Slacker and Steve - OPP: Finding Out the Gender of Baby 9/25

Monday, September 25th


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Steve I am no bush. We're we're down to be this so PP is all that's something that I eat. Don't think she is a big deal little these things economy is a big deal yeah this kind of in between Miami U is all have reasons why you think it is or isn't everybody's dumb if they don't do it my way guy guys CIA. My wife and I've been fighting a lot recently because we're having a baby polar but we can't decide if you wanna know the sex of the baby or not. She wants to know because she wants to play in the nursery and everything but I wanna be surprised. Problem is that there really isn't any compromise because either both know or don't know. What should we do thanks guys this is from Seth. Well here's the deal. I'll start in that. If she didn't want to know and he did wanna know. There would deal waves firmer then to know. I mean. It is the reason she wants to know she wants to prepare the baby's room yeah so in that instance there's no way for her to know. And have him now find out others then locking room bright never checking the Amazon account to see that she bought a whole bunch of Fuzzy baseballs. To put upon those saying or princess like Siri wings or whatever. Gender. Don't know Billups he he would know. If he wants to be surprised your. Here's my thing about you people who wanna be surprised and it and it irritates mean so you will see what's the upside of each side it was a downside of each side here. Right now SaaS. And his wife have a baby growing inside of them they don't know the sex of they walked into that Tony we compete appointment. And the person knows. It's a boy SY. This surprise happy and you know right then yeah you're so surprised what difference does it may each anticipation. Coca that's that's not a reason not to paint a room and digger who rules for first forty weeks if not we it isn't any. This think about this think about if you knew that you're gonna have the best meal of your entire life but it was going to be nine months from now. But you huge lake if you could he tomorrow or nine months from now it's get a taste way better nine months' notice how. Because in your mind like autism can be investment was granted an awesome that you're looking forward to you looking forward to and it builds and builds and builds stick around it trust me it is deep biggest experience are the best experience. He biggest surprise anyone will possibly have in their life I've never been me or that's. I guessed fulfilled. Or a laid it in my entire life then we didn't find out with our third when we did with our first two. When when my son was more my third or my second son was four in the third baby. It was an amazing experience coming out and getting that shot I was convinced he was a girl and then we came out it was like. Oh my god I'm gonna have another boy. Have a boy he's a all right it's been a lake but you could set all those things are trying to. Going cultures I guess you could know he's got red when you find out when they're born he's there it's right there it's tangible it's easy it's a physical thing and let me. It's not the same when you look at an ultrasound picture this you don't have the nursery ready you don't have all the ones he's bought. You it's just it's more hurt us chili's. On their first kid. Oca. Have to know I'll always give you any saying. That's the truth I'll do I'll give you that on the first kid I think he could you meet and over the presence in the baby showers and stuff Steve eggs I want you to buy hey by the likes some somebody over and sales. They're having a baby when you go buy her a shower presents but it. She doesn't know the sex and being what are you about what you gonna gotten on this card you could occur that's passionate and slip into if I wanted to make it nice and personalized. I got away totally totally fine if she goes I'm having a boy away. And you know her husband is a huge Chicago Bears stand. Easy you're gonna go I don't Chicago Bears once he did your gonna do. Suffice us finding out early helps out. Off helped sell me the anybody but anybody can question a little do you know where he's he's busy though with OK so. I thought on the first kid you wanna make that the surprise to you don't know if you're gonna have more kids after that's if you want to surprise you better get it done the first kid. Eat eat you would seem that way but did the gift angle is why you got to reverse it OK I can get what little. I've known for two it's fun to have a surprise but I would tell you my wife and I are second when we'd we had this exact same argument. And she was like I don't want an element I do so shooting at Tony week ultrasound. Lady is like you guys wanna know Mike I do she doesn't so outputs hands over eyes. And the lady goes. Tight sit up on realtors RO so that's how you thought you saw a girl. And then at that moment do you elation. Did you read all those emotions they happen to me. I think I pattern in the delivery girl or animal right yeah and then she's like it expects pact she took hostages if you do you can open your eyes so then. What socks was in this is what Osaka for Seth you yeah I T show any emotion yeah at all. Case and you've put on a ruse yeah she's a conscious remember not to blow the surprise for your wife for the rest of those weeks. You're pregnant did you have these conversations and you go. Well when he gets here is we're gonna do this or when she gets here we'll have to do this or room and you sort of lean towards one gents one gender. But stick did come on have a conversation with my wife if I say she's she's ex is a girl or Mike. I don't know maybe I was just leave you want. Becomes this dynamic in your house where pearl downs mean more to it's just like you're some are yeah it's. Okay report back to the room. OK so if I know my genders going to be that means I can rush home and I'll won't have white walls and I'll have the blue or the pins and all have the crib and all the good it always up. OK let's say IE let's see I failed to paint the baby's room the baby gets to the room gets home of the room hassle with a white walls for ten. Old Weis is your first kid you wanted dude. The way you feel about the weight. This is a terrible analogy people so forgive me the way you feel about your car is a way most people feel about human life a hoax so you went. Yeah. Ask you how your car and you're like oh my god it's got this carbon filter I can get his carbon. Carbon what are you caught the carbon filter the carbon relay yeah the decorative fibre carbon fiber so you thought you bottle license plate during that matches it you don't sound card cover its cooling darkened sleeping he wanted all the stuff ready for when your baby she won't okay. Your stuff ready for when you're sure walls bidding. He comes home because when you wait till the baby's home now you was a dad don't mean is there a type now you're running around trying to get the room ready and a if you think the rules we can't we put to bring you the right it went away anyway so let's have some downtime iRows. That's why I believe in morning Tony weeks and then preparing getting everything ready. And then even though the baby is going their right away it's still just bench ready just as stressful as hell when you bring you new baby how many did you like. Why don't we know exploit I know we can't really excited hers and we don't have blue ones isn't there any tickets this especially it's a girl. You read anything paint I'm sorry. Little little babies all the same they're they're generalists or whatever read all you take them out and it's like give his name is that he's so cute. But that's like when moms and girl they put huge oil and just a minute I think drastic is happening everywhere so it's like stuff call. My little girl boy gotcha that makes sense I get that so just giving your ducks in a row as a reason I say. Signed that I say don't because it is the best surprise you having your entire life we need input from other people if you've done it one way or you've done it the other way little. Yeah I what do you think. I mean he definitely have to wait for the first line and that's because. You're gonna get all like a large items such as the Stoller the cards each of the back and at all the stuff you're gonna use again and the pack and Blake. You have more children into neutral colors. Vallone. Trying to make most of that stuff in my own your yellows or greens slowed mayor Jack. Yeah that could otherwise any fight I am having one of the LA everything's been people who are paint and just. Do yeah I learned. We all my own neutral most of us doesn't need in neutral colors anyway but I attacked so you're seeing on the first did. Don't find out that's yeah contrary to keep enough. Ally and then you're prepared ideally like okay well the first marine band that pile that. Oh OK it's not a bad idea but I still think you got to ask since you're young enough Erica. Yeah I find out the birth of don't Saxon. You find out I'm with you hacker is just as much of a surprise no matter. Mean earlier in the delete delivery room to meet our first time parent they have like a nab. Stressed going on in the delivery room enough surprises. Luke uncle at their Leann and so why he had something else on there that took me to eat. Bring you don't I remember you know that I drives kind of aggressively sort of like you not as bad as you don't. Driving home that first you guys may be hands at ten into a sixteen miles under the speed limit on screaming bloody murder everyone driving around me. Your brain. Is mush. And come home and go. Well crap we have them where we haven't done anything Friday's ice knowing your your. You're up tomorrow and you haven't packed. He's good and now here's why you should tell you Ron Zarrella no brainer begin yes you're not ready just find out dodge and our. They've given a call Erica. I Chelsea. Eight feet high today we're gonna are you you're pregnant right now I told. I am pregnant right now I know and I'd humor and we're not going up when they're not on it in our first. Analysts say that we don't actually panicky but it that I am we wanted to be the ultimate price. You don't get married mini deprived of life so why not that the respect your first aren't. Josie. I'm Scott this is weird that Obama we have your view ultrasound technician on the other line and she just told us at the they you're having a boy I guess what. It's still surprised just right now it's a different surprise it's a boy yeah. Hey you've Leno. People aren't I just think that if he didn't have that. I excitement and gentlemen had been going Canada how cool feeling you get to remember is how we do union yeah yeah it printer. Faith but you can tell right now because you know what's a boy. So. Team so I'm very happy day you're gone Chelsea study is always used to be yeah he was getting your show all the door opened and hand out all that's it's a boy Nana to cigars or whatever but I'd rather be prepared to. Thank you OK Sarah. It asks what do you think we find an hour not please don't be wrong now. Why no upside. Because I think it's ridiculous to gender I have baby before they're even more so like if you don't know it quite a clue who chaired the baby let it be if they beat report it weeks. Haven't spent the price that your life and the other thing good birds had to wait a different direction you might planned for it to be one way. And it turned into another thing and it's really great distraction that. Sarah you've got to retaining walls I know you're all I wish you still had a C section scar healing and you're trying to roll and I'm like yeah. If you keep action and I didn't wanna know it either in it was a really good it. Cannot tell you I wanted to natural earth are now opening that just didn't happen for me. Well Debbie cool surprise when the doctor announces you either haven't seen such you know that's what it's for us still is iTunes. I. It could modeling. I clearly stacked at the end all the ones on his team or whatever you on. She sing in this someone got told me at the wrong sex and had to redo all the decorations. So you have to immediate peers and as the jet Evans like why. Once in a billion yeah yeah risking your camera.