and then it was like I'd coloring and it's not sure about it. And go. You know this is working and she's accumulates what are you gonna do now what are you that you are you must hire me. Because please do because arms we'll see in core I will scream that you fired me because we're not together anymore he the cheesy released photos and videos and learn shanks I knew that there was none of that oak or I was fairly certain. Rom. I don't know what I wanna help this guy but I he might Cherie is what we're gonna end doing we'll take your advice to give advice for Scott on how to get through. The breakup with a coworker is you've gone through it and you've got some tips keep it short on each army needed duty truck we'll take that. I fear what will probably end up doing is just another people who then throw it and hear how bad enough for you basically been waged. Is Scott situation. Tons animal you're you're done you know is it typical have had any if you didn't through the exact same thing or something similar. We're in the guy would cycle with a girl when Psycho after you broke up with some. As a co worker in his Steve bright. You're only three course is to leave as much as you lost your from. Is someone at your job at leaned that's a whole other subject when you separate them or not it's your job wants to make him miserable. And you're not to HR. Complained to Boston a person. Yeah I the only thing you've got. Is remove yourself from the situation. A must but then there's eventually people like this. On balance mentally there they they should fittest and ran ourselves over. So we can somehow and ride it out for a while they eventually to screw the or eventually the company sees the truth of what's going on but until then you're done it. If she really slashes tires you've got to go to somebody it's really happen well breaking the law in the company parking by you right yes sort. As a reporter it is live now he's in the US and around noon at arms she's like well you die you're bottom line is I mean all of you people. Who have done fees saying you shouldn't it. I mean Q what's weird is we all know we shouldn't do it says you are cinema series begins right the word Allah or yeah. 'cause it's just they're the people you know the most and so CEO sermon we need advice for Scott and many other people who lives through a workplace romance or workplace Astaire. How bad did he date how did you make it better is there a way to make a better idea with outlook involving the boxes from four without involving each arc is he got to go down those roads so it's a hold of from bowl game it makes you look as bad as it makes them. If you like skies have done an office romance. We need your help in getting out of six Josh. LO earlier on a blue moon and even through this. Yes sir when all sixteen actually ultimately restore. Yes sir it's really pretty it actually very simple either have to batter up. You have to you have to do things that he knows he'll pick the wrong decision because she's married to you now and then everybody will see him until herself up for failure. OK because you already said you've done that so in the grocery store what did you do what kind of set ups did you do. Well the first thing it'd is used to say that you know however don't marked off correctly this bet the other huge technical went through and sort until I felt like Barack. So what I did woods. I had somebody else double Decker still before I even posted are your hand you do another manager. That if this thing bang and then they kicked me. The girl told her there. Thank saying not so he made sure not an eight she encountered before I count it so that put me off so she may see. Yeah it was pretty easy on me and the other thing over this way a raging mine don't think correctly. See if you can just you know. Get over the fact yes she plastered flyers yeah that happens Americans can't fruit and let's not on this young you know I'm not gonna get the money back. Nobody's gonna believe you guys either female you know that's the world we live in my. Laura I let you write you don't it is. So so I think you've pretty nice just I think it's I debut ended up getting her fired then she got busted for all the stuff. Absolutely yes sir we went to Alter its economic uncertainty and at that point and die. All the top managers look at that particular card the store came and said what's going on and I told them the truth there are certain it. You know we had a relationship that didn't work out you know I'd I'd. It professionally. At that point in which it would do they are our accompaniment to a personal channel when usher did it professionally. And they understood and that's when I say hey this is the idea I think we should know it. And it would shatter up. And he takes big you know god ya ya are but if not at all pretty much you notice and although Obama. It's worked so do good for you thank you good apologized. Dear he nailed it when he said aged and I've watched a news happening to you now with a coworker but they were doing things your car and stuff. They're irrational so they don't they do they're pretty easily set up gasoline you have seen men or women were here when they sealed slights that single minded Furrey they're just they can't see we lose you just you rise and attack today might be filing into a poignant statement is true leads kind of trapped. Our candy. I you are disguised Tom what do you think. A lot of good but I needed you might provide bursts and how we dated for 43 memorably broke out. Eat made it clear mission and my wife Olivia. Well. I. You could nitpick every single thing I did column if no one really I would give it all up to speed but he birdied it plays it would be in trouble. Look look good every single and he would Kurt I did everything right dead. You're dealerships all at all. Other people my coworker heard you know it didn't have any authority over any idea there was there were. Did you have asked to quit or did you get him fired what did you do. I actually. Look good it got to a point that I get that it. I hate to its bow legs. Last ditch effort is probably gonna end up being led the stars do but. That's where I couldn't take it marketers are. There is an important work you murder what go look at the big. Lal he. I think they used to because in those who do you regret sleeping within in the first place all right. One anger about. Yeah yeah I too bad we can go and un ring that bell can be. And I what do you think. Actually happened to my dad you would dating a girl you work with and broke up and kind of ugly. But he did so to ignore her completely every idea is it around like so on top of that meeting. You work from home from grandma and I'd be an option and. So your daddy I mean he he knows now he shouldn't have slept somebody work rate. You know a guy so after ignoring for a while there's no need to situation worsens and make them more Saito. Now you've let somebody else I'd be really happy. So maybe that's not that's what you gotta do is yet mr. trying to send her up with somebody else has maybe eight to. I want you would take around and thinks idol fans over there and did you did your dad eventually give her in trouble or. No just ignoring it eventually you're right the clock so it really complaint with the clock. Also see just easier to document and write everything down to cover his blood yeah. Now it's a pain in the book article thank you tell your dad never do that again all right. What are you two Jeannie on Cindy. And I you are disguised resent. I think he can run run for the little. Lol well on how liquid is jobs. Or get out and couldn't get out. So US some personal experience at this. World more I hated it and older older. Her that a former place and I. Think I believe he can control. Good laundry sure it's okay are. And I don't go well being error and he certainly lauer can be compared with a popular book you know we should we hear are finally depleted our company. And yet even funnier is you know that we are clear and kids. Com this person are we are working well why didn't he. Yeah news hook hook the news. Yeah does your husband know about this action could. What you saw real. These days are working together slash happens then you. I don't know microphone and say you know rural Butte very professional. Just look at the actor builders can go to tour. But oh we shot fifty. So when he got unprofessional before or did you just to leave then is always think. He's got real old weird at the end their needs and I have an outpouring. And Burton and showed up and made it oh I'm broke itself or trying to humiliate me. Did that the huge cricket be. I got a lot Lucas I'll. Wow thank you and he doesn't wanna do that but it sounds like she may have made that decision. When you first slept with her not series. Yeah well. Your disguises well what do you think. Our guys. You know I went and got squared I I would have very similar situation. I don't know why did her little Al. Are you going to be shown Ethiopia and win that battle I had I. All right well I I might hurt you need to quit like that I don't quick to go why do you do you know already determined the ideal drug let our. Good point. About Obama getting. Our what did you do for your settlement of our. Six years in the road a thousand dollar or you are. I think out of the air and I got everything I can get out of the one thing you have that can't be dar can make. Every commerce each and every time they do any pain or do you go to be create a dual eyeball read documentation had. You can get a financial data oh. I've got to prove that I pull out completely got a couple of mirrors what you are Olympia broke. The table right now we know. Steve is so angry today's okay thank you always. Yeah ask him over years sell a professional at least the data because Terry on Stutz. Buddies US couldn't really find anybody that side you can tell your job man with a huge basically quit your job the first time you something to psych out there it was over from now among our. No way you know for your other option is Cyrus stars than there again could well make her happy enough that you can keep. Any other advice for Scott we'll take over on the slacker and Steve FaceBook page.