Slacker and Steve - OPP: Falling For Husband's Brother 6/27

Monday, June 27th

Jennifer's husband died a year-ago. She has been receiving immense support from friends and family, especially from her husband's brother and now she is falling in love with him. Jennifer say's that he has many qualities of her late husband. Is this wrong or is her love for her husband's brother justifiable?

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And so we got in a few feet from this woman who has. Because I think it's fairly recently I'm not sure how long ago lost her husband and done that's our. She's. She's got a little predicaments beyond losing her husband that's gonna make things awkward I think Jennifer. Are you Ryan you are disguised what do you tell us what. Move for the first AT and just we're very sorry for you know losses. And when you tell us you. Tell tell us what's happening. Well com. Or abnormal for her than a little rear admiral and earned our home and doing what are already gotten a lot of reporters from. We have been their leader there have been particular. News older. This is what what I'm sorry what was that. His wife equipped. I got a lot of support particularly from pom. Pom I have been taught that all the brother lives. Yeah up. The result there may have been really great my own family it's been great. I haven't gotten quote her mom to her brother and at this time in. Now if you like. You know being the started in. I'm not prepared by. Put your foot below and shouldn't go along with marine fuel load. Like sexual tension like snakes there's trip Q do you think it charisma charisma what state. Chemistry chemistry happening between the two of the. And you are. I would say not. Quite good about where and. Because arm as it did you know your in laws are his parents. Did they like you I mean they love you they hit the along with do you get along with them because a really tight as a family. Yeah I mean we both. But it was all very cope with shattered I'm a little concerned about how all. This might. All the love it beating by the families. I don't want know absolutely as long as they like you're gonna love this situation. There's no downside actually except per. The brother there's downside for him to free huge Jennifer it's all upside right Jack I don't see I don't see how important. Are you may have or I I think you know and I think one of the things that made it particularly. Column. Already and he's one of the things that. Really helped me. Out feeling. Further manner that I can not you know it shouldn't bipolar I mean we have the more quality but my husband. Is she a younger brother or older brother. Her cat Jews have kids you when your first husband. Know okay this is like a dream. What do you hardly just post it. There are presented her career if you know you're that if if you really beautiful a lot of weight and it's really you know we both walked but one very important to know why didn't you know. Are you really intake Kim Jennifer I guess I have to be the voice of reason here Tom zarrella questions or are. It's really into him or are you in two yet the qualities in him that you miss. From the man you've lost a serious. Well. How important make that they would come in and display. All of my vote this way if you are like you know very well I don't know it. Do you honestly believe she's like you say you feel the chemistry do you really think it's a two way street do you think he wants to sleep. Or may dealt with or make a life with he is deceased brother's. Widow. Are you do you feel those. It now that's why it's gonna be hardest on him why. It isn't exactly were you says he's never gonna know for sure if Jennifer loves him for him or is because he looks like the brother is the same DNA is the lower gas families this they have no idea that's gonna be hard for him. You think his upside for everyone else involved parents especially I don't know what you're talking about right now real. Well. Jennifer you you weren't able to give his parents a grand kid in if you hook up with a brother like I said same DNA you're already in the family there already love you know. And so that in with you get my degree and I think it's weird maybe at first maybe not but if you give my grand kid. It's gonna be like you had it with the first brother anyway. So if they like you if they love you and except you already they're gonna welcome the situation with open arms there's no downside for the pair. Yeah there's no downside for you you get a younger version of the guy you love oh my god that's a terrible I know I know under the some insensitive Jennifer but I'm just. He's thrown out Sachs now. Basically is the same guy. You yeah. It's like you're discovering someone new plus he has bonded during this this grieving period. Ahead. I just I guess my question Jennifer menace. What do you want from must do you want and do you want it. Offensive rubber stamped this relationship do you want it. To know how to ask a brother to take it to the next level do you wanna ask when do we tell the terrorists what are you asking us. Well. I'm really looking forward. It is their right state and I can really looking forward. You died due. Get a group that are not true you guys do right you get perspective and the perspective. You have somebody Bo that someone can make. Actually. After hearing the prospective. And a few days and two together it makes even more sense for you to hook up with a brother because then yeah munitions all kind of the Jennifer we've we've really will get perspective I'm a little floored that Steve jumped on team. In writing jealous I don't think I tell you where your comment from I just didn't see it coming from Mo OK I guess I'll. I have to say I feel the same way a little like oh this by the look good reality that's. You're like oh. Okay you play computer power at what. Yeah you're right you're IEW. If hey hang on Jennifer or find out if you can and it and it do we have psychologists are somebody listening you can say. How we king how we can peel away the layers and see if you're really into this guy. Or he's if he's just a projection right away you've lost results of the grief and support that I know blow CI. I know but I I you are removed emotion out of this I was a respectful of how the emotions would be in this job I mean that's what guys do Roy I just looked at and analytically if this is the perfect situation she's not really out any thing. Thank you said that brother is basically is he really the loans are they still love each other's lives Curtis or is it just it convenience and that's a terrible word to say you know let's just do worse yeah I love these this Stanley I wanna stay in and you're the next best thing. That's you'll want it's it's kind if you were in this situation I knew how I got my brother second absolutely not. I know but cheaper to brother has feelings for Jennifer and certainly easier is that when she thinks is the chemistry is it to restrict you to deal ahead dude I would have to note this is all because of the emotional loss process of grieving process to learning here so where we ask so you guys have heard the whole story. Brother died her husband died one in the same person now she's developed feelings for the brother Wright is it okay. Should she run away from this because it's taboo or is Steve Wright and this could be a win. For almost everybody involved Stephen. I what do you think. So I think it's issued an innocent time. And I killing unit and emotional void there you know I just lost. Don't love her life's. And then there's this man who shares the same qualities let them. And I still anxious trying to maybe killed avoid it right now. Something maybe. In this state you know AB see other people see how that feels. She's got such ceiling maybe go back and revisit it. How how long and this is a terrible question asked so forgive me before you start writing your hate mail or whatever how long do you think somebody needs just aren't I. He know I would say if she was falling for her the brother. Three months after the husband's death I would say you like it she still on the void it's still worry year it has been so. Bring bring do we feel like she's not filling the void and actually. Falling for someone. I don't think there's an actual you know that time you do IRA need kind of outlooks and move on race but it anti. She had a brother Darren. Ten and I did she doesn't really know. Tried out anything outside of that emotional support. Just kind of just it's always been there so it's always been kind of available. So you really believe she shared an eye you know not. She should date if she's good data knowledge she should date somebody other than this guy. I think just so exciting now wish I could go about their kids you guys ready comes to try and she still has feelings for the brother. Then go back and explore that avenue. Bomb Syria must think you're where you were the brother you are the brother. Would you ever know for sure a 100% that she's getting with me because I mean or because I'm kinda like my brother. It's one of scenery can I have to trust Chris. You know if there's been punish comes back with those feelings you kind of have to trust that she is with you or you. If she calls me by my brother's name is also got ya one time even one time they know your brother is with this way over your father used to. You said this was all outside all sorties. Aside from you know that they did good costs even I am. I think that's a good plan but I just feel like she's raw he's still out. And she's projecting on to this dude I I don't know be Sean tell. I what do you think. Well I think it's freaking weird first of all but what do you think like a part of like this car freebie like natural corner lake which she would have never. Gotten married and had to deal with the death of her husband should have never been introduced her like her soul unity means. You're one of those people kind of believes in ninety not necessarily a predetermined destiny delight she's only launch things happen for a reason in and night. She was men tomorrow or they die wine and he was meant to die so that she could end up with solutions. Surely meant to be. Think I believe in everything take its natural course here regardless of the form of life can be had caterpillar. Everything take its not so of course I think it's authentic. And scared of the Stanley thinks that she really like it's like into the family event to document their own train. And so let's say they make you both make their intentions known or his family. And they're on I'm bored with it and then she has to go OK you kind did you ask him back to his own true. They lost assigned yes he's like your brother are puzzling to us too much loss. For you dig your heels in and break this seemingly out anymore. And it's already broken a variety of business. Why you would dive out. The fact without even break out the family at there's no way anymore that's broken marriage and I think seeing and it's something instead they would continent that they think it you know talks. And that it breaks that the camrys they've got bigger issues than they really. I just stay off from my perspective if one of my Brothers died and I went for. Their wife or something or to one of their wives came after me my parents being very very. Rays seem to or so armed strict Catholic my parents would. We didn't they would out about that and out so icy blue picking you up physically throwing you out of style so yes he would you be like what are you doing that was your brother's wife's. What are your seat I'm moving in on your yes he would write. People it's considered a Bronx it's seen it would be considered overstepping their boundaries that be considered wrong hopes hanging out of America and we got Jerry Springer shout yes. Oh my god that's so wrong for some time here is the reason Jennifer gets to sleep we try all they think you gonna call center Al. Our Megan's. He's really hit it. And I actually not too and usual off. I mean my boyfriend true are actually not exactly where there. Is added kids and get uncle really. Always have somebody didn't step up like TV is his his biological dad died and the brother stepped down. And so I mean I guess first base that's been just the help provide for the family. And then they eventually found love and I get the happy family. To get wonderful circumstance. Did you do you know what's your uncle having a pass effective this issue really love me or does she just loves. She went seamless easy I mean did she yes from the other guy. I'd overhaul Taylor is a pretty ardent critics. At the beginning here is I'm going to marry you how the Euro with your camera yet cute kid but I need help. And then eventually it turned in the last because serialized like you're not my husband but they're also coming Iowa. Wow it exists. I I thank you for calling me a windy we get anybody who's kind of been through this situation. C is so even in their situation nobody finds a tab two inches the love grew out of our necessity and while. That is steady as some amazing thing. Tammy. Yet I yeah I. And I'm gonna get a parent prospective. The my daughter passed away and might run Iraq started dating right away. And it. It's not like they're our month afterward move and then you read. You know it wouldn't work out because he hadn't grieve which he had Hewitt just lonely and hurting. And and that hurt the whole spare money because it means I feel like. What you really need to forget that you could just jump benefit an expert on these and now it's been three years. And now I do wish that he would find a nice woman to married because they have three kids and I'd like to read for them to have a mom. What would you be OK if sat there were another child of yours would that be weird for you. If if if he were to marry my other daughter yes have that would be where. Is it looked. It just he just feels like what do you but you don't you want in fishing and all but they do if you're gonna fish don't fish back in this pond. Like old. I don't know but we've did you root cause him we've got other people who've been in that situation and I was thinking if sit Jennifer tries some move on with someone else they might this family judge or not the she has security morbid just like she did exactly old you couldn't lawyer already on death armed Suzanne if I what do you think. Asked I think you know what a sheep being true to her feelings she needs to go for my brother died in the tragic car accident in 96 and my other brother with his best friend and he stepped into how about like the current logic to back three year old that I multiple dose and can. They ended up total on the bus and they've been married ever since we had another they eat so we joke about it based Eric exit perhaps it Linkedin has been pretty. Nine yards but it can't hurt and I got my nephew mighty and the family and integrates. But I just sort of sum to the only way those who can be together is they had to suffer a loss of a loved one. And if you lose a loved one lake that I don't know with that would keep yeah that's. I know what something in common Mitt. They bonded over that and they laid it on time for a day and then they wanted to make sure that Al. Out what you're the only. Okay why now we can work that it could it's like dude now there's a whole bunch of people all saying then it works it does work. Eight on CI we know this is touchy it's taboo if you don't mind having your thoughts in a public forum. Jennifer still needs some more help dome over. But should she date her deceased husband's brother are there were a FaceBook dot com slash slacker Mahan Steve sands.