Slacker and Steve - OPP: Friend Having an Affair 5/22

Monday, May 22nd

If you found out a secret about a friend, chances are you wouldn’t tell a soul…unless you’re today’s OPP. She discovered a secret and needs to know if it’s something she should keep or tell. Hear her OPP and give her your advice.


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Selector in Steve's son today. It's a BD's like this I just from. I priority I don't want to put words in your mouth but he unit you can say but out on that say oh why oh believe me. That's a that's Mario Diaz OK we'll find out why do you think she should Maya off but the fifth. Yeah I've always guy. I met up with a friend that I haven't seen a long time for dinner we caught up on espouses kids working everything else it was long overdue we talked about meeting up again soon. After dinner we went our separate ways but as I was driving the direction she parked her car. I Sar in the parking lot with a guy that was definitely not her husband. They hugged they kissed. It wasn't a kiss she would give an acquaintance I love that your recent confusion you're doing right now you're still it's working it through a book to my kids if if tejada. They didn't choose. And sure as good as if that allowed up yeah noted tongues around I don't know if that business. That's the probably assets are usually pretty soon sorry you you have a hug and kiss it was because she would give an acquaintance it was a deepened romantic kids and they got a McCarty general I was waiting at the white males was that was the last time I saw home. I'm positive she used the excuse of our dinner to meet up with another guy. I know we're husband but I haven't talked to many easily over five years. Skews make up artist or a no I should check I thought. My moral compasses spinning all over the place on top guys stellar husband. Or would you mind year old business. I don't fight say some two Herschel probably say it wasn't hurt in our every proof what I saw. I'm really upset that she used me as the excuse to cheat. What should I do now this is from Danica. You would think at my old book. During the knoller. You do know Armenians so her husband's so wide tenure now she's all this because I got you les yes so why it's if if if I use youth I was like. Steve can you pick me up from this bank on the corner of cancer at sixty mania and they keep its. I'll be coming out kind of quickly so I have one of your doors opened for me I'm there for everybody you know what I mean that I. I'm using you as an accessory to something awesome and I five figure out what was going on and I could remove myself from the situation. She didn't obviously coming ashy use I know it's not a crime it's not the same but it is since she's the moral police now. How whatever crisis so voters choosing someone vision Don Imus follow would you ever. Would you ever talented Jeter ever is there any circumstance in the world that I can do it. Documenting cheater would never tell anybody ever. Suing the person who. I ever won three summoned Darche. It's yeah I think the opposite I think you all right doing so Colorado that's not stuck that's not a good thing no no appeal which he was incurred. Being able to sit and knowing when something. There's an injustice and being part of the solution. Rather than a plot Indian justice itself got you. Just the EU would you would be mad if he injustice were being done to you it would but I understand it and I would accept it and I would move on. The is this for your what she's like yeah she's now you break up yeah. And I go right on. I know he answered that a lot of you gonna call with is you got to confront your friends and I would assume that's probably. Breezy spread a little loosely though. I mean date well I mean yeah it is you fall apart with people you you fall it sounds like Diebold had families and you do besides. I'd still like two friends out there there it's like. I could go out to dinner with somebody that I hadn't seen in ten years of we were close enough ten years ago or you just fall back in the absolutely August at the two sources say we could be like that OK but now he sees I think what she's stealing news. Used used in like I don't know how each. Not only would I knew you before we now detect having Astaire and OO okay are you losing meekly called. Who were who do you turn this person or even know yeah so does she just as we continue wanna be friends with his potential shot or one question. There and do I play no ZoneAlarm that her husband if if I would say yes. If if I hadn't seen you in ten years. And I find out to your cheating. I never met your wife that's whatever I don't care but if your friend I was friends with you and your wife who put me over my wife. With tiger we know generally on the probably they do what I would still well all. Hi Steve can convert anybody in the dark side he's also to. Meet tomorrow the negotiators come and go. But if I was tight but I have couple friends right now. Yet you would mark on either of them you would just mind your on this I think it would cannot stay out with full you'll get the picture sides though I don't know. Reference to both assess I choose her side when you look at just G. Brad CU we teach him or your you know OK so your friends with a couple you already have in your mind. There's some like this happens you know which one your ticket no one of them was doing something wrong I would go against that person it's not I'm just saying I've. She's doing something wrong. Would you go to that person's first and goes and only Richard doing and I'll give you this opportunity to come clean and and and and and a I would do all that in the strongly worded text as your running the other ask does Santa like consultation with the. Yeah. We told we didn't. If I don't I don't I don't know what I would do I feel lights. The answer is not do nothing which I know is what you wanna do use a path of least resistance so it's I you know which saw don't get in the. Poll it's just mind your own business. I don't think that's the right answer I really don't she hasn't seen this person or hum dispersant for five years clearly that's she's probably make you know some on this matured but just Derek and knows none of this she she didn't she just is also aren't sure which is another dynamic with this woman anymore his former friend hasn't seen each other in five years and how does she know she still married the same guy and while they caught up and talked about it. Said we talked about an eye on the same guy who only talk there's houses kids work there this kid's kids are involved. Genuine and you to get these kids he's ourselves if you blow something up on on a punch. If there's kids espouses a ball you have to be under present. Here's what we need if you sound applicable take advice you can be a just a a sense person looking in great. But if you found out what your friends was having an affair what did you do we need other people who've been in these trenches. I I'll say this any time this topic has come up before in whatever capacity. Some times when you go to the spouse and go your wife is cheating on you it's ninety. Eight they turn on you they do like door look you know it's like yeah it's like why I am not lying I asked her make do and what you. Make things worse for everyone involved in especially for yourself to tell you this if she doesn't matter. Your she's gonna be Danica is gonna start being the excuse more off she'll get the call going hey. I told Tom that we were going to movies to doing so could Jean meet easy life for me again Mets were Derek who goes no I'm not totally on board by someone else quit trying to find different life you have clicked but so. That's that's your level of involved you know you do anything else just turner down for the next excuse me wow Steve I hope you don't get tired from all that. Well it's it's if it was like best season they saw each other every day I think that's different but very rarely see each other five years and all the sudden she's back to your life for 42 year like. Moral police so low murder set her moral compass is spinning all over the place the bottom line is this if you found out about an affair. Did you tell if you did how did he go in if you didn't. It guild's finally like wash over you like a tidal wave Intel. Did I just. I don't know that I can hold on of that information without some sort of negative repercussions why it's easy you just don't say he needs yeah. I know if you're so good I thought the misery now why is this a lot. All right Danny knows are friends sort of friend is having an affair should she stay out like Steve wants or do. Or does she have so. I'm more on the ice and somebody's. Jamie. I guy. And I and in this situation like four times including my own global. I view my aunt and I told her he would eating honor. Playing. And and eat comfort and about eight eat what are our bracket and they got a divorce me. I miss it that you admittedly she didn't know would have been I'd Bob mild co written another lady are. And how it might lender Max. You raise you like going out in public in chicken it at a restaurant with this girl and. Aren't they yeah I'm Clayton are you know any. Idea why I'm here and wait yeah he's great now and I genial and public with another woman but I know I handed bat now hold that I don't. And that you're you're have. Having it beaten and I don't work so well did I mean we knew when you told I mean you you don't regret it is why. Don't are ready to eat actually really capture and ask you gonna do really in your relationship you have in their quiet lady mild and you actually got a new why did you noted. Actually the girl they didn't need not what their meetings and then I don't Gordon felt Al what I eat eater doesn't like that not right I have been well we didn't know moral obligation to blow the diet. That. Immediately. It did it's there was no blowback when you told her she believed you right away you're like she's cheating on you cool well. Yeah my godmother and no we shouldn't hang out a lot. And then go I would give me add something like that. Out of the loop like oh I need my own life you're gonna do the didn't. Show you really believe should be an admission you got home immediately read him about it and you know. No I wasn't ready to he's banks use reason amount and pregnant while we thank you causing me when you when you're out. At a restaurant I think your your data in you do not you're you're just you're cheating to get out again you laughs looking for any any way out candy. Guy you are disguised army and clearly that's not to name what do you think. Arm crucial I think machine need it how old. Or she needs carve a former patient would turn hitting it better. Mission critical error and the issue note. The oh yeah are you look at our friend and I never thought everything I are used to everything. She what are your show. He dropped about a guy that she believed that are being I would never welcome began to go. You know what I did what it would be like to. Now. Housed with you write your commitment Norah come and go out. I didn't want to lead our our excuse though I report the excuse that aren't that old guard are all at. I would never. Walk again and it did to turn our or if you are the car or. Are they were already here. Candy do you wanna be friends with people like that. Oh I mean I know huge hit it's probably ninety easy to say but nights you're better off without that sounds kind of crazy neat. Eight but she was using you as an excuse and then when new. You just found out to you more moral we like what is it that's because you out of their lives the resurgence you know it's weird. But does this do for Franzen. Cover for friends haven't friends back. Doing something. You saw. It's like a dog here is her home. He could you you you're good can come out we are no better or more stringent rules do you ever. See you it's your rob the bank and not helping you not I'm not equating cheating just I cheated. But I just don't you Ryder Daiwa's friends right. Not when there are. She. She's controller hey our goal and if you keep you really look at how well. Okay let me ask you this candy she hasn't ran in there this lady's husband and five years she barely even knows this guy so let's get to commit out of the blue yes ever seen number five years by the way. You are seeing you here do you remember when she asked me go to dinner given I tell my god she said here's part of joint ceremony we didn't yeah. Needing dissect its use me that I saw the her two guys and edited and made that out meal like how fun with an informant was just peace out he's. I mean past shoes even though they give the car can. I don't I know I don't have any need to do a I would be very mad if somebody knew that. If if somebody knew that I was being cheated on and didn't tell me. That would make me very mad even if someone you haven't seen inside my ears there is pop back on the perfect stranger can can tell me I'd rather you irritated you would tell you with. If I if I had suspicions. I would be like wow weigh the evidence yet you would just so you're eats yes somewhere and now I chip on a bus you don't know me but I've been throwing your wife Brooke today it's not clear that unless there are. I could could dance. Yeah all right guys we know each. You know I think she should just stay quiet because you're. The idea that come on do your own personalized. Overall. Especially in the senate one term that you're not rich you down and you know. Yeah I guess senator Trent you could just say you know when you what you're doing you already know this you lead a a lot of drama and everything. And I mean I just Checchi and figure out what's he doing its broad band that's on her parents are. I don't think you should add that on your English. Turn it's a lose lose situation. If you say something. Stand. Should it matter you ever been to cheat all I guess she knows. Or hurt at all. Well versed in store now we're at our relationships with then it's one of those oh you knew about this. I know it's you know the day and you think there's any chance his friendship lesson of the day it's over right. Yeah I think it's over but you know I EG Saturday to combat he just kind of sit on the side. A little bit. And let let the chips fall where they may it's a diet figured out my thing is if you know that guy is out there being duped. After six months and he still like cease looking like oh my god love this woman. I I just start to feel bad for somebody I would soon duped did you senator earlier read if I was getting cheated on I don't care who is telling me I'd wanna know he'd done now her TJ. Yes he's the guy who you thanks. I I currently don't think she shouldn't say anything because it payment and friends you know why else. I know our two on my eight ex brother in law. Hands on. We were you told our sister. Your sister was okay. I told my sister because my aide to eight pounds from this decision. Going going and I do at their house and I hate gave him an opportunity to be competitive without. Yeah and she didn't so. I got the pleasure Conning her into Hollinger and Helen but really hearty and she believes you. Oh yeah actually called up from suspicion. Yeah and I didn't know that until like that's something. Oh I thought she was gonna resent you know sister trying to break him Americans alive do you now know that's a really weird the our relationship is good and he's out of her life. Israel's so yourself and damage it needs to go blow these people out of the water them. I I turn assimilation he should just. Mind your own business they can't happen again if she used terror as they cover up again and I definitely would take something. Just a one and done. I yeah I just I find it ironic today you don't think she's seen anything that you did until and that's the thing you've been lousy day it's like I do was a surprise I did bush Costello. On C shouldn't be friendly guy anymore but he sure didn't help because the emotional bond that you drop on somebody when you let them know that their partner's cheating on them is next to killing a man it's like a death in and other itself and when you tell on somebody. That their partner has been cheating on man it's not true and it because you want to relieve the burden of the knowledge that you pass that is absolutely true you know. Easier the tell our critics release for you the harder thing is actually not to tell. And your mind your own business so that you're not emotionally destroying the other person there is actually being the bigger than at present is to hold onto it yourself. My god I hate to. Hey listen to make Friday July in taking the lazy way that somehow the morally correct thing to do yeah. Sees this is do not seeing you can feel good about it with the X ten still rock still. National in my job better than they a couple of those is about to get up its mind set that. But I well all you cheating numbers if you still wanna sound off on this saying we'll take more become his over on the slacker and Steve FaceBook and it's.