Slacker and Steve - OPP: Ex Lied About Everything 6/26

Monday, June 26th

Cassie broke up with her boyfriend after she found out he was lying about his entire life. Everything from his job, to his car, to his finances. He is now dating another girl and feeding her all the same lies. Cassie’s question is, should she warn the new girl that it’s all a scam? Or should she leave it be?


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Steve are there. I'm gonna try your in my OB OK yes a lot of your scorched earth it's yours. But for the betterment of mankind I don't think in those can be applied to okay that's what makes it's been kind batteries don't why doesn't all right. Yeah I guy's guy is. So I ended it with a guy I was with heparin found out he lied about every thing. We've been together for awhile he seemed like such an amazing million. He was an attorney he drove a nice car we went to fancy restaurants. He literally lied about all of a cutter you lie about all. About the Carney I don't OK sorry. He was unemployed the car was his parents everybody amused and he was racking up debt to make it look like he was rich. I really did love him and I didn't need any of those things but I had ended because he was such a liar. Anyway I saw an answer Graham he's dating some other girl now it is pictures he's doing all the same flashy crap that he did to me. He's constantly posting pictures a nice restaurants and fancy hotels. The question is should they warn her but he's a scale. Nothing about him is real and she could be falling for all. I don't wanna see someone else give heartbroken like I did what should I do this is from taxi. Did it out of the way. I I love when people get wrong. And then they turn into crusaders and they wanted to prevent this rob mr. man. At a good time yes it's a very good it would trip advisor and yelled at the end. Darius Google reviews are all about how Indian theory here Yahoo! go out. It was it prevents someone else from suffering the same fate as you did but do they really physically reach out to be tracked that ax to make sure for the rest of his life every person he hooks up with. I must reach out to her and warned here her. I'm listening this crusade her. I don't want anybody else you get wrong I don't know the US if I I think she goes there she's a Psycho. But she has empirical evidence that he's still doing it and knows exactly who's doing it with him and she she wants to ward off the world. They are at the same time kind of put him in his place. I would out of every human do you think what they're notice little bit to your side then we'll upside to the front often do you need here's my big question for you do you think she really loved him or that she loved the line. She she claims I love ten and I didn't need any of those things. When she served as a member whether you could tell she liked that it gives an attorney drove nice cars are gonna fancy restaurants and dodged that thought that was a life that was waiting Trevor. Yes it's easy to say on paper I would have loved do you if you didn't have those things. But you're not staying true and she did have those things all we seabright appeared that the out. It's I see she got duped I see god that's a big part of it she's better herself she shouldn't seated didn't. Now she's better yourself and almost out this guy and every other girl he ever comes in contact with on the planet I feel she knows. She owes nobody any thing. Shouldn't oh it's a good idea. I think it's a good idea to tell Ed I ol' self rule. I just cave days and then we also learn slacker that every time one minute acts of female wants to reach out to the current female. But current female is never gonna believe a word used unless she's scorer. Is she's been scorned sushi mightily but you're right you just look like the Psycho act through that's all you were injured doing even though your heart's in the right place in their heads in the maybe the right place. So there though once again the solution here is mind your own business let's. Take all the relationship at a minimum I try to come and go back trip advisor embargo like Yelp among elect someone who knows they should mind their own brilliance to so you would rather yes as you probably do zero research and thanks you just like new new Sarah news in morning Amazon didn't. Could play it's been like that you don't read the reviews were aside. It's kind Gideon does this and it does actually. I read all the reviews for days before any any. Decision on anything and then I know that I am getting something new at least. 25000 other people have tried and enjoy it for you concede the complaints are those can attach to people today it is when we are going to hear it. Oh I. Don't you actually welcomes you say don't you take those and you know it was a heart yeah I see you would agree it's a you can tell that there are certain people we will not let. It's forty good reviews in a row like this box in the I know anyone's on rush fans this is the first thing you in my mind like this is ending this isn't the one person like. Coming out of it smell weird it's like. Should be the complete it would change my column level. And so you don't wish he'd those warnings as much not always a bit. Plays so well. Okay off. My soul past season the CN noted though Jeff Maggert do our. If it's possible these athletes very eclectic complainer reviewer yeah I'm saying this. In order to be a part of an informed society. Where we can all decide. Shall I invest my hard earned money in this box man dead. Slash. Attorney was nice cars into a restaurant access to the I need to see some of the reviews I need to see Oka and date to hear a couple ritesh he's really helpful yes. That's the other thing you can click on what this review helpful to you look at the oh yeah. Let's not you can show chassis aside but act as somebody who wouldn't want to see you. If I was starting to date somebody and you knew. Her. To be someone who did a lot of cocaine and slept with a lot of dudes Luka I wouldn't want you review I would give my in my review. I think I would want you come to mean go I see you're getting really enamored with her and she's really pretty and Bubba blob but here's what I know from one of my buddies dated her. And it. She does a lot of drugs and it's kind of tripping when she does that I would want to know that yeah okay that's that's so they catch Cassie x.'s new girl. Deserve someone to come in out of the woodwork and go. Looks like you've got every the world by the tale you've got this great attorney moloch. Should I checking accounts. Smoking mirrors than the trio but the episode okay sober and Cassie has to reach out to every female disguise you know a couple of joints are just one. OK so the the issue just attract don't pay whatever you just want this she'd say don't say just give you a heads up we see where you're going I'm already been mayor Bob Bubba Bubba but here's trying to please the parents' next to the car to car. Yeah like an okay said the evidence that you have and then just this letter the Mets it says here evidence and indeed done when it but don't. Prominent university hopes to beat that Yelp reviewers have won't let it go its but it. But I am leaning for that it has an OK I ordered a review incessantly to an option. So bottom line is if you did in this situation and you knew. You're sick you're setting a bad man free on the world. That you have any obligation probably not but. Legally urinating bush leaves chassis would have appreciated it may be if there was another woman that would end on this first read we know she would've seated at from from an X but still it was there the review was there enjoy the ride while you can none of its real. If I knew that coming in then I did I get to like Dell was fun. And and as soon as I start to see that it's spiraling down the toilet I just given the extra flushing ago would you appreciate to have that in I wasn't available. I think what we need to do is talk to people who've gotten the morning. Given the morning. Or just ignored it and watch society Burks. I mean we'll take advice or Cassie the streets as a people these people move. Some old guy this guy's extremely mean said this this this and I wish I'd listen to work because I spent three years to die and she was right about everything mom or there's the other side words I I went and they looked to me like I was crazy Yelp review her. And kick me out of their house season. Or there's people who just watched you've got women's all over the world to this unfaithful lying piece to help. And and you do if you can sleep at night knowing you did nothing about it I'll shoot like was suddenly inside Cassie. Why don't you write this guy's walk us through what she doesn't do well. If she doesn't do well while wise there was job I didn't lose instances. Like it sure lazy person it's up hope. My job I don't know it didn't tip I'd still like yours there and it didn't screaming that he couldn't breathe but. One has to do it words that Whitney Zelaya should just ask this every water. Things move I can tell if you wanna help Cassie out with her complete lying tool and acts we'd love to talk DF. Danielle. Nice yes. This should she crusade should she plaster IBM's could or should she loves the world burning flames just you don't want your life tell you to be artists. I think there's a difference between telling a one card and to be still doing at like announcing that on fifth attempt to anti government will pay attention or so easy to tell once. I think she should just how the one early he's skating rink in a private mass at placated with what he did demean him it looks like he's comparing it to you when I my beeper I'm back up it looks like. So Danielle you that he and X your data your husband's ax he would pay attention to what they're gonna tell. Right now I mean honestly if I mean like I like eventually you can get caught regardless he got hot as time fishing he triggered on on her own pay your heat we've incurred time. You reached at the other girls I am I am speaking from personal experience. I had I had no intention I have had a having anything to do it my extra added I'm. And it links to all your crap on face facts and he popped up and people you may now likely unspoken anti there's I had no interest and that. And I found out he got married and I can Paramount but planning her now like hey. If you guys have children you might wanna be aware of the fact that I found are counting on a computer that would suggest that he's the very end you preachy that's a little car. He. Hit me from. Really does UN UN hardcore evidence you were just like he streaming is now. Apart it typically carry Anglo console and do it was this morning graceful. I never responded and he has sent black beyond expect about Ike hit my giddy like she. Everybody makes choices and I based on the information they happen when you withhold information from like different terms. If you if you're withholding information and then you're not allowing it makes about decisions but I'm my. Trip why why are you responsible for everybody else's information and should and in decisions in my sponsor not a heavy word dated it's my responsibility to make sure I was informed I hear responsibility for your dean. You know Madison middle withholding information yes. It's your responsibility to be an honest human being and if you're withholding these Asia and then Europe or not letting somebody makes about Trisha in my life. Yup Steve just curled up into little ball because all those words are his scare words could cut. Responsibility. Honesty although zoos excerpts do you know when you start when you stop. Not things you've done nothing of the gold digger or just trying to get pregnant election got pregnant and what if she made its way to keep it under the guise that he has. The ability could be nickel and take care of the child and then you find out after it's too late to do anything about it about it not at all and I happen. Daniel I love what you do deals due diligence. For everybody else but you may. You instead of just being if you think you called and it instead of being a little then you make it like it. Georgia it's it's just tell us one just she's doing dude Joseph engines for everybody there is everybody and just one person. Just because she's that she sees somebody else phone for the same scam if you're walking across I would give you one more analogy your walk. I hardly know general Steve. I'm already got a fact. Aggressive parking lot and you see a guy who looks exactly like you walking towards a man with his eyes wide there like. Yeah commuter bio home entertainment is not a budget Monday and create a go no go for do their great encourage him be say nothing more likely you. Or seed look you know. You'd if there even speaker if you could be bricks and boxes and a student speakers they sucking your national pawn off on your acts because that's what you did I guess somebody had more do you you have known to make an informed decision. Yes exactly so you need somebody to warn you think you I win it's it's it's I guess I it's difficult. Hey how I would say don't say anything at all unless you have a close friend or. Unless the other girl it's physically unharmed because of maybe it is deep there's some thing. Other Mac you just let everybody go down in flames and every decision to say you are. How we got emptor buyer be Wear its rights in the individual's job. To investigate what your purchases thank you for the call Doug and I get the Yelp review thing that's cool. Alley half. You guys when you thanked. I absolutely she should get involved for curious that this one actually need to click again Erica problems straight out there. And Q I have to be that girl. Stuff. Gas so I dated a guy in high school and Natalie we can't match this in Scott story. About how is Carol thank you couch hopping treat you remember how they bit. He had a plate can't get no job and that got me out there more had we broke up about human doctor and I felt really bad trouble school. And his arm came up to me in the Garcia articles like I don't wanna be weird but you weren't like. My kinda had a picture of the artist helps find Patrick they. Great piece of his appearances were dead. Coach so you were so mad yourself Alley for falling for this guy or being duped by this guy you thought you would take the rest of your life to be a crusade to ruin this guy's like a warning every woman who's gonna come in contact with. I'm not the rest of my life it really a good solid. You're a diet can bring about the fact I was like it's like I'm pretty sure it's like your mother at a church door. And you are gonna wrote in order and it's like well I I asked after. A season. So then you've worn off the new girls. Well I had a one net girl message me right after they started dating because she told her. But I broke his house that I heated strapped Ukraine. I'll largely due to be the site jobs. Yeah and so she message mean and she was like apparently it's not sorry its parent aren't that have gone up but I never talked a girl yet. And Nash. I ran into that mess at a party account are in the and it's friends are few years later yet another girl I'd like to eat clean compared to that. She's like she would like yeah I can teach her the right read the relaxed. And Matt about three weeks after that I got a phone call on here click OK editorially about that and I was like Euribor or the stupidest human being I have. Any won't stop flying until somebody stops them from lying and that's somebody but he still doing as you rallied so you're okay Alley he still just doing the same behavior you just have stopped after that when that. Actually. Last summer. So okay Alley. All right this winter morning you're still you can peer review where little movies. I don't know that what you're they yell turn that we all are nowadays you really a nice we retaliated. Not sure where she was on my deal I'm sure I'm not sure I can't Charles. The guy you are disguised. What do you think. Or ignore it perfect Morocco who are more important for war record or you'll be ordered shorted out spirit. Are important chrome. Or don't include woman in her. You liberal member approached the Border Patrol. We're broke more to control which. Drupal community and implement a more critical. Look you know a little bit of broaden what would Google. Or more from new burger should work. The work of the community of remote print book Patricia Margaret. Oh she didn't have that information. You wanna be an uninformed consumer. Lured him to recruit more structured group. Webber. He called on the road compared to court on school reported that there are certain we mutual we knew it all. Forward Milton but all of which have been ordered our problem you've got to murder. So he did. So some people think that every person should come with our label. As their relationship past and how they are in relationships you are one will any of that and if she would have told you this you would have been better weather because. I know Charles it's a poor tenants are alive. Legs. You're include worker former you'd for a good macro fusion blurted did you Aldridge you do the dark smoke but. Weber argued not look for a true all broken and would have a more perfect. And that's a lot of green or what are. Yeah you didn't want to headlights to flashed before you at the top was around Charles thank you for the call Steve's gonna try to twister person probably I do appreciate it here's the thing. He's right I think there's certain things I would want somebody tell me. The explicit stuffs the details of minutia. But I want to know if Jim now. That's is dead and it's dad's car she's got a disease or should do something yes so my died that's I think you deserve to know honor a lease just. A guy who do you think. I had that happen and I have a child and I had to get it up for adoption. We YO lets you. Yeah you have to childlike because you didn't you weren't an informed decision like you were with the died it was a lie. Completely and thought they would higher at Juilliard graduate. Taught you're getting try Julie deals he hired different it is to break into how. He was going to supposedly purchased or us and our new family. And by the time I ended up finding out from a woman that technique that I needed to do some more digging. I found out that a dollar ride so by that time Julie did you meet each didn't qualify prettier but since my camera without that would mean though. I think it is for the child particular. This pleased you wish you would known before you let yourself get pregnant before I got that far on hand. How completely I mean I met his family has friends he had done that before. Nobody had anything and I went to great links to hide. But stripped. Are you blaming people other people for not fighting this out there and giving it back to you or whom were you out. I really blame myself I don't blame might help but now I have occurred each story child that out there that's gonna question that is later and that's my burden to bear. I'm so if that woman could prevent app for someone else. How she's got the position I think she showed. Wow thank you for the call we see and appreciate it. Once and Seaver torque that why doesn't she made an old Jimmy was an all time. Are so looks like Cass he's gonna do some about this unless you talk around it over on the slacker and sees he's located.