Slacker and Steve - OPP: Ex With Benefits 8/15

Tuesday, August 15th

Today's OPP is from Kim. Her ex wants to be friends with benefits. She thinks it could be a good thing because they are familiar but she doesn't know what to do. Should she get back with him or move on?


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Staying on the so I guess scorched -- saying is going to get called up as to whether or not it's a good idea or a bad idea with this WPP's. Political backyard back to what does to a next guy for anything well just don't you. You withdrew I don't for this reason. I still don't know Boca Kim. Yeah I tell us what's going on. I I spoke with my ex well he broke up would mean actually three weeks ago. We had been together for eight months. And Aaron. He frequently came to me and asked me what I thought about being branded benefit. So yeah the Steve got what do you know. And now he's left I still want to sample the wares I just don't want a wine and dine at. Writes. Let you see any real life it would work because I mean I really busy I don't have a lot of time today. And I mean we both know each other like parity we've been together great might figure to play you know wham bam thank you man and be done my day you know. I don't know play. I didn't I didn't mean it there might be in. And they soon would it possibly like maybe get attacked again or maybe there'd be yelled you wanna start seeing somebody now. Oh million now you know. Well careless and thirty none and now it's not that SW BCI it's not it's not both of you it's going to be you. Yeah oh yeah clearly you're the one risky I Kim you're the one that's gonna get that risks to emotionally again. You're you're the one that's in the gets sucked back you know want to be back to where we guys were before you over an odd that a couple is to keep the physical yeah emotionally you're he has sucked back you're absolutely. Yeah I mean. I'm pretty upset when he broke out of me I mean I didn't like him obviously you're the one who broke up with me so. How are relations. Goods. It would have been really good I mean I didn't miss that aspect or shirt you. Do you can do that he just keep good physical because you came out. I tell now. Don't you get soccer you know you don't you're only a long duration of guys we've but I think you're scorched earth so if you did hook up with the next you would get emotional that's why couldn't. That's why don't go back I'm I'm emotionally dealt with duke and even if physically we brought to each other's worlds do you motion would come back in for you. I yeah I thought my emotion would make my job to not do it because I might I don't think I'm done with you emotionally raped. I see that I have never I can honestly say I don't think I've ever slept with anybody I wasn't at least partially emotionally. In lake while even my one night stands ready it's been we talk all night and then perhaps from Edmonton while so there is an emotional. I that's that's me I don't think Tim are you that person are you. Do you need the emotional side can you just can you do what Steve is suggesting in just. Like she could physical knocks the bottom out of each other and then walk away one night stand and walk away until maybe the next time you have that in you. Am a little I mean. I mean hasn't been my eight and I have in the past. I feel guilty after one makes him because most women I know camp. They always feel guilty did you yes. I do. Yeah. You but she could see. This isn't a one makes him because they had a relationship and so do you think that might assuage some of the guilt. Possibly. I don't know and you can't really get my and they can't metered. I don't know my yeah. Well I'm sorry committee wants Aaron whose terms do so it's going to be his terms your your your more blood. Now here's things Steve if she wanted to say no she would have said no she's calling us the validate. This is just like each order tell you your gut what. Why oh OK and then that's it that's a good thing does nothing wrong with that Kim but so what's on an hour it's a nighter to hook up. So then we need rule or take we are worried they're gonna talk to you continue to let you do it or talk you out of it but do we need the rules of engagement. Lights as it does an FW because I've never really had won here in since you're the king of it seemed are you allowed to do it. When your draw is it only when you're drunk or. Do you have rules were so it can't just booty call me you've got to ease sometimes you have to is you have to sometimes but I had dinner or is it all. Only physical. What in my situation it's always usually physical. But let a mobile occasional lunch now on them and it's mostly just physical. Really I've had both convenience are usually open for whenever it's usually her she's on the tights don't just like Kim said. She's got a lot going on her life she's gonna sit in booty calls with the next. It's going to be on his terms so kind of he broke up with you that wants you back physically but not at all is much you're not really a year's time I don't say this but you're not good enough for him. As the whole thing relationship a year relations are awesome for an Rais is that are you OK with that. I don't know and I mean like OK what if I meet somebody else an actor is being then lake. How you know. We used to sound weird yeah Kiki should do both just for the new guys saying you gotta you gotta than myself who hook up with him again or as often as you won just keep it to yourself if you can. But see women have a do you already know the answer yeah. I wore me out. Oh this you didn't factor into that situation. Those emotions out. Are gonna have slowed them over you know it's like slacker we says to Kim. After a break up people remembered the good things and forget the bad so if you see him again you're about to get intimate again. You gonna remember all the good can come get gushing out back to you it's forget the bad I know you wanted to do this but the US needs to there's nothing wrong with a Kim. Did he a stretch here it's as good but maybe now just scratch it was somebody new OK guys I don't I mean I don't. Again I have never have I ever. I don't think I've never really gone back right I had a girl that I was on again off again with and we would sometimes our relations when we are in the off again. And end up on again but once I scorched earth to then I'm done and I I think I am afraid for you cam on an emotional level if you can. Think like a guy and just keep the physical until little motion by no slacker it's emotional GAAP GAAP. Arms well here's saying what are you hang on and were gonna get you this is way of trying to get you back as a relationship no no he just wants OK let's think I'd like you don't tackle. She's getting what he. He's I don't know how this physical needs the what. Aren't there. I just I the other thing is I I need to build up like I sometimes I'd like tonight you know Wisconsin wind must I want that share a meal yes. We have this into Messina makes the relations better for me personally I just picture than he walks in the door just or say to his clothes off and she's senators and got. There were a size foot hook. When you're doing this WB do you like you go over you talk first do you like straight to the bedroom it's it's a new owner and she's are gone her lunch hour something yeah there's just an addict. Yeah I don't know we could put its foot yacht. Spoke to his thumb well Tim needs your help she needs you to tell her how to work FWB or if she shouldn't do it because in FWB within axis yes should she do it or not and if she should. How do you pull it off I Shelley. Yeah right what do you think. I'm so I am and you know who literally can't have no emotion at all when it comes to rally that's why I got very diet. Never had elections whenever I got and I let somebody pitch. So it was somebody's purely for the pleasure for Susan Kalla. I like I had guys you look like Carney might wanna hang out and I feel like now like with dots and and Atlanta when you have like what you got. Wow good for you. OK I want you think sir I mean I'm not trying to be mean to you you you you know that most of your girlfriends don't feel that way. I don't have a Billy I thought a girlfriend about stuff. Italian. So you've done the friends who benefits saying can you make it work the next. I don't think I'll I cannot enact right it's right here in our anti. After we broke up we get ultra and let the judge she's on the after each other and the benefits thanks Eric issue much emotion out there I I can do it because I'd been able to do about oh I don't like yeah I can handle that. And and hi there are mentioned there to be glad they did Aaron always ever. Like my guess at a certain yeah I guess you're shopping. Like crap in you'll want your wounds never gonna steal because you just keep thinking about it. Right now I can undergrad or you how odd and then ask don't really think our heads when your bike how I feel like I'm gonna watch it that nothing. How come out do you know or somebody you can separate T emotional from the physical. No I think did you want you top motion didn't talk like you going to let that and Larry at the end. It tapper as epic as but it and it's and the net IQ are allowed us the most sense to all of it's hard to hit that very and he literally going to be yelling I couldn't think about how it's as bad but and it would be like. I'll keep in Kabul opponent yet spike I'll quiet and then I thought about them and upstart like at this patent. Just the physical act step attaching sober stuff to a two million dollar challenge there is stuff to sassou it and it's humans now Neal. Yeah I know I was young. I think seatbelt Bret I would app WP what my act and they would perfectly bed between up and we had a lot of fun. Because there is none of the the awkwardness of happens when you sometimes relating with so many new insight. There's not a yes you know the drill. Yeah I and we know at our door and the relationship that we didn't work out. Like sexual partners. Good no niece so how long did you do it are you still doing it. I want you do great that we can for Q you're about the reaper about. Now to put is let's say you would've hooked up please sir dating someone else would you still go back to him for the relations or you would have just broken up with them and to stay with the person you're way. We just can't play against what either one consulate that a relationship we would not operate ten. This week ended up both breaking up and being that not us then I'm then we go back to our president benefit. And you have no problem mentally do you were giving us emotionally attached again I don't know Lara who. Have a real America friend even before it the relationship that hurt spoke at spread like we fill pocket just. We both were really sexually attractive but we just never worked at the relationship relationship. See this is how all relationships. And beat hope even see this is it within this OP do you like your way of recruiting new FWB's. There has already. We're changing renamed FWB. Four ST. He needs so now once you know you guys know. Not only our but you know did you ever fill a position that the that the. Don't have that in unhappy relationship right now. Okay well you as a Muslim that's also part of quick tiara people find NF WB's somewhere around here the day you got done. It's candy and tonight you are disguised. Tell us what you you've been through this. Yeah rhetoric corps ball it's still painful bit they have been true years ago arm okay. Everybody called and I didn't try beer than we broke up a year but there was the good I do you know. Have a booty call. I'm at my emotions got involved and one day we're hanging out and she. Oh well I don't think we should be true that night because. I'm beating them now so I'm good good clearly joking about it crimes that happened trio who got the bill hurt. So easily cycle through a break up again in the somewhere in the back to your mind you think you saw you're gonna get this SWBs gonna turning the real sank. And I actually dead because of Obama not publication luring her arm. I think our Tom don't we're getting back together. And I look at David anyone how old IA actions make fewer than. You have to bear fell together stretch your ear so he started. Didn't someone while at recruit him with me you know I'm still look her. And that's paying. There I did that okay so you're telling him don't do it. Yeah I don't do or don't pour yourself I really don't think you can hack it or remember ever call bell. You lost arm you. Used thank you for the call and Steve when you hear that doesn't that scare you because you're having booty calls with women you're aware that there are new mum. There have been some yeah. Dude you make a blanket statement that women can do and I think most of them probably are they might suppress it. But deep down they just feelings or OK and you feel so guilty ones that are just trying to keep them they're probably deep down images while we don't you think slow them for XP yeah. Why you're the one who said all know women can separated so how are you sleeping with women. There are women ready. So then they can't separate it. I'm just saying you're not practicing what you preach what they do good job you do a good job of taking a bad idea if you wanna cut it off they're gonna look they're gonna wig. I betcha they went out the I just say I'm not trying to make you're like oh you're trying to get inside your head on external doing his thing but I guess are you just kind of some car deceit. Knew that suppressed it you're blocking it out to and you march 5 Lorie. Yeah LA where you think. Is she does this year polluted crypt. Because she will be nothing more than that unpaid props to. But she's getting something out of a two she wants the relations to some she's not a prostitute. Well there and she muddled charge money get something out of Michigan would have the emotional bump for. Why can't we just keep that acts physical wide deserve to be something that we get out of it I can just. I think I'm done I have a respect for yourself he'd wanna be an unpaid prostitute or you'd like to be in a committed relationship or that actually meet them. And while lorries so people that have. 18 stadiums you're saying makes I don't know Reese have enough respect for themselves. I believe that's true. Wow okay that Dick is real. Hi there I I agree with here in results a little bit I don't I don't feel that strongly about it but I I like I do you attach your emotions more to relations then Juan. No person probably I do the same as you what I would call. People booty call and prostitutes yes a glory for you you have to have an emotional Susan you have to have feelings just be love there for you to have that physical act. 00 god rely on what somebody yeah I'll get. Do you do you have to feel it was just the physical act you can keep the physical and it feels better when their feelings they did that is a fact. Oh really yes trying to come up with the day Hugh Laurie spite seed if there are times when and if that's weird. David. We are died when you think. I think shouldn't look backwards and went with Tim Cook to back to early this. She kept me Motrin when remembering domino. I'm Dan Marino who announced this sentence. Not to let you probably Greeks still like I'm Obama do so what would you do to keep I'm gonna do this to be crowned next keep sleeping with him until he can't do the most you. And then bam they're back they're backed Iraq back the other again. Oh yes and I game that I just mourn Steve that he's it's yeah I pretend it's just an FWB. And B the snake in the grass the waiting for the emotions to take care. Yeah I. Catch failure mean yeah I'll repeat they're good Bagger for him like. After you know like you might be my vehicle you never know like you got your army. Because he reached out to work he wanted some well actually enjoy tricked him into taking it all back they didn't call buttons do we live search yet she puts it 00. And most of women and tried it's I don't do it. They got they got they couldn't keep the physical and most is easy and couldn't do is the only real women make you think they're keeping. I cannot wait to hear about your ED I don't know an example WVU. Yeah I know I history if you still wanna helped him out when they're SWB situation this up on the slacker and Steve FaceBook aids.