Slacker and Steve - OPP: Faltering Marriage 7/27

Wednesday, July 27th

Jessica's marriage is less than a fairy tale. It's falling apart and her only resolution is to leave the marriage completely. However, her children would be distraught. Should she stay and fight to make everyone else happy or disappoint all parties involved to make herself happy? 

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You. We just someone who'll come we don't even know what she wants from us yet so let's just. Let's go in and figure out together and whipping something about a marriage it's not going. Exactly according to plan Jessica. Your eyes you are disguised. Punch you catch yourself what what's going on. Well. Your comments you know why I'm cured if their man nurtured calling into future or you're just. It's been during a little hard career return we've been married for better record mirror. I'm Barbara we know you're scared and the thirteen or older middle of the third quarter a lot of attention but cultural. Maynard learned from him. Appoint we have a big predicament came back like a more trouble you're a little become rare men and you do grew from a trial which. Arm if you're in no matter how all their item have been arm right now cool if you know. If our archive their own the army not much money every year curable. They are sure to watch like what they get out of it can help their learning more and it sparked immediate group that dominate. I am really enjoying out of there and we hope the ball through to the big dude a couple of where your which. If early you know Mickey because America. You'll dictionary this year emerged. You know we've learned a little long but surely they would remember how or word should worry church. Why is how you doing what why and what's so hellish about it I mean in do you have. Any culpability in the fact of the teller resist him that's the apple. Even making it more complicated computer from crop hall and the like you're order people already what are. Are we let Europe come home it's like I hope you're no you're you're big market you'll ignore what I replied my major pumping him up I remember reported OK why why McCutcheon or are you give the community. Republic are actually in the mirror or are what come out there are you know. I don't view it. Houses relationship with the kids. More careful when you're you're getting everything they want practical way to purge of eight you know what I mean you can make more money. Now only will you prodding to cut out of there are not getting what they huge student getting married you know they're getting very. About the whole situation had been you know there have been thirteen delivered computing. In my funeral drew getting into that or teenager age. Will be law like you know the lobby where did you shoot better way to divert a whopping mutual argued that prime cap that the U department of Iguodala that are being met me at Harding yeah it you know I'm glad that you're shorter amount. It'll be everything that I took. You know. I didn't mean I would put whatever we won big with my husband and keep a little. Win when he doesn't come home as you sleeping with somebody else. I don't know I don't know I did you preventable workaholic. Like nobody you can then don't we could offer. Arm you know so I don't know if you really going recovery though there are hormel can dream we are merely more you know I. Flying I really am very. A court because. For bumping and you're not giving me here. So tightly. In America we don't help. I did enjoy his wife are you in any joy is among you need is dumped these deadbeat Pete you citrus sauce you guys are throwing yourself you don't get to dump you like that's the that's the one decision you make you can't you liberals say and in these people. What are you. We eat we if you are just clear your mind for a second. It's a I'm really torn the way you talk talk about being in hell so that's that's strange to me you want out. I think you talk about wanting what I would your husband yeah that's screams and you wanna save it. Link gee do you even know what you gonna save it or not what what do you last. Well you know our. Our our country but you treat your relationship are really capital that you pure art market triangle there are they wouldn't you should camping. So I feel like I'm more committed to their relationship here why not Carter you know this rootkit. It's painful for me intrigued or heat are equal to a group and they're cute. Little bureau. And so you're still in love with them telling you just love them here around eleven and you're still in love with your husband. OK to promote it but I don't feel what you mollid me. No longer support. You're the only one that's pulling up your end of the bargain here no one else's. Do you even the kids aren't you know they're not there is turning on you as they just want with are you happy Jessica isn't selling your happy. Art I want to be healthy punchline my obscure but I don't mortgage. 80 or even the do or optionally for me I don't wanna we like your credit and we really heard about beard. A true popular smile about this situation and what you're achieved. And Harvard. What's that stupid saying happy mom happy happy wife happy and I think whatever that thing it. China itself like the Russians are very happy to accept birth except for does your do you think your husband's happy don't mean sleeping on the couch she's not happy either. He no huge you can you're at it. I know he's not happy that I am flying my doctor try to Buick Open in Egypt utterly ignored. And that. I mean what are you people are writing you're trying to do so then you know I'm like oh you know maybe we could do like a couple where you need to speak on the lived a pretty good actually. No and armed. I salute I don't know what we're gonna try to solve for you but we're gonna try to get other people who then. It's there in that limbo land you're doing all the work putting forth all the effort. And no one is very timely just colder of course you are is there a time where you diets are there and he's usually carries. Tender but it's your winners only. Her heard different things we should do while they're young so they kind of don't ever you're right that you anytime you want you King and I think it's maybe he would be better to cut your losses so your kids. Maybe just may ABC what do healthy relationship is like for at least a little while bright red this thing you guys continued to show them. Place. And someday I hope to get married just like mom and dad and sleep on a couch while she sits in a room and yeah I never talk but that's not healthy banks. You may think your kids are dumb and don't see that they do. And they are so in your. There's among heroes was to do what's best for your children protector children so I say divorce is not that's got off the table here it's not. I'm here Jessica who one hit and I mean I don't know if anybody's got any questions for you hang tight if they do. What have you want to call here arm. It's it's falling apart. India she. I don't know I'd like I don't I eat we are asked strangers. What you hear his world is reunion between winds wind in their every day from last fifteen years of their relationship to know yeah it's time to cut the ties them by. That's kind of what we're no and yes she didn't sound like the she sounds like there's ties that need to be. She's dying here to the same time she's the life rafts in its sinking now. There's no one else is realized and so I think you've just save yourself you've got to. At some point right I if you could control not to swim this this husband he's. Where they're all self stick you can't now let me that's actually really got. Age 39 jagged as Iran you commonality between the cap sudden fast like that but I didn't Jessica needs now is this marriage worth saving. Any advice you can give her would be gracious. I'd Johnny. Yeah I got a guy. You know I was trying to get irritated at citadel. Because yeah I should serve America's health. Well and then you ask the reasons and watching it live is basically. It is she's not there because he's working and sleeping under the obsessed. In trying to make more money and that's the problem what kids are unhappy because they don't make as much money she kept reiterating the fact that well he doesn't make as much money. Well it's actually a major problem Maingear has been working so much just. Do you think pressure to make. Money and that there are no longer adequate current jumped. Maybe she should have a quick tip you know what are we can't live that lifestyle anymore or crazy idea. Go get a job. While I mean yeah you know if you're gonna new got married and your sole reason first day and I quote then marriages though. Is because she doesn't make that much money. He's never around when you ask why you never round is not that. You know he sleeker rounder is dodger since our poor woman I thinks oh he's sleeping it is also. You know I'm sorry but you can't have both what is she can't complain to did not make enough money. So they're complaining and you're not making as much money make more money make more money so do you like okay working overtime stated that night that he also and I am Egypt's. Screwed her stance yacht just now as I said well I'm never tell you never. It's university consequences which sites they don't realize that they're complaining. Has and has an effect on him and he's trying to. It's a masculine world in huge debt presumably stay at home want to achieve that which implied I don't know you get our first heard Herbert. You know support your marriage don't just wondering because you're not making as much urged you not make as much money. What are you tried saying hey it's all right we can do without some of these extra. You know what they don't have brand new top aligned shoes every six months. Maybe I'll go get a job and family. Yeah you know I mean she target or worse as she talked to or did you say did you guys talked to him and he's not happy now she gasping. He's never their because she wanted to work more to bring all the money. That's what she kept bringing it consistently was money was a womanizing. You're going to see. She leftists in the ether on the womanizing but you're right thank you called Johnny and I think your voice it's. When he eats well it's a boy are we living in their marriage is just like all plastic water bottle. You use it and then you crumple it up and you throw it away I love that analogy is no law. Longer worth it to you it's no longer the BP A is born off and you can't refill it and move nice good shock could start over again and you get apart the pile floating your in this filing through. I. Hey guys. Aren't I can feel her pain through the radio that I. Up all. What I wanted to stay and live I live in a similar situation. Wait a while back. And no sleep for me I needed to go to therapy because I lost my identity and my husband and my children you. And I needed to focus on myself and I learned through therapy had a effectively communicate with them. Most of the time what's going on what was going on with me creating yet because I wasn't the life rafts. And I. I had to learn how to let something you'd go and out of spoke it on myself the do you think for myself because I did. Lou my identity and it would look horrible stealing because they're being pork belly right I felt like it would immediately get on my own and that I with the failure. Really it would just be we're not all communicating and not only on the theme eat. Did did you focusing on you save the marriage or did it at Merrill would say it save the marriage as well. Absolutely. Because that forced my husband to go to therapy which knee. What I can't culminate that I'm learning all these things about myself I really want you to come in which the ET set are eight. The gig. We've learned so much about each other we'd been together first stole many years about eighteen years. And we've learned so many things about each other that we had never talked about. Because we both realized we locked our identity. He realized he did you. And like a lot of women wind when it's time when you need to refocus on you and it's a yes felt really guilty absolute like oh my god and I'm I'm not a pirate there's it grey yeah. Also on android O women feel guilty when it they lose themselves or didn't they Q Angela they have to pay attention themselves again and they feel guilty about it. Did you feel like you're taking something away you know on your keenly you know when you're basically telling them my first not my first issue it's. Oh my gosh they have to send them called power they gonna do this. On the old tool. If you didn't get a job brought me right here as they're they're they're sign. You need to light it up right. I would I would strongly suggest that he. Before you throw anything all she just try to liberate herself. Try to find herself again this is. Deals counter intuitive when you're trying to save your marriage to go do something selfish but that's would take that's a great day due to declines and a fantastic idea. Arm. Sarah. Yeah I yeah I mean isn't she. Come and I think she needs to look at why issued Tony happy with the current situation I'm 26 that a quarterback you're such an act. Hacker all the work eighty to ninety hours a week alone. To provide for action and take. You know make sure that we're happy. Happy and such it was starting to get really overwhelming stir me and I finally realized that it bites take care of my tell. I am much more. Equipped which he chair of my family near you and it is not being felt that you have to get over that. Mindset that shall return mom to take care of herself any issue she's hot match. She nailed kick your birds hit and her husband at it and teach you know your kid can't near number on priority here so it and you're marriage are tied for that occur what start ups and it's her biggest complaint in not marriage and her husband is working overtime to beat it got art that advocate for. Or iron that bother. In my book that's weighed better than Kirk complaining about how much her baby daddy in and around and don't help but doesn't care and each. You know if she and her kids complain about that all the time then. Accord humanity that art even a Jill badly. That I drank sixty. Total. Work on taking it together by kicking your child individually. Did you do to save yourself what do you what did you focus on for you the guy you feeling right again. Com I went back to. You know to Obey the red became EO structure of the I thoroughly enjoy teach an opera brings in connection income I cheek there early early early morning clap there but or everybody. Bringing into an extra money it makes me feel like I'm. Chara again and not just mom or somebody light and teach at home being taken care of that one market thing that. You need to worry about pitch and it only kick happier wished he'd know Monica oh appreciate everything she works art. Well nines for you think after this solid by Sarah Bryan. I'm but he isn't. Well I'm Kyra good I would go on during this same situation about a year ago on the other side I was the guy do intelligent storage tank and went. Being I can tell you his own. I think that she needs to actually you're out I was reading this book it's called little love languages everybody. Our own children love the different way and appreciates it and so basically I would've. Little English he just. Maybe makes it want to put comprehended why aren't sure. You're district's small things to ensure Michael debate about it Dioner conduct your normally do. It's gonna cabinet stacked on and a lot of these women when they don't get what they want it seemed like they had more innings pitched. Next now lenders could just I don't let it. Yeah well tonight and. Knowing your love language you pure love languages and I don't I am read the book but I know some more light. Demonstrative like touching instill some moments yes some of mark act you know different things. If they're not giving you that it did everything they do feels like the opposite sort meals like nagging. Even when they think they're giving you love it just looks like nagging concerns that that's not the kind of love I was looking for a while you Anemia so. Yeah I mean I would sit at truthfully I think god not on pushing a book but I heard that book connect and there's a couple other. Both sent I had friends did not need Huff dude I'm I'm just you know me I just torched a marriage and I don't read amen much of the. Yeah I got you what do you think. Well I know GOP curator untangle. Because although she backs lineup exactly little camera number of march tank. And Hud and is working two jobs to make everything you need Millwood supplies everything that they warrant. But she's not going to the prom she's taught him personally as well which is why. She has a mental issue. Than he has this extreme social compulsive disorder in Toronto the good example to kids were playing outside and Jack. Doc longer shoot instead Pope washing off on normal people that she opened her husband Mike has a law to go and get them brand new issues. Or remove the Ku won and yes I'm still didn't bing you just think when I didn't all the facts at this point here and are getting all the do you think they're they they do what we're gonna wrap this up knowing more than we know. Are they going to be able to save this. Do you actually get. They both need to go into counseling because there's an issue on both sides ultra dot com. But she's got a lot of the issues machine. Everybody told her she needs to go to therapy where those positions there and refuses to admit that there's any issue on her. There was that I can. Thank you could call it I it's weird that somebody was listening in his related to the person Matt oh. If you if you have any more advice on saving Jessica's marriage war. Truthfully saving Jessica yeah. I mean that's Turco thought that was the and I try to save my marriage or Deutsche first exactly and and so people actually said seat view and it will save the marriage seems Jared junior anymore advice you've been in this vote. Give it to us on my FaceBook dot com slash slacker ends defense.