Slacker and Steve - OPP: Getting Over a Breakup 5/4

Thursday, May 4th

Today's OPP Sophie has a problem getting over her ex-boyfriend. They were in a relationship for 5 years and she thought he was the one. But 5 weeks ago he broke up with her and she can't stop crying. She thinks about him constantly and feels sad all the time. What advice do you have for Sophie to help her get over her ex?


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Selector in Steve's son today. A mom. Yeah weird we're Canada's sad loop today are we alone Eileen Williams. We got somebody is going through their very first break out and you guys need help down died. I. I was in a relationship for five years of my boyfriend he was my first serious boyfriend and I was convinced we were gonna get married all we an apartment together and everything seemed fine. Five weeks ago we came home and told me he was breaking up with grief and moving out. I was and still ailment devastated. I cried all the time I come home in the apartment reminds me of him. I turn on the TV and see something and makes me think of him. Something happens a work my first reaction is to pick up my phone and text him but I can't. We are friends and my mom says it will pass but it doesn't feel like it's getting any better. I know he's not coming back so I need some advice how and how to get over him and stop thinking about him what do I do. This is from Sophie. Also feet if you were man you could just think somebody status or party yeah. Yes let's just move on Joe's drink a little bend area somebody waved beneath your standards since the and then your yeah. Your breast brain you I don't know how women get over break up you know because I'm telling you. What Stephen I just described. Is the beginning middle and end of a man getting over break it justice yes it and I wish we were more deeply and it's. Complex but we're just not so. I guess we still get saddened when they teach us your I mean you always out of idol for favorite surely he knew like own death. For me to this day it's still those pizza rolls by toasty knows Kazaa was her favorite so long ago really an out always pick them up foreign surprise there and stuff sources Tuesday don't wash your freezer I'll see among. But not now. Painful and all you just have a little momentum right I'll tell you can then that's what she was going through to your resume reminds me and that's gonna take awhile. Sounds he's never gonna always she's like GO. You know Lisa doesn't and I've moved on it was just I don't like and it's it's got I I'm just wondering if it's one of those things I don't have anything like nothing reminds you of any axe I am proud this is just scorched earth human eye. I hate this about me but see that work so I've worked guys. How to obtain those pizza rolls is really your thing that makes me feel really really awkward that I don't have one. About totally heartless. Compared to. Like others before I got wait a minute I just it's actually so I. Also soapy she's going to be out everything that she just described we all go through that part so much and so PP when we do on you know it's nice. I really wanna dig deep into the advice part of this and tell her that when I was at. We really need now are tricks tips tricks. Lights. What do women do would you go. And do I mean typical things seem all the rom coms did seem like all you watch that one movie that they all watched was present Zellweger. Listen to goes Bridget Jones that one it's like too old to Alter and go to movies enthusiasts with. I know I'll if I forgetting Sarah Marshall earned a couple of those. Really watching a movie. These do get it to you see other people if you're in you're certainly tendencies did you go through entries were I just one of wallow in misery and you want you wanna see other people in the same miserable society Sheila. The thing I we see in movies is it pain amaze you junior announced he won't. This from you would have the opposite sex aren't stealing my self esteem is already down because they just lost somebody in. And now putting on weight loosened us what you're supposed to do. It's not I would just sit there worked out he spent all that time stating in deemed shape for your other partners for your partner or are gone now so I'm well let myself go a little bit. I DI in the exact opposite oh my god it's like advice get a better shape for the next one absolutely I I would say once I'm in a relationship pretend to let things don't I don't stay in game shape tournament relations followed but when you get out that's when you have to give back in game shape to get into another relation. You're the you're Cloris got McDonald's wrappers on the floor and started and it's like oh wow you are traded and you clean it up. Good analogy studies show up. I'm sure I know. As gorgeous all right and in this same place is there now say who I got to get a new passenger it's your clean this pressure in new yes. I think women sometimes studio to do their legs just wallow in it got a couple days yeah. Do they ever do that have you ever done the music thing where you just what we're you just go. Your iPod or whatever and then just start playing every oh angry either angry or you can go that route and just play all blacks. Seemed like all those songs we play all the breakup song. That. I might play if we had a song. That I wouldn't you I have you don't have a song with the team as Pete's Earl I did well was so it's you know knows that it's done it's it's way back you can't not say now well put on FaceBook result. I don't know. I don't forget my first radio station in it was a popular song that it was the first time that she ever had a song dedicated to work and I did that on the air and data and then and I was sentiments telling artist anyway back to sow peace problem you've got little tears in downtown Seattle it's in my iPod I'll bring it was it like Frank Sinatra always ask. How old are you can I. Was Jesus you're always just on the Jesus down or not it's a anyway I thought I did good singer. A couple of extra cheese there I had bugs you don't know and here. So your Jesus still unsafe and a mashup we're having gotten sick and is now does speed down. It's only down a hole from jesus' own known all okay so are you serious agenda that is so like honest to god. I did what she wants is what we're doing right now but you gotta call us and say this is it this is sure fire. Girlfriends together and go take one of those painting while you drink wine classic rights. I think that's dom but maybe that works for girls and what is it that works for you. When you broke up because she's this is her first one newness and she needs the pro tips it's ugly she's on the right track into what she's feeling knows exactly I think the way we all feel. Zapper blacks or hasten why Arnold creepy I spend so much time saying how you don't have assault. And then it's moments like just some light I think I'm talking to. Amber I excuse me is so after the yeah I think it's neat to be doled that's you're doing it right to. Why keep dwelling on stuff go for word I cry about it and then I'm like OK let's go forward I'm not okay forward onward and upward or two we told you we tell Sophie rather partisan lines. But maybe that's what that's what that's Linear to what did you let me do women are but they only do that. What percentage I don't know. I just I mean I don't wanna be mean I just feel like Dayton they have they have their tricks I do know that my exes dwell. I do those what those ladies you only need to you can see it's so I know I'm why do you please I don't know because they are don't just know I can tell you sense them in the universe you can tell actual rulings from your Bushnell from the trust from their apartment there's that screech actually they also arrive at every single point of that is Hezbollah possibly good derived no I never realize all like to be intelligently because he's basically that was you saw on the news CNET just won the Nobel peace press literally seven days after I -- a deadly. You see the truth but I. This is it sounds hokey but you've got. Ladies. What do you do you're. You've got one of your own. All the rookies. In your midst who's hurting who has no coping mechanisms what's and we were just being dudes you're being callous and I don't I was yeah. I thought I hit if you've. Got some pro tips on how to get through a break up as silly as it sounds we want no tip is going to be turned away we want any of them and all of them Jennifer. Yeah I guess earned this break up. I just recently went through protect myself I do with a guy for eight ear. And that's recommendation I tell you it. Get out of the house that much as possible. How would your girls talked to them. Stealing soy sauce yard where you feel ready to go while Oden. Now now I forced myself and it made me feel a lot better. Oh no C got a four worse did you did you. Get back on the horse as you saw a story was that your goal or. And let somebody else now he's out. What. And this is an a rebound do you think this is some bigger net. I encourage. All the heat walking the blue moon and back I'm move out of that apartment that eight air out of you can't think about a market. Oh that's right that's really saying. She's got to get out EU if if the memories are scenes on the walls didn't get rid of those things on the Los if it's the walls themselves you've got a young people are only. I am moving Sox it was it's better than a close win yet and you're you're still in the soup pot it's not. Rated by standard and we're happy that your happy you know. With your rebound eat. I'm so passive aggressive will the bad words and tell I've already knows I'm gonna tell my you know I'd say hey you need to know everybody breaks up we. Yeah I didn't ultra quick do you remember the name of a song you don't it was a song in Kent Arsenault. Melody success. Nice guy. OK so you think about every single thing you hear about the guy since the jockey. Owner you have you know yeah and he don't don't let you country do you think. You go out what are your girlfriend and you go find another guy right away the best way to get over it got under. DC and we are you to generate some girls do go out and Yang did one number more knots on their know right away as. Just can't get somebody in and you know still attractive or whatever but just keep busy every man. And against bird eating perhaps fun. Melanie US a good point because slackers said arm everyone deals on or Dakota dwells. Jennifer how are you if you. I mean you know we we you breakup was somebody. Even if it was your idea after a little time passes when you look back to your brain street ditto series that's always think about this ability. Get the bad yeah we if you if you on the box were absolutely that's exactly what is otherwise your your brain can't even really talk. If we keep your concentration camp at some point. You're gonna look back you remember the friends you made the come. A chance and not to sack to direct killing everybody else just what your brain doctor brand's suppresses the bad so so melodies like. No let's do and grab a bad remember the bath hold onto it and get rid of that appeal last he sets that's good advice thank you Melanie. Serra. I. Compare breaking up to being in concentration camp to tune just briefly I don't. To remove myself welcome from bad. The sixers I feel I feel he is angry tweets. Coming in already and I feel like maybe weekends as our president not judges think eraser what do we do to get over regular. I'd like it'd urged the underlying mine I need to type or six years definitely broke up out of nowhere. And I just started doing after every morning period. I don't doing things IE enjoy doing all this came up well with other people Nelly he wasn't the last memory I had. Bomb. That's a good idea that says it's like you go eat sushi in reminds you of all your dates with them you gotta go make a new sushi memory. Since she's got to become something different replace the old yeah I like that Laura. I even mostly what Trent is because the Republican that they are dating right away but you jumpstart baby right away that. Where do you. You like you mean I'm telling you it get it takes it from guys it is a quick Kuwait like. His relations whether women admitted or not. There's a cleansing that pattern and only through a ninety into even listen with your with somebody familiar it's HM wash away all the bad stuff between you so it's like. So I don't know I still think relations and or answer but I like that again I think he's a call. All we're gonna keep going with this the real image faceless a home somebody just a FaceBook in the asked what was the series' first. Request you ever played throws a girlfriend when you were a jock earlier in your career do you remember when was I action I really don't uneven knowing did that okay really know where we answer. There's no way there's a there's no snow and getting it Eric just like yeah and how I I would how do you over it. Well I think the only way to really get over it as I understand that he made at this stage and they can just not tone has stacked. I am not tone it can hurt a problem Mitt people have been detained because they own making get me. Managed doesn't sweat what did I do and why did he do this reject me I eat this. Not to look at it outweighed that I read Jack get their relationship I don't know why she should know why that the media has. Area growth spurt. But that's her first foray friend a likely candidate inked extracts all what's probably while I I and whatnot all. I am. You know she camper on his stop. So then it's and you gotta say it's not about me it's not my song well right at soccer ball and he made its way she cannot. Sake you know I mean she just let him around has stopped. I'm real into account stay at the right person that again I appreciate her there's going to be air. Sometime. Today. Nabisco enjoying her life I mean a publication is not going to be entertainer beat out about the whole thing. Tell truly get over rich have to let him around wet as. That's a good point to open its door always we do value everyone makes it about. You do oh yeah internalize it just go out and ends and we feel like my response I don't ruin this it's like no I'm not worthy it's not. Do whatever it is. Now I mean you you add your own part in it but it's surely it'll just her he's like dad you've done some serious therapy Erica I think and we appreciate it didn't because it just me I've heard those from the heart of the past few phrases and energy is bringing next summer might have to go back to internal touch yeah. Home and brought the yeah I guy how do we get over so many. I think the best way to get over somebody is to get under somebody else. You are not the first person to say that do you really did you think what percentage of women you think actually believe that these guys get past a guy movie is. I don't really mean it's true that a big part of it is having somebody kid pre occupy. That. Impeach bickered occupy that indeed basically if you wanna traction and coming happened at work or go to London new movie it. I mean that new excitement even if you know it's not gonna laugh. And I would say almost especially if you know what second yeah. Go do one better to have. Ask the buffer. Has no re. It's like they did so you gotta go for somebody who you would like to tell you and attracted to his I can just knock you out there and yes and that's what's the entire starting a brand new service to choose who you don't want asleep within the long haul. Are good enough for tonight. It gives abbreviated it to this day. I guess yeah. So with the with the UN brokered deal turn unstable and a relationship doesn't really yeah totally yeah okay well. We'll get your number come on don't shy Indians do look a little line up when it comes in the door you depict Islam which one of our system. My you. I'm. All right this big database pro I think we have our first customer us so we can't. In this I mean people are still talking about it on FaceBook we can't truthfully ended until you tell us the song get this is like assistants power song it's not your song during one song meadow is gonna know the song that is what it wasn't any news or not I don't know what you are little did some research and he knows it the Wii does he better not knowing it yeah. Do you wanna hear you now wanna hear it concede they use an Alan I didn't uneasy don't you did you only get drunk on a lot of occasions and apparently now write everything down a topic of congress actually like NORAD does song that receive this rings a bell. All week it's not working. Wait. Alcohol. I gotta I gotta I gotta do is going to be doing growing and I got it. This is your song isn't that in this song. That sounds how did you ever why did you does not. Sauce that's your son you went and ideas sounds you've told maybe it's a Knight who don't assume CN. Internet I want to listen did you cold water but 200 jazz also I think the help of Tito's pizza girl I'm near pace in no way with a degree above burns and in your mouth with a you'll really get back on their doors 30 more you -- Sox. For Sylvia on the side currency FaceBook page.