Slacker and Steve - OPP: Flirty Brother-In-Law 6/18

Monday, June 18th


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Steve are there. Time for other people's problems on the phone. Somebody that is going on this morning and she's chosen these slacker and Steve. Secret name of candy and she's got a voice disguises so let's find out what's happening in maybe how we can now candy. I yelled hey guys yeah I. I. ER eight. I let out a little bit about an article here I don't know are you coming out of it or not but I can't broader nobody brought her mom I have been and I've been married a few years. I made eight. And it's really crazy because it. Our. My brother mark he recently engagement and he lived on the potential readers we kill and I'll might have been an aunt and brother are really really. Of course. We just do this instead he only doing when the two of you are alone I mean are you alone with them or does your husband does not notice it or. Don't get more it's more break it where it might might have been knocked our round I mean it felt like my brother my. My brother Marc are there are around each other alone a lot. Buy hey you know I get my big ghost likely to grow Merck noted that read the story get more Beers or whatever. You know he really. He really out you've worked game around me. And my eight and that's what I did. Beyond hey you know she's no clue comics sometimes. She's talking analytical look at me like behind about what her role you died at her like you don't shoot an ego. Are you serious sandy you know I mean I don't I don't think. I think men Austin misinterpret flirting more than women do better or are you are you sure you're. Your scene with scenes. We. I'm not joking and I am not exaggerating. But you know we have dinner and where if he could actually Miree I've tried it like now will shift around either around the table late. You know what more upbeat eat or whatever like I'm just about loose feet. But he would put me I'm on my leg at all. It's not just verbally it's physical. Or poking out from. It's so he EG and your husband are close if. They're called brother they've only been very close and so are my I don't know argued case somebody in my house spend. Or Chad you know I don't want to create any more family drama but it's really am certain elude a little bit of sleep over at. So it's time you did the right thing it's is it time to do what Thompson did you score more or tell her husband's off but every time we saw the last all. It is I. Candy I'm sorry I know the Brothers or tie in in the brother laws about to get married over here and got this over there and this is happening don't matter who cares there's a master Jones for this is about you know candy and yes there's going to be collateral damage yes no one's gonna believe you are first yes it's going to be bad bad bad no matter. You're the victim here you have to do some think and you're doing it you say that you're the victim here thing a lot it and this is who like I honestly I think the first time that's actually true. Woo hoo cry because she adds she has and I know I know this these types of things are in the eye of the beholder she. He's probably thinks it's innocent flirting. You think your view harass. It's either turn us. I'm flattered at all you're not attracted to women all you're not reciprocate his right you're not giving back some old user. Why would he stopped if you're not reciprocating at all that gash just just is that she easier yeah. Yeah I got RA. I had issues and so I you know aren't aren't feel like I could just get any romantic. Just now up and called out on in front of about a repeat full slate because that's. And I prayed I then I'm sure he's going to turn it can be stopped by bit we're talking about you know lake and that aren't that crazy why else. I. Accidentally. Click that did you babble lake is you know he can't linger a little bit fuel parliament hug you know what what we all around everybody or. To put it cannot. And Mike Barack would pretty group talking like you know complex yeah so people wherever I could compete and we'll just kind of go a little bit below. Judy even if that's him he was an affectionate family and they're always touchy Feely and all that stuff is known as a matter the million she's uncomfortable let's got to sound and and now it's who got to stop. So Holler Holler now hollow. Is it best for you to sit out what she. I'd tell my husband tell its parent I was so don't say. Now I don't know. I I have no idea how to handle there's an. They just need to know Aaron. Where to start and how to very ago because I am the least collateral damage right because this is right for failing Lisa first probably just runs in the family. But you've got to keep in mind the student but he's doing this value. You're just you're in the one it's not a victim and that's. Now you can really nice sign I I understand the predicament urea and you don't wanna caused ripples and waves in the Stanley but. It's it's about you know candy I hate to say this Steve you know how easy it is for the brother to go juror she. Oh my god exact she's not she's exaggerating all that I don't happen. That's his only real course that's all in jail and then be right because you. Right asked him I mean your filly to win he's the only family came into so they're probably unit probably back him at first yeah ask. Our candy so road in front of you is. You've got to be prepared. Right and I mean we went dormant shame. A lot of. And that's an amendment ten times harder all right. But so did not pick who. You know I you're right. I know there's other people who've been through this so creepy brother in law. Let's see if we can get you some advice hang hang up right there. I feel like you're you're you're welcome to change again when do you go into work all this. And that's just beginning to hate and suffering is about to begin when she makes cousin went and as you know you're right I should stop the exact keys is not. And her husband might. Kind of stick up for his Brunei for yes you said they've been together longer on she's done right. I'm if you've been through the overly flirty Stanley member only brother or any any things similar to this thug. She's got to do something. She's she's used the words uncomfortable areas once she was sure I'm comfortable. She she deserves for that same men so if you work can be. What would you do according. Yes sir what do you think. I think any simple home home well pitcher hunter Leonard someone really close and that's only groups who arch. Have a brother or they're acting or behind. You like a little miss her she can bring it you know just some and yes southern Utah into liquor it's inappropriate. You should she videotape issue she said mark. I mean. Or just just have somebody watch their normal interaction she's truth. I want permanent family if she called let it yet or sit there hump and are confident on who we trust. Maybe more than candy because there are families well I think it's the only back in return. Also it's you know it's Taliban are credible. She's you know she's got to win so lucky out earlier you eat that pretty spiritual deal. Wow he's probably know that about his brother would be like. My that's not bad so thank you get a witness I mean. I wouldn't go when they're alone gives you it's me I'm like yours is skewed towards parents should. Not say this is happening you. I'm mighty glad brother and a lot of my ex brother hot out what is being married you married my ex husband that air tanks you click echoed on the timing coming your love let me and he wanted to give her the island and the and you with any messages your feet are intact let your kids. You could even be in subtle about it she's tornado on the lions and I want you. Yeah yeah at Chinese and in love with me. I finally looks wolf you've stopped it or I vote juggle your text messages and your case but that it is new and again. And he Morgan Stanley had a need there. I'm am lead does this city. I don't know I don't know what it all may let up we used to know you are bad about that you'd rather it up. Well which got divorced did he swooped in the and then try and try one more time. Now out there now that they borrowed you now they would never absent. Okay. Good sure you know stepping up Tuman going to say you know happening there in his letter lever on the leg read you loud boom we gonna Terrence rusty. I what do you think I'd I. Mum. I was thinking that if she hadn't already talked her brother she's just mentioned that term. To go ahead and talk to him and can't. You know he can push back Archie never gonna go that route. She knew the popular husband is and I think and I is just because I had a situation I was wedding where the family member on with my husband. And he was feeling. Underground group. Couldn't cash in hand the still you know I was selling her underwear. Yes hadn't seeing. Truly it was a big big problem we tried video that I get ourselves. On and my husband was ready to leave me because he thought. I was doing something that I like to open daily. You're encouraging in this steal your underwear to pocket. Exactly aptly they get paid. Well not quite I would suggest talking to her husband and I know being my head infant. And it you know he told her her life and he married her and I think that not relationship even known about her brother. She he told her keep her life partner and she shouldn't. He will transcend and even and it's hard to talk to them I think today he deserves to know before it gets blown opt cash and then he would he can help a golfer married. That's cool Roxy but then he needs a 'cause we need to prepare for the rest necessarily deter him yes ya. This site exactly and not a we all apparel comment lull up. Every European act score not a lot I do it and I can and we had only had crew will only. Presented she. I could and I couldn't do away. Yeah that's you can make it or you know yeah there's a yeah your team. Don't wanna I didn't either earth so already you are oxy. Fuel I show these. Guys when you things. I think she should call out the. I when he. That's quite clean room you know little bit boat they think I. Right when he does it it asks people though it even so into it jokingly but hey I don't I don't a couple of batter hey. It delegate. And yet the president. Can't quite get there at a Erstad brag but he does. It's not proud you know the people assumed that that was one of the basic necessities and I don't I'm I'm ready to call now and her people so that might be boomed up that things she needs to do thank you Shelly appreciate it. This to go down in the sport yes she's portraying his brother. Yes please exactly. Does that does your brother you try to keep Jerry innocently skirting the issue I'm comfortable you got a sack. He does everything more diabolical the bulls hurt this guy Mora could we love your suggestions over on the soccer and Steve FaceBook page.