Slacker and Steve - OPP: Father’s Day Gift 6/12

Monday, June 12th

Candy struggles finding the perfect father’s day gift every year, while dad always hits it out of the park for mother’s day. Ladies, what are some awesome gifts you’ve bought for father’s day? Dads, what gift would you kill for on your special day?


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Staying on the we're taken on a serious symptoms can hear regardless of age old questions here it is I think should. And I think my answer will make women mad and oh while I honestly didn't think my answers in and I can always have my doubts yeah you guys. This may seem like a silly OPP but I was up I've been with the man for for years we have a six year old son. Somehow we always does right for Mother's Day and I always seemed to blow it. He's the breadwinner and works very hard to pay the bills I basically make enough to cover the phone bill and groceries. Seeing as it's almost Father's Day and I'm loving and appreciative woman I really need some advice. What does a male and want and deserve. Fir Father's Day. Is that maybe tickets to a game or something like an adult toy you know tolerable the pro Shanahan. I never thought yeah. I was over that or does that seem stupid and selfish because he wouldn't even be spending it with our son. Help what does a great father really. Wants on Father's Day and so all she has her grandfather sorry little. On the sidewalk out front. I'll say yes this is where I'm gonna make women mad okay. We've talked about this for the talk about Mother's Day. And every single time we get suggestions in every time we talked to women on the dance like worst Mother's Day ever whenever they don't call Mike. It's been dynamite she's you'll have won had we sign. I'm away from that and geragos I did it. Lots tied up his sleeves and so I don't weigh a an act I don't want that I maybe I'm different but I don't. It's it's Father's Day you I would like to feel like a father and oh okay. So you wanna be with two key is just I think it's I think it's really weird. How many women are light. It's Mother's Day but everyone I'm going to just thought it's like all stall on a random Saturday. Put on Mother's Day you should be a mother shot missing just a war. I'm CNN's site. When all of. And I think it's I think you should wanted to stay in time when your kid that didn't you shouldn't do that but in my crazy. I wouldn't phrase like that but I agree. I'm. We turns that we heard that from winning oh no it's Steve huh. Not wanting the women say across the board. Not just on Mother's Day is that I wish I had more time. For themselves yes yes. But that's not today's for it well because I think we've it's harder fighting daycare and the other days for the other mothers say that's the one day you know that. Data as those spouse should be around the house to only do you that we get into that are your sights he's gonna babysit the kids in you when your tough when you when you don't ABC Euro can access. Especially it's let the kids most visual babysit the kids who hits just door ginger just watching them. Your you're doing our job though we ask you this OK see you good you wanna spend the day with your kids on Father's Day. Blake so I want to know toll in hotel room so much at stake what a passion. But as they added activities is a hole so whole list of things planned out for Father's Day your spending time with the kids or can you just have fun hanging around the house or what do you say to spend time with a clear I don't want any pomp and circumstance I think that I think. But words in breakfast in bed ID cards are cool. I think our hammy carb I think it is cool I think if you go to the store and buy a card and he gets pretty hokey already don't by my parents. Birthday cards Mother's Day cards and you that stuff anymore because I think it's all Hokies to give kids construction paper in the I don't I would hope that someone else doesn't like generic open. All right kids tomorrow's the big jealousy or would you condone the eight feels very judging but it's if they happen to make some then. Let's had a baby sitter. Couple Father's Day ago and they went on one of the hobby stores one of the like OK let me by little castles each body castle well and paints in the late. The when the Iranian made for me it's it's like all Jean king and prince see in noses all like. Are you know or did and it is just cool there like they there was two castles. Waiting for annual handwritten cards and and then they're like just one dynamic of when you go look at the army was at it's the ninety YouTube like that part of the little pompey's circumstance he spent a hero Arctic to relations on de La I don't know about adult toy I don't know what I mean. He is sorry I add feels like well I mean they make some for men I I I guess. And you are married data OK she took peeks at the subtle about it bother I don't mean you don't latex with arm. You all the you know I think probably I'd OK so my wife kinda started a tradition where. We give each other like a joke gifts for Father's Day Mother's Day so every year she gets me like one of those stupid kid chief Father's Day T shirts now and just made like the worst. There they could be the better you know and I mean tank. So so we do one of those every year and that I think one of the coolest present this year gummy well and the kids guy I mean. I always one of the tax you and she she could change to win and she got the section for me like to go winning get a goal. Dude did you live like the preview or hit him near Chattanooga yeah. And I did ides I incorporated to kids in with it are I'm going to play that's part of the plane and when you haven't done any recent day than the one man guy you know their names are. What was the cover up part of they have to start to get the theory goes halfway down your kid L and I don't think kids are you you've covered up their dreams and feels like right up period inside where nobody can see that's what I'm saying now you're you're being a mother a Mother's Day. A New Zealand and didn't do we shall know why this thing I I agree with you on that aspect of it I hate I don't wanna go and sit by myself prairie like go. When you're should try to give me tickets to a game with my buddies by myself and it was just go spend the day with the dudes and do that and l.s I gotta I don't want to Yahoo!. I don't wanna has lately they honey do list I guess I don't wanna have to do yard work I don't wanna have seen that have I'd rather just like go sit on the suddenly can fish with my kids or. You saw you want your kids yeah I wanna do stuff with my kids for sure. And you wanna go to dinner anything you don't know the typical just I yeah let's keep this up and we certainly we don't want to yeah and plus if you did anything to pack up to kids in their cheers and their seats in the at the bags and his heart is all it's not as hard as you go out and it is it's not as hard for us is it would be for you this I wouldn't want I would not want facts on file. I just we need we without knowing anything about her man so we get I still don't know from which you guys have said. Little deer are typical or not to be just what testing is as we get to go to bars and do events and do a lot of fun things so I don't need to. Yeah I don't need a day with my buddies of wanna deal with my buddies I've really don't want to be fathers don't be reminded the reason you're not to give our kids today is because of your kids read. Oh that's really weird Sunni I think it's that's why I find this odd days on Mother's Day. I'm sure many of plastic for breast find out really weird it's it's graduation jet kids now get this far away from them as human possibly dead dead dead. That doesn't compute for me. I sympathize with that but yeah I think I can understand the do you have any other do the end this is the day your force it's as mothers do you gotta be a mom or solders. And and I don't think that means US to be seen and over the still make an American cheese Jermaine should be doing that. But I don't know I I just stink on Father's Day I think nobody cares about hardest thing. I think we've made Mother's Day this commercial thing where yeah there are it's nice. Sort of mirrors and yeah. It certainly gets into the oceans and duck and that what what do you see for Father's Day. I don't see they don't act dicier lights it's a throw is a holy day and new tremor sent. It's how would put it back to my Mother's Day NCR back goes over the it's that sustained decades they did dead or your work. Up on. I don't have the right answer his dad's dad's are muted in and obvious I think obviously that's why there. Oh my god now we turn and in this political saying men against women I'm sorry made an honest but yeah. Since this is Hillary's we have fathers is to be feel that while we had a Mother's Day I know gambling is Amer so we had any other like yeah OK so you've got great ideas of other day if you're dying you've gotten something amazing or. She is trying to get sucked in the things you've tried their amazing we're gonna build the perfect Father's Day Nicole. Yeah I father own now and then I said I know what you're gonna so the other thing is I said mothers but I just just all wanna be away from their kids a Mother's Day in my new spot things time for themselves which I find ironic 'cause it's Mother's Day and apparently dad yeah Nicole off. They'd say but I'll pay you I got back not very. I had gone into labor and delivery and not out to them and had them and then. You yeah TrueCrypt technique. What others fathers put up with you during all of the processes images and times is almost as physically attacked either. I'll probably get. Back. I am just trying to do Nancy you can add fat. We're doing Dropbox as well pick pac ten school EB. Making terabyte enhanced speed fabric that Eric Perrin where he earned a pack you know taking that on any given Saturday or like you guys that. We're not a sport in Canada or an activity. Our children. I'm one 800. I I totally agree with my mom declare for the whole day I don't understand. That what we'd gala is. All we need a week I get paid compared and then rain and I cheered what you're gonna get ill I am after an. My husband and my children. Poorly testified that day we're gonna go for a walk or hike out of we get that way and for Bobby bank I don't communal by now there has been equally. Here's what you're not feeling Arnold you're like you're gonna get go didn't learn. I'm gonna meet you back I'm and that kid and I are gonna hate you and you need activity. But you cannot all my third just want to plug one leak a third set but clearly. Not everything. Let me just. Let me just ask you one question do you do you sorrow and a little bit of extra extra work on the relations that there is this how is Valentine's. What are the holidays where we get a little exercise some of the. I'm ignorant and I relationship. And it Blake. Every three day. There. Oh now. We may not lay. It's not like a bad that at this spot the is that most. Oh it's your your frequency midnight you don't you don't drag out any in this special stuff that are near the tricks I've got. Now. More about how are you keeping her happy and you happy I didn't. Why can't. He has been good and I get path are that I get barrel you know our it's equally ER added and officials. All right well we'll see at the spot Mother's Day who can't replicate any call that going to check out all. A and you know that are based on drugs it's easier agreed dal bright. The wonderful. Place but yeah. I'm really bothers me an idea. That's pretty well I've never got screwed by their apartment spot big paper mother egg. I'm. In my husband and we've learned the same old nineteen only eight Pete pretty predictable. And they try to do something different he's actually have thought about. You want to drink a whole bunch of PM any movie you. I hope not corn. And then he wants me to grilled steak can make big BKR and you Benin higher eight K now what can actions she's key. You aircraft is the only. Guy. That can end stake and it became our. The problem for me is that resembles my normalize the stage magnetism so much but we my kids are nicer and much cheesy movies all the time so wouldn't be that different oh you spent time looking you know I thought you know I since summer Sam did some connection. It could be you want to do it no matter and not really can a teacher to ever wanted to into deep ball and he weren't quite the week he loved that. And give him something cool that he likes I liked it. Food. Not a big deal and then turn mother and usually he did meet. Something like. If my alleged break ego that I mean you why not like it's a big ERU. And I guess it hasn't delivered to the spot where you're at ignoring your kids that how it is another where I'm just kidding doing thank you for the call for calm and well I hope he's up Gordon. Yes. What's your Father's Day did you miss saved this woman's life. Earlier this where they're where I hit like it's. They have horrible and terrible thought DURECT and the gap by a deadly gas. Why did you really just on Father's Day. Because they're my kid without them I wouldn't be a father and I really appreciate being here are there and I don't want your arms bump and Iowa spend all they look them. Why no I never heard of and then what they are on their birthday then they do they owe you something it's like yeah you owe me some because it wasn't for me that they would napping that's true. Now. But at that they never give Palestinian Authority the knowledge and look forward Jordan and I mean I get a gift from their usually you know but then third down. Something you want or just something kind of cheesy did you pretend like. Yet. It's really hard to BA I this sounds so whatever but it's hard to be a guy to each. Unless. Extra need go by me really nice bottle when my wife started trying to find hundred point wines that's when I get on father's old and it's I do and I drank a single one of them since my kids but I didn't because they're hardly do got to leave them. Yet letting me down. Two kids ago is where you have right so I got a lot of really in my city known entity in open for other ten years but it's like that's pretty cool or not. Thank you for the call I forgot that's a tradition and now I know what I'm getting suited more high and swollen and he thinks. Yeah yeah sign yeah. So in my father so BA title at eight under. He obviously licenses expire thing and I found out. How long and expensive it is to. Actually get the iTunes dirt applying for acquire security do such a bluff Arkansas actually box 120 hours he needed general. Mood I would like cents. That's cool let's personalize individual lives. So I was gonna say it's not necessarily how much. Money it costs to get some of the president or how light. Much time has got until it's more about how it's trying to find somebody that can see all that mixers smile or makes it's your life something they haven't done little longtime might just made him CR YEK. You'll make them until something that they haven't felt a long time to conceal a lot I have. Ease you need to acknowledge you they are is this is same with women it sank to just kind of the typical roses or whatever is is cool but something specific about the image shows like I know he'll. Right away Cuba. Before they became a father or are you now what were they they were they remind them of and asked life's going boy wasn't a perfect our strengths that you really I think it is decent into thinking they may be better. But at the time. Sean. Yeah I Father's Day stellar we want. Although there is so I got I got three days ago Larry all as they already there were not patio I'll watching the mall and I walk a cigar. Yet there. Okay terrorists could Scotch and a cigar. Yeah yeah and you want your kids around now. Oh we are usually like on my back patio watching them you know runner out there with the dog years some a little unusual election you. You guys. Yea guy your beat a dead person you are being shot. I had no it's your chance to bring your engineer ashtray is very young brand new rocks rare Scotch and. I'm a dad every kid a year older and our audience yet why. Nye. Picker. Lorie. Yes I know I saw Jose. Well one year I shook my husband Q8 a low poll. On stadium virtue worth. And I had I eat. What I did where did I got the attract and I want to venture is now that the minute structure and though he had no idea where you're going and he gets all the direction alone and didn't. Orderly got a certain stadium we tribute to our and it wouldn't really a lot of fun and very interesting Q. Then he said it was a total surprise and it was easy he's a football speaker of mass Koji or whatever and you you got to like it's a dream. Yep you got to go a little bit on the field to a little bit and none take pictures but it was more like I'll be on the scene then you add up like that. Or anybody. Just like before you're buying something like your buying new wind you here saying yeah I know you. And we give you something that you can't normally you wouldn't normally get for yourself nicely done I get around or keep this going if you got more suggestions world you will exceed people can come around our area got silly my where's the fire itself did this anymore Father's Day ideas over on the soccer and Steve FaceBook page.