Slacker and Steve - OPP: Friendly Witness 5/30

Wednesday, May 30th


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Stay on the so if someone else's problems or is we college OPP other people's problems let's be huge to she's it's a fake name going to go boy she's she's got a officer or Heidi this much of her as we possibly can candy good. I tell us what's going on fifth. OK well have a bit of put that Hamas is one of they're really good friends we've been friends since you know I can do authority and and she's the mob two point Purdue fourth. And if you want you to be better nobody knew where her what. Frankly you've been also all the our old you. You pop bottle that might be off our efforts there weren't that unique you know hold off on the trip you've from a kid you know I want to go to court and life or her. Whoa whoa whoa that was a ton of them from lake. This is can I do I know I haven't been through a divorce. We just children okay so I am so I don't know but so do you keep your supposed to go on the stand and say. My friends. Andy mom is an awesome lawn. She's great with their kids better herbs and to calm whatever her husband's Italy you're supposed to say all those tanks under. All's right. And on the week you don't really stood out and I've not wanted to do without the Haram. See you. Jake since her disguising your friends will pop make you do you honestly believe he would be better with the children and she would. Yeah really no written really doubt it may have gone all. She is the pop up on what you doesn't make them look park but there are watching TV all day entry 130 get burying you know. Literally every are you I guess I mean people are prone to exaggeration when they get on the air at least argue sink she pops a bottle of wine at 3 o'clock. Every day. Yes. Like we're happy hour or very early. While in OK I understand though the rock and a hard place that your Nokia and it so she's doing she said candy will you be my character witness what did you say. I kind of change the subject we quickly and I put accused of all Ron and I are not a I don't give back to earth. So you either have to tell her a hug your EU need to sign late. EU need to find somebody's willing to light figured you heard have to tell her that you don't think she's a good mall. That's the only. 'cause there's no other reason not to do you know you have to say I love you are are quite a breather for you was a friend but in this instance you're putting me in a situation. It's untenable I can't be in this. What your good friend you Bastia that's what you're supposed to do is abuzz fret you know very well and that's exactly what I was just thinking oh you help bury the body. It's no dread you don't thinking. You don't bandwidth and it was a culture and. The Cordoba bell soccer match is it's not a victim was curly. Fifth the bill grew up with some other colleagues while we turned down are you the most fire and arms. Would you. Isn't that hold on a second here candy Steve would you it's would you life I mean court I need to. How I would lucky dude you know were verbal report to bury the bodies guys but now I'm now under goes on your perjury perjury. I can get you contempt of court. But why would I do everything enough that. I think somewhat it's my opinion. I mean what if it was what if it was like what would you say like what do I didn't murder somebody messages saying I was with you would you go that far. Would you be an alibi farming. I I can tell you what it's okay are you guys you know what I think game that I DR I would I think it would. Because what's which you know about you you wanna know why kill the person right you know what yes you out. I can but suddenly a best of my friends with a with a guy that kills people Christ if you keep it clear to me friends is in the out of area and an average salary and on May fifth. That was a really extreme analogy but I'm just slavery situation though friendship purses vs the truth. It's if you Singh noted this candy what do you think happens if you tell her if you just say I don't feel comfortable doing that right what do you think she's going to dale. I think you'll be reopened. And hope for both of you you don't know. I don't what know. Wow this is a. Is this person really a friend that requires you to lie for them is that is is is she being your friend putting you I don't think. Yeah yeah I hurt and out there I don't know but I got her. But we don't realize this is I guess the last question. Or not to another question is part in my head. Candy do you sing that she thinks she's a good market. Yeah she thinks it's normal pop bottle every day she thinks thinks is normal plot come down in front Netflix and so to take him to a park. If you keep your mother Birdie Putt go hard about that's our bush you don't crow. A cash while mrs. Wright there's kids involved. So you have to tell insurance just for the children you go to your kids. Steve loves the big anti this phrase about but somebody's gotta be an advocate for the kids and so far it's good that some consider to be you communities. 'cause. Should she go. And then tell the truth on the stand yeah. And so now all sides the best deal I concur completely ready this is your character witness. That at the but she's. Candy worse try to give you some help but this is. It's understandable why you're disguised it and why you change your name and whatnot so hang hang aren't there. She's got to say. Flat out and then just ship that offer reason why are just noise here and I got to of valley lesson that day. Who is really that the regardless of friendships over is she says now it's over and if she if she goes live homestand and and the friend the best friend did this security put her in this position so we. I don't think she thinks she's put her position because she thinks she is a good mom she's a bad we can't be home to mom right it's like I'm. Downloading from the does smoke or burn your Reid told the truth I don't open until three. I think if I I guarantee I didn't deserve suburban moms to sink hole knocks. On their cocktail till 3 o'clock makes them. A good parent rock solid and is responsible parent while palm's okay what it should candy do you she really needs your nice. Mindy. Yeah I hide who you thanked. Well it. The post something that I have spotter told me growing up I stuck with me Trevor it communication is key to any relationship and Eric Burke Brad got off the spouse. Any image. So I think she shouldn't. Be a little bit on senator Trent but baby after her friend if the court or hurt O'Leary. Has given it. I'm sorry you heard your song just dropped out there to court has given her wipe. Any guidelines armed with what it means you be a witness of her character. Like if if there's anything that he never felt like how do you ever make it your strategy genetically eating this trial. 00 okay. Now you've probably I mean it may not go to the park sure. But. I work with teenager and a whole lot. Were urged parents out there and just bomb opening up why Rick Perry or that you re edit. I'm just worried Doug does the best sense dictate ask her questions and it's like dad Toby knows. Did she possible I was always like you know it's candy drinks every Danzig. Yeah. I know she got they do it's eight she's she's still somebody who if she tells the truth isn't gonna paint the prettiest picture. Right. Kitty could actor friend let me. It happened because that that's the case that I and a curse because the because your opponent at San. Like either talk with her about it before here at what at all actually it looks like for the bluntly hey you know only did I there are oh that's what they. You know. Well guess is due to your first and discuss the intention age your testimony straight go out sounds like you know. Perjury and conspiracy very thanks Randy Taylor off. Yes. When you think. I think you're gonna get meant so I think if she really is chewing her bad eat then she would talk to her about it and not. Not if they know. I guess I mean I'm not saying that she shouldn't they now but usually doctor about it media machine need to is. Her best or maybe they're wearing teller what she should do to correct these problems to make her good mom. So just tell hey maybe you need not open winds. Ever lose every day the good things. I wouldn't go as far as ever but it. Maybe not so early and let me begin where so many different them I don't know what's gonna be what is gonna make her good mom. And no Carol. Maybe she doesn't have to testify or be a character witness but at least be their for a friend. I think that if I had an idol is someone and that situation I would when he here and I'm doing wrong lady like you have a chance to correct it. Oh yeah. I don't like being told what I'm doing well. Thank you for the current PGA you and I in his fifth with Gina. Yeah I guy but he used thanks. A nation have to tell her track now. Did he tell no lie. Because of Colby meant. With being a period isn't checking out at 3 o'clock in the afternoon I've coped but I cope after my two year old goes to bat but it's been. Not involved in your child he wife. They didn't going to raise the good human being and I notice to the massive stretch but. I can't imagine that the kids who are between the schools should be used to have parents who are 100% involved and lots. She. So using for the sake of the children for everybody maybe the kids are better off that. How bow out don't be to character redness lose a friend and order protecting kids that basically call Xena. Not it's it's not a nice opinion but it seems to beat the consensus at this point Jessica. Yeah a high when you. I can ink fishy here go to our friends they think you're great mom but I wouldn't be comparable if I look at region that he couldn't beat you can't. 00 and the onus on bad a bad idea now enough men all night. I don't want either one minute art. Well. Okay. Jack is that what you're still being there for your best friend you credit for that and you're also like kicking him under the bus and you're kind of doing what's best for the kids there's still little. I'm deceit and is another perfect amount the soccer is hey there.