Slacker and Steve - OPP: Ex Spending Child Support 4/14

Friday, April 14th

Our OPP is already divorced but a Facebook post he saw from his ex could change everything between them. Hear what the post was and tell our OPP what you would do about it.

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Steve are there. Oh PP today some dude who. Good divorce he's already divorce so we can't we can't screw his relationship Bob any more than it already is what is good news for us in these citizen X posted something on social media that's what I understand I. I have well just just a few details as you do OK let's find out from the horse's mouth miles. Yeah I I guy. This what's gone on how police are there stomp your party can Mary is true contest with a cash. Well okay so yeah I mean not tight spot here because. My wife backlash from SARS has been posting a lot of things on social media. Up late to opt out right vacations you've been on and person that she's buying him. You know we're still friends so I mean I keep track what's going up couldn't we have a daughter but her. So no I didn't actually look to kick it to track her as well. But as I don't you buying all the downpayment talking about I'm on FaceBook. And last week she posted about I complained about her 300. Dollar haircut. So. Stands. That picture it's just you know everything got to look at the clay and straw the broke my back because like I'd hate our alignment. In the child support smoking hot and I must I was assuming that most of that money. Went to support my daughter and should you like all the things get an east trip and now this haircut makes me think that she is. My ex wife is hey you need my money. Then I I used as works very hard forces I'm sacrifice people my daughter. She's ready ourself. I don't know what to do. Saying yeah this is in the year you're not alone mile hi everybody gather around the armed the Steve who's never been married never had children and two accrued judges everything from on high because he feels like as a person who's never emotionally attached rights thinks he judges better logic does he. What is he. Is there a miles. Don't 'cause I can see your face you already did just. Why did you see you feel like guy driving the bulldozer over somebody's house what do you what this is one that's miles. Is it can do you say it's a daughter that you sure daughter. OK Sheila is because she's being so bad and she hasn't been close and she's doing good your daughter she's got a Macy aided or she's got noted. I appreciated but it. Yes. Prepare somehow we are. I just to you pay child support to support your children. And two to a household that's supporting your child. And with that comes to them your acts obviously. They and it. So if your child be taken care of you would you are in your mind. You're action be put them anyway towards like future like college and stuff I repay any that you pay in your mind should go only to that child it's called child support I know but part of supporting that child. Is isn't. Or in dollar haircut. You are you saying. She needs a 300 dollar haircut I want to make sure their daughter is good on our way to store I'm saying is when men pay. There X women's child support now all the money into it you're done you're job is over. Now that money when it's we can't be earmarks you can't save this past due you can but in the end it. And now mom. It will decide where the dole goes out to you and I'm sure she's taking care of your child but I'm hoping you're hoping that any money left over goes towards your child it's not. And the end we believe that that's how it works because that's part of the household that's raising your child I hate to sentence him about to say but I have to say it. That's not stare. Currently. Is not fair it's not fair it's not and I used to blow a gasket about the smiles I used to go off when this console her its most adorable child but what what are what are you gonna do what what can you do about you know ten he gold's historic sit in safe. Clearly a child doesn't need the amount of money that I am. Amid you don't want to shortchange your daughter right. Well absolutely I mean. But it could prolong her need her being mad at me if it's not doesn't talk as much Rubens. The court decided that I should be paying Ben ami in not to be selfish by I'm not living all that well. I I could use that money as well right mind what was your last time we get. I was like seven but yeah Kentucky kept. I know I know and this is it in soccer I am with you it's not fair I hate that phrase too but it's not fair what's your recourse is absolutely nothing a man a father can do in this situation a 100% this money is child support it's not spousal Al Mariah its its its 100% child right. A guy so. But she's she's obviously and she needs a haircut she needs he eats she needs close to the she need the eating in Bora Bora she's taken vacations dude again if he's not. But that's her choice to do with that money of the household the second you handed over miles your you have no say. To ask you one more question mouse armed sure yeah on that vacation did you daughter go. Or was it a vacation without your daughter. I as far as like it you really sure I'll whip out her I didn't see my daughter and pictures she wants you cheers and income your tax rate actually other job yeah no doubt I know it's. I don't wanna sell like three dudes bashing the whole child support system but I think. If we've reversed the genders and some woman were caught it's it seems really. But if Steve's right there's no recourse then there's no rights I used to get so listen to us bullets Trevor. Terror but once again it's were men have to do you know we have to take but I don't want you didn't turn out Zach guys don't some who should miles what are you offer must you want stories from people you want advice you want Blake's. It means. Have you ever and you haven't said anything to her have you like hey Nasser. No. No I haven't I know I've dot reached out haven't talked our mid past immigrants but I just I just I feel like it. I needed its support would be great and or different might feel what that's like it did Gurney got like can't take. Miles while she's younger 300 dollar haircuts in your hoping she would put their money away from lake college Gil for your child. Obama yeah you're you hit up for that viewers on the road you know raise money for college a year ago one. What did you say some putts doesn't matter how we you have to kick in for college home yeah I don't. So. Clark well I mile sheet and let's just what are you hang on. Once you sit down to is this could not this could be bad for you you'd be paying and in every father that they can relate to miles it's like beating your head you do against the wall you to keep you every every every. I don't. I know by and large it's been a male dominated world paying the support but we live in a world where women make more money as I was leaving out a lot more to Ron yeah I was in child support for their wife right. If this is if the roles were reversed I would still feel as angry and is unfair it's. If she's out there are taken vacations and didn't bring it dollar haircuts and has jet skis and Bubba blocks of cheese barely scrape by because she's given a whole income. Over for a car. Colts child support yes I'm just is madam not matter as a as a right and a magazine human right one human case is getting money that should be for this it's just like I. I don't want to get off on a tangent but it's like it's like taxes it's like we pay these taxes and we think well it's gonna make our roads and bridges and everything and then it doesn't happen you know like. Yeah. She can. Do you do now that women are only one of the big major bread winners and households and they're gonna once again dessert brainchild of spousal support I gobs of this before women will get rid of spousal support men we're told you gotta pay X amount we just pay it. MM gets tired of it though Garrett has thousands of ball here's the deal. This money is supposed to be from a kid so what's ten miles due to his three said the kids got close accuse got everything a kid needs. We don't wanna get down into the legalities of it all but if you dangerous situation like this my heels is obviously. I mean the the the date we've hit a nerve in this room and if we hit a nerve out there are you guys are upset about this or we just. Are we barking and at the moon for no reason you what Tim miles do about this unfair situation. Yeah I have what you think. Weren't out there and or our alert that you are I'm prepared what are the where might out all oh yeah not too. My lunch every DC I thought what he umi. So hole. You or your mom did the exact same thing is this woman is doing you're close. It. We. Saw Blake but what Steve is saying I mean did she start you did she did you not perhaps I mean she she did pace she did Jeremiah. Insult. To school all I. I'll meet you don't rob why my mom and courage to where a person who knows what clothes party expect that clout on. Spread so no I did not. What do you what do you suggest what's the answer right. You know why we know what Aaron Terry. Back to quarter spite ensuing in your view on Dirk might try. That's only meant to do is sure back of record it PI if he's making less money you show back up in court otherwise he goes face she got a three dollar haircut I've paid for lunch hour today don't care and we've proved that. I gave her winter events she has her own money she makes her own money mess yeah she get a 400 dollar hair and it ends. Acquire the like you know it's not gonna sport. The okay and I've recently that's when I don't I don't know. I don't know how did you expect. I didn't hole the ash I don't sorry I didn't see it. Was lost on me I was feeling for miles this whole time but now they. There's another thing there's the daughter the daughter's like how come I asked aware. Hand me down clothes moms wearing you know the brand new red sold shoes is that's. There's more than one person being affected by this woman's lifestyle once again the kids being supported the kids got home the kids leaving the kids got you out. You know. I can't be sure. IR AI had what do you think. OK and apparently really catch and correct me at eight parents here is apparent you get chopped where two courts can't all entrants into your account. They porn he'll be what the chops portion app all incomes are still be on the back calculation and we are where her money and it's from Kurt got that she is working she wants it I'm not 300 dollar. On that track are her car at her working and patent actually want kids and just seven dollar on the can't hit her courage cheap and I were out there are complaining about the Mormon Archie didn't take toward their child's candy I can. All eyes. Unless that's a lately is just easy to hear this in a day and we're only getting one side salaam I'm 100% on board with you but this guy's making it sound like. The amount it's coming out of his check is making him live paycheck to paycheck and somehow I. That game our Internet permit actually hear about how he actually gets wrecked she'd demand. What I can and shots are getting traction at what it actually costs during out there is a question I eat at home depression. Urged all parties for their friend that's. Will drop the class is all. Worst aspect that he doesn't contribute kick it back yet put a quote hit charts where are you speed I think hammer fraction of apple what it actually cops. And I am a parent traps he may have been other Baxter. You really are capped by dean and I hated. All I 300 are Erekat that's great don't eat right chocolate didn't care he never want for anything and he has everything. Opt out what occurred right do you are you mad at us term jump on my house team. Kind of think back. I ain't been to back custodial parent America in my arm because her neurotic dog got out you know you get charts where I am. The mom acute complaint anyway. I'm dipping are being woman in many clean sheet. Her keen turnout there aren't many going to wreck car that he had driven Herrera. You're right. Not every tiny and what you naked Coleen tortured try out there if you're working at not a working parent maybe there's an art immense. I want exporting our Billy and I am introduction Alex my my full. Cheap credit that my chart only. Always comes first and then Eric lecture I don't post Tarver and you balance that imprint on me and that's been. Guy. CE TNT interviewed him do you frustrated because it acted normal he has to. People aren't aren't taken vacation aren't you have a chart to take a vacation and actually take vacation. Later this gear it checked actual life too lenient about Arnold saying that he's in March out to where. I even. It's weird. Did you just put out to me you we were light meat it's almost as if a woman receives child support she's not allowed to have any blood shall I do any thing. Should and I don't flip flop hard I go oh yeah and if that's what I mean it's sure it's an the thing did I think I am certain zoning in on is you can't see Jake you say he's given her a thousand a month in child support. She didn't take a thousand. Cashier at the hair count my buddies you don't know where that 300 Jane exactly. Diane. Guy who do you think. So I'm coming from that perspective. The person receiving the child support as he's not owe you the woman however the man is generally the person making the bigger in tam. And it's based status salary and hang spent with the child. For one and I wonder what how much Chinese and list. His daughter when he doesn't even know whether or not she didn't bore bore. Though. You know. So formula the formula. Dying deal. So you don't get any law any don't get it you don't get any say it's aged if seals to me like in a perfect world. If I'm paying it's like my H away I pay this money into blue sky but at least once a year. They send me the statement says. This year you're X dollars a month we did paid this much for landscaping d.s they balance their budget to dean of the year I would like to do that. At the latest here's your heart a thousand dollars a month it cost us this morning back to school clothes. This much for karate classes yeah Smart trick and then have a balanced they don't feel OK you can go nuts. It's on your Bora Bora and your 300 dollar haircut is no there wasn't wasn't my money get knocked out exactly. It do you you are or are you also don't know how much debt she's putting herself until. And you don't know where that money's coming from it's not kids chat at. I barely yeah could be her credit cards her sugar daddy her boyfriend or fiance or what have you. But he doesn't get this say this state get this say how much she gets paid for child support. And you say it's also based on how much time that they spend with the child I didn't know that that's equinox or any equation in it's it's all would you say he's in your both pains not to touch if she if she's got to two and 7030. Then he's got to be paying seven B you don't all these guys yes yes. You windshield carrying more of the bird and notch so he's got to pays for him not hearing. Passed a loaded like accuser with me just we really kids or his house he's game for the food if there are you about her house. 80% of the time he should be pretty resilient over okay men you know OK I absolutely nights I can't I and we appreciate it Lisa. I. You're up what do you think. According you know I think the ball started spreading to work you guys were talking about how much money she spending under her spell further announced iron absolutely I am sorry against app support and the Michigan equal and you people chip slimy send money and the chance. I mean that's part guys probably doesn't get as he has on daughter as much a T shirt yet she is. My the mother give her money in the mothers spend the money in the child. Especially your custody battle. Then she loses its financial battle got a spoils go to the Victor right. And don't tell me how much you wanna closely but what did she claimed victory. There Coke eat what she claimed. Her gender automatically puts her out front of Oakmont. Where you have. There are disagreements you I'm a mother who lost custody of my chips either false allegation. And so it's not just gender that's why I'm on the stateside. I mean I don't know and I'm saying to clean up something against cam. Here that he couldn't you afford an attorney enough to battle to keep the other night roster dotting the Internet money what was. Order what else can she take from four they get it probably thinks there's a problem did. Every time we get a call this on her side on Somalia and Great Britain removes his side and then we hit it to somebody called as the daughter who got Shasta and I'm like I'm all about Hamas side variety I don't know who I think it's. This is an impossible. Change. I would you age. I'm an outside are telling them he's not so well. There's a couple of possibilities. They just need to make sure that. The child's post setup of her working in the I think almost put into the formula. Now now that's that's been plugged there and she needs to make sure he had disparaging planned list overnight which she can advocate for a Tony three hours it doesn't matter needs overnight continue to have more than around 9800. But more he has to know where it will go. So the more time he has the kids the lower amount yesterday here we are kind of delving into that a second go that's. That's that's the that's the equation may use heat the reason he knows so much is just she has a kid so much. Yes and a lot of times just the child support will be shed a book on parenting plan and the courts will now. Initiate a particular and so the slaughterhouse to do it and then at that point Kiev should they got turned can planned artillery. Child support services camera and the court order pictured here are some returns I have my child overnight and then they'll redo the formula. Thank you really costing sounds like him you've been in the trash out yourself if you know much about it we appreciate the call. Eye to eye not on either side Brody yeah give the real person here is adult daughter so if you guys have resource is for miles. I know so there's so many women fired up against him philosophy he's still see she's not allowed to have a through her daughter Erica and I want anybody to misunderstand right. But there's always the cells are going without. That's that's it and I relate how do you say I need to see where that money list and usually none of that went to your hair if you wanna respond any this go to the slacker and Steve FaceBook page.